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The Alpha Male - Part II

She knows she can't trust him but she wants him anyway..
I am sitting in a skirt and blouse, period, in the passenger seat of a big luxury car which belongs to a guy I've just met. We are driving toward the city center, toward his hotel room. I am going to be very late for dinner, if I make it back at all.

The fellow has just given me a world class orgasm, so fairness demands some reciprocity. My brain would prefer that the reciprocity be delayed so that I can get home without raising suspicions tonight. My body is drawn to this guy and it wants to be as close as it can to him as as soon as possible.

The evening is slipping into night. My fuddled brain notices city stoplights, the triangular hats of taxicabs, neon advertisements. My abductor drives confidently with one hand. The other hand is stroking my upper thigh under my skirt. It feels very good. My body wants him to slip his big hand between my legs and...oh, I can't stop thinking about it. The sensation of the leather seat against my bare ass feels very inappropriate. Does cunt juice stain leather? Better his seat than my skirt. I have given up pleading with him to take me home. I am genuinely conflicted about this situation. It's entirely out of control. I am usually so much in control. I have a responsible job, an orderly home. This is what I get for seeking that adrenalin rush.

We've stopped.

This is a very nice hotel we're parked by. I've never been in here. He opens the passenger door and gives me a hand out. It's quite cool by now and he lends me his warmth again as we walk past the sliding glass doors at the entrance. As we walk through the spacious lobby I feel like every man in the room is looking at me. My cheeks heat up. Is my blouse that transparent? How can they tell I have no underwear? Maybe its because I smell of sex and my sore hard nipples are poking against the fabric. My man seems to be aware of the attention I am garnering.

“You look so hot. They all want you, babe,” he whispers in my ear as he steers me toward the elevator. As the gilded doors slide closed they open again to my chagrin and relief. Another man walks in and punches in the floor above the one which is lit for us. My lover pulls me close against him so I can feel his stiff cock even through his trousers and my skirt.

After what seems like an interminable delay, the doors slide open again and he pulls me quickly down a long, lushly carpeted hallway. He stops suddenly slides a keycard in a door. The room is sleekly modern and luxurious. It is tailored for someone several ranks above my position at work. Quickly my body is plastered against him and the warm lips descend on mine again. I push my mouth away.

“Wait, Don-”

“It's Dan.”

“Dan. I just can't do this now. I can't relax. We can reschedule. O.k?”

He produces my cell phone from a pocket and hands it to me . “Here,” he says. “Call him.”

“I- I- ” My objections fade under the gaze of his night-blue eyes. I press the speed dial and a familiar voice picks up.

“Hi Honey.... Yea, I know. I 'm still at work.... Well, I just got off that last con call and I got an email about another one.... No. It's with China.” Dan grins at my cleverness. “I'll just eat here and come home after the call.... No, I don't know how long it will go.... OK, but don't wait up.... Sorry.”

I close the phone and he pulls it back from me.

“No more excuses now,” he says.

“I guess it's o.k.,” I sigh. One kind of anxiety has now been replaced with another. He pulls my backside tightly up against his front, wraps an arm around my waist and bends his lips to the side of my neck. His other hand deftly unbuttons my shirt again and it swings open so that he can cup my breasts in his hand and pinch my hard nipples gently in turn. A small flash of heat and damp flares between my legs again. I can't help but sigh.

“I love those little noises you make,” he says. “Let's slip this skirt off again.” He unzips my skirt and pushes it down, stroking the sides of my thighs as he does so. I step out of the skirt and he puts it on a chair. He gives me a little push. “Walk away from me a bit.”

I take a few steps, naked save for my sandals. Then I hesitate. This feels, I don't know, like a command performance.

“I feel silly,” I say. “Let me take off these sandals.”

“You look great, “ he replies. “Your ass is beautiful and I love the muscles in your back. Turn around.”

I turn around. He has taken his jacket, shoes and tie off and is unbuttoning his dress shirt. This is the first time I've seen him without a tie. His eyes are dark from this angle and are full of heat. He has the build of a basketball player. Maybe a point guard, I think. About six-one.

“Even better from the front,” he says. Put your left hand on your left tit.”

“You're awfully bossy.”

“I'm used to being the boss. I like it. Now pinch your nipple.”

I comply. He keeps undressing. He keeps looking better. The exposed glimpse of chest is lean and athletic.

“Stand with your legs a little wider. O.k. Now put your right hand on your pussy. O.K. Take your middle finger and stroke up and down the front in there.” I hesitate, embarrassed. “Do it.”

My right hand is dying to do what he says. My pussy is slick and inflamed. It feels so good to my finger and my finger feels so good right there. “Ahh..”

“Feels good, doesn't it?” he says. I nod. He continues to undress. The dress socks come off, as do the grey trousers. He's wearing dark blue boxer briefs but there's a darker spot on the impressive bulge. He peels out of his dress shirt. God ,he's gorgeous. Just a bit of hair on his chest. Lovely pecs. Not a trace of middle-aged paunch. If it's possible I'm getting even wetter. I want to lick his hard little nipples and kiss all the way down to his.. I've gotten distracted from my masturbation.

“Don't stop. Keep on going,” he says. “Make circles around your nipple with your left hand. Now stick your finger inside. Slowly. Now take it out and circle your clit. Slowly. Do that again. No, don't close your eyes. Look at me.”

He is naked. His beautiful cock is standing up almost vertically. I want to lick the pre-cum which is dripping off the end of it. I want to pounce on him and put my hands all over him. I want that cock inside me.

“Keep going,” he insists. I start to gasp now. Put that finger in and out a few times. Slowly. Now put two fingers in. Think about my cock inside you.” My slick passage is sucking in on my fingers. My instincts want to finger fuck myself fast and hard. His eyes are boring into mine.

“Squeeze that left nipple hard.” My heart is beating like a drum now. “O.k. Keep fucking yourself with your fingers but put your thumb on your clit and move it side to side. No, not that fast”

I want to close my eyes so that I can forget I'm performing, but I know that's not what he wants. It feels so good and I'm going to lose control. Sliding my thumb back and forth against the most sensitive part of me just tripped a lever in my brain. My fingers fuck my pussy faster and faster despite his instructions. I tilt my pelvis forward to feel the pressure against the back of my slick passage. My clit is hard and inflamed sliding back and forth against my thumb. I start to feel the tickle of pleasure that means I can't go back. I'm going to explode. Shit, I'm going to fall down. I'm losing control. I can't stop. Can't stop.

“Ahhh., I'm cumming! Fuck God I'm cumming. Ahhhh!”

Staring straight in my eyes he starts to grin. This is what he wanted. He has just remote-controlled me into cumming.

My legs vibrate uncontrollably as my pussy contracts around my fingers. I close my eyes and collapse. Luckily he catches me before I give myself a concussion against the arm of the chair behind me.

“You are an insufferable control freak,” I say when I've come to myself on the bed. He's finally taken off my sandals.

“Yes, I know. Here, sit on the edge of the bed. Give me a suck. I want to feel those pretty lips on my cock.”

He stands in front of me. The lovely purple cock is dripping pre-cum near my lips. He is tall enough and his dick is standing up enough that I don't have to bend down much. Now I finally have some control. I lick the salty pre-cum off the little slit at the top of his cock. It's so wonderfully hard. Veins bulge slightly along the side. It's about average in length but somewhat thicker than I'm used to. I have to stretch my mouth a bit around it. It feels good in my mouth- smooth, hard as I move my lips up and down just under the ridge of the head.

I've closed my eyes briefly to concentrate and I now look up to check on him. He's staring at me like he's recording the moment for posterity. I'm certain this guy never closes his eyes. He pulls my hair back a bit, tilts my head back, and starts to face-fuck me a bit. I take it deeper in an relax my throat. His expression gets even more intense as I swirl my tongue around his cock a bit inside my mouth. I reach up a hand to hold his cock and perhaps wank him a bit but he bats it away and retracts from my mouth.

“That feels a bit too good,” he breathes. “I want to come in your pussy.”

“O.k. Mr. Control Freak. Have at it,” I reply.

He pulls back the blankets behind me and lifts me bodily on to the bed. We tangle our limbs for the first time. He feels wonderful. I slide my hands up his hard chest and trace his hard nipples with my fingers. His large warm hands are wandering up and down the sides of my body and backside. He reaches a hand to the back of my head and starts to squeeze the back of my neck and massage the back of my skull as our lips meet and his tongue invades my mouth again. Withdrawing his tongue licks under my top lip and he nibbles there a bit. I'm enjoying the feel of his muscled backside in my hands. He slides down a bit and starts to suck a nipple. Hard. It's getting me so hot again. I groan. On of his fingers slides down into me.

“Oh God you're so wet,” he says.

“I get that way,” I reply.

“I'm glad I happen to be here when you happen to get that way,” he snarks. I have to laugh. He grins and those dark baby blues start to hypnotize me again. His finger is moving up and down in my slick sensitive places again. I sigh and he moves his mouth back onto mine. His tongue is in my mouth again and other flesh has replaced his finger sliding against my sensitive places. That feels so good, but something is bothering me. I'm forgetting something. What is it? I abruptly move my mouth off his.

“Condom,” I pant. “We need a condom. You have one, right?”

“Well, no. Not just at hand. Do you?” His unprotected skin is still right there where it shouldn't be, nestled against my outer pussy lips.

“I didn't expect to be doing this yet.”

“I can't believe we're having this conversation now. Neither did I. Look. You've got nothing to worry about. I had a vasectomy five years ago,” he says. He is moving his beautiful cock against my wet outer lips.

“It's not that,” I say. I have to figure a way out of this. “What if I have a disease?”

“You don't have a disease.”

“How do you know?”

“I have a good read on people. They pay me tons of money for negotiations. I don't have a disease. You don't have a disease. There's no problem.” He moves his mouth back to my tender nipple and sucks again. God, god I want him inside me. My heart pounds and my treasonous pussy throbs with it.

“I can't,” I whisper. “You're so good-looking. I can't trust you.”

He stares back down at me. There is something hypnotic about it. He hasn't stopped rubbing the front side of his naked cock against my wet pussy lips.

“O.k. You have two choices.” The voice is firm. I'm guessing it's his boardroom negotiating voice. “We can stop this right now. We'll get dressed. You go home. I'll send you an email when I'm coming back in a few weeks and I'll bring condoms. Or. You trust me and we fuck right now. You know what I want.”

I stare back into his eyes. Such beautiful long lashes. I know what I should do. I hesitate. My mouth opens but it won't make the words. I hesitate again.

I've hesitated too long.

He slips it in. Ahhh..feels so good. It stretches my warm wet inner tunnel. Thicker than I'm used to. A wonderful interior massage. Back and forth. In. I'm. Out. So. In. Stupid! Out. Stupid! In. Stupid!

My body doesn't care. My backside is clenching again and I'm angling my pelvis so that the friction of his pelvis presses more firmly against my most sensitive regions. There's something about the extra girth inside me which feels so different. He's also fucking me differently. He's higher on my body than I'm used to. Faster in, Faster out. It just feels. So. Good. I feel that flicker again. The little flame traces through my body like it's riding a line of gunpowder. This has never happened to me before.

“Oh Maya. Oh, baby,” he groans. “You make me so hard, Maya. I can't hold back much more. Oh, Uh, Uh.”

His cock seems to be growing even bigger and thicker inside me. My cunt is ecstatic. I feel a tiny throb down there. He draws back and pushes in hard so that it feels like it hits the back of me. “Uhhhnnngh.” His hot cum fills me. It drops me over a precipice. A giant contraction throbs like a drum against his dick. Again. Again. He's still moving. Hard inside me even though he's already cum. The motion keeps me throbbing uncontrollably. I'm making a great deal of noise.

“Yes. Fuck. Yes!” I am shaking like a rag doll against him. He holds me until I gradually still.

We dress in near silence. He is kissing me. Trying to get me to forgive him for seducing me. I feel so stupid and defeated. Just like a damn teenager. I'm sure he had condoms. He just out-bluffed me. I've got two degrees and I'm just as stupid as some undereducated sixteen year old. I don't trust him for a split second. He cheats, doesn't he?

He drives me home. Stops a few houses away. He knows my address because he's gone and read my drivers license while I was still pleasure drunk on his bed. I shlep through the dark to my doorstep in shame. I've got my bra back but he still has my underpants.

He told me he'd email me and let me know when he'll be back in town. Promised we'd use condoms if I wanted to. He's got my name and address. I have his too but for some reason he doesn't care. I'll just ignore his emails. Maybe delete that account. Change my cell phone number if he calls me. (He looked that up too on my phone).

Won't I?

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