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That’s What Best Friends Are For Chapter 3

As the evening concludes, Breanne has to play another game with her new house mates
When I did the dishes, now with a full stomach, I hummed a little tune I had heard and liked in the radio, but not gotten the name of. It felt a bit strange, doing it naked, especially when the corner of the towel brushed against my nipples or tummy. Something I hadn’t experienced before, the touch too soft and flighty to be felt through clothes.

All too soon I was finished and traipsed out into the living room. Jess and Cat were lounging on the couch, Jess’ head in her flat mate’s lap, both now clad in Japanese-style robes and watching some vampire movie by the looks of it. I softly cleared my throat and Cat looked at me.


"Yes, Catherine."

I felt a bit self-conscious, standing there, not knowing where to put my hands and unsure whether I was expected to sit down.

"Oh, be a dear and bring us the white wine from the fridge with two glasses, and a glass with ice cubes, Breanne."

"Of course, Ma’am," I joked, "coming right up."

The wine wasn’t hard to find, it even had a screw cap, the glasses were in the cupboard with the transparent front, and the ice cubes needed only be pushed out of their plastic bags, so I was quickly back in the living room and putting down the glasses on the table. I was far too nervous then to wonder about the ice cubes.

I poured the wine and handed one to Catherine, but she made no move to take it.

"Your wine, Catherine."

"Oh," she giggled, "I didn’t notice." Of course she had noticed. "But know what, I liked it when you addressed me as Ma’am. I think you should always do that."

Another little game, but I could do that. "Yes, Ma’am. Here’s your wine, Ma’am."

"No, no," she admonished me, "that’s not how it’s done. A good servant kneels in front of her Mistress and offers her whatever she brings with obeisance. And don’t be cheeky."

I swallowed. My role of a servant would obviously extend outside of the bedroom, though I should probably have expected that after the events over dinner. So I dropped to my knees, careful not to spill the wine, and raised the glass with both hands in front of me. Jess was avidly watching me, I could see that our interaction was far more entertaining to her than the movie.

"Your wine, Ma’am, if you please."

"That’s better." Still, Cat didn’t reach for the glass. "Spread your legs, you should never have them closed when you’re standing or kneeling in our presence."

I awkwardly moved my knees apart, and after a few prompts from her to spread them further, she was satisfied with my posture.

I almost dropped the glass when I felt a touch on my pussy, and I gasped, the smile in Catherine’s face telling me all I needed to know. A toenail scratched over my pussy lips, up and down, first the left side, then the right. Little ripples raced over my stomach. Then the toe wiggled its way between my lips and trailed upwards, and my pussy, still slick and sensitive from earlier, was heating up immediately. A low moan escaped my throat, ending in a gasp when the toenail trailed over my clit.

"Don’t spill it!" Catherine’s voice was sharp, but I would actually have forgotten about the glass in my hands if she hadn’t reminded me.

She kept playing with my pussy, and I had to focus my eyes on the glass I was holding, because the heat between my legs increased and sent twitches and small tremors all through my body. My brain always associated naked feet with sweat and dirt and musky odor. I wondered how something that felt so wrong could at the same time feel so right.

I almost didn’t notice it when Jess got up from Cat’s lap, but I did hear the clinking of the ice cubes. I did certainly feel the sudden coldness on my nipples and the warm body pressing against my back. I would have flinched away from the icy touch and spilled the wine, if she hadn’t been blocking my movement.

At first, it felt incredibly cold on my nipples, but after a few seconds they started to get numb, while the areola around them felt all the hotter in contrast. Jess kept moving the cubes in small circles over the tips of my nipples.

Cat shifted a bit, and now her instep was rubbing my pussy.

"Please," I begged, "It’s so cold."

"Keep quiet." The words were whispered directly into my ear and tickled me. Then her tongue, hot and wet, wiggled into my ear conch, and suddenly all I heard was an assortment of sucking, slurping noises. Trying to pull my head to the side to avoid her tongue was futile. She just followed my limited movement, my upper body held in place by her arms wrapped around me, and licked away on my ear. I would never have thought that the ear is such an erogenous zone. But it was, and the way she tongue-kissed it sent shivers and goosebumps over my skin. It was like she was devouring me, a way to take possession of me, I realized, and feel possessed and owned by her is what I did.

Cat had meanwhile stopped moving her foot, instead she simply increased the force with which she pressed it against my dripping sex, and I was humping it all by myself. Some part of me wanted to stop, but I somehow couldn’t, the sexual heat inside my loins building up into a furious raging fire. Despite my best efforts to hide my arousal - at least those signs other that my desperate humping of Cat’s foot - I moaned.

That appeared to be the signal they had been waiting for, because the moment the sounds left my lips, Cat pulled back her foot, and my desperate attempt to follow its movement failed.

Cat laughed throatily. "Oh Breanne," she gushed, "if you could only see your own desperate face right now. Like a child that had her Christmas presents taken away. That’s so sweet."

My eyes clung to her lips. Somehow - despite the conflicting urges to hide my face and to beg her to extend her leg again so I might continue to diddle myself in this demeaning way - her condescending expression made my stomach flutter.

That’s why the sudden cold on my clit took me by complete surprise. My nipples had grown so numb that I didn’t really feel the ice cubes there anymore. I did feel it though when Jess pressed one of them harshly onto my most sensitive spot. My body jerked and a long whine filled the room.

"Dumb slut!" Catherine cursed. "Now you’ve done it!"

She pulled the glass of wine from my hands, and I could see a dark stain on the front of her robe.

"Oh god," I gasped, "I’m sorry. Please, I didn’t mean to…"

Whatever I would have said, made up on the spot, neither they nor myself got to hear, because at this moment Jess pressed the ice cube at the entrance of my fuck hole and shoved it deep inside me.

I buckled like a wild animal and my hands flew down to my freezing pussy. I had hardly touched Jess’ hand though when she slapped my right tit hard with her other hand, and my arms reversed their direction.

Cat bent forward and captured my wrists in her strong hands. "Breanne, Breanne, Breanne," she repeated, shaking her head, "what should we do with you. You can’t even hold up a glass of wine without spilling it."

That was totally unfair. But she knew that. It was all part of the perverted little game I had agreed to play with them.

She sent Jess a meaningful look, and her girlfriend took hold of my wrists and pulled them upwards, turning me sideways as she did so, and guided me onto my back so I was lying parallel to the edge of the couch. I extricated my still bent legs a bit awkwardly from under me and awaited with bated breath what they would do to me.

Jess made me bend my arms and knelt down on them so I couldn’t move them the tiniest bit, her pussy and thighs almost touching my head.

Cat got off the couch and stood between my legs, grinning like the Cheshire cat, making my stomach flip-flop.

"Please," I gasped, "I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time."

She giggled and got to her knees, trapping my legs the same way Jess was doing with my arms. "Yes, you’ll be sorry, and I’m sure you’ll try to improve your abysmal performance. But you won’t learn without punishment, so you should be grateful that we’ll make the effort to teach you."

Whatever punishment she had in mind, it had to be targeted at my front side. For a moment I almost panicked when I realized that fact. I was afraid that she would hit my boobs or do something painful to my helpless pussy. Instead, she bent forward, until her mouth was just inches from my breasts.

She hesitated for a moment, letting the tension build up inside me again. Then her lips touched my sensitive breast and I inhaled sharply. They were soft and warm, unlike anything I had ever felt on my breasts before. But then a short, sharp pain mixed into the pleasurable feeling and I yelped.

"Be silent," Jess admonished me.

I lifted my head and tried to see what Catherine was doing to my boob. Her lips had moved a bit and were once more kissing it, but then there was the pain again. This time I saw her pull on a small patch of skin, clamped tightly between her front teeth, and when she let go of it, there was a pale indentation left behind that quickly started to redden.

Then my view was blocked, because Jess bent over me and started to do the same thing to my other boob. It wasn’t that bad, at least at first, nothing worse than a small pinch. Over time it built up, though, every new little bite leaving behind a small sting and tingle. They took their time, seemingly content to punish my small boobs all night long. After what felt like an hour those felt swollen and sore, and every new bite irritated the surrounding skin that had already suffered under their cruel ministrations.

I was given a small reprieve from time to time when they kissed each other hungrily, but the pinches slowly built up to a dull ache that made me whimper. The pain was quite sharp when they pinched too close to an existing bite mark, and I couldn’t stop the yelps on those occasions. My breath started to get hard and ragged, and I wanted to blame the pain for that, but the stirring between my legs told me an entirely different story.

I moaned, my voice shaky and hoarse. That was the moment they both took a nipple between their teeth and bit down hard. The pain was sharp, twin bolts of lightning that shot through my breasts and traveled directly down to my pussy. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but I came without anything or anyone touching my sex. One moment I was writhing and moaning under their ministrations, and the next my whole body was taut like a bowstring and I was shouting my pleasure to the world. My skin was in flames and my breasts pulsated like mad, and I jerked and shivered for ages until I slumped back onto the floor, completely spent, and heard my new house mates get up.

"You still with us?" Jess inquired after a while.

"Yeah," I groaned, "that was… intense."

"Can you look up at me and smile?"

I put a smile onto my face, even that was a bit of an effort, looked up - and stared right into the lens of a camera. The whizzing, clicking noise told me that Jess was shooting pictures of me, and when she angled it downward, of my sore breasts. I gasped when I took in the view, small red marks that completely covered them, almost like a tiny floral pattern. "Oh my god!" I gasped while the clicking continued.

Jess put the camera onto the table and reached down. "Give me your hand, let’s get you on the couch."

Catherine took my other arm and I was hauled onto the couch, squeezed between them but not really caring about the skin contact that would have made me rather uncomfortable an hour earlier.

"They’re swollen. And they hurt!"

"They look beautiful. A true work of art, if I may say so." Catherine’s tone was light.

"I can’t even go out like this. And I doubt I can stand wearing a bra." And it was true, I tried touching them, but even softly brushing my fingers against the inflamed skin felt like needle pricks.

"You’ll heal soon enough," Jess placated me, "but Cat wants to make you an offer."

I looked at the white-haired girl, not quite sure if should be curious or afraid. "An offer?"

Catherine smiled. "I want Jess to film me playing with your tits. You’ll get - let’s say - fifty bucks for it, those will of course be balanced with your rent."

"Now?" I squeaked.

"Gosh, no. We’d do that tomorrow. But I’ve got another proposition. If you let me whip them while Jess films, you’ll get a hundred extra."

My mind started spinning. The thought was outrageous. I didn’t want a woman playing with my breasts, and the idea of whipping my already tortured orbs was crazy. There was only one conclusion. "You can’t be serious!"

She giggled. "Believe me, I am. I promise that no permanent harm will befall you, and your cute tits, while they will certainly be sore a little longer, will heal in no time. I’ll not draw blood, and I’ll use a soft leather tawse."

"You’re perverts!"

"You knew that already before you agreed to our rules."

I blushed, because she was right. And she had offered me hundred and fifty dollars. That was a hundred and fifty more than I owned right now, and it had to be half of my part of the rent. "I don’t know."

"You’ll love it," Jess’ voice suddenly whispered into my ear, "she’s going to make you come so hard while she whips you. And you’d look so beautiful."

Her tongue licked a trail up the side of my neck and her teeth nibbled on my earlobe. I wanted to ignore her, but I simply couldn’t and moaned quietly, goosebumps traveling up my back.

"Just imagine yourself," she continued, her breath feathery tickles against my skin, "bound and crying and coming at the same time. You’d look so sexy. Please, say yes."

I gripped my thighs to keep my fingers from shaking. She sounded just like when Jeremy when he had talked me into his kinky games, and just like then, something deep inside me jumped at the idea and squashed all rational concerns. My voice shook. "Okay."

 "Brilliant!" Catherine almost bounced on the couch right next to me.

"What will you do with the movie?" I wanted to know in an unexpectedly lucid moment.

Her smirk was condescending, and I wilted under her stare. "Sell it on the Internet, silly, what else?"

"But - but anybody could see that. Even people who know me!"


I hung my head. Anybody who had mattered either shunned me already for being a sexual deviant or wanted nothing to do with me for other reasons. Apart from Jess and Catherine, I was alone and had nothing to lose. "I’ll do it."

Jess took my hand in hers, and even though she had happily taken part in torturing my breasts earlier, the small squeeze felt reassuring.

"Let me show you where you sleep, you look like you’re about to topple over any moment."

I let her guide me up the stairs and into a small room. The wallpapers had small animals printed on them, and the bed was made with pink linens. I couldn’t bring myself to care though. She showed me the connecting door to the bathroom and handed me a spare toothbrush, which I immediately put to use. Five minutes later I was snuggled under the sheets and drifting into a deep sleep, the few uneasy thoughts about the following day quickly squashed by my fatigue.

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