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Tales From Helena Ch 4

The latest fictional (mis)adventures of working as an independent Escort for hire.
As Staci reviewed the details for her next appointment, she couldn’t resist looking down her long, slender, tanned legs to what she considered her ultimate demonstration of how she had finally turned the corner. Gleaming up at her from her dainty (euro) size 36 feet were her first ever pair of “Jimmy Choo” shoes. The beautifully sculpted, 4 inch heeled, Amada leather peep-toe pumps made her feel deliciously decadent and, to her, were well worth every penny they had cost. Even the figure hugging, navy blue DKNY business suit she was wearing did not cost as much as her shoes, but it was the ‘look’ the client had requested.

To think that barely three months ago she was almost destitute (Chapter 1). Despite all the nerves and mis-givings, Staci was proud of the way she had adapted to the persona of ‘Helena’, and the way she had been able to compartmentalize her feelings. In her own mind, whatever she did as ‘Helena’ was in no way a reflection of who she was as Staci.

Staci was still basking in her own glory when the apartment door opened and a weary looking Rachel, her best friend, dragged herself in and hung her coat in the closet before being barely able to collapse into the sofa. “Hi Staci, I’m knackered. What are you doing here?”

Staci smiled inwardly at the scenario as it played its usual course. Although the ‘Helena’ web-site could obviously be accessed from any computer, the secret to the site’s success lay in the back-up files on the punters and prospects and, rather than just hand over all those files to Staci, it had been suggested they both work from Rachel’s place until Rachel had fully stopped being ‘Helena’. Rachel had now built herself a new ‘respectable’ life away from ‘Helena’, however, she still felt a certain obligation toward some of the punters and still found time to see them. Staci actually felt that Rachel was only paying lip service to the Escorting so that she could keep an eye on her best friend – which Staci didn’t mind one jot.

“How was your day at the office, dear?” said Staci sarcastically.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but things have been really crap lately. Everyone seems so stressed out and bitchy. I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t taken that promotion. Do you think I did the right thing, becoming Office Manager?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you think you were talking to someone who cared?” replied Staci, grinning from ear to ear. “I can’t be listening to your tales of life at the Mill, some of us have to go out and earn some REAL money.”

“Ha! Ha! Very funny. Now go make us a cup of tea,” retorted Rachel as she kicked off her shoes.

“Sorry, sweetie, can’t. Got to be at the Emperor Hotel in half-an-hour.” Whereupon Staci logged off from the computer, collected her things and, unable to resist, delivered a final parting jibe of, “Shoes like these don’t buy themselves you know,” as she sashayed out the door.

Rachel got the message. Staci could still not understand why Rachel would prefer the so-called ‘drudgery of the 9-to-5 existence’ compared to the life Staci had embraced as an Escort. As Staci put it, “What was not to like about getting paid a small fortune for working when I wanted, and having fun doing it?”

Rachel wondered how Staci was able to disconnect herself from what she did as ‘Helena’, the fictitious Escort personae that she herself had used to rescue herself from her own dire financial predicament. Sure, some of the punters had been real sweet and added an air of romanticism to the whole sordid arrangement, but it only ever took one ass-hole to remind Rachel that she was just a paid whore. The money had been great, but emotionally, it had been hard for Rachel. She was nearly 27 years old now, had a steady job, and in a fairly steady relationship with a nice, understanding guy who never questioned her when she said she couldn’t meet with him.

Rachel dragged her weary body up from the sofa and decided she would have a shower before having a bite to eat. She smiled wryly at the recollection of the sight of Staci’s new “Jimmy Choo’s” and decided that Staci had every right to treat herself. Rachel shuddered at the sudden realization that Staci had been doing upwards of ten appointments a week lately. Something Rachel could never imagine doing.


Michael Hughes did not immediately strike you as a ‘bad’ person. A little crude at times, perhaps, certainly a driven personality, but most people tended to look beyond those obvious flaws and merely register the boyish grin, ruggedly handsome features and, some would say, devastating wit that would entertain groups of people for hours. Unfortunately, whilst very intelligent, his maturity lagged behind his physical age of 29 by quite some years and often lent to childish mood swings where he would be known to sulk or take offence for no apparent reason, much to the discomfort of the perceived perpetrator of said slight.

Nevertheless, the athletic, 6 foot 2 inch frame of Michael was admired by many of his male peers who envied his ability to woo not only the women at his place of work but, seemingly, anything that took his fancy. True, his track record at relationships was appalling, however, as he himself had put it, “You only live once, and if the chick you’re nailing starts wanting to make a nest, then it’s time to move on.”

Michael’s image was further enhanced by the reluctance of many of his former girl-friends to ‘out’ him for the pig he truly was. Many were either glad to see the back of him, not wanting to discuss the relationship, or too distraught at being cast off as unworthy of him. In the marketing office where he worked he was legend, but he was a ‘bad’ person.

Michael immediately spotted Staci from his booth in the hotel bar when she arrived at the Emperor Hotel. He glanced at his watch and smiled at her punctuality. She looked stunning, as usual, and he felt his manhood begin to stiffen as he imagined shoving his cock in her mouth and making her gag as he flooded her throat with his cum. He leaned back into the shadows of his booth as Staci’s face lit up with her smile as she walked up to the bar and warmly greeted her appointment, a gentleman in his 40’s, as though she had known him forever.

Looking on from across the room, Michael muttered the single word, “Slut!”


Rachel rolled over in her bed and, through still bleary eyes, and was surprised to see it was already ten after ten in the morning. She groaned to herself at the thought of having already wasted half of her Saturday morning and she didn’t even have the excuse of having been out partying last night. She rose, sluggishly from her bed thinking that she was ‘old before her time’ when the welcome aroma of percolated coffee filled her nostrils. “Thank you, Staci”, she thought to herself as she steered her bleary-eyed, disheveled frame out of her bedroom.

The sight that greeted Rachel as she entered her lounge was, to say the least, quite unexpected. Staci was sat, dressed casually in a short denim skirt and a pale blue tank top, in a reclined position, at the computer monitor. It wasn’t until Rachel registered the guttural sounds emanating from Staci that she realized what was going on. Rachel walked toward her friend until she could get a clear view of Staci, her skirt pulled up around her waist, fully revealing her tanned, spread thighs. Her left hand was pushed down into her panties with fingers cupping her obviously swollen left labia and the thumb busily engaged in rubbing her clit whilst at least two fingers of her right hand were frenetically driving in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

Rachel found herself mesmerized at the spectacle of her best friend wantonly playing with herself in her apartment, on her furniture! Her mind was screaming at Staci, wanting to know what the hell she thought she was doing, and at the same time she was speechless, enraptured by the vision of Staci, eyes-closed, moaning at her obvious delight as she thrust her hips up to meet the plunging, slick coated fingers of her right hand. Rachel found herself enthralled at every little detail of the scene being played out in front of her. Staci’s shaved pussy, with the puffy, slightly reddened lips parting and closing to the ministrations of Staci’s fingers. The glistening of Staci’s cum juices on her fingers and the almost melodic, slightly breathless panting of her moans. Rachel thought Staci was obviously close to cumming and thought how exciting it would be to watch her best friend orgasm in front of her….which is about when her years of middle-class morality caught up with her and made her stutter a feeble, “St….st…staci?”

Staci’s eyes shot open and immediately locked with Rachel’s. Whether it was simply the timing of what Staci had been doing or the sheer eroticism of being caught masturbating by her friend, Staci’s body was seized by a violent orgasm. Her body tensed, her thighs clamped shut on her fingers even as her left thumb went into over-drive on her clit and she started bucking uncontrollably on the computer chair screaming out to her maker, “Oh..oh.. my..G...g..g...o...od!”

Rachel felt her own body reacting to Staci’s orgasm. Rachel was both incredibly turned on by what she saw and also deeply embarrassed as she saw Staci’s eyes roll into the back of her head as the orgasm peaked and Staci’s trembling body collapsed into the chair.

“Staci, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” It was all Rachel could think of to say. She actually wanted to tell Staci how awesome that was, that it was beautiful and how she wished she could be that open, but was far too concerned at how that might be perceived.

A panting Staci replied, “Oh….shit, Rachel. I didn’t know you were up yet. I’m sorry, but I really needed that.” Rachel looked on incredulously as Staci continued, “You have no idea how long it has been since I had a good orgasm. I mean, you’d think with all the guys Helena sees at least once in a while one of them could last more than a couple strokes before cumming. I’ve been so fucking horny these past couple of weeks that when I saw this e-mail I just sorta lost myself in a fucked up fantasy.”

Staci had referred to an e-mail the “Helena’ web-site had received from a visiting businessman client, Carl, Staci had seen last month. Carl was a newbie, usual type, married, mid-forties, a real gentleman looking to fuck a hot young blonde. Staci recalled how much fun and how generous Carl had been, as well as being the last guy to make her really cum. Carl’s e-mail informed her that he would be back in town in a couple of weeks and he wondered if he could book ‘Helena’ again, but this time invite a colleague along to share her hospitality. He was willing to pay extra and even book her for the whole night if she’d agree to take them both on. Given the mood Staci was in when she received the e-mail she had immediately replied in the affirmative before letting her imagination go as to how much fun she was going to have. Which is about when Rachel walked in on her.

“You can’t be serious, Staci. What about the rules? Helena does not do ‘parties’.”

“Calm down Rachel. Two middle-aged guys is hardly what I’d call a party, and anyway, I’ve already dealt with Carl before and he’s fine. Trust me, the way I’ve been feeling lately, I’ll probably be the one to wear them out, not the other way around.”


As was her ritual these days, Staci stood in front of her full length mirror casting a critical eye over her attire for the evening. She was surprised that the feeling of anticipation at seeing Carl again had been building within her and now, finally, he was in town and had called yesterday to confirm their appointment.

Her thick, wavy blonde hair had been pulled back and high into a pony-tail which, given the request for minimal make-up, made her look like a teen-ager again. She felt deliciously wicked agreeing to Carl’s request not to wear a bra or panties with her white, stretchy cotton Crop top and black cotton mini skirt. She had pulled out her now favoured Jimmy Choos pumps to complete the ensemble and had to admit that it was certainly a slutty looking outfit, especially as her nipples were already demonstrating their arousal. Not to worry though, they had agreed that dinner and ‘dessert’ would be in the hotel room.

Satisfied that she was ready to show Carl and his ‘colleague’ a good time, she slipped on her overcoat, grabbed her shoulder bag and left for her appointment.


Carl was either very nervous or incredibly excited. He could not decide. It was bad enough that he was seeing Helena again, but he was having serious reservations about introducing Paul, his friend, to her. He’d always fantasized about sharing a woman, however, in his minds eye it had always been his wife who was the centre of attention. Thankfully, Paul seemed very relaxed, albeit incredibly eager, to meet and fuck Helena.

Following his first meeting with Helena, his first ever Escort, Carl had felt an irresistible urge to ‘confess’ his exploit and had turned to his long time friend Paul. Before he knew it, their friendship stepped up a gear as they each began to reveal their own personal sexual frustrations, desires and fantasies to each other, albeit fuelled on by a bottle and a half of Famous Grouse whiskey. They found a common ground and a level of male bonding, bordering on intimacy, they had not thought possible. When Paul had suggested the threesome with Helena, Carl had agreed and fired off the request to his business contact almost immediately from his Blackberry phone. That was two weeks ago and, right now, Carl wished some of that previous bravado would return.

Carl scanned the hotel Suite they were in and, whilst it seemed a little extravagant, he knew it was exactly the right type of venue for the nights activities. The decent sized ‘living room’ was comfortable enough and the adjoining kitchenette had been set as a mini bar with assorted canapés laid out on two serving trays. The main meal would be delivered by room service in about an hour. From where he stood, Carl could see into the bedroom and began anticipating the action to be played out on the King sized bed therein.

“Here,” said Paul, handing him a little ‘blue pill’. “Take this. It’ll make your boner last all night.”

Just as he was about to protest the need for any artificial aids there was a knock at the door. Carl glanced at his watch and saw it was 7pm. “Spot on time,” he mumbled as he downed the pill and moved to open the door for their guest.


Helena undid her overcoat as she walked into the hotel room allowing the folds of the coat to part just enough to reveal her attire. Despite her busy schedule, she was pleasantly surprised at being able to recognize which of the two men before her was Carl and it was to him that she directed her devastatingly beautiful smile, “Carl, hi! It’s great to see you again.”

As Helena leant forward ever so slightly, Carl took the cue, correctly to also lean in and gently kiss her proffered left cheek as if they were long time friends. “Thanks for coming Helena. I’d like you to meet my very good friend, Paul.”

The pleasantries continued with smooth, well rehearsed aplomb on Helena’s part and the usual stuttering awkwardness on the part of the men. It was not until Helena had received her fee, however, that she took off her coat to fully display her wares.

“Drink?” offered Carl.

“A sparkling water would be lovely. Thanks.”

“But we have champagne!” interjected Paul.

“No thanks, just water for now.” She then, wickedly, added, “Maybe we could have the champagne later…..with dessert?”

Neither man could conceal his reaction to her seductive suggestion as both sets of eyebrows were raised so high that Helena thought they would disappear under their hairline. She chuckled, self confidently to herself, as she moved over toward the sofa, sat down so as to allow her already short skirt to ride further up her shapely thighs, and, in an homage to her favourite movie clip from ‘Basic Instinct’, seductively crossed her legs giving each man what she felt sure was the barest glimpse of her naked pussy.

Flustered, Carl hurriedly poured Helena her drink as Paul simply stood, staring at the blonde beauty, his mouth agape and unable to process all the thoughts crowding his mind. Unlike Carl, Paul was a veteran to the Escort scene but he had never had a girl as gorgeous as this before. This was no ‘skank’ who used photoshop to edit her on-line images to draw in punters, this was the real McCoy. An honest-to-goodness stunner. Paul was afraid to look away from Helena until he was sure he had burned her image into his brain forever. He drank in every curve from her delicate ankles, up along her shapely calves, her firm thighs made all the sexier by the hem-line of her black skirt. Her trim waistline, the fullness of her pert breasts as they pushed against an obviously too tight crop top, her erect nipples calling to him. As Carl moved past him to hand Helena her drink he followed her hand as it took the glass and then guided the glass to her mouth, her red lips, with the hint of smile showing, parting as her mouth opened to accept the cool liquid. His eyes moved upward as she tipped the glass up until finally locking with her clear blue eyes which were staring right back at him, effervescent, mischievous, delicious.

Helena was reveling in her role. Any initial mis-givings she had felt at meeting Carl’s friend had melted away when she saw his reaction to her presence. She put her glass down on the coffee table in front of her and then patted the sofa cushions, either side of her and invited them to sit down and get comfortable. She had decided that she would be in charge tonight.

Carl and Paul sat either side of Helena, Paul to her right, Carl on the left. Paul turned to face Helena, immediately placing his right hand on her thigh. “You are gorgeous.”

“Why thank you, kind sir,” replied Helena, uncrossing and then slightly parting her legs before settling back into the sofa. “I do my best, especially when invited to dinner by such fine gentlemen.”

Helena lightly placed a hand on each of the men’s thighs and coyly asked, “What’s for dinner?” She then moved each hand up their thighs until she reached the taut, tented material of their pants, grateful for their obvious attention to hygiene with all thoughts of food forgotten.

Of the two men, Carl was certainly the more handsome and had kept his 44 year old, 5 foot 10 inch slim frame in good shape. His salt-and-pepper coloured hair gave him a distinguished look that engendered trust and experience, and it was the ‘experience’ that Helena was hoping to benefit from tonight. At their first meeting Helena had been reminded that size was not everything as Carl used his rather average sized cock and deft tongue to bring her to multiple orgasms. It was Carl who turned his initial attentions to her mouth, kissing her passionately whilst also using his left hand to push up her top, over her already aroused nipples so that he could mash her firm young breast.

Paul considered himself a ‘Joe Schmoe’, nothing special, and the kind of guy every hot girl he had ever known just “wanted to be friends” with. He was a year younger than Carl, carried a noticeable paunch on his 5 foot 9 inch frame, and just hated his thinning hair. He considered his life drab, his marriage lifeless, and lived for the thrill of seeing escorts on his numerous business trips. When Carl had agreed to help him fulfill his fantasy he was overjoyed and felt that, should this turn out to be his last day on earth, then he will go a happy man – finally. Mind you, Paul was no slouch. Even as Carl made his move, Paul’s right hand was moving up Helena’s smooth thigh, pushing the hem of her skirt up around her hips to reveal her shaved pussy.

Helena was already moaning at the attentions from Carl when she felt Paul’s exploratory fingers graze up her hot pussy lips, gently parting them and coating them with her juice. Paul’s mouth descended upon her right breast, alternately licking and nibbling around her aureola even as his fingers began the descent back down her pussy lips prompting an involuntary lifting of her hips.

She was so horny. She reached, tentatively across to Carl’s lap and worked to free his cock from the confines of his pants whilst trying not to disrupt Paul’s enjoyment. Sensing her need, Carl released her breast to undo his pants all the while devouring Helena’s mouth.

Seeing, from the corner of his eye, what was about to happen, Paul felt his heart beat race even faster and decided to slip one of his fingers deftly into and up into Helena hot wet cunt whilst simultaneously clamping down, with practiced expertise, on her nipple.

The attentions of two men would be enough to get any woman aroused, however, Paul had managed to push a button on Helena and she broke from her kissing of Carl with a sharp intake of breath as her body responded to the penetration of her pussy and the combination of pleasure and pain at the assault of her nipple. She felt herself trying to push down on Paul’s finger, wanting a deeper more substantive filling of her needy hole whilst also trying to force her excited breast deeper into the his mouth. She released Carl and swung her hand around the back of Paul’s head, forcing him harder onto her nipple and uttering a guttural, “Ye-essss!”

Carl was astonished at the way proceedings were going. Unperturbed at Helena directing all her attentions to Paul, he quickly stood up from the sofa and all but ripped his clothes off, finally releasing his throbbing cock to the climate controlled air of the hotel room.

Seeing Carl undress and openly display his rigid manhood was not a sight that Paul prepared himself for. Sure he knew he would see his cock if this night went according to plan, but he was still a little unsettled, particularly as he seemed so much bigger than himself. Nevertheless, it was obvious that tonight was rapidly progressing to the next level and he knew he should disrobe. He reluctantly disengaged himself from Helena’s nipple, withdrew his finger from her sopping cunt and was already stepping out of his clothes as he stood up.

Helena let out a plaintive cry as Paul pulled away from her needy body but quickly saw his motivation. Without any prompting, hungry for satisfaction, she immediately dropped to her knees before Carl’s raging hard-on, took a firm grip of his shaft at its base and devoured him with her mouth. With practiced ease she slid his cock in her mouth and as far down her throat as it would go, cupping his balls with her other free hand. She knew she wanted a hard long fucking and the best way to do that would be to get these guys off quickly knowing that their second hard-ons would be far more resilient. She bobbed her head up and down that cock with long slow movements that had Carl groaning his delight immediately.

When she felt Paul’s hands pushing her skirt up around her waist Helena knew she was about to get her first cock of the night, however, that was not how she wanted things to transpire. She quickly removed Carl’s member from her mouth and adjusted her position so as to bring Paul close enough for her to grab his cock and take up a position where she could alternate between sucking each of the men’s cocks. Helena was in a controlled sexual frenzy and loving every moment. As for her two clients, they considered this the best money spent, ever.

As expected, Helena soon felt the pulsating and increased swelling of each man’s cock as it prepared to discharge its sticky white load and positioned her face to accept their cum. Stood as close as they were to each other with a gorgeous blonde pulling on their cocks they could not help but look at each other, helpless to prevent their cries of pleasure and thanking the good Lord as their cocks each erupted in pure ecstasy. As horny as she was, she was not about to swallow their cum, but she gave them a nice display of their hot jizz shooting all over her beautiful face, running down her cheeks, merging and dripping off her chin to drip partly on her pushed up crop-top and partly onto her exposed breasts.

Panting, the men stood before her, cocks as rigid as ever, not sure what to do next. Desperate for some satisfaction, Helena said, “I need to be fucked. Now.” Which is when, in a cruel twist of fate, there was an assertive knock at the door.

“Damn,” exclaimed Carl, “that must be Room Service. They’re fucking early.”

Both men scrambled to put on bathrobes whilst Helena scurried into the bathroom.


Helena smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She cleaned the cum from her face then from her crop-top as she listened what seemed like a heated chastening of whoever the poor soul it was that delivered dinner. She thought to herself, “Not much of a tip for you, pal.”

She slipped off her skirt, decided to keep her heels on, and waited for the ‘all clear’.

There was a perfunctory knock as the bathroom door opened and Helena felt all the blood seemingly drain from her face as Michael Hughes walked in. A worried looking Carl peeked over his shoulder stuttering, “He insisted on talking to you, I didn’t know he would be coming here tonight. Is everything alright?”

“I’ll take it from here, Carl” said Michael as he closed the bathroom door. “Hello, Staci.”

“M…m..mike? What are you doing here?”

Michael, Staci’s former boyfriend (Chapter 1), then proceeded to inform her that ever since he had accidently spotted her whoring her wares at “Stephane’s Restaurant” (Chapter 3) he had been consumed with the thought that maybe she had been whoring whilst they dated. He had set about testing her, setting her up with his Company’s clients and, more importantly, catching her filthy, slutty ways on camera. He produced a series of stills showing her engaging in various sexual acts. His tirade included his assertion that he also knew Rachel was a whore even though she had not met with any of his clients. He wanted to know how she was going to deal with the humiliation to her, her family and friends should what he knew become public.

When Michael’s brief, but intense revelations were finished he could see from her posture and the dullness in her eyes that he had broken her. He now owned her, so he continued, “but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can still be friends if you simply agree to whatever I ask.”

“What do you want Mike?”

“For now, put that smile back on your face and inform those old farts that you want me to join the party. Tell them that you want to show them the best time ever and give them memories that will last a life time and that there are no restrictions. Whatever they want tonight, they can have.”

She looked up into those dispassionate eyes and simply nodded her compliance.


It was surprising easy to persuade Carl and Paul to go along with the change in dynamics for the evening, especially with the prospect of a no-holds or, as Michael put it, “No holes”, barred incentive. Helena even agreed to start drinking with her clients, however, even the booze failed to dis-connect her from what had started out as a night for her pleasure.

Helena took some comfort from the fact than the night did not involve any excessively kinky or BDSM. It started, or rather re-started with her having to provide lap-dances for them before it quickly degenerated into her being dragged into the bedroom and splayed out on the bed. Once Michael realized her pussy had been untouched this evening, he insisted on being the first to bury his face in mound and lick hungrily at a cunt he had not tasted for several months.

Carl and Paul were quick to move each side of her on the bed and each assault one of her breasts. Helena tried to remain oblivious of the attention she was receiving, however, whilst she may have been able to resist Michael, who was exceptionally good with his tongue, her body refused to ignore the added ripples of pleasure growing within her body by the attentions of Carl and Paul. Carl was tender and attentive, kissing her right breast, her shoulder, her neck and back again, whilst Paul seemed to know how to manipulate every nerve ending in the left breast. Without even realizing it, Helena was soon emitting moans of please and grinding her pussy lips up against Michael’s mouth.

“She’s loving this guys. Suck those tits and let’s get here worked up for the fucking of a lifetime. After all, she paid for, right?” said a sneered Michael.

“Fucking whore!” was all she heard from Paul, but by now she didn’t care.

She was aroused again and she so need to cum that she simply let go and went with the flow. She was not even surprised when she heard herself say, “Yes, yes, I’m a whore. Fuck your whore.”

Spurred on, Paul lifted himself on the bed, gently pushed Carl aside then grabbed Helena by her pony tail and guided her mouth to his throbbing cock where he proceeded to throat fuck her. Michael looked up to see Carl now at a loss for what to do so he lifted himself up and announced, “Guys, I know exactly what she can do to keep us all happy.”

Carl was told to lie on the bed and Helena was quickly positioned on his jutting cock and they started to fuck, with slow deliberate strokes; Paul positioned himself at the head of the bed and, again using her pony tail, resumed her throat fucking; Michael meanwhile positioned himself to enter her puckered anus, that tight hole that she had once so begrudgingly given him. Michael leaned forward so as to whisper in Helena’s ear, “Careful Staci, don’t bite the prick that’s feeding you.” Michael then thrust, unceremoniously his thick shaft into her unprepared ass.

“Urrghhhh!” escaped her lips from around the cock filling her mouth. The pain was excruciating as Michael impaled her ass, as though a red hot poker had been stuffed up through her sphincter. It was all she could do not to scream or bite down on Paul’s cock, but, as the pain subsided, she began to feel the perfect combination of pain and pleasure within her. She felt so full.

The men soon built up a rhythm and were bringing Helena closer and closer to the release she so desperately sought when Michael suddenly withdrew from her ass. “Let’s swap holes guys, I want her mouth.”

With smiles all around the men quickly changed position with Paul now underneath and Carl gleefully accepting the chance to fuck Helena up her sweet ass. Michael lifted Helena head up by her chin so that he could look in her eyes as he said, “Now suck this filthy cock, slut.” And she obediently complied.

This time the three men fucked Helena’s holes to completion, with Michael feeling his orgasm fast approaching and ordering Helena to, “Swallow every drop slut.” He came in wave after wave of thick sticky cum, forced down Helena’s throat, and she swallowed it all.

Aided by their earlier escapades, Carl and Paul pumped in and out of Helena long enough to add to her feelings of depravity to bring her to the edge of orgasm. She was still staring up at Michael as Carl and Paul pumped her for all they were worth. As she began to feel the tell-tale swelling of Carl’s cock, buried deep within her ass, she also felt the electrifying tingle of her own orgasm begin to race through her body. She could not hold it back even if she had wanted to. She raced toward the sensation taking over her body, embraced it as her just rewards and was swamped by it when it hit her.

It was all Carl and Paul could do to hold onto to the bucking writhing form of Helena as her orgasm took control of her body. They each hung on to her, desperate to finish their own pleasure as they rode her, ramming their cocks into her as deep as they would go, anxious to milk every last drop of cum out of their bodies as though not to would be some sort of sin. Whilst it seemed to the participants to last an eternity, it was but mere seconds before their interlocked bodies lay, spent, on the bed, panting.

Their animalist rutting was watched with profound enjoyment by Michael who knew he now had a new marketing tool. He stepped off the bed saying, “I’m starved. Anyone up for a bite before round two?”


They had paid for Helena for the whole night and she earned every penny. By the time they said they were done for the night it was 3a.m. and she was exhausted. Michael refused to let her clean herself up and escorted her disheveled form, with cum still leaking from her cunt and ass as well as staining most of her body, to the door before man-handling her out into the hotel corridor.

“I’ll be calling you,” said Michael as he closed the door.


Staci decided she could not let Rachel know what had happened, as much as it tore at her very core, she would have to see if she could handle this alone. All her emotional barriers that had separated her life as Helena from her true self were gone and she hated it. She had lost control and she needed to take stock of her options.

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