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The Breeding Room - Part III

The secrets of the Breeding Room are revealed
Judy woke early next morning. She rose and cooked Sandy breakfast and waved him off to work. She had slept restlessly that night. On the one hand she felt guilty for betraying Sandy by letting Al see her naked and on the other she couldn’t shake off the excitement. When she had bowed her head as the gown slipped off her shoulders she saw Al’s excited reaction; she saw his bulge grow. Right before her very eyes she watched his erection expand inside his loose fitting trousers.

She wondered why he hadn’t taken things further, he wanted too, that was self evident. She wondered as well what she would have done had he made any further advances towards her. Yes, she had told him that she didn’t want to take things further but they had only been words. What would she have done if he had reached out and touched her; what would she have done if his hands had alighted upon her breasts? What would she have done as his fingers slid down her body to her mound? Would she had brushed it away or would she have just looked on as his long, dark fingers made their way to her clitty? And how would she have reacted as his fingers parted her cunt lips in search of her opening?

Judy knew deep down inside what she would have done. She would have welcomed his touch; she would have welcomed his exploration of her body; she would have assisted his invasion of her most private parts. Judy would have opened her thighs. She wanted him to touch her. She wanted him to explore her sex. Judy wanted him to feel her readiness for him. She wanted him to feel her wetness on his fingers; the wetness told him that she was ready for his cock. Not just ready but eager; not just eager but desperate.

Yes, Judy was desperate for his cock. She had done nothing but think about it these past few days. She knew, in her mind’s eye, that it was big; not just big but also thick. She knew that it would be bigger than anything she had ever experienced before and she wanted to feel it; she wanted to feel it stretching her; she wanted to feel it filling her; she wanted to feel it possessing her. Judy wanted to feel it pleasuring itself inside her.

But where were these feelings coming from? Judy couldn’t understand it. She had never felt this way about a man before; not just a man but his cock. She loved sex with Sandy; she loved him pleasuring himself with her but not in the way she felt about Al. She didn’t just lust after him, she yearned for him. Her pussy burned for Al and no amount of self inflicted orgasms could quench that fire.

Judy had awoken twice in the night and stroked her clitty to orgasm but it had not been enough. There was only one cure and that was Al’s cock. Only Al’s cock would be able to satisfy her insatiable lust. After showering she spent time in front of the mirror again dwelling on her body as she dried herself. She also contemplated Al’s visit, he had not given her a time. She had got Sandy to replace the batteries in the bell so she would hear him and now she wondered what to wear.

She seriously thought about just wearing her dressing gown again; naked underneath and wearing nothing else but a hint of perfume but it was too dangerous. She guessed he would take that as too much of an invitation to ignore. He was a man after all; a red blooded male and she doubted if he would have the strength to accede to her request. He would open the gown again and this time he would fuck her, of that she was certain.

In the end Judy decided on a red top and a red skirt of conservative length but loose fitting. Sandy liked it. Sandy liked to lift it up to her waist and see what colour panties she was wearing. No doubt Al would like to do the same. Sometimes she wouldn’t bother putting any on which always stirred him into action. She had no intention of doing that for Al. Giving him the same opportunity that she gave him the day before might have consequences that she could not handle.

She had just finished brushing her hair when she heard the door bell ring. It was Al. Standing there with a DVD in his hand. Judy looked at with a puzzled look on her face.

“This will explain all about the room,” he told her.

Judy reached for it but he pulled his hand away. “Sorry, I can’t let this out of my sight,” he told her, “I don’t want copies in circulation.”

“I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Judy told him.

Al smiled, “I daresay you wouldn’t but I promised the lady involved that I would not make any copies and there is only one way to make certain there will be no other copies.”

Judy became even more intrigued.

As she led him into the lounge he handed it to her to play. “I don’t have to tell you that it is of an adult nature do I?”

He didn’t. Judy had figured that out already. A few minutes later they were sat side by side on the settee as the DVD player sprang into life.

The scene opened with a red haired woman sat on a settee in the very lounge that they were in. She was very pretty and must have been in her mid thirties. “Hi,” she said, looking directly into the camera. “My name is Elle and this is my video diary. Today is 27th March 2010 and this is day one.”

Judy was intrigued.

“This is a video diary of my conception and pregnancy,” she spoke again, shocking Judy. “My husband Jake – he’s behind the camera by the way - has been trying to get me pregnant for almost a year now and nothing has happened. We have done the tests and it turns out that his little swimmers are not as potent as they should be and so we have decided to get some help in,” she said with laughter as she stood up.

With her back to the camera she walked out of the room and up the stairs. The camera focused on her legs. Elle was slim and attractive and had a nice firm bottom. Judy had to acknowledge that she was quite a sexy woman. As she walked up the stairs the camera followed the rise and fall of her skirt exposing glimpses of stocking tops. When they reached the stairs landing the camera focused on the room at the far end of the corridor. Attached to the door was a small notice board that read ‘The Breeding Room.’

Things started to become clear now for Judy. Elle wanted to get pregnant; her husband had tried and could not manage it and now she was heading for a bedroom with a notice on the door that was self explanatory. The bedroom was breeding room; a room where Elle was going to get bred in; a room where behind the door was someone to impregnate her.

Judy felt a stirring in her thighs; she was about to see someone having sex to get pregnant.

Judy gasped loudly when the door opened and lying on the bed were a group of naked males; naked black males with large erections. Sat on the end of the bed was Al; fully naked and fully erect. He stood up reached out for her.

What happened next was hard to describe and even harder to take in fully. Judy sat on the edge of her seat watching in almost disbelief as Al pulled her onto the bed into the midst of the four other men. They reached out for her a lion would reach for their prey; four males; four very sexually excited males reached out and pulled her down on the bed. Articles of clothing began to fly around the room as they stripped her and flung away her garments. They stripped her of everything; every single item of clothing was taken from her leaving her completed naked.

Then they pinned her down. Two men held her arms down and the other two raised her legs high into the air. They lifted them high and opened them wide for the man standing at the bottom of the bed. His name was Al and he was the man sat on the settee with her watching the DVD.

She watched as Al bent down between her thighs and began to kiss her mound. She watched his tongue work its way up and down her pussy; probing her pink fleshy lips; probing the dark of her opening.

Elle groaned and cried out in ecstasy as his tongue excited her. Judy began to see herself being in her place; held down; legs splayed wide while another male prepared her with his tongue. Prepared her for what was to come next.

Judy gasped a second time when she saw Al pull away and edge forward. The men holding her legs pulled them backwards as he edged closer and closer. With one hand holding his huge erection he edged forward until its tip pressed up against her swollen pussy lips.

“Ready for this babe?” he asked.

“Ready for some baby making juice?” he said, “Ready for some black baby making juice?”

Elle groaned and Judy gasped as she watched it slowly disappear deep inside her. Al held himself still for a few moments. Held himself still with his erection deep inside her. He wanted her to take it all in; take in the fact that another man’s penis was inside her; take in the fact that another man was about to fuck her. Not just fuck her but to empty his seed deep inside her womb. And not just any man either. This man was a black male and she was a white female. His seed could make her pregnant and she could eventually give birth to a baby that was not her husband’s and not of her race either.

Elle’s groan caught Judy’s attention again. She was getting fucked now. She was not being made love to but she was being fucked. Al was fucking her. Hard, fast deep thrusts were being used on Elle; hard, fast, deep and purposeful thrusts were being used on Elle for one purpose and one purpose only. To get her pregnant.

He came quite quickly. He didn’t wait to ensure that she received her climax as well, Al just thrust away until he released his seed deep inside her.

He was slow to pull away though. Al held himself inside her not just to make sure that he empty every drop inside her but also to ensure that none of his juice escaped. When he eventually pulled away Judy watched as he slowly withdrew. He was still quite erect; still quite aroused. His cock was wet and very sticky with their juices. For a moment she could imagine herself being in the place of Elle.

Once he had withdrew completely another male took his place. A male of equal proportions and a male of equal stamina. While Al and another male held her legs back and wide apart he fucked her and emptied his seed deep inside her.

One by one they took their turn with her; doing their duty; playing their part in trying to get her pregnant. When the last one had completed his task and pulled away the camera zoomed in on Elle’s pussy. It was now very red and swollen and globules of white sperm was oozing form her. Judy found the sight of it all very sexually exciting.

Judy suddenly realised that her hand was resting on the settee very close to Al’s. She could feel his heat.

The sight and sound of more sexual activity distracted her thoughts again. Al had moved back onto the bed. Elle was on her hands and knees in the middle of the bed and Al was moving up behind her with his erection getting dangerously closer and closer to her pussy.

There was no one holding her down this time as Al penetrated her; no one to ensure that she was held in place so they could use her one by one. Elle was a willing and compliant as she knelt with face down and bottom raised while they took turns with her.

Things were more vocal this time though. The men slapped her thighs and pulled on her hair as they fucked her. And they also called her names. Words like ‘whore’, ‘slut’, and ‘white bitch’ spewed from their mouths as they took her. Elle loved it agreeing with them as they spoke and even urging them on to use her like a whore and a slut.

This time when they finished they dressed and left and the camera shut down for a moment only to start up again with a different day and sometimes a different scene. Sometimes it was one male, sometimes it could be two or three of them and occasionally all five again. One thing was constant though and that was Al. He seemed to be there each time whether on his own or fucking her with another. When it got to day 39 and Elle sat on the bed to announce her pregnancy Judy was pretty sure that the baby was fathered by Al.

The final film clip came with Elle standing proudly with her baby daughter in her arms with all the men gathered around her. It wasn’t the normal mum, baby and proud father photo for the family album but all the same that is what it was. As the DVD ended Judy suddenly realised that Al’s hand was touching hers. She didn’t want to move it.

“So Judy you now know the secret of the room,” Al told her with a gently squeeze of the hand.

Judy said nothing.

“Are you planning to start a family soon Judy?”

Judy shifted uneasily in her seat.

“We have been trying for a little while now," she confessed.

Al squeezed her hand, “Does Sandy need any help?”

Judy remained silent.

Al lifted his hand and rested it on her thigh, “It wouldn’t take us long Judy. We would have you pregnant in no time at all.”

Judy didn’t doubt it; she had no doubt at all that they would get her pregnant very quickly.

“Just say the word Judy and I will gather the boys together,” Al said as he began to push back the hem of her skirt.

She felt the warmth of his naked hand rising slowly higher and higher. She wanted him; she wanted him like she had never wanted a man in her life before; she wanted him to stop. She wanted him to stop before it was too late; before he passed the place of no return; before he touched her most intimate place. She tried to squeeze her thighs together as his fingers got closer and closer; she tried her best to close her legs but all she did was open them wider for him. Closer and closer they got. She felt his fingers touch the elasticated edge of her panties and then she suddenly found the strength to slam her thighs shut.

“Please Al. No.”

Al looked her in the eye as his fingers remained trapped between her thighs.

“Please no.”

Al pulled away.

A few minutes later he was stood at her front door with the DVD in his hand. As she reached for the handle he grasped her hand.

“I know you want it Judy,” he told her.

She could not look him in the eye.

“We both know that you want it Judy,” he said as he backed her against the wall with one hand resting on the wall.

“I’ll give you until the end of the year Judy,” he told her, “and if you are not pregnant we will take over.”

Judy gasped as his other hand shot under her skirt and pressed against her mound. His fingers pressed into her and felt her dampness.

“You can’t hold back forever Judy,” he told her.

She gasped again as he pressed his lips against hers and at the same time slipped his fingers under the elastic of her panties. His fingers were not only touching her now they were inside her, deep inside her. Judy groaned and responded with a kiss.

As quickly as he had pounced on her he withdrew and pulled away.

“I mean it Judy,” he told her, “you have until the end of the year and then me and the boys will be around.”

Judy said nothing as he let himself out but she knew that he was serious. She also knew that if Sandy could not get her pregnant by the end of the year she would find the prospect of Al and his friends getting her into the breeding room irresistible.

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