Taking Camryn Again

By Navin

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Camryn needs to be taken again and again.
Camryn hurried into work the next day. She sat in her cubicle hoping to discover the next contact from the mystery man that had taken her the day before in the locker room. He told her to expect to be contacted the next day, and yet, after searching her station frantically, there was no note to be found.

She had begun to wonder if she had disappointed him somehow. Maybe he had decided to move on. She was surprised how empty that thought made her feel inside. She realized that she loved the way he made her feel and that she needed to feel that way again and again.

She began to feel her pussy moisten as she remembered how he had taken her completely. She truly loved every minute. She wanted to touch herself so badly. She needed relief as her pussy began to throb.

The day dragged on. She constantly checked her email, her cell phone, and her snail mail for a new contact, but nothing came. As she drove home, she wondered if this thrill in her life was over and if she had somehow blown it. She finished the day disappointed and depressed that no further contact had come. She drove home wondering what she had done to displease him.

When she got to her condo, she found a familiar envelope taped to her door. Her heart leapt with excitement and then a chill ran through her body as she realized that he knew where she lived. She looked around but found herself alone. She cautiously entered and tentatively checked out her condo. After satisfying herself that no one was there, she read the note:

“You will return to the office immediately. Your presence is required in the boardroom. You may wear today’s office attire with the exception of your panties. Leave them at home. You will finger yourself to the brink of orgasm on the drive over and will present yourself to me dripping. When you arrive at the boardroom, you find a blindfold taped to the door. Put it on and knock three times. I will escort you to the meeting.”

She knew she would have no trouble being wet for him. Her pussy had already soaked through her panties. She slipped them off and dropped them to the floor, grabbed her keys and headed quickly to her car. Before turning on the ignition, she jammed two fingers deep into her wet pussy. She stroked herself hard and fast but knew she had to stop short of climax. She pulled her fingers from her wetness and sucked them into her mouth.

Her mind was a frenzy of questions. What would he do to her next? Would she cum as hard this time? Would she find out who this mystery man was? She was to the office before she knew it. Her mind was so preoccupied that she barely remembered the drive over. It was a wonder that she didn’t have an accident.

She passed a few custodial people on the way to the boardroom. Everyone else had apparently gone home. When she got there, she noticed a blindfold taped to the doorknob. She grabbed it and put it on, took a deep breath, and knocked three times on the boardroom door.

She heard the door open. He took her hand and led her inside. His touch was unmistakable. It was definitely him. He positioned her so her ass was just touching the boardroom table.

“You have done quite well so far. Are you ready to go farther?” he said.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“What?” he said sternly.

“Yes, I am ready, sir.” Camryn said slightly more authoritatively.

“Remove your clothes immediately. You will not need them for some time,” he said.

Camryn removed her blouse and bra and skirt. He snatched each item away from her as she removed it. She was standing only in her heels and nylons. He eased her back to the boardroom table, sitting her on it. She felt the cold, finished wood of the table on her ass as she sat. He slowly removed her shoes and nylons, leaving her stark naked. He had her lay back and he positioned her legs so that her knees were up and her feet were flat on the table.

He spread her legs wide. She felt so exposed and anxious waiting for his next move. She sensed that he was moving closer. She felt his hot breath between her thighs. Her hips writhed in anticipation. He touched the tip of his tongue against her soaked pussy, and slowly teased her labia, moving up and down. Suddenly, he stopped.

“Spread your lips for me, slut!” he commanded.

She quickly did as she was told and felt her wetness running from her pussy to her asshole and undoubtedly collecting in a puddle on the boardroom table. He moved back in, surveying her moist pussy. He touched his tongue to her clit and she was startled. He pressed harder and harder. Her hips began to roll involuntarily as she began to moan. He sucked her clit between his lips and as she shuddered, he took it in his teeth and bit down gently.

She came violently. He pressed his tongue down firmly on her clit and maintained firm contact as her hips thrashed through the orgasm. As the orgasm waned, he backed off and allowed her to catch her breath. As she lay there, breathing deeply, she thought she heard heavy breathing and a faint moan from the other end of the room. She was almost positive that the voice was female. Camryn wondered just how many more people were in the room.

He noticed that Camryn had sensed the other person in the room. He slapped her wet pussy to get her to focus back on him.

“So you have noticed that we are not alone tonight. Good. Because it is time that you stepped up your efforts to please me,” he said.

Camryn heard someone walking towards her location on the table. She then heard someone get up on the table and position themselves next to her head.

“Have you ever pleased a woman before, slut?” he said sternly.

“Yes sir. Yes, I have,” Camryn’s voice shook slightly.

“You will please me and my friend now or there will be consequences. Do you remember your safe word, slut?” he said.

“Yes sir. I do.” Camryn said.

“Very well,” he said. “Slide your ass to the end of the table and grab your legs behind your knees. Hold them up high for me. Focus your concentration on pleasing my friend. Do you understand?”

She could barely contain herself as she answered, “Yes sir. Yes.”

Camryn felt the other woman move to straddle her face. Camryn began licking ravenously. The woman moaned as Camryn tongue-fucked her deeper and deeper. The woman moved her pussy so Camryn’s tongue made contact with her clit. As she rode Camryn’s tongue the woman’s moans grew deep and more guttural. Camryn knew the woman was close to cumming.

As Camryn began her final assault, she felt two fingers slide into her wet pussy. The thrusts got faster and faster and Camryn began to moan herself. Then, she felt one of the wet fingers slide into her asshole. As she relaxed, he pushed deeper and deeper into her tight ass. Soon, he placed a second finger in. Camryn felt herself pushing her ass against his fingers trying to get deeper and deeper.

The assault on her ass drove Camryn wild. She moved her tongue down the woman’s pussy and began rimming her ass. The woman moaned loudly and came hard, squirting her juices all over Camryn’s beautiful face. After catching her breath, the woman moved off the table to watch the rest of the show.

The man removed his fingers and positioned his hard cock against Camryn's finger-stretched asshole. Although, there was some resistance, he slid into her easily and begun fucking her ass faster and faster. Camryn moaned loudly. The man rubbed her clit with his fingers and he continued pumping her ass with his rock hard cock. Then, Camryn felt her nipples being pinched and pulled. She could tell that the hands on her nipples were female and loved the rough attention that was being paid to her tits.

Camryn couldn’t believe the sensations coursing through her body. The cock deep in her ass that was filling her so full, the fingers pulling on her nipples and tingling on her clit as his fingers brought her to the brink of another orgasm. After a few more moments, she felt his cock flood her asshole with semen. As he continued to pound her ass, she came hard. She felt her whole body spasm in delight.

As she felt him pull out of her ass, she could feel his cum dribbling out of her and onto the oak table. The fingers on Camryn’s nipples were replaced by the other woman’s mouth gently sucking and kissing her abused nipples as Camryn came down from the heights of her orgasm. The three of them worked to catch their breath.

He spoke suddenly in a stern voice, “Come here and clean the slut off of me, now.”

Realizing that she was the slut in question, Camryn stayed where she was waiting for her next instructions. She heard the woman move off of the table and toward the mystery man. She could hear the woman noisily slurping his cock. She felt her pussy begin to throb again as the woman continued to deep throat his long dick.

“Would you like to see us both, Camryn?” he said with a smile in his voice.

She gulped hard, not expecting the question and breathlessly said, “Yes sir. Yes, I do.”

“When I tell you to remove the blindfold, you may, but not before. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

The slurping continued until Camryn heard him whisper instructions to the other woman. Camryn could feel the woman’s lips touch her pussy. She needed release so badly. Hearing the cocksucking so close by had driven her into a wild state of arousal. The woman sucked her clit hard and fast. Camryn’s hips thrust forward trying to meet every stroke of the woman’s tongue.

Then, Camryn heard the woman grunting and realized the man was fucking her from behind. She imagined him slamming into the woman with his full force. She woman’s moans were muffled as her lips were locked on Camryn’s wet pussy.

“You may remove your blindfold, Camryn,” he said.

Camryn ripped the blindfold off her eyes, squinting at first as her eyes adjusted to the light. She looked down and was astonished to see that her mystery man was Robert, the bartender at her favorite local watering hole. He was about six feet tall with broad shoulders, dark brown hair and a handsome goatee. Camryn had always thought of him as ruggedly handsome but had never thought of him sexually before.

And the woman was indeed Haley, her co-worker. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail that Robert had a firm handle on. Camryn’s mind was moving a mile a minute, putting the pieces together. Haley obviously belonged to Robert and Haley had obviously told Robert about Camryn’s desire to be taken.

With the blindfold off, Camryn sat up and watched Robert fuck Haley ass mercilessly. She could not believe how forceful Robert was, and secretly wished that sometime she could be taken in just such a fashion. Then, Robert made one final deep thrust and came deep in Haley. Hearing Robert’s moan, Camryn pushed the back of Haley’s head down hard on her pussy and came violently.

After recovering, Robert explained that Camryn, like Haley, was now his possession, and that these Board Meetings would become a regular occurrence. Camryn nodded compliantly knowing that she would be Robert’s as long as he wanted her. He instructed Camryn to collect her things and to leave and they he and Haley would soon be in touch.

Camryn left the Board Room in a bit of a haze. She was overcome with emotions. The passion and the confusing and exhilarating events of the day left her a bit numb. As she walked through the office, and passed her cubicle, she noticed a note taped to her computer screen. She stopped and smiled, thinking it was from Robert or Haley. As she read it, she discovered that her world was moving in a whole new direction:

“I have video tape of your little performance in the locker room yesterday. I know what you are and what you want. You will report to the locker room tomorrow night at 9:00 pm. Failure to comply, will mean consequences.”