The Cabin In The Woods

By Poppet

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Could He Really Pull This Off?
I wake up with my head spinning slightly. I’m confused as I try to focus in the darkened room. I squint, still trying to figure out where I am. I move to sit up and find myself tied to the head of the bed. I let out a soft whimper, suddenly scared. I try to pull a little harder at the ties, hoping that this was some kind of joke, when suddenly, a voice across the room speaks, causing me to jump a bit.

"I wouldn't bother pulling too hard; it'll only make the bounds all that much tighter, little girl."

A light flicks on, barely bright enough to see anything. I look down to see that I am nearly naked, except for my bra and panties.

"Who are you? What do you want from me? Untie me!" I demand, looking towards where the light has turned on. I can’t see more than a silhouette of the man.

"Given you are the one tied up, you aren't in any place to demand much, are you?" He speaks, calm, and relaxed, as he sits, watching me pull at my ties. “As to what I want from you, I want to use your body to my fullest desires, and I plan to do just that, whether you want me to, or not."

My eyes widen in fear as he speaks. How calm he seems, as he says this. Like this is an everyday occurrence for him. My mind still groggy, I shake my head, slightly, trying to clear it. He notices this.

"Don't worry; you just drank a bit too much last night. It doesn't take much for you to get a buzz."

As he tells me this, I try to remember the last thing I did last night, but nothing comes to mind. The thought of this scares me. What if he already violated me? Was this all just a game to him?

"Why are you doing this?!" I nearly scream out, though my voice sounds as though I have a frog in it.

"Relax yourself; you're getting worked up for nothing... And I'm doing this because I always get what I want, one way or another," he says as he stands up, walking towards the bed.

I can see him better now, but not fully; it's still much too dark. He has on a dark button up shirt and an undershirt. I can see the collar to it. He has on blue jeans, nothing fancy, though they fit his shape perfectly. He is pale and tall - really tall - or maybe that's just my perspective. His hair is dark blond; it is longer than most men would wear their hair, shaggy, but not messy. He is skinny, from what I can tell. I see no tattoos or piercings as I scan over him. His blue eyes look at me, almost doing the same as I am to him.

"Why me, though? How did you find me? Just let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone, just let me go," I say, while I pull harder at the ties, feeling them tighten, like he said they would if I did. I let out a whimper.

"Why you? Why not you? Look at you. You’re stunning and I want you. How I found you doesn't matter. The fact I did is all that is important. As for me letting you go, that isn't going to happen. I have yet to enjoy myself with you."

It drives me crazy how calm he is talking to me, but I am relieved to hear him say he hasn't enjoyed himself yet, but the word yet, is what scares me.

He begins to undo his buttons. I begin to scream, my voice still not working fully. I yank hard at my wrists which burn my skin, making me cry out more. Tears begin to flow now.

"Please just let me go!" I begin to twist and turn, my legs kicking as I beg to be let go.

"Not going to happen little girl, stop asking. You can yell all you want, no one can hear you. It's a great pleasure, having access to a cabin," tossing his shirt towards where he was sitting, he climbs onto the bed. His hands began to run over my legs, forcing them to hold still as I kick.

"Just relax, there is no point in fighting, you won't win. I'm sure your wrists hurt by now."

I glare at him, as I kick my legs towards him, hitting his shoulder, causing him to jolt, pushing him nearly off the bed.

"You want to get rough with me, little girl?! I'll show you rough!" He jumps back on the bed, pinning my legs between his, as he leans down and yanks my bra up. My breasts, full and firm, bounce out as he grips them hard in his hands. He pinches my nipples hard, not caring how much it hurts me. I cry out and my body goes rigid, I twist at my waist to free myself from his grip. My nipples harden to his teasing.

"Oh, what's this? You like the pain don't you, you little slut,” he smiles at me.

"No! Stop it! Get off me!" I cry out again.

"I'm going to have to respectfully say no to that,” he says sarcastically, like I have a choice.

He caresses my hardened nipples in his palms, keeping them hard. He barely touches me. He is ready to devour me, but wants to take his time with me, to touch and feel every part of my body. I twist hard again at the hips, causing him to lose his balance for a moment, he tightens his thighs around me.

"You're going to give me trouble, aren't you?" He asks.

"I am not going to just give myself to you, just because you want me to. You get me drunk, basically kidnap me and refuse to let me go!"

"Mmm that is such pity. You'd enjoy it if you just give in, I know you would."

"Like hell, I would!" I scream. "Now let me go, damn it!"

"If you don't stop screaming, I will gag you. You want that, you whore!?"

"No! Don't gag me, please," tears run down my cheeks, my face red as I cry.

"Good, now stop screaming."

I go still for a minute, feeling as though I have no hope at all. I close my eyes as the tears come faster. I feel him palming my nipples; they are hard, forced by stimulation, as I pull at my wrists, wanting to slap his hands away.

"Stop, please, just stop, stop touching me," I whimper and he suddenly stops, his hands move from my breasts.

My eyes flicker open, stunned that he has stopped. The smile on his face was like he had won a prize. He leans down, his hair around his face. He comes down and bites deeply on my neck, close to my collar bone, biting hard and nearly breaking the skin. He sucks hard on me, leaving his mark on me. I cry out in pain.

He slips a hand over my mouth to muffle the sound, as he moves his lips down to my breasts. He kisses along my chest, until he reaches my nipples, which have softened a bit. He bites one hard, harder than on my neck. I buck wildly under him, crying out from under his hand while he bites my nipple. He begins to suck on my sore nipple, his free hand finding my other nipple. He pinches it hard. Just as hard as he sucks the other one, I can feel his cock hard against my lap. He keeps me in place, even as I twist hard against him, begging under his hand to stop. He stops, looking at me with anger.

"I thought you were going to behave!” He growls out. He climbs off me and the bed and goes to the corner. He comes back with a small bag and pulls out a gag.

"No, please don't!" I whimper.

"You've proven you aren't going to be good. I have no choice." He slips the gag around my head. My muffled cries, muted from the gag seem to please him.

He pulls out something else from his bag. I can’t tell what it is. I watch, crying out through the gag. I twist, trying to get loose again. He climbs on the bed and back on me. He grabs the items on the bed and clips them to my nipples; my eyes shoot wide open with pain. The sharp pinch on each of my nipples feels like fire.

"Mmm much better, now they won't go soft on me," he gives a cheeky grin, the joy evident in his voice.

He climbs off the bed, tears rolling down my face while I watch him, sobbing through the gag. He begins to undress, pulling off his shirt, then shoes; I watch his jeans come off last, his cock hard and throbbing. I can tell, even in the dark he is big and thick, his cock shaped like an hourglass. I flail around hard, which pulls at, not only my wrists, but my nipple clamps. He comes back over to the bed; he lifts my legs so my heels are flat on the bed.

"Now, let's get you more comfortable," he speaks.

His voice sounds excited, as he slips his hands up my legs slowly, feeling my soft, smooth skin under his seemingly work hardened hands. His thumbs hooking around my panties, he begins to pull them off. I try to twist, attempting to keep them on, but lose easily as he pulls them off quickly.

"Don't think I'm done yet, little girl. I've got more in store for us," he sits up reaching above me.

I see a new set of straps. He grabs my left leg as he ties my ankle. I try to speak, he can understand the words 'please' and 'no', but it only makes him more excited. He grabs my other leg, lifting me high and tying it in place.

"You see, not so bad now, is it?"

I only glare at him, tied and unable to move at all, my nipples hurt, my wrists burn. He begins to kiss along my soft legs up to my inner thighs. His fingers wander over my body, this makes me buck and pull away as best I can as he keeps going.

"Mmm excited to get to it, are you? You’re such a good little slut," he purrs out softly.

He sits on his knees, as he leans up between me and grabs the rope that is attached to my ankles.

"You see this, if I pull this here, I can lift you up further and spread your legs wider. I plan to do so. I'll just show you."

He lifts me to where I am more on my upper back, close to my shoulders, my legs spread wide apart.

"Mmm perfect," he grins and moves closer to me.

I thrash around, trying to break free; I don’t care about the pain I cause myself, as I try to get free.

He grabs me and holds me still. I glare at him. He just sits there for a moment. He suddenly thrusts, for he has angled himself just right, where he can invade my tight pussy. He forces himself into me. I am so tight around his thick, throbbing shaft. He can feel how much my pussy clings to his cock. It keeps him deep inside me, almost like my pussy wants it, as much as he does, even though I am saying no. He knows I want it by the way my pussy feels on his cock. He begins to thrust in hard, his claws digging into my thighs, scratching along as he fucks me. He is panting hard as he takes me; I cry out through my gag, I feel my body bounce hard off him with every long hard pound.

I can feel the head of his cock slam deep inside me, hitting my g-spot again and again. He is grunting while he fucks me harder, he is like a wild man. I moan out from the pain. My wrists, nipples and pussy are tender from the pain that overtakes my body. It’s mixed with the unquestionable pleasure I feel deep inside me. I try to deny it, feeling him fuck me faster; I can’t help but whimper out again.

I'm not going to let him know, I fight the best I can against him. He continues to rail himself into my tight pussy, drilling every last inch of his thick, hard, pulsing cock into me. He leans up and pulls the clip off one of my nipples. He keeps thrusting, his hips slamming against me, his balls slapping against my arse. He can feel how wet I am, soaking his cock. He can hear how wet I am as he fucks me.

He leans down, sucking my taut, sore nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard. He is sucking on it like a hungry baby would a mother’s nipple, craving how I taste, still he claws along my thighs. He bucks himself into me with long hard thrusts, powerfully deep inside me. I can feel him grow thicker inside me, wrapping around me as I cry out. I softly moan out through the gag, when he begins to fuck me a little faster. He reaches one hand down between us to tease my clit whilst he fucks me. I cry out through my gag, starting to enjoy the way he is fucking me.

His thrusts never slow, he is intense and determined, his fingers dancing over my clit burns deep inside me. I can feel the sudden need to orgasm. How can I feel this way? But for some reason I want it, I can’t stop it, he’s brought me to the point of needing to. In the mix of confusion and being so turned on it happens, I begin to orgasm hard for him. He feels me without a doubt orgasm hard around his cock. My pussy tightens around him, pulling him hard into me as I orgasm; he pumps himself faster inside me.

The feel of the way I orgasm drives him mad, he begins to grunt and moan out, he feels his balls stiffen, his cock thick. He is rubbing along my walls as he thrusts his cock deeper into me. He orgasms hard, he moans out with grunts of ecstasy. He sprays his seed deep into my tight pussy, filling my womb, pushing himself deeper into me. He doesn't allow a single drop to be spilled from my pussy. He keeps himself in me for a long time, grunting with pleasure. He seems to slow from his orgasm. He begins to pull himself out of me, he smiles down at me.

"Now there is one last thing I want you to do for me. And you will be a good girl and do so,” he reaches up, removing my gag.

I am about to speak, but think otherwise. He brings my legs down from the straps and mounts my chest, as he leans down.

"You're going to suck my cock clean. You're going to be a good girl while doing it, do you understand me?"

I look up at him. I can only nod, too afraid and helpless. He pushes his cock forward as it plays with my lips. I wrap my mouth around him and he shivers. He begins to thrust himself into my mouth, a little bit at first, but he is soon overcome with desire for my mouth. He begins to throat fuck me; he angles himself so he can go deeper. He can see my neck expand, as he drives his cock deeper inside my mouth.

I suck hard on him, he pants while fucking my throat. He grunts and groans, the pleasure of being in my mouth is almost as good as being inside my pussy. He can feel my throat close around his shaft. I let out a moan, tickling his cock. It sends vibrations up him, making him shake and orgasm again. He is pumping his shaft into my throat. I gag hard, swallowing him, I suck him still. He forces himself deeper into my throat until he finishes. He pulls out, I suck hard on him. The sucking sounds are all you can hear as the head of his cock pops from my mouth. My full lips now slightly pouty from sucking on his cock so hard.

He looks down at me, "you're ready for me to let you go by now, I'm sure. Aren't you?" He asks.

"Please, please let me go, I won't tell anyone, I just want to go home,” I plea with him.

"Well, I'm sorry, but you aren't going home, I'm not done with you, nor will I ever be. You will become my slave, you'll grow to like me, maybe even love me, the way I love you."

I smile at him, unable to hold back anymore, “I do love you, and even more after that.”

He leans down to kiss my full lips for a long moment. He undoes all my ties and brings me into a tight embrace. Our lips meet and we kiss with so much passion he can feel my body tremble. My head spins with delight. Our first time role-playing something so extreme went perfectly and both couldn't have been happier with how it went down.

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