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The Construction Manager's Assistant

The new hiree starts to take on more responsibilities...

The following is a follow up to the story, Hiring the Construction Manager's Assistant. You might want to read that story first.

Mike is a perceptive man. Since their very first contact, he saw right through Abbey. He recognized her as a wonderful, smart and humorous person, and began to fall for her almost since he first heard her sweet voice. He really couldn’t place his finger on why exactly, he only knew that she was the whole package. Everything about her was attractive to him. She is a free spirit who lives a seemingly unencumbered life. She is indeed the proverbial girl next door, only drop dead gorgeous.

He knew by talking to her over the phone that he was speaking to an exceptional woman. He hoped against all hope that when she moved out here she would look like a dog. He’d been married about 30 years and has never been unfaithful to his wife, even though she didn’t deserve his fidelity. That would be his only salvation, that he would not find Abbey physically attractive.

“I’m just too shallow of a guy to go be attracted to someone who is not beautiful, but this woman was already capturing my heart. Oh god, please make sure that she barks!” he kept thinking to himself.

But no, that wasn’t Abbey. She was beyond compare, a stunning beauty the likes of which he had never seen. What he thought was cool about her is that she doesn’t even know she’s beautiful. The fact that she doesn’t see it endears her to Mike all the more. The outgrowth of this perspective is a very humble woman, an extremely rare trait for a woman who is beautiful. Her humility makes for a very stable and unassuming person, one who is open and inviting to people. She may be the nicest person he has ever met. How many beautiful women can you say that about?

Her dad was a military man and her parents brought her up right. She was pushed to accept challenges, is very aggressive, beyond disciplined, a make-no-excuses / make the most of bad circumstances kind of person. He found those traits very rare in this age of entitlement.

He loved it when she walked into the office, her beautiful taste in clothes accenting her beauty in fresh new ways every single day. And this seductive beauty was killing him. Her jeans were always tight against her strong athletic legs and tasty full ass. Every time she bent over he couldn’t help but just stare and wish he could sink his face between the deep fold. And every day he just about creamed his pants. Her long blond hair cascades across her shoulders and down her back. Her tight blouses show off her strong, lean torso and firm breasts. Her eyes are very seductive. They look like cat’s eyes; they just draw you in. Her teeth are perfect and exquisitely accent her golden brown tan. Damn, everything about her is perfect! And Mike is going nuts because of it.

He was hoping to keep arms-length with her, both physically and emotionally, but from the moment she arrived he’s been with her as much as he possibly could without making it look too obvious. They have lunch together at least three times a week. He calls them working lunches. Their conversations are often pretty candid dialogs about their lives and relationships. The lone thing he has really kept from her was who he was married to. He never talked about Rhonda, never mentioned his wife by name. It was just too painful. Then one day the secret of just how bad the relationship was came out in a very challenging situation.

There he was in his office on the phone with his wife. The door was wide open as usual and with each passing minute the conversation was getting more and more terse. Abbey overheard the very gruff, one-sided dialog. She immediately walked into his office and closed the door to offer him some privacy and protection. Mike’s frustration and anger created a countenance that was hard to overlook.

The last thing Rhonda said, or more accurately screamed, was “I’m going out tonight so don’t wait up. Make your own fucking dinner.”

It was easy for Abbey to hear it all. He set the phone down and turned away from Abbey, facing the wall, just trying to gather himself.

“Hey, why don’t we go get a bite after work?” Abbey said gently, trying to console him.

After a long pause, Mike finally responded to her invitation. “I’m not hungry right now. Thanks, though. Abbey, you know something? I really appreciate you.” Mike went ballistic inside.

“I appreciate you? I appreciate it damn it. What are you saying? You are going to confuse the girl. You made it sound like you like her or something.” Mike was livid with himself but after years of expertise at hiding his anger and frustration, Abbey was none the wiser.

“Can I ask you a question, Mike?” she asked soberly.

“Sure, go right ahead hon,” he responded.

Abbey turned, closed the door and said, “Why don’t you leave her? Why don’t you just go home, pack your bags and get the hell away from that cold-hearted bitch?”

“I can’t. I just can’t,” was all he said.

“You can’t, you can’t? Mike, you can do...” he cut her off mid-sentence.

“You don’t understand what I can and cannot do Abbey. She already has her attorney, the best divorce lawyer in all of the western United States. If we divorce, she wouldn’t seek equity, she’d seek destruction. You’ve seen her in action.”

“It would be okay, I’m sure of it,” she said convincingly.

“Really Ab, you don’t know the half of it. I don’t care about me. I would be fine. The kids are gone and they know who their mother is and wouldn’t blame me a bit for firing her as my wife. Financially, it would be tough but I’d be fine. What this is about is all of you guys. She knows what I care about. I care about Pat, and Dale, and Angie, etc., etc., etc. And I care about you Abbey. Rhonda said if I ever divorced her she would make sure this company did not survive. She literally has the best divorce attorney on the west coast on retainer. She would dismantle it piece by piece. No one’s job would survive, not mine, not Pat’s, not yours. She is a vindictive bitch. That is why I don’t rock the boat. I would be fine; I am financially set. But where would a guy like Pat go. He’ll be 60 next month and still has a kid in college. No one would hire him at his age. Same with a few others. And you, you moved thousands of miles away from home.”

Abbey’s demeanor changed immediately. She had been harboring anger, and disrespect and doubts ever since she met Rhonda two months before. However more recently, her disdain began to focus itself a little on Mike. But now, now it was different. She had come to understand that he was being passive with the situation because he was a strong and caring man, not because he was a weakling.

It was time to end the day. Most of the staff was walking out the front door when Abbey walked out the back. As she walked from office to office and locked the gate her emotions were beginning to take over. Her heart was going out to the man still inside the office, and her crush on him, or whatever it was, was growing exponentially. She wondered how she could minister to her friend.

“Are you sure you don’t want to grab some dinner Mike,” she asked as she re-entered his office and watched as he started to pack his briefcase. The offices were now empty except for the two of them.

“No, not really, I’m just not hungry. Thanks for asking Abbey,” he said as he turned to close his blinds.

Abbey took the opportunity to adjust her blouse - loosening her top three buttons and revealing her lacy black bra and a little bit of cleavage. Though Abbey is a very sexual woman, she is normally pretty shy and never makes the first move. Today she decided things were going to be a little different. She placed her left foot up on the corner of his desk, causing her already short skirt to rise and revealing her silky panties with a noticeable wet spot centered over her hot pussy. It was perfect timing for when Mike turned back towards his desk.

“What...what are you doing Abbey? What the fuck?!” Mike blurted out. It wouldn’t have been obvious to an onlooker whether he liked what she was doing or if he was upset with her.

In her most seductive voice Abbey simply said, “You’re not hungry for anything Mike?” and she unclasped the front of her bra.

“Shit Abbey, I’m a married man,” he stammered out, while goggling at her lovely cleavage.

“Right and a married man should be satisfied and fucked regularly, say, at least three or four times a week. So are you a married man Mike? Do you really consider yourself married?” she stated as she lowered her foot to the floor and walked towards him. “So, unless you have some real objections, I’m giving myself to you. Do you want me?”

Months of watching this teasing, beautiful, erotic woman and over a decade of neglect were catching up to Mike and taking over. He knew in his heart of hearts that his marriage was a sham, that he was married only from a legal standpoint. His desire for Abbey was severe, more intense than for any woman he had ever met. He had been like a caged animal for years, just waiting to bust out. Tonight the animal would be set free.

“Yes, I want you. I can’t describe how much I want you Abbey. I’ve wanted you since the day we first spoke on the phone. And I’ve lusted for you ever since.”

He took her hand and led her into the conference room. He sat her down in a leather chair next to the giant table and just gazed at her body until finally he looked into her eyes.

“I, I don’t know what to do. It has been so damn long. I can’t remember the last time I even slept with my wife.” Panic and doubt had begun to enter his mind. The long years of pain and suffering had taken its toll on Mike. He had no confidence left in the tank for the task before him. “I don’t know where to begin Abbey, I really don’t.”

Abbey stood up and held his hands. “Mike, you are a man. You are THE MAN ! You know what to do. Do me. Just fuck me. Let your senses take over and do what comes natural. You know how to do it. Just take over my needy body. But remember one thing: I like it dirty!” she whispered that last part in his ear. And then she bit it and sat back down.

A smile slowly crept onto Mike’s once downtrodden face. He slid his hands into her open blouse and violently spread them, tearing it open, buttons flying everywhere. He took hold of her hands and pulled her to stand up. His right hand touched her left cheek and rubbed it fondly and slid back behind her ear, cupped the back of her head and pulled her lips to him. It was a soft, lips only kiss, their mouths barely open, just pulling at each other’s lips playfully, teasingly. His hands moved onto her shoulders and then came back down, pulling with them her blouse and bra.

“So you like it dirty huh?” he said as he slid his tongue into her mouth and lifted his left hand to her hardened nipple and tweaked it hard.

“Yeah I do,” she moaned as he bit her lower lip.

“Well I’ll just have to improvise. I have no idea what ‘dirty’ means Abbey. Be patient with me babe and I will do my best. Sit down for me,” and he backed away from her a little as she sat back down on the green leather chair once again.

He unzipped his khakis and pulled out his throbbing cock. The evidence of his need was shown as pre-cum coated the bulb of his six inch tool and dripped from its tiny slit. Abbey inadvertently licked her lips as he moved forward.

“I hope you like the feel of a nice hard cock,” he said as he began to slap her face back and forth, smacking first her left then her right cheek, with his cock. His pre-cum was leaving a light streak of his clear nectar across her face. She looked shocked. But she also looked turned on as she closed her eyes and just let it all happen. He reached down and milked his dick, removing some of his juices onto his fingers.

“You know Ab, before I fuck someone I always want their lips to be glossy. Don’t forget this in the future,” he demanded as he took his pre-cum and smeared it roughly over her lips, making them shine. It made her look even more stunning.

“Do you like the taste of cock honey?” he teased. “Do you? Well then beg me for it.” Mike was beginning to get the hang of this.

“Feed me your dick Mike, please!” she cooed.

It sounded so erotic that before he was able to close the gap between the tip of his cock and her mouth, a drop of his love juice dropped onto the top of her bare thigh. Abbey felt it hit, looked down and gathered it, and sucked his cream into her mouth.

“Damn, feed me your meat now,” she gasped.

Mike needed no further encouragement as he swiftly grabbed her hair by the sides of her beautiful head and pushed is length between her hot, moist lips. Abbey moaned as she sucked him in and Mike began to attack her face aggressively, thrusting his hips to force his cock in and out of her hungry mouth. He knew he wouldn’t last long at that pace so soon he pulled out and picked her up, setting her down on the table.

“Lie down,” he commanded and as soon as her back touched the wood he reached and pulled her panties off.

Soon her skirt was discarded and she lied there naked before him. He stood to get a better look, surveying her entire body. As he gazed upon her he took the rest of his clothes off. She looked Mike over too, licked her lips for affect and ‘hmm’ escaped her lips.

“Do you like what you see?” she teased, and slid a finger between her lower lips and raised the juices to her upper ones. As she sucked her finger into her mouth she said, “I’m really quite tasty.”

Mike practically had a heart attack. While he was experienced between the sheets, the only woman he knew for decades would rarely play with him, let alone herself in front of him. He was so hot you could have fried an egg on his cock. He leaned down and picked up her blouse and skirt and placed them beneath her ass and shoulder blades and laid her back down.

“I do like it. You are an extremely beautiful woman Abbey. You look delicious. Lie back now and enjoy,” were the last words he said as he lowered his tongue between her delicate folds, lapping up her sweet juices and nibbling at her throbbing clit.

Mike reached up for Abbey’s hands. Once their fingers were intertwined he said to her, “Keep your arms straight and hold my hands.”

He slipped his tongue between her silky folds once again. She let out a nasty moan that was so hot it made Mike want to come right then and there. He moved his hands up and down the table a little, moving her body back and forth and allowing him to fuck her deeply with his tongue. Soon she let go of his hands and grabbed the back of Mike’s head and pulled him deeper into herself.

Mike loved to eat pussy. He missed it, hadn’t had a taste in countless years. He could lick a woman for hours and never grow weary. So Abbey took over the body sliding as she grabbed the table’s edges and slid her body up and down. The feeling was unbelievable as she ground her womanhood into his face even deeper. Mike got the hint and raised his face long enough to insert two fingers up her soaking wet cunt. Together they fucked them in and out of her as he expertly attended to her G spot and devoured on her nub. Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks.

“Oh yes… Holy fuck, yes…”

Abbey had waited for this moment for an awfully long time. By the sound of her screaming and moaning and panting, it was well worth the wait. Her come went on for several minutes as Mike continued to toy with her body.

As her breathing began to recover she finally said, “Damn, if I knew that’s how it would have been I would have seduced you the first day we met. Holy fuck.”

“I’m glad you had a good time hon, but now it’s my turn.”

Mike pulled Abbey’s arms so that she rose up into a sitting position on the table and then wrapped them around his neck. He placed his long, thick tool on the table top, pulled her torso forward and looked down. Abbey looked down too, anticipating when cock and cunt would meet and just smiled as she saw it inch forward until the bulb of his dick begin to part her cream-soaked vagina. She purred as she straightened her legs and curled her feet around his ass and pulled forward until she felt his cock bottom out inside her wet hole.

“Hey, who’s fucking who here?” Mike gasped as he stood and lifted her in his arms and began to pound away at her body.

“Well lets get to it, we don’t have all night!” she smiled and then buried her tongue inside of his mouth and held on for dear life.

“Damn you are tight. I’ve never had a woman so tight Abbey.”

“I’m not too tight am I honey?” she asked coyly.

“Nah, I think I’ll manage.”

Mike never remembered having so much fun while having sex. He walked over to the wall, allowing Abbey to lean her shoulder blades to steady herself as she worked her clit with her finger and Mike worked her pussy hard with his needy cock. Soon they were screaming out as their bodies came together.

In the midst of their pleasure you could hear the sound of Abbey’s body getting pounded against the wall. This just added to the ambiance of the moment, making their time together just that much hotter.

Soon Mike lowered Abbey back onto the carpet, held her in his arms and kissed her passionately for several minutes. Before he broke their embrace his left hand was on her tit again and squeezing it hard. Another moan slipped out of Abbey’s beautiful lips.

“That’s right, you like that don’t you,” he whispered as he leaned down as sucked the reddened nipple into his mouth and bit down on it.

His hands descended her incredible body and rested on her gorgeous ass cheeks. Mike got on his knees and stuck his middle finger up her pussy, gathering some of the cum he had just deposited there. He extended his tongue as he pulled her cum-soaked pussy lips towards his face and stuck the slick finger into her ass and began to finger fuck her. Before feasting on the creampie before him he looked up into Abbey’s half closed eyes as she looked down lustily at him.

“So, you like it dirty huh?”

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