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Taking Camryn Harder

She just has to get that tape back at any cost.
Camryn sat on the locker room bench just as she had done a few days before and wondered how she could be in the same position again. She remembered how excited she had been before that that first encounter. Her pussy had been dripping then. Now, while the anticipation was still exciting, the sexual rush was just not the same.

She knew that she did not want her escapades to be public and she knew that being here gave her the only chance she had to keep it private. So here she was again. She stared at the clock on the far wall. It moved slowly passed nine. She wondered if this new guy had chickened out. Or maybe he was watching her and enjoyed seeing her squirm.

Finally, at 9:20, she heard movement from the back of the locker room and saw him emerge from the shadows. She recognized him quickly as Darryl Deakins, the office's gym manager. Darryl was widely regarded as a jerk by the entire office staff. He was the typical high school stud athlete that never progressed beyond his high school glory days. Obnoxious as he was, Camryn had to admit that the guy was kind of handsome. Darryl was a shade over six feet tall. He had dark, shaggy hair and a ruggedly perpetual five o'clock shadow.

As he strode into the room, he grinned and Camryn got a very uneasy feeling. She didn't really want to have anything to do with this guy. He was definitely bad news. "So where is this tape?" she said defiantly.

"It's on my phone. I'll erase it tonight if you do certain things for me," he said obviously enjoying the position he was in.

"How do I know you haven't made copies? How do I know this is only a one-time thing?" she said.

"You have my word as a gentleman," he laughed.

"Oh, that's just fucking great," she muttered under her breath, but she realized she had no choice in the matter.

"What is it you want from me?"

"Just a little workout. Follow me," he said. He motioned for her to follow him to the yoga classroom. He pushed the door open and they both went inside. Camryn saw that the floor was empty with the exception of a huge yoga ball in the very center of the room. She also noticed that there were some kind of ropes connected to the ball.

He walked her to the center of the room and smiled at her. "Take off your clothes, Camryn, and lay on your stomach over this ball."

"Fuck you!" she seethed.

"I'm sure your office mates would love a look at your workout the other night," he sneered.

"How do I know you even have it recorded?" she said.

He fiddled with his phone and held it out for her to see. She tried to take it from him, but he pulled it away from her. "No. I'll hold it," he said.

Camryn watched the image on the phone. At first, she felt anger for being in this position again, but as she watched Robert taking her, and seeing the blindfold over her eyes and her hands tied with the gym towel, her pussy began to throb. She could feel the heat and wetness building between her legs.Her mouth hung open in amazement as she watched herself. It was like the hottest porn she had ever seen. She needed a cock right now. Even Darryl's would do.

He clicked off the phone and stared at her as if to say, "I'm waiting". She began fumbling with her clothes. She took off her workout top and sports bra and then kicked off her shoes and socks. She then slid her shorts over her hips revealing her hot pink thong. Soon that was off too, and she stood before Darryl naked.

Darryl took a moment to admire her firm body. Camryn had always taken good care of herself. She had firm, full breasts and an outstanding ass. She stood there fidgeting a little, waiting for his instructions. He motioned towards the ball, and reluctantly, Camryn got into position.

She felt the cool rubber stick to her skin as she laid on top of it. She tried to get comfortable as Darryl leaned down to secure her wrists and ankles to the ball. She realized that the only way she could prevent herself from toppling over was to hold her hands out flat to brace herself.

Darryl stepped back to look and his handiwork. She slowly walked around her, inspecting her from every angle. Camryn could see his every move as the yoga classroom had mirrored walls. As he moved behind her, she watched as he removed his shoes and socks, dropped his sweatpants and shorts, and pulled his t-shirt over his head. Camryn had to admit that Darryl was fit. She also had to admit that he was sporting a very large hard on. She involuntarily licked her lips in anticipation.

She watched as he slapped her ass hard. She flinched feeling the sting. Darryl smacked her in the same spot again and again. Camryn protested, but he did not relent. He hit her at least a dozen times. Camryn knew that she would be bruised there tomorrow. She also realized the effect that the spanking was having on her as her pussy dripped.

He moved around to the front of the ball. His cock bobbed in front of her face. She was helpless. He grabbed his dick and slapped her face with it. He enjoyed humiliating her, but he would never know how much she was actually enjoying it. Each slap sent a surge of electricity through her wetness.

He moved back behind her. He grabbed her hips roughly and pressed his cock into her wet slit. He slammed into her. She could tell that it wasn't going to take long as he moaned loudly with each deep stroke. Camryn loved the way his cock filled her, but knew that he was going to cum long before she did.

After one final stroke, he came deep inside her. "Take that, you filthy slut," he said as he ground his cock inside her. He remained there for a few minutes before withdrawing from her pussy.

She wondered if the ordeal was over as she watched him walk towards some workout equipment along the front wall of the room. She saw him pick up a plastic jump rope. He put the handles together, held them in one hand and walked back towards her. He moved behind her and she cringed as he brought the plastic rope down across her ass. She yelled in pain as he used the rope to whip her again and again. She could already see the welts rising on her ass.

"Take what you deserve, you dirty bitch!" he yelled while obviously enjoying the pain he was inflicting.

As he stopped, Camryn noticed that he was hard again. He moved in front of her and stuck his cock in her face. She considered biting him, but realized she was still tied and helpless. She took him into her mouth, tasting her juices on his cock. He drove deep into the back of her throat causing her to gag. Her eyes began to water as she coughed and spat.

He moved behind her again and lined his cock up with her ass. He pressed it into her. She tried to relax to let him enter, but his size made relaxation difficult. He slapped her ass again. It burned from the previous slaps and jump rope welts. The pain took made her focus less on the cock pushing against her asshole. She relaxed and he plunged deep into tight ass. She never felt so full before.

He fucked her hard. He never once cared about her pleasure or her pain, for that matter. He relentlessly pumped his cock into her. Suddenly he pulled out of her ass and slammed back into her soaking pussy. After three hard, fast strokes she came hard. The orgasm coursed through her body. Shortly thereafter, he came as well, collapsing against her.

He pulled out of her and walked over to her clothes. He picked them up and used them to wipe the sweat and spunk off of his body. He then took her pink panties to clean off his cum-covered cock. "What a nice little workout. I'm beat," he said yawning and stretching.

Camryn thought for a moment that he was going to leave her there. Her body ached from the punishment he had delivered and from being in one position for so long. After he dressed, he released her wrists and ankles. She tried to stand, but couldn't. She fell off to the side of the ball and curled up on the floor. Her body ached all over. She noticed a large wet spot on the floor next to the ball that obviously came from her pussy.

She looked up at Darryl. He was manipulating his phone. He held it out in front of her face and she watched him delete the image of the night in the locker room with Robert. She couldn't help but feel a little twinge of sadness.

"Thanks for the workout, slut. Look me up if you ever want some more," he said.

Camryn looked up and watched Darryl leave the room. She slowly got her things together and walked back into the locker room. She didn't bother to put her sweat and cum-stained clothes back on. She slowly stumbled to the shower. As she let the hot water cascade over her tired body, she tried to wash all of the Darryl away, but knew that she never would.

She thought about how different this night had been compared to her night with Robert. She was turned on, but it wasn't at all like before. She realized Robert's goal was to please her, to cater to her desires. Darryl had no interest in her passions. The two experiences weren't remotely the same.

As she put her work clothes back on (minus the panties Darryl had soiled), she decided it was time to teach Darryl Deakins a lesson. She took out her phone and looked up Haley's number. She decided to throw Darryl a little party.

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