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The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part VII b

The Client On The Sixth Floor, Part VII b

Mattie has to play along with Mark, but what will she do for Simon?

Simon and Mattie are still in New York. Of course there has been pleasure, mixed with a little business for Simon, who is trying to strike a lucrative deal with Canadian businessman, Mark. Unfortunately, Mark and Mattie have some shared dark history...


As the four of them left the restaurant, Mattie tried to pull Simon aside, she knew that she had to find a way to stop him from getting further involved with Mark’s business plan. From what Amanda had told her, it wasn’t just Simon’s finances which were under threat, but her own personal safety. Quite frankly, the man was dangerous and Mattie was now certain that he had unfinished business with her. She shuddered, remembering the state she’d been in after their first, and what she had hoped would their last, ‘meeting’. She’d had a cast on her arm for six weeks, but it had taken much, much longer than that before she’d been able to sleep through the night.

Olivia, her madam, had been so attentive, much to Mattie’s surprise, well, she supposed she must have felt responsible to a degree for what had happened. There was always a risk, being an escort, but thankfully these situations were few and far between. Normally, if a client overstepped the mark, O would have arranged for the punter to be given a taste of his own medicine, but given that Mark had returned to Canada straight after, there wasn’t much to be done, other than warn colleagues to be on the lookout for him.

Now, two years down the line, Mattie’s senses were on full alert, DEFCON 5 in fact. She watched as Simon tried to hail a yellow cab and she almost jumped out of her skin as she felt Mark’s arm slip through hers and grip her tightly.

“Not a fucking word from you!” He hissed, flexing his arm so tightly that Mattie feared that he might once more crack the bone that had been fractured before.

She opened her mouth to call to Simon but Mark pulled her even closer and she felt something sharp against her side.

“I’m fucking serious, you bitch!” He spat, “I have way too much riding on this to let some two-bit Scotch whore screw up my chances of making a fortune.”

At that, Simon’s triumphant call, as he held open the door of a large yellow cab, halted the threats and Mark pulled Mattie and Amanda towards the vehicle.

It was a bit of a squeeze for the four of them to sit side by side on the back seat, but it seemed that Mark had a plan of his own, well, of course he did.

Simon stroked the small of Mattie’s back and whispered, “Are you okay, love?”

She could only nod, keenly aware of Mark’s scrutiny. What else could she do?

“Let’s make a little room in here and make things more interesting,” Mark suggested, pushing Amanda from her seat and pulling her into the space between his open legs in one swift movement. “Well, what's stopping you? Do what you do best, there’s a good girl,” he growled.

Amanda nodded silently then dutifully began to unfasten Mark’s zipper, stroking and rubbing his growing bulge. Simon looked on, open-mouthed as she began to pull out his thick cock and proceeded to suck and minister what looked to Mattie like one of the most professional blow jobs she’d seen, and she had seen a few in her time. She began deep-throating him like a pro. Mark tipped his head back and let out a low moan as her head bobbed up and down his thick shaft, his fingers gripped her mousey brown hair, pushing his cock deeper into her throat.

Mattie felt Simon’s hand take hold of hers and place it over his own crotch. She could immediately feel his arousal and she began to absent-mindedly caress and stroke his burgeoning shaft. His gasp enabled her to draw her eyes away from the hypnotic scene beside her. She looked into Simon’s eyes, they sparkled with mischief and he raised an eyebrow, “What do you say, love? When in Rome and all that?”

She managed a grin, but in truth, she doubted she had ever felt less turned on in her life. However, the distraction was a relief as she took hold of his penis through his trousers and began to stroke the length of it as he stiffened under her touch, plus, she figured that it might give her the opportunity to whisper in his ear, whilst Mark was otherwise occupied by Amanda’s not inconsiderable oral skills.

She lifted herself up and straddled Simon, sat on his lap and began to gently grind her pussy against his crotch, surprised to find that, despite the circumstances, the simple mechanical action of her pussy against his cock was causing her to moisten a little. Still, it felt far from romantic, in fact, it felt like work. She unzipped his fly and pulled his firm shaft free, as usual, he wore no underwear and she began to tug and pull back his foreskin, his delight and excitement obvious by the precum already seeping from his little slit.

As Mattie stroked Simon’s cock, she kept stealing glances at Mark and Amanda, whose neck almost seemed to swell as he thrust his cock deeper into her, but she carried on regardless, massaging his balls as she sucked and slurped. God, that girl was skilled at fellatio.

“She could easily carve herself a nice little career in my line of work,” Mattie thought.

Mark suddenly opened his eyes and looked directly at Mattie and she almost jumped out of her skin. Staring at her, as if daring her to stop him, he reached out a hand and grabbed her ankle on the seat beside him, running his hand up her calf, over the back of her knee and to her thigh, which he began to stroke, carefully avoiding attracting Simon’s attention.

He mouthed the words, “I’ll have YOU later,” before returning his hand to Amanda’s hair and pulling her onto him, hard. Her breath escaped through her nose with a guttural moan.

A little frightened, Mattie closed her eyes tightly shut, leaned forward and began to kiss Simon’s mouth, her tongue darted against his teeth as his hands rested on her hips, pulling her backwards and forwards along his shaft. His cock pressed against her slit and she lifted herself up and Simon pulled her panties to one side so that she could lower herself onto him. She felt the head of his cock press against her opening and despite the fact that her primal need to feel him inside her once more was beginning to take over, she leaned forward and whispered into his ear.

“Simon, we need to get out of here. I don’t like Mark. Let’s just go back to the hotel, love?”

He inclined his head towards her as his thick tool began to part her lips, but there was barely enough moisture to lubricate its movement into her. He frowned, this wasn’t like her. Maybe it was just the fact that they had an audience.

“What is it, Mattie? What’s wrong?” he murmured into her ear.

“I... I don’t trust him, Simon. I have a really bad feeling about this,” she hissed whilst ever the professional, Mattie licked two of her fingers and spread the saliva between her pussy lips, Simon’s cock immediately slid up inside her. She gasped and closed her eyes.

Simon responded by grunting his pleasure and immediately began to thrust up, matching her down pushes against him, fucking her really deep. She knew that he’d come quickly and hard.

Although being on top like this was one of her favourite positions, she couldn’t relax, all too aware of Mark’s proximity. A grunt caught her attention and she glanced to see Mark thrust and stiffen as he obviously, and loudly, climaxed into Amanda’s throat.

Mattie closed her eyes and leaned in, kissing Simon passionately as she bounced faster and faster on his cock. Within moments he began to pant and she felt him thrust and shoot his load inside her. She rested her forehead against his as she lifted her bottom up, let his penis slip from her and pulled her panties back into place.

“I fucking love you, Mattie,” he whispered into her ear.

For the first time in this act, and for her it had felt like an act, she felt her whole body tingle to hear him say that and she kissed him again and whispered, “I love you too, Simon.

“You didn’t come, Mattie?” Simon held her chin.

She shuddered and shook her head, “I need to talk to you, Simon. It’s really important.”

He looked at her, concern darkening his handsome features, “What is it love? Talk to me.”

She frowned and shook her head only ever-so slightly as she mouthed, “Not now.”

There were tears of frustration in her eyes as she slid off his lap and sat back down, putting him between herself and Mark. She glanced over as Mark pulled Amanda up onto his knee just as their taxi drew to a halt outside a brownstone apartment.

“Hey, what’s this?” Simon looked puzzled, “This isn’t a hotel, mate.”

Mark held up a hand, “No, no, it’s fine, my friend, I rented an apartment. It suits my needs better on a longer trip like this. I have an office all set up, so we can get straight to business, sign the papers and then just kick back and enjoy the rest of the evening.”

“Come on you two, we have work to do.” Mark’s grin was almost predatory as he held open the door of the cab.

They ascended the steps to the building, with Amanda trailing behind. Mattie noticed and deliberately kicked off her shoe.

“Dammit!” She cursed, as she stopped, giving Amanda the chance to stoop down and help her as Mark ceremoniously unlocked the storm door.

“Are you okay, Mattie? Have you twisted your ankle?” Amanda leaned in and then whispered, “Mattie, you have to get out of here. It’s dangerous for you to stay. Mark is going to dupe Simon and I think he intends to abuse you again.”

Mattie froze. “What? Why would he want to hurt me again?” She hissed.

“Before, when Mark first hired you, well, he thinks that you humiliated him. You have no idea what sort of man he is, Mattie, he’s fucked up, a cruel and calculating bastard. He wants to make you suffer for what he thinks you did to him.” Amanda looked wretched for a moment before adding, “No one can get the better of him, he won’t stand for it.” A sharp cough from Mark made them both jump.

Mattie stood for a moment, watching Amanda scurry up the steps and into the building, realising that she now had to walk past Mark alone. She straightened herself up, shoe now back in place and slowly walked past him. As she passed, she suppressed the strong urge to run, to get as far from him as she could. She tried not to flinch as she felt his hand on her ass and he leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“We are going to have some fun tonight, Mattie,” he almost spat her name and she shivered as his fingers squeezed a taught buttock through her dress.

“Leave me alone,” she hissed. “Nothing’s going to happen between us tonight. Simon and I are here for his business. That’s it.”

She followed the sound of Simon’s voice through to the kitchen, where he was already being the gentleman and opening a bottle of wine.

When he saw her enter the room, Simon paused and beamed at her. “Come here, love,” he smiled as she moved towards him.

He put down the bottle and wrapped his arms around her, leaning her back for a theatrical, Hollywood-style kiss.

“Mwah!” He smacked his lips, holding her tight then whispered, “What did you want to talk about, darling? Is everything okay?”

“Of course everything’s okay,” Mark echoed, lifting the bottle of wine and deftly removing the cork. He quickly poured them all a drink then raised his glass, “Let’s have a drink and then get those papers signed, shall we? To prosperity!”

Simon lifted his own glass, grinning at Mark.

Mattie and Amanda simply stared at each other, not quite sure how to get out of the mess they were in...


Thanks so much for reading!! Another part to follow soon!!
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