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The Debt

A woman pays off a debt the hard way and has a strange reaction to it all

A tear was rolling down my cheek, but I wasn’t outright crying. I pulled my bonnet off, releasing my hair down my shoulders, and dropped the hat on the glass table of this living room. I pulled the hair back to straighten it. What the hell was I thinking coming here? I unbuttoned my red coat. I know what I was thinking. I was being brave. I was being resolute. I was doing something crazy to make up for past sins. I was sacrificing for my dickhead of a husband. I nodded to myself as I pulled off the expensive coat and folded it. I was exhaling like a runner getting ready for a race. I closed my eyes for a second. Then I started slipping out of the black dress. 

Owen sat there on the sofa naked, stroking his cock and grinning at me. I didn’t want him to see me staring at it, but I couldn’t help it. That ugly thing would soon be somewhere inside me, like we'd agreed. 

I wiped the tear in a quick gesture, hoping he hadn’t noticed. I pulled my eyes away from his dick to fully remove the dress. I kicked off the heels. And I stood before him in my pink panties, arms crossed, hands covering my nipples, brown hair over my bare shoulders, blinking away the last few tears, and then looking at him as if to say I was ready. 

He got up and came to me. I flinched a little, but he grabbed my shoulders and kept me in place. He looked me up and down like he was sizing up his dinner. Then he came in for a taste. A weird kiss. A sloppy lick from chin to temple. Then his tongue pried open my lips. I gave up my tongue. He licked it and sucked on it. His hands were everywhere—my shoulders, my back, my navel, my ass, my neck, my hair. He took my wrists and pulled my hands away from my tits and lowered them to his crotch. I complied and took his cock into my hands. He held my hands and made them stroke him. When he was sure I was doing it on my own his hands grabbed at my chest and his tongue came back for more. 

He seemed to gesture to someone else in the room, so I looked back. Two other guys were there, taking their clothes off. A buff, middle-aged-looking bald guy with tattoos and a younger, skinnier but fit guy who looked Asian. I looked back at Owen angrily. 

“I thought it was just you,” I said, feeling the tears coming back. 

“Us three. He owes all three of us.” 


“All three of us and you’re both clear. Slate wiped clean. Just like I promised.” 

I shook my head. I started pulling away from him. He held me tighter, looking into my eyes. “Hey,” he kept saying, but I was breathing hard. 

“Just you,” I said in a tiny voice. 

“Us three,” he answered. 

“Breathe,” he then said to me. But I was more panting and gasping. He took me into his arms again. He was staring into my eyes, our faces very close. “Breathe slower!” I tried. “Just relax,” he said again. “Do you want to resolve this debt or not?” 

I looked up at him finally. I closed my eyes and nodded. He started kissing me again. Then he looked over at the two guys. 

“She’s ready, boys.” 

“Yeah,” said the bigger one. The younger one followed, big, silly grin on his face. The bigger one looked back at him, “Behind me, rookie.” 

He slid behind me, his hands immediately going for my panties, pulling on it, reaching inside, his cold hands on my bare ass. I squirmed a bit. Owen lifted my arms and made me wrap them around his neck. Okay. It was perhaps to give the oaf behind me more access as he rode his hands up to my breasts to grab at them. He pinched my nipples hard. It hurt a little. He hands rode back down back inside my panties, this time in front, his fingers digging around already. 

Owen was still staring into my eyes. 

“You want first crack at her?” the big guy asked Owen. 

“Thanks, Drake,” Owen said, releasing me and sitting back on the sofa, opening his legs, holding his cock again and still grinning at me. 

Drake yanked my hair so I’d look at him. “Suck his cock first. And save some energy for me.” He let go of my hair and then gave my ass a hard spank that made me gasp. 

I glared at him, but Owen was gesturing me to come. I went to him and got on my knees between his legs. Owen started caressing my hair. I stared at his veiny cock for a second. He started pushing my head towards it slowly. With my husband I usually start with licks and a kiss before sucking. I just opened my mouth here and let it in. I sucked hard and fast while holding his cock. Maybe I could make them cum quick and get it done.

“Ooh, she loves that cock, chief!” Drake said. 

No, that’s not what I intended, dammit. But I was still trying. He wasn’t ejaculating. Hell, if it was my husband, he would’ve have squirted all over my face by now. Owen held fast. He was holding my head and pushing it in and out. He was breathing so hard I thought maybe an orgasm was coming. Maybe? Nope. Nearly choking on his cock, I pulled away and coughed out saliva, a lot of it dripping from my mouth to his cock and onto the sofa. He held my head again and guided me back in. Wanting to give my throat a rest, I stayed on the surface, licking the shaft and the tip. I thought maybe I’d get him to cum faster if I grabbed his balls. 

Just as I was about to do so, Drake was pulling me away. He stood there holding a handful of my hair and pointing to his cock. I had to be more upright on my knees to get to his, a plump thing with a shiny head. “Suck,” he said simply. I opened my mouth and moved forward but he held my hair in place, cock right outside my mouth. If he’d just let me do it…! But he held me there until I looked up at him. “Suck good,” he added before letting my hair go. Thanks for clarifying, asshole, I thought as I took it into my mouth. 

The younger man was now behind me, touching me with a gentleness. Between sucks, I glanced at the young guy. He was looking at my body with awe. 

“Fucking goddess!” he exclaimed as I resumed sucking. 

“Fucking skank,” Drake said as he started ramming his cock into me harder. 

In his last thrust, he pushed in so hard I fell back. The “rookie” caught me. He laid me gently on the carpet. He looked over my body, his mouth agape. “So beautiful,” he said. He buried his face into my breasts. 

“Spread her open, Tim,” Owen said, getting up, still stroking his cock. He approached me slowly while Tim worked to spread my legs wide. Owen got on his knees. I started squirming a little, knowing it was coming. For years I’ve been exclusive with my husband. Now a foreign object was heading towards me. I inched back a little. Tim stopped me, then stroked my hair, still staring at me as if I were glowing. Owen crawled to me. I couldn’t help myself and started whimpering a little. 

“Is she wet?” Owen asked. 

Tim touched my pussy and then brought his fingers to his lips. He smiled and nodded. “Oh, yeah.” 

Was I really? 

Owen began to massage his dick on my skin. He rubbed his cock between the lips of my pussy over and over again. I closed my eyes. That didn’t feel too bad, I thought. I began to relax. He was just on the surface, his pubes tickling me a little.  

Then he put the tip in. I threw my head back. He anchored his hands on the floor underneath my arms. I held my breath. And he gave it such a thrust that I gasped aloud. A flash of memory to my first time, high school, clumsy boyfriend with more strength than he knew. Owen held his cock inside me for a minute. It felt like time was frozen. I let it sink in. I finally looked at him. Those eyes were drilling into mine again. I looked away. And he went to work on me. Pumping in and out until we settled into a nice rhythm, him groaning, me squeaking with each thrust. I first had my hands on the floor, then on his sides, then on his back, his lower back. Then his ass. His ass? I put my hands back on the floor.  Another hard push had me yelling again. He pulled out and left me there on the floor. 

But he still hadn’t cum. 

Tim tried to get me next, but the brute Drake came over and pushed him aside. With one move, he had turned me over on my belly. With another, my ass was in the air, my face on the carpet, his hand holding my head down. He found my pussy fast and drilled into it with a grunt. He held my hands behind my back. I struggled a little and squirmed under his thick hands. 

Owen put his hand on my head. “Relax,” he said, stroking my hair a little before getting up. 

I stopped moving so much. Drake continued fucking me. 

“Yeah, bitch,” he kept saying. “Such a good little wifey bitch, aren’t you? Aren’t you?”

I guessed he wanted an answer. “Yes,” I managed to say with my cheek pressed against the carpet. 

He pulled out of me suddenly. I was about to collapse on the floor but he held me in that same position. He held my wrists with one hand behind my back and with the other began spanking me. Softly at first which surprised me. But then he started getting harder. And faster. And meaner. He was laughing, too. The louder I got with my cries, the giddier he seemed to get. He started exploring my ass with his finger, poking inside. I started squirming again. He finally released me, giving me one last hard spank. 

Tim came and laid himself on the floor in front of me. He spread his legs so that I was in between and then inched closer to me. 

“Sweet, beautiful thing,” Tim said to me. “Lick me?” He pointed to his chest. 

For Tim, I licked, starting with his chest and his nipples. He liked it. I licked and sucked on one nipple, making him jerk a little, before kissing my way to the other nipple. 

“Oh, fuck,” Tim said with a loud breath. “Lower…”

I kissed his abs. I licked his belly button. I kissed my way down. My tongue got lost in his pubic hair. I started at the base of his cock. 

“Jesus, Mary, Mother!” Tim said through gritted teeth. 

I kissed the skin. He reacted to my every kiss. I licked up the shaft. 

“Uh-huh, uh-huh,” Tim said affirmatively, nodding. 

I got to the tip. I worked my tongue between the lips of the tip of his cock. It made him jump. I took his cock into my mouth. I started sucking slowly. 

I heard Drake whisper to Owen. “She fucking loves sucking cock, chief!”

Aw, fuck. I sucked faster to get it over with. Tim was convulsing. My head was bouncing up and down between his legs, my hair trying to catch up. Tim held my head to slow me down, but I didn’t. I squeezed his cock tight between my lips and sucked, licking the tip when I could. I couldn’t believe how deep I could take this thing down my throat. 

“Oh, God, oh, God,” Tim cried, slamming his fist on the floor. 

I finally pulled away from his cock. He grabbed it, as if he was trying to stop himself from ejaculating. I looked at him. Poor thing. He was fighting his cock and it didn’t seem like he was winning. I moved towards his cock again. He tried to inch away from me, but it was too late. All I did was give it one kiss on the tip. He groaned very loudly as the cum came shooting out of him. I caught some of it in my mouth, some on my cheek. 

“Shit,” Drake was whispering to Owen. 

Tim sat up and looked at me. “I love you.” 

I couldn’t help grin at that. He grinned back. In spite of myself, I was about to give his spent cock another kiss, maybe lick up that cum still oozing out of him, when Drake grabbed me by my arm and my hair. He stood me up on my feet. 

“You want my cum, too, bitch?” he said, coming close to my face. 

I didn’t answer. 

“Yeah, you’ll love it like you love his, bitch.” 

He threw me on the sofa. I couldn’t break my fall. At least I landed squarely on the sofa. 

“Careful!” Tim yelled, but he wasn’t listening. 

Drake grabbed me from behind again and lifted me up, my little body a prisoner inside his arms and legs and his massive chest and his bulging neck. A juicer, definitely. One hand still held my hair, another arm around my waist, and he poked his cock around my ass trying to find his entry point. I squeaked and whimpered while he growled into my ear. I moved around so that he wouldn’t find my asshole. He found my pussy instead and pushed in. He wanted it to hurt and he made sure it hurt. Fuck.

Between his jackhammering my pussy and his hand yanking my hair, squeezing my face and then wrapping around my throat, everything hurt. My arms were entangled in his. He was all I could hold onto to keep from falling. He growled as he continued fucking me. He finally stopped pumping into me and just strained to push his cock as far in as he could, standing on his toes. I shriveled up under him. Just when I thought he couldn’t get any deeper he seemed to muster the strength to dig another inch into me. I was whimpering, wincing, damn near weeping again. 

With a loud grunt, he released me and I fell onto the sofa again, bounced off and slipped onto the floor, my back on the foot of the sofa. He stood over me, sweating like a freaking beast, and held his cock to my face. 

Well, I certainly wasn’t going to service it the way I did Tim’s, but I started off by kissing the tip. I looked up at him, still breathing hard. 

He nodded. 

I kissed it again and then licked it. 

He grimaced at me but didn’t say anything. 

I licked some more and then took it into my mouth. 

He grabbed my head and started face-fucking me. Again, trying to make it hurt. But he quickly orgasmed inside my mouth and but tried to keep it deep down my throat. I couldn’t breathe. I smacked his thighs repeatedly, but he wasn’t paying attention. I held on and he held on for a few more seconds, a few more, a few more, and then neither of us could hold it. He pulled back. I coughed out saliva and cum. He staggered back, nearly losing his footing, cum still squirting out of him. I laid my head on my arm on the sofa, recovering.  

Drake looked around and then left the room. 

Owen came back, thank God. He was smiling. He sat on the sofa next to me. Then he patted his thigh. I got up slowly and sat on his lap. Those eyes were on me again. I couldn’t even look at him. He pulled me closer and I nestled into him. We sat there for ten minutes. His hands caressed me while I sat there with my face in his neck. I was trying to picture how I’d avoid telling my husband about this. Then Owen started playing with my breasts. Softly. I didn’t feel any goosebumps like earlier. He rested his hands on my thighs. What was this? He fondled my thighs and my knees. This was almost romantic. Now I was staring at him questioningly. His hands went between my thighs. I opened my legs a little, still looking into his eyes. He dipped a finger into my pussy. 

Don’t do it, I told myself. 

His finger touched inside me gently.

Control yourself, Jasmine, I kept telling myself, closing my eyes. 

I could feel his breath on me. I was so comfortable on his lap. More comfortable than I’ve been in a long time. I kept thinking of my husband and the selfish way he has sex. Or the selfish things he does every day. Or the stupid things he does. Or the way I have to make decisions for him. Or the way he can’t keep a steady job. Or the way he has to drug deal and still can’t pay for all of the things I want. 

And then I looked at Owen and the way he was fingering me. 

Oh, fuck it, I said to myself. 

I leaned in. I kissed his cheek. I kissed his neck. I licked his ear. I touched his chest. I kissed his other cheek. I licked his face. I wanted to kiss his lips. Would he want to kiss me after I had so much cum in my mouth? I wasn’t sure. I just got close to his face and waited, tears coming again. He just looked at me with amusement. I felt so ashamed. 

Should I do it? My husband made bad choices. Maybe to keep up with me and all the things I wanted. He owed money, I had realized. People were shaking him down for his money. Little weakling. He had run out of options. So, I had offered myself to his debtor as repayment. This had been my decision. A desperate one, but still mine. So why not?

I turned around and straddled Owen. I threw my arms around him. He moved closer to kiss me. Yes! Our lips touched. I kissed him back, licked his tongue, sucked his tongue, whimpered into his ear, grinded my body against his, my breasts against his chest, buried my hands into his hair, and kissed him some more. Then I worked his dick into me and settled in. My pussy was so sore, but it felt good. 

“Fucking slut,” I heard Drake say as he walked in. 

I buried my face into Owen again, embarrassed with my slutty self. 

I could hear the police radio on Drake as he was fixing his uniform. 

“Gotta go,” he said to Owen. “Shift starting soon.” 

“Yeah, see you later, buddy,” Owen said. 

I could feel Drake looking at me. Leave already, you monster, I wanted to say. He finally left. 

I immediately kissed Owen some more and stared into his eyes. I started moving up and down on his cock again, fucking him, hair bouncing around. I heard Tim coming and I stopped and cursed and buried my face in Owen’s neck again. 

“She was fucking fantastic, chief!” Tim said. He had his uniform on as well. 

“She certainly was,” Owen said, and I liked hearing that. He moved a little with his dick still inside me. Something felt wet. Finally, I thought. But I couldn’t really enjoy it with Tim there. 

“You were great,” Tim said to me. 

I finally looked up and gave him a little smile. Then a bigger smile. It was a full-on knowing, sexy smile I was sporting there. What’s happening to me? Tim seemed to melt at my smile. He reluctantly moved to the door and finally left. 

I stared at Owen. He kissed me once. 

“What are you going to tell Max?” he asked. 

“That we’re in the clear.”

“That we won’t kill him?”

I laughed a little. Then stopped myself. 

He kissed me again. “Get dressed.” 

No more kisses? I got up slowly and gave out a long exhale. I wiped off the cum dripping down my thigh. I found my panties and my dress. Owen was checking his phone and making a call. I put on my shoes and my coat. Owen was strolling about the room naked, chatting with someone. I looked at him. Such an arrogant prick, I thought with a smile. No good-bye either? He wasn’t even looking at me. I lost my smile and headed to the door. I started to say something, but he was still chatting, yelling at some other officer on the phone. I opened the door to let myself out. I quietly closed the door behind me. 

Then I gasped. 

Drake was there outside, and he pushed me against the door. He held me there with this wild look on his face. 

“Your pussy was so fine, bitch!” he said. He tried to kiss me. 

I fought him. I slapped him. He looked confused. He tried to come at me again but then stopped. He was staring at the window next to the door. I followed his look. It was Owen, still naked, staring back at him. Drake froze. I pushed him aside and he moved quickly. I left. 

I had a sense of freedom during my taxi ride home. It must’ve been from having the debt off our shoulders finally. No more owing money with interest to a group of corrupt cops. 

Eventually my husband found out how what I did to save him. He thanked me and then promptly divorced me. That fucker. I cried over it in the shower for days. Until one day, I stopped crying over it and started laughing about it.

A week after, while I was freshening up in the washroom, I got a call. 

“Hey, Jasmine,” said the caller. “You know who this is?”

It was Owen. I didn’t know what to feel. So, I just smiled and, after a long pause, said, “Yeah.” 


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