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Teen Diaries 5: The Wrong Kind of Attention

Kim's big boobs get her in trouble at the mall
My name is Kim. I'm 16, 5'4, and have really big boobs for my age and height. My bra size is 36DD. I was supposed to meet my friends at the mall, but I forgot my cell phone at home and my dad had dropped me off. I waited around for them for a while, about thirty minutes later than the time they were supposed to meet me. I was just about to go make change and find a pay phone when a tall white guy with an extra long shirt, tattooed arms, piercings, and a sideways hat started hitting on me.

"Hey, baby. Your boobs are banging! I wanna rock your little world."

"Um... I think I'm a little young for you," I told him. He looked like he was in his mid-thirties. I turned my blue eyes away from him and started walking away when he grabbed my arm.

"Baby, why you gotta be like that? I just wanna help you out. Where's your boyfriend?"

"I don't have one. My friends were supposed to meet me here. I need to go call somebody."

"Oh, baby, I got a cell phone in my car you can use. I'll take you there."

Against my better judgement, I decided to follow him figuring I could call my friends to find out where they were. We got to his car, a black SUV with tinted windows. He opened up the passenger door and told me to have a seat. He went around, and got in the driver's seat and turned the car on.

"Where's your cell phone?"

"Oh shit, baby, it looks like I left it at my place. It's not far from here, I'll take you there. That cool?"

He started driving away before I really had a chance to respond. We drove a few miles from the mall to a small house. "Come on in, baby, I'll get you my phone."

I entered his house, which was a complete mess. Empty pizza boxes were all over the tables and floors. It smelled nasty and I saw a row of bongs above the fireplace. He walked into another room and called for me to follow him. I was a little nervous as I entered what was his bedroom. There were pictures of him and another girl with lots of tattoos and piercings on the dresser. "Is this your girlfriend?"

"Oh no, baby. She just a friend. I got my phone over here, baby."

He was turned away from me with his hands down holding what I assumed was his phone, but when he turned around he had his penis out. It was long and skinny with a piercing on the tip. I didn't even know you could pierce that. My mouth was open staring at it as I looked up into his grey eyes and started to stutter. "W...w...w...where is your"

"Well, baby, phone's ain't free. I think you gotta do something for me before I let you make a call. Cool?"

"Not cool." I turned and headed for the door when he grabbed me around the waist. He looked skinny but was pretty strong. His hands reached up and cupped my boobs and gave them a simultaneous squeeze as he pulled me back over to his bed. He pushed me down on it and turned me over, holding my arms out as he started kissing me. His tongue was pierced and he tasted like cigarette smoke. He started biting my lip and then pulled my shirt over my head and started biting my boobs through my bra. As he started taking it off I said, "No, please!"

"Awe, baby, don't you worry. I'm not going to hurt you. This is going to feel real good and then you can call your friends. Cool?"

I didn't respond as he took my bra off and started sucking and biting my nipples. "How big are these tits, girl?"


"Awe shit yes. I'm gonna make these bitches bounce hard." He stuck his thumb under each breast with the rest of his fingers on the side and started shaking them, then sucking the nipples back and forth. "You should get your girls pierced." He took off his shirt and his whole chest was tattooed too, with naked ladies, dragons, and people's names. His nipples were both pierced.

He grabbed my arms and raised them over my head as he kissed me hard and bit my bottom lip again. He smelled like he didn't wear any deodorant. His pit odor was so strong and hard to take. I turned my head and tried to smell my arm, which had remnants of my scented soap on it.

Then he took his pants completely off and straddled my waist, putting his long dick between my boobs and squeezing them together as he began to titty fuck me. "Suck my head," he said as he leaned forward and put his dick by my mouth. I opened up and sucked on his pierced head, the warm metal felt weird in my mouth. I definitely wasn't used to that. His crotch stunk really bad, but not as bad as his pits. Then he went back to humping my tits, spitting in between them to give some lube.

Eventually he stood up against the edge of the bed and started taking off my pants. I reached down to grab them. "Oh please don't! Can't I just suck you off?"

"Oh no, baby. I need to get my dick wet with your pussy juice." He gave my pants a hard tug and they slipped through my fingers. I struggled to keep my panties up, but he won that fight too. I even held my hand between my legs, covering up my hole, but he grabbed my wrist and moved it away as he pinned me down on his bed, his pit smell making me nauseous. "Just chill, baby. This is going to feel great, I'm going to rock your world." I calmed down a little bit as he reached down to finger me. "See, baby? Your snatch is already wet. You want it and you're ready for this."

I didn't want it from him, but all of this had made me very wet and horny. I lay back as he started rubbing his dick head up and down my slit, teasing my clit. His pierced head actually felt amazing on it. As he spread me open, it wasn't as shocking as I expected since his long dick was kind of skinny. But as he kept pushing it deeper, I could feel his piercing rubbing my insides and as it grazed my pleasure spots I started to get so hot and tingly and couldn't help but moan. He was long enough to hit my wall when he pushed all the way in, and that hurt so bad. He started sucking and biting my boobs as he started to go faster. My moans intensified and then turned into cries as he hit my cervix hard over and over.

"Oh please stop that! It hurts so much!"

"Sorry, baby. I didn't mean to hurt you. I won't go that deep again."

It resumed to feeling good after a minute of him not hitting me so deep. I was about to cum when he turned me onto my stomach and started fucking me from behind. The change in position at that moment broke my mood and I was no longer ready to cum. It didn't feel as good in this position and his piercing even started to feel uncomfortable like this. My moans turned into murmurs of "Ow" as he humped my like this and squeezed my tits.

Then he rolled me on my side and bent my knees, staying standing up as he fucked me sideways. His ring started rolling over my g-spot over and over and I started to cum hard. So hard that I could feel my liquid drip out of my lips down my leg as he rolled me back onto my back and put all his wait on me, biting my neck. He was so sweaty now and smelled bad, but there was an irresistible smell coming off him now too.

I wrapped my arms around his head as he started pounding me deep again. I was so aroused that it didn't hurt like before, almost like my wall moved further inside me when I came. He started to moan hard as he pulled out and jumped to straddle my stomach as he started to cum on my boobs.

It was over now. I started to relax as he put his clothes back on and I got dressed too. "So can I make that call now?"

"Not yet. I'll take you back to the mall and you can call there." We got back in his car and he drove me back to the mall. I got out of the car, but he stayed in so I turned around.

"Okay, let me call my friends." That's when he smiled big at me.

"I don't have a cell phone." He gave me a wink and drove off. I walked around the mall, looking for my friends, feeling so used. Other guys were staring at my boobs and I knew it was ridiculous, but I started to worry a different guy would try a similar thing, so I left the mall and decided to just walk home.

My vagina was so sore as I made the five mile walk over the next two hours. But I was so glad to finally be home. I immediately took a shower to get his bad smell off me. I didn't even get his name.

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