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The 'Black Widow'

She struck fear into everyone in the office, including me
They called the Black Widow but I had never actually met her. She was the Group Company Accountant and had a fierce reputation as a hard nosed bitch. I had only been head of our business section for a couple of months but had so far avoided meeting her, then one day out of the blue she decide to undertake a surprise audit of our division.

One of the girls in the office announced that the "Black Widow was coming the next day and everyone fell silent, the other girls in the office looked like rabbits caught in headlights. We prepared as best we could but nothing prepared me for what was to come next. Sure enough at 8.30 0n the dot, she arrived in a smart business suit, a knee length skirt, black jacket, white blouse and her hair tied up in a tight bum. It was hard to tell but she appeared to be her late 40's but a good figure and reasonable attractive if it wasn't for her cold demeanor.

I briefly introduced myself but see cut me off and walked straight into my office, sitting down behind my desk. She introduced herself as Miss Cooper and asked for my interim status report which I duly handed her. Without another word she spent the next 30 minuets reading it, only to pause to mark it with a red pen and the odd sigh. Finally she looked up from the report, folded her arms and stared straight at me.

"So Mr Benson what have you heard about me?"

Struggling to keep my composure I stammered to say that she was very well respected but yet again she stopped me in my tracks.

"Why therefore, knowing my reputation have you made so many mistakes in your report?"

Turning red with both anger and embarrassment I asked what she meant. Turning the report round to face me, now covered in red marks and crosses she pointed out all of my mistakes. Clearly stunned I stumbled through the report, alarmed at my basic mistakes.

"I had heard very good things about you Mrs Benson but judging by this, not so" said Miss Cooper with a steely glint in her eye.

I pointed out whilst there were some minor errors in the number columns the actuals bottom line was correct.

"Unfortunately for you, its in the details and I expect only the best, now sit down and we will go through this together!" She said with an icy tone. I was starting to understand why they called her the Black Widow.

We spent the next 6 or 7 hours going over every single detail and decimal point not once stopping for a break. At some point during the day she took off her jacket and for the first time I realized that she actually had a very nice body. Every now and again I would catch my self staring at her breasts and wondering what she looked at undressed. Finally at the end of the day she stood up and announced that she would be back at the same time tomorrow to review the rest of the accounts and and left.

Shattered and mentally exhausted I realized that I would have to work through the nigh just to get the figures up to her standards.

That night I slept at the office, only stopping to grab a shave and change into a clean shirt. Sure enough, at the same time Miss Cooper turned up and we went through the whole procedure exactly the same as before. this time because of my late night endeavors, there were less mistakes and she seemed to be a little bit more approachable.

Half way through the day Miss Cooper said "Not a bad effort, a bit of an improvement on yesterday".

Jokingly trying to break the ice, I suggested that it sounded like a school report.

"Well its a good job its not, otherwise you would be straight in front of the Headmaster' She said with a stern voice.

The day progressed and we worked our way through the paper work. At some point I ended up sitting next to her working on some figures and I could feel her body heat. Somehow I found this a bit of a turn on and started to get a hard on. Starting to feel flustered I desperately tried to think anything but every time I looked across I found myself looking down her blouse at breasts.

They were gorgeous, well rounded with a lovely dusting of light brow freckles. I also noticed that she was wearing a rather fetching black lace bra, which seemed to accentuate the swell of her breasts.

"Sorry Mr Benson are you listening or are you just in a day dream?" rocked me out of my thoughts.

I apologized saying that I was thinking about something else. "Clearly not the job in hand" was her short reply.

Now struggling with a hard on, embarrassment and looking to change the subject I stupidly said that I'm sure the Headmaster would have a good way of dealing with it.

"Are you trying to be flippant Mr Benson and he almost certainly would!" She said with venom.

"oh what would that be" I replied, instantly regretting it as soon as I had said it.

"I think you know what that would be, now stand up and bend over the table"

I thought she was joking and stated to laugh, saying that I was a grown man and no one had spanked me since I was a boy.

" Do I look like I'm joking, now do as I say otherwise I think you might regret your decision"

No real fear gripped me, as I realized she was not joking and that there was a definite threat. I tried to reason but this only made thing worse.

"Do as I say or you will be clearing your desk this afternoon!"

Now I realized it was pointless either I complied or started to look for another job. I decided that the salary and position were better than I could expect and who would employ someone after only a few months in a senior position. I slowly bent over the desk, thinking what would happen next.

" Take take down your trousers and your boxer shorts"

I slowly unbuckled my trousers and dropped them to the floor, feeling completely exposed. There I was lying over my desk with my trousers round my ankles in front of my boss.

"Now Mr Benson, do you think it is appropriate to sit there looking at my tits, rather concentrate on your work?

I tried to say something but it was no use, as I felt her hand burn an imprint on my backside. I gasped as another and another landed rapidly one after the other. I lost track but soon my bottom felt like it was on fire.

"You haven't answered my question, do you think you should be looking down my top?'

"I sorry I couldn't help it, I just found them so attractive and I just got distracted. She told me to get up and turn round. There she was standing in front of my with several beads of perspiration on her brow. Then she slowly started to undone her blouse, exposing her lovely breasts in their lacy black bra in all there glory.

"So is this what distracted you" now running her hands slowly over them.

I was transfixed but unfortunately my cock was not and started to respond.

"Now do you think that you behavior is acceptable in front of a senior manger" she said now pointing at my straining cock.

"No" I stammered "But seeing your there just turned me on"

"Well may be, if you relieved yourself, we could get back to work"

What do you mean I asked.

"Come here'' she said as she took my cock in her hand and started to slowly wank me off. I was starting to get really turned on at which point she spat on her fingers and to my surprise started to work them into my arse. The feeling of one and then two fingers in my arse and the combination of her wanking me was too much and I came heavily all over her hand and carpet.

She wiped her sunk covered hand on her bra pulled on her blouse and went back to the desk. I stood there stunned, trying to come to terms with what had just happened. She had just spanked me over my desk, finger fucked my arse and wanked me off and there I was standing in my own office with my trousers round my ankles.

To be continued.....
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