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The Caregiver

What happens when an oversexed young lady meets a perverted old man?
Emma had never been likely to make the ‘honour roll’ at school, preferring instead to take the easy path offered her by her stunning good looks to allow the ‘geeks’ to do her homework and assignments in exchange for the privilege of being merely acknowledged by her at school. However, that sort of work ethic was never going to get her a scholarship and, given that her working class heritage had precluded any chance of meeting and marrying anyone above her station, by the time she was 20 years old, the slim, 5’ 6” blonde, with perky tits, long legs and a beautiful face realized she had to change her ways or be doomed to a life of dead-end jobs.

So, naturally, Emma was ecstatic at being able to land a job as an “Home Care-Giver” so soon after obtaining her vocational certificates. Granted it was a very junior position, more like an apprenticeship really, however, it was another step closer to her goal of becoming a respected medical professional, or at least, that’s how she thought about it. She still had a lot to learn, however, she was excited at the prospect of working with patients and their myriad of problems whether they be physical, mental, emotional or even, and here she always giggled, sexual.

It was by chance that she stumbled upon this career choice when one of her last boyfriends had had an awful motorcycle accident that had left him almost paralysed and near suicidal with depression. Nothing Emma did had seemed to help, however, she was ever present as his therapist played her part in what became a full recovery. Emma had been enraptured by the work of the therapist who in turn had been supportive of Emma pursuing a career in her field and even got her started by referring her to an on-line college that helped her get accreditation.

That was just over two, and what became very lonely, hard working years ago. The irony of what hard work can give you was not lost on Emma, who had been fortunate enough to be hired by a local area health authority. She was enthusiastic about her new job, in which she would soon be working in the field, visiting predominantly senior, house-bound patients.

Unfortunately, Emma’s new boss was less than pleased about having what she considered a ‘dumb’ blonde foisted on her because of recently implemented budget cuts. Carol Denham was a 35 year old, professional, Occupational Therapist who had earned her stripes the old fashioned way and did not appreciate having to baby-sit and train her newly ‘qualified’ bimbo. Carol was an attractive, but hard-nosed brunette, who immediately found Emma annoying and had decided to make her new job a little more "challenging" in the hope that she would ‘walk away’ from the job or at the very least fail her probationary period. It did not take long for Emma to become aware of Carol's undeserved feelings towards her, but Emma resolved to prove herself.

Carol was responsible for planning the work roster and for ensuring that everyone on their patient list received a home visit at least once per month. Carol was quick to decide that Emma should deal primarily with the less cooperative patients and in particular one nasty piece of work by the name of George Brown.

George was a 60 year widower with a cantankerous disposition. He had suffered a mild stroke which, despite medical opinion to the contrary, had lead to a succession of related ailments that qualified him for home therapy. Personally, Carol thought he was basically a malingering, dirty old man who had enjoyed scaring off a succession of male and female Care-givers with his lewd and belligerent behaviour. The truth, known only to him, was that he was a very wiley old man who had learned to work the health care system to allay his main ailment – loneliness. With few friends of note, his regular care-giver visits were something he enjoyed, especially because he could be as rude as he wanted with few repercussions.

Carol briefed Emma on each of her patients for her first, unaccompanied week on the road, and made special emphasis of George’s case. The list of George’s ailments included, but were not limited to, poor mobility, depression, and, lately, impotence. Carol emphasised that George has suffered tremendous emotional trauma, first with the death of his wife and then the stroke, so Emma was to be particularly sensitive to his needs and that any indication that his progress had been impaired would look very bad on Emma. Emma was also reminded that her home visit reports, which must be submitted the same day as the visit to the patient was conducted, would be compared to a random selection of reviews of the service requested from the patients themselves.

Following the briefing Carol decided to phone the patients on Emma’s list to tell them of their new care-giver. She stressed to them that Emma would need to be extra tolerant of their needs in order to satisfy the terms of her job description and that any failings on her part should be reported to her immediately. Once sure her message had gotten through, Carol sat back with a smug grin on her lips.

Given the profile of her patient list, Emma had seen no reason to fret about the way she dressed. She knew that whatever she wore she would fetch admiring glances, however, her patients, so far, had seemed to bask in her beauty and regale her with stories of their own youth which made for rather pleasant visits – so far. Unfortunately, Emma was also aware that she had been the source of two less than complimentary reports by patients. Even though she felt the complaints were unfair and unreasonable, Carol had made a big deal of them and Emma would be lying to herself if she did not admit how much it worried her.

Emma arrived promptly at George's house for his 10 a.m. Thursday morning appointment. Always dressed professionally, but still very feminine, today she wore a light peach-coloured v-necked silk blouse, navy blue tailored pants suit, and some modest pumps with a 2” heel. Whilst not spectacular, she thought her attire was both fashionable and functional.

George was stunned at the blonde beauty at his door and drank in the vision of loveliness. He focused on and memorized the image of her lustrous, shoulder length blonde hair, the way she offered a hint of cleavage beneath her blouse and the exquisite shape of her toned, rounded, young ass encased in her snug fitting pants. He ushered her inside, lowering his folded newspaper to cover his stiffening cock as she sauntered in.

George needed to adjust himself lest this beauty turn round and see his rapidly hardening member bulging in his pants, so he said, “Just go on through to the lounge young lady. I’ll join you as soon as I’ve put the kettle on for a cuppa tea.”

Taking his offer of tea as yet another sign of the warmth and friendliness of most of her older patients, Emma turned, smiling, to thank Mr. Brown for the offer, however, her eyes were greeted by the sight of a man clearly in some discomfort and seemingly unable to stand straight, let alone walk very well. Suddenly Emma was overcome with both guilt and fear, and rushed toward George, taking him by his right arm to support him as he closed his door. “Oh Mr. Brown, forgive me. How insensitive of me. Are you in pain? Here, let me help you.”

Initially taken off balance, the quick witted old man realized an opportunity was presenting itself, so, whilst still clutching his newspaper in his left hand and using it to cover his hard-on, he leaned in on the sexy young blonde and played to her sympathies. “Oh, thank you my dear. It’s been a bad couple of days and I was beginning to think nobody cares about us old folk anymore.”

The pair limped into the lounge and George indicated toward his preferred armchair. He leaned further into Emma, feeling her struggle to maintain her balance and hold onto him but using it as an opportunity to gaze down her blouse and stare at her perky, firm breasts encased in a pink, lace-trimmed bra. Her struggle to assist him was causing her chest to heave, making her fleshy mounds move in erotic unison. They reached his armchair and George dropped his newspaper to the floor and quickly swung his left hand onto Emma’s right shoulder feigning a continuing need for support. As he lowered himself down into the armchair he ‘accidentally’ dropped his left hand down and grabbed her right breast through the material of her blouse. Even through the material George got a huge thrill at fondling this girls firm breast.

Emma’s eyes shot wide open as soon as George grabbed her right breast, but, other than emitting a short gasp, she said nothing. Even as he pawed her, seemingly massaging her breast as he tried to secure a grip, she remained silent, not daring to think the unthinkable and accuse an old man of being a pervert. She felt his fingers knead into her flesh as he took an inordinately long time to just sit down, but she excused his actions by his obvious discomfort. Even as she sensed her nipple becoming aroused all she could think about was how long it had been since anyone had touched her in a remotely sexual way. She quickly cut short her train of thought as she helped this “Poor man” to his seat.

Once George was finally sat down Emma followed his directions and went to make them each a cup of tea during which time George exercised some self-discipline and brought his cock back under control.

After some friendly chat it was time to get down to business and Emma reviewed the list of treatments he had been receiving to help George once again enjoy an independent, productive and satisfying life. Emma wanted to discuss the frequent references to ‘bathing’ in the file.

“This house is old. I don’t have no fancy shower, just a large iron bathtub, but it’s so hard to get in and out of, and so deep, that I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself and drown if I’m not careful,” said George. “Come on, let me show you.”

Emma followed George to the bathroom and was amazed at the size of George’s tub and at the age of the bathroom in general. “How often do you have a bath?” she asked.

Putting on his most sheepish face, George replied, “Well, you have to understand how difficult it is. ….er….I dunno…… maybe two weeks?” He then quickly added, “I still wash, standing up by the sink, …….but it’s not the same is it?”

“Oh you poor man!” Emma was overcome with sympathy for George, whereas he was positively jumping for joy at the direction this appointment was going. Emma could not help an impish impulse to brighten George’s day and said, cheerily, “Would you like me to help you have a bath today?”

George thought he was going to faint as he steadied himself against the sink. “Oh, yes please.”

George went and sat on his bed thinking as Emma ran a bath for him. It seemed like only moments had passed when she appeared at his door and said, “Oh, you’re not undressed. Is there something wrong?”

“Errr…..Since my stroke I sometimes struggle with my buttons.”

Emma smiled and moved toward the conniving old man. "Don't worry, I'll help you."

George leaned back and smiled inwardly as Emma bent over to unbutton his shirt. She provided him with another good view down the front of her blouse and his mouth watered as he gazed at her breasts held in place by her bra. His shirt undone, she moved down to his pants and he barely managed to suppress another budding erection as her delicate fingers unzipped him. He removed his shirt then lifted his buttocks as she unselfconsciously pulled his trousers then his underpants down to his ankles.

Emma gave a slight gasp at the sight before her. Like most old men George had an unattractive paunch, deathly-white skin pallor and a sagging wrinkly scrotum. What they usually did not have was a good sized cock. It must have been a good 6 inches and quite thick, even when limp as it was now. Emma couldn't help imagining what it must be like when erect and then, with another twinge of guilt, remembered his reported impotence.

Once naked, Emma helped a rather grubby George back to the bathroom where she helped him into the tub. George just sat there, projecting an image of helplessness. Emma thought that it must be that he was unable to wash himself and so eagerly seized the sponge and soap ready to begin washing him and maybe give him a little thrill at the same time. George was only too happy to lie back and have this beauty wash him.

As Emma lathered up George’s upper torso a wicked thought crossed her mind. "I can't wash you like this. I’ll ruin my clothes. George, do you have anything I could change into?”

Breathless, all George could do was limply point toward the back of the bathroom door and say, “Why don’t you change into that housecoat hanging on the door.”

Emma replied, "I suppose that would work. Thank you."

Emma stepped out of the bathroom, and slipped off her jacket, blouse and pants before realizing that the housecoat was obviously way too small to be George’s and would barely cover her modesty ending a good four inches above the knees of her long shapely legs. She caught a glimpse of herself in the bedroom mirror and her lips broke into a broad smile as she realized just how revealing her attire now was. “This will be fun,” she thought to herself as she headed back into the bathroom.

George was grateful for the soapy bubbles that covered his rapidly growing hard-on as Emma walked back into the bathroom. Cinched in the middle, the housecoat looked ridiculous, however, what it lacked in style it made up for in how it almost fully exposed the sweetest, longest pair of legs he had seen in a long while and how it bunched up under her breasts giving him a clearer view of her bra and those wonderfully firm tits.

Emma dropped down onto her haunches, grabbed the bath sponge and, leaning over the side of the tub, said, "Now, let’s get you cleaned up."

She resumed with his neck and upper body before skipping down to his legs and feet. Trying to keep the housecoat sufficiently closed to cover her body became an exercise in futility and after a few attempts at trying to keep herself covered she gave up and just decided to let it show as she tried to get the task in hand over with. Emma reveled in George’s apparent discomfort and was especially pleased at George’s blatant ogling of her body when she let the housecoat fall open and stay open. The unobstructed views of Emma’s lace bra and panties made George’s libido catch fire as Emma frequently had to spread her legs to reach across or into the tub to wash him.

Soon enough Emma stopped, hesitating, sponge in hand, as she contemplated whether or not she should cross a very obvious line by washing his groin area without his permission. "Perhaps you should do this last bit, just to make sure you are cleaned up properly."

"Oh, I think you’re doing a wonderful job. I…I…erm…don’t mind if you finish."

George was barely managing to control his cock below the surface of the water and was eager to see how this young girl would react when she had to wash it. Emma, however, was now conflicted by her mischievous need to continue and the knowledge that she had already broken every rule in the book. She nervously reached into the water and gasped as her hand encountered George’s semi-erect cock. She looked at the dirty old man as her hand began to fumble with the shaft, assessing its thickness and finally grasping it. Speechless, she felt the member begin to swell and harden in her grasp. As the cock became fully erect, she looked away from George’s smiling face toward the cause of her consternation and saw it rise, like some obscene sea serpent, through the bubbles on the surface of the bath water.

“Oh my,” said George with a barely concealed lustful grin on his lips, “it’s been a long time since that has happened.”

Entranced at this sudden turn of events, Emma marveled at the size and thickness of this old man’s cock. She could feel the vibrancy pulsing up against her palm, the heat from this marvelous beast radiating through the skin of her palm and, unconsciously, she began to slowly pull down on the shaft, pulling the fore skin of her patients cock down to fully expose the throbbing purple head of his cock. Gently, she moved her hand back up his shaft, causing what she knew must be pre-cum to appear at the eye of the serpent. Emma was overwhelmed with thoughts of how good it would feel to have this beast inside her and was lamenting her enforced celibacy when she heard George emit a deep, appreciative moan.

Emma briefly looked across at George, who was obviously enjoying her ministrations, before returning her gaze and attentions to his wonderfully thick cock. It seemed unfair that such a vibrant cock should be attached to such a wrinkled, smelly old man. Nevertheless, she continued, fascinated, to gently stroke the throbbing member, feeling the blood within the shaft pulse against her hand making it incredibly hard to the touch.

Emma became lost in her own thoughts even as George began trying to thrust his hips up to meet her downward strokes, desperate to reach orgasm, which had the unfortunate consequence of sending several bath-tub tsunami waves of water crashing over the edge of the tub and into Emma’s lap.

“Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!! What am I doing?” squealed Emma, as she snatched her hand away.

Slightly stunned, and immensely disappointed, George retorted, “What? Look what you’ve done! ……Look what you were doing. ……You can’t leave me like this!”

“What? What do you mean?”

George’s eyes narrowed as he carefully chose his words, “I don’t know what sort of sick game you’re playing with me young lady, but all I know is that you come into my home, get naked, sexually molest me and then stop. What sort of a care-giver are you?”

Sensing the uncertainty in Emma, George moved in for the kill, “Good grief, look at me. I thought you knew what you were doing and so I trusted you. What are you going to do?”

Emma stood up, shaking. She was incredibly turned on by what had happened, but also realized she was in big trouble. It took her but an instant to decide that things could not possibly get any worse so why not just take the (old) bull by the horn and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Just as she was about to resume masturbating her saggy old patient, George intervened and gave her the benefit of the moral high ground.

George had interpreted her inaction as weakness which was all he needed. “Look, Emma, this is just between me and you. Take off the housecoat, come back over here and finish what you started. It’ll be our little secret.”

Now panting in anticipation, Emma shuffled back to the side of the bathtub and dropped back down on her haunches. Slowly she reached for George’s cock, grasped the shaft and began to masturbate him. It wasn’t long before George was rock hard again, however, he was not about to let this girl off with just a hand-job. He began to fuss and fidget in the bathtub, mainly as a distraction to his building orgasm, but also as an excuse to declaring to Emma that he needed to get out of the tub.

She helped him up out of the tub and, dripping wet, he led her back to his bedroom where he sat on the edge of his bed, spread his legs and simply instructed her to get down on her knees. Emma, a stunning image of sexuality clad only in her matching lacy, pink underwear and heels, was compliant in the face of what she perceived as a lack of any alternatives. She placed both hands around his shaft and resumed the long firm strokes that she hoped would see him cum very soon.

George was in heaven admiring this beauty, knelt before him stroking his cock and he reached across to her and slipped her bra straps off her shoulders before reaching in to her bra cups to release her perky firm tits. Unsure of what to do, Emma simply let him help himself.

She looked up into his eyes as he began kneading each one of her breasts, feeling his ministrations begin to have an effect on her. Her mind was being overwhelmed with a myriad of conflicting emotions and thoughts. She closed her eyes to dispel the image of the aged man before her and concentrated on the last time her ex-boyfriend had seemingly fucked her brains out after a long hard night clubbing. She missed the feel of a man’s cock inside her and, whilst she did not want to get fired from this job, she hoped that this lecherous old man’s cock would once again make her feel alive. She resolved to just get this over with, get out of here and then make sure George Brown gets taken off her patient list.

George saw a glazed look come across Emma’s face and decided on one more throw of the die. He leaned into the pretty blondes face and whispered in her ear, “You’re doing a wonderful job, Emma. I’m so close, but could you try doing something else? Please?” George then placed his left hand on the back of her head, gently.

Emma looked quizzically at George before realizing what the sly devil wanted. She looked down at his cock which was bigger than anything she had personally had before.

George simply said, “Please?” before applying a little pressure to her head and reveling in the sight of Emma’s mouth opening as it descended over the bulbous head of his cock. No stranger to sucking cock, she slowly worked his girth into her mouth making sure to use her tongue at every opportunity to stimulate the shaft and send waves of pleasure that must surely make this ugly old man cum. Grateful that his cock was at least clean, Emma soon lost herself in the act of pleasuring her patient as she again reminisced at the last time she had had sex and, spurred on by the constant attention her breasts were receiving, she was soon lost in lustful reverie.

George was also lost in the moment, enjoying the miracle of having a hot young blonde willingly suck his cock and feeling his hips rise as he slowly fucked her mouth. It was during his many appreciative glances at Emma’s body that he noticed how her bra had fallen down to around her waist and that….wait…..impossible…..yes….she had one of her hands down her panties and was now obviously playing with herself as she sucked his cock. “She’s a complete slut,” he thought to himself.

“Enjoying yourself, Emma?”

“Umm, umm, yeath,” she mumbled as she never stopped working his shaft.

“Good.” In a swift movement that belied his age, George quickly disengaged his cock from Emma’s mouth, stood her up as he rose to his feet, spun her around so her back was to the bed and then laid her down. He grabbed the waist band of her panties, deftly pulled them off, parted her long slender legs, dropped to his knees and sank his tongue on her now swollen pussy lips. It had been a very, very long time since he had had the chance to eat a woman’s pussy and he was not going to miss out today. He had always enjoyed eating out his wife in his younger days and this sweet young pussy was every bit as delicious as the pussy of his youth. She was sopping wet and her juices virtually gushed onto his tongue.

It had happened so suddenly. In her daze she had not thought to resist, and now that this dirty old man had his stubbly chin stuck up between her legs she found herself lost in wanton pleasure. It had been too long for this young beauty since she had had anyone give her pussy any kind of attention. Her mind raced, deliriously, “This dirty old man, a man old enough to be my own grandfather, was giving my pussy the kind of attention it’s been craving for months. How could I let it continue……. Maybe just a little longer…. It’s not right …..but, oh, it feels so good.” She closed her eyes and began to push her own hips up to force his tongue deeper into her needy hole.

George felt her body tensing, felt her raise her hips to meet his tongue and also felt incredibly turned on and disgusted at how easily this girl had given herself to him. He no longer thought of this encounter as a blessing, and instead saw it as an indictment on modern society. As he feasted upon her wet slit, alternately running his tongue up and down her swollen pussy lips before delving into her moist hole, he kept thinking, “This girl is a wanton slut,” and it made his cock harder. When he could bear the ache in his loins no longer he stood up, positioned his cock at Emma’s slick hole and impaled her.

Emma had emitted a cry of anguish when George removed his tongue from her pussy. She was so close to cumming it was unbearable, however, when she opened her eyes and saw George directing his huge throbbing cock at her pussy she instinctively cried out, “Oh. My. God!” and found herself opening her legs wider to accommodate her elderly patient.

Wet as she was, Emma was not prepared for the sudden invasion of a cock with a diameter of some 2 inches and the best part of 7 inches in length. George was an accomplished lover in his day, but right now he was all about fucking the slut laid out before him. He was lost in a world of lust and need corrupted by a wayward sense of morals used to justify why he was fucking this young woman. George unceremoniously buried his huge member into his sexy care-giver and began rutting her as he called her “Slut” over and over again. His balls were tightening as Emma’s stretched pussy brought him closer and closer to the sort of orgasm he had not had in years.

George’s first callous thrust of his huge cock had initially hurt Emma, however, as worked up and wet as her pussy already was, Emma soon found each stroke a source of unparalleled pleasure. She could not remember ever being this full and, despite the image of a flabby, wrinkled old man looming over her, pounding her pussy, she found her hips again rising up to meet every downward thrust. Each time he drove into her welcoming hole it hurt, in a good way, as she felt his cock must surely be entering her womb each time. But it felt so damn fucking good. She could hear him grunting, spittle flying from his aged mouth as he shouted at her. She finally realized he was calling her a “Slut” and it excited her even more, she began to scream back at him, “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck your slut. I’m such a slut.”

And that’s how they had their first orgasm together. George, red faced, sweating profusely, positioned above the beautiful blonde care-giver, pistoning in and out of her cunt. Emma, exquisitely toned and beautiful, naked except for her bra slung around her waist, and her pumps adorning slender legs hooked around her old flabby patient. Both fucking like wild animals. For each of them it was an incredible release. George felt Emma’s cunt grip his cock as her eyes rolled back into the top of her head as she felt his cock swell and stretch her even more. She bucked frantically beneath her elderly patient enjoying wave after delicious wave of pleasure and feeling sure she would black out as George released his torrent of thick creamy cum, coating her insides.

George could not believe how intense his orgasm was and, even as he thought his heart must surely burst, he thought he would never stop cumming as he buried his cock, thrust after exquisite thrust, deeper and deeper into Emma’s tight hole. He barely registered the look ecstasy on his young caregiver’s face as she thrust her own body up to meet his. Each was lost in the passion of the moment, reveling in the glow of wanton sex.

Only as they each descended from their respective orgasmic peaks did their rational minds make themselves heard.

Pinned to the bed as she was, Emma was overwhelmed with disgust at what she had let happen and at the pale white form that had covered her in sweat and violated her body. All she could think, as her heart rate slowed down was “What have I done?…..what have I done?” She managed to place the palms of her hands against his flabby, sweaty chest and pushed. “Get off me! ...uunng! …. Get off me you dirty old bastard!” she screamed.

George had nothing left. He was spent. His heart was racing along at a million miles an hour and all he wanted to do was lie down and go to sleep. As his orgasm subsided and his cock deflated within the warm dampness of Emma’s cunt, he was overcome by an enveloping wave of calm. He found himself lowering himself onto Emma, a happy man willing to just snuggle his new lover when suddenly Emma’s screams brought him back to reality with a thud.

He shifted his bulk off to the side and lay on his bed as Emma wriggled away from him, stood up and began ranting incoherently at him whilst pointing an accusatory finger in his face. George failed to register a single word the distraught young lady was saying. Slowly, however, his conscious mind kicked into gear and he once again became “George Brown – mean asshole”.

George grabbed a nearby towel, slowly stood up, covered his modesty, looked at a still ranting Emma and, unable to think of what else to do, pulled her into him and gave her a wet, slobbery kiss that muffled her protests instantly. Emma found herself going immediately limp in response to George’s embrace and kiss, accepting his slimy tongue into her mouth and perversely found herself wanting to respond. It was with an enormous amount of self control that she did not encourage George any more than she had already so she merely dropped her hands to her side and continued to enjoy her continuing molestation.

George broke the kiss to take a step back and take in the vision of what he saw as a now quiet and stunned Emma. Stood as she was before him, her left hand moved demurely up to her left cheek, and he admired her gorgeous body again. He smiled as he noted the well trimmed hairs of her pussy and the slightly protruding pink labia minora dripping with his recently deposited sperm and indicating just how well fucked she had been. Not wanting to lose the initiative, he jumped in.

“Listen to me young lady. You’re lucky I don’t report you for what you’ve just done. Never mind what your boss would do. Can you imagine what the papers or even the Police would say? You’d never get a job ever again once people knew what a sex starved slut you are.”

Reeling, all Emma could muster was, “, it wa….was….wasn’t like that. It….it’s n…not my fault. You….you……” and then she broke down. Dropping to her knees, hands to her face, sobbing uncontrollably.

George looked down triumphantly at the broken blonde bombshell. “Oh yes,” he thought to himself, “I’m gonna have me some fun with you.” He took a step toward Emma and gently patted the top of her head as he said,” There, there, young lady. Don’t worry too much about it. It’ll all be fine.”

Still sobbing, Emma’s tear streaked face looked up through parted fingers and said, “Really?”

“Absolutely. You just be a good girl for George and no-one will ever know what a slut you really are.” Even as the words left his lips he was amazed to feel life returning to his so recently drained cock as it began to twitch before Emma’s eyes who, without prompting, inexplicably reached out to take it in her hands before guiding it into her welcoming mouth.

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