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The Adventures of Skye and Andy

Skye and Andy are bestfriends. Goodgirl, Badboy. Do the Math.
It was just past 9 o'clock when I heard the faint "tap tapping" at my window. I recognized the secret code which was now pushing against my window. A rock landed just outside my balcony door and I smiled a little. How could I not know who it was? It was Andy, my best friend.

I walked over to the door and opened it.

"What are you doing here Andy? Won't your parents notice?"

He gave me a simple snicker "They're properly already asleep Skye, and I was bored. Can't blame me for that."

Andy was the bad boy of the school. Always in trouble, smoking and drinking. Yet we became friends. Unlike him I was the good girl, straight A's all the teachers loved me. Its amazing we've been friends for so long.

I gave him a nod "Fine then, you seem a little tired.. let me guess? Rachel?"

He grinned and nodded "Damn right it was Rachel, that girl can fuck!"

I frowned while he chuckled at me "Come on know thats its blooming disgusting and your barely even legal to you've been with Rachel, what? a week?"

He laughed again "It's not my fault shes a horny cunt. She rides like a mad girl. She can do stuff you wouldn't even see in porn!"

I choked back the urge to kick him out instantly. He caught me once watching porn and he never lets me forget. I sighed "You're drunk, aren't you?"

He smirked and winked "You bet your sweet ass I am!" He gave my ass a quick spank.

I gasped a little then slapped his hands off "You know I don't like it when you do that."

He held his hands up "Not my fault your ass is perky I mean come on."

I smirked "I'll let that one slide Andy."

He put his hands together then bowed his head "Why thank you."

I laughed at him and we sat talking for about half an hour. I was getting a little tired. He lied down on my bed his arms outstretched for me, I lied down next to him and laughed "Tired Andy Dandy?"

He shook his head "Quiet the opposite Skye."

I smile then sat up "I better get ready for bed, it’s a school night. Remember?"

I added extra sarcasm to the last word, he laughed "Why bother going when I just get sent back for a detention later."

I smiled again. His smile was to die for. Perfect white teeth, his blonde hair swooped over one side of his face, hiding one of his perfect eyes. But he was my best friend.

"I'm going to get changed, and..." I cut myself short when I spotted him looking at my drawers.

He knew what was hiding under the hundreds of pairs of panties, my private collection of porn. Of course all copyrighted. He helped me collect it himself.

I lobbed a ball at his head and he grinned and shrugged "I'm getting a shower and getting changed, wait here. And don't you dare go in those draws."

He laughed as I walked to the bathroom. I stood in the shower, letting the hot water lather my body, I lean my head up. Pulling out the bobbles I always wear, I wash my hair and smile. I suddenly stop to hear the sound of a zipper, I called to Andy.

"If you’re gonna jack off, do it in the bathroom when I'm done!"

I snickered when I heard him groan and the zipper being pulled back up. I gasp lightly when I feel a hot sensation between my legs. My eyes close as I concentrated on ignoring it. I smiled when it subsided then got dried. Paying extra attention to my clit, I gently graced over it with the rough towel.

I changed into a pair of short shorts and a football jersey which is too big for me, it's my favourite type.

Andy whistled and smiled wide, his smile was cheeky and full of mischief.

"Woooooow! Skye!" He whistled again, as I blushed

"Andy shut up!" I slapped him playfully.

"What?? I’ve never seen you like this before Skye and I'm damn happy that I came tonight!"

I laugh then begin to tie my hair in the bobbles, he stops my arm as I reach for a bobble across from him.

"Don't." He said in such a soft voice it made me gasp "I like your hair down, you look beautiful."

"OK then..." I said lightly and gave my hair a quick brush, I turned to face him, his lips inches away from mine

"Careful Andy," I said in a playful voice, I laughed a little but my breath was cut short as I felt Andy's cool lips against mine "Andy...You’re drunk..."

He sighed "No I'm not Skye...Well yeah maybe just a little..." He took my face in his hands.

"Listen.. when Rachel was fucking me like - oh stop flinching Skye.. When she was fucking me I wanted it to be you.. But you don't get the hints I give you."

I look at him, studying his face. He wasn't lying. I bit my lip as he kissed me again "We - we will ruin our friendship."

He smiled "No, we won't."

I sighed "We will."

"Skye," he seemed frustrated, then his eyes seemed to widen as he looked over my body. His eyes fixated at the jersey "Hey, that’s my jersey!"

I smiled "Yeah, when you slept over with my brother you said I could wear it remember, I wear it every night."

His shocked expression changed to a smile "You've been sleeping with me," he laughed then I turned away from him. "Aw, come on Skye, I know your weak points."

I shook my head then he leaned towards my ear. I felt his hot breath against my neck "I know what turns you on."

His hand trailed up and down my back. "I know your buttons."

My head leaned back against his neck, his hands reaching under my shirt to my back. The sensation between my legs flaring up stronger this time. I bit my lip hard as I felt like I was gonna explode. He knew this. He knew that once I got a massage with him when we were away on brake, I had cum all over the massage table.

I jumped up slightly with a moan as I came. He kissed me hard and leaned me down against my bed and kiss me, He kissed down my neck pulling down my shorts and stroking my slit through my panties with his thumb.

"Someone’s wet."

I blush deeply and look at him "Andy we can't do this we..." I was cut short as his face buried between my legs. He was biting and nibbling in all the right places. He knew his stuff. He slowly pulled of my panties and inhaled them deeply.

"Mmm..." He licked the crotch and I blushed at the bulge in his pants.

He pulled of my jersey giving my tits a firm squeeze. My ultra sensitive nipples reacted. He licked them and tried to fit a full one of my mellon sized tits in his mouth. He failed. He smiled at the size of them.

He pulled of his trousers and stroked my face "Skye.."

I looked up at him "Y-yes Andy?"

He looked at me, I had fear in my eyes "You’re a virgin aren't you?"

I nodded.

He smiled, "Don't worry.. I’ll be gentle."

I nodded again and lied down completely letting him hold himself above me, I took hold of his muscles as he began to push in. I breathed slowly. I had no pain barrier. Everything pretty much hurt me. He pushed in slow and steady, trying to fit all 10 inches of his man meat inside me. I gasped loudly and he looked down at me, concern in his eyes. He pushed a little more when he felt a resistance. He wanted to do it slow so it wouldn't hurt me. But it was. I looked at him.

"J-just push in. Now."

He nodded and pulled out a little then rammed all 10 inches inside of my sweet virgin pussy. A few tears went down my face at first. He stayed still for a few seconds before rocking his hips slow and steadily. I bit my lip, becoming wet and aroused. He could see my face change from pain to pleasure and he smiled. He didn't go any faster. And that really frustrated me. Out of nowhere I pushed him over and began to ride his cock.

"Fuck me! Skye you’re riding me!" His voice was pleasured and surprised. I smirked at him and went faster and faster. He groaned a little then thrust his hips up at me.

"You fucking bet your ass I am..." I groaned.

Since when did I talk dirty? I went faster a smile creeping up on my lips. Andy went faster as I felt his dick spasm inside me.

I slowed a little then gasped as I felt Andy, my best friend, fill me up with his hot and sticky cum and then within seconds of him cumming, I too came. A long orgasm shooting through me. A few seconds passed then he rolled me off him slowly. My pussy ached for him to stay inside me. I looked at him my breathing slowly returning to its normal rate.

"Wow," was all he could say. I smiled.

"Better than Rachel?" I giggled.

"Better than Rachel." He answered.

I smiled then stood up, he grabbed my ass with a firm spank, I gasped a little then smiled "I'm getting a shower..."

He stood up, "Can I join?"

I laughed a little and pushed him down, "Maybe next time."

He grinned "So there’s gonna be a next time then?"

I nodded "Of course."

He smirked then lied down on my cum stained bed and fell asleep. I got my shower and changed into a clean nightgown, lying next to him. His arms wrapped around me as we slept.

-----Next Morning-----
As my alarm clock went of I smiled as I saw Andy still next to me, soft asleep. I turn off the alarm and begin to get changed into my school uniform..

Bra, socks, top, tie, skirt, shoes. I look over at Andy who is about to wake up. He grinned.

"Morning Sexy!"

I smile down at him "Morning..."

He frowns "Gross."

I look at him "What? Is something wrong?" I'm about to put my hair in a bobble but I brush it straight.

He sighed, "School."

I laughed then gasped, "Fuck."

He sat up "What is it Skye?"

I growled and began to look around, then spotted my undies in his hand "I’ve forgotten to put them on..."

His eyes lit up "Leave ‘em off.. For a dare, come on."

I smirk "Fine, but only for today."

He begins to get dressed in the same clothes he wore yesterday, "Oh so you're actually coming to school today?"

He nodded, "Yeah, I have football practice."

He then smiled "You should come watch me after school."

I smile "Fine.. I will."

He grins and kisses my cheek lightly "See ya."

I grab him by the shoulder hard "Nu uh mister. We usually walk to school together, can't get any suspicions now, can we?"

He laughed and kissed my lips. We began to walk to school...
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