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The dodger association

The university secret you wish you were in on
Hello, my name is James. Of course, that’s not my real name, but that’s what people know me as. I am a third year college student majoring in sociology. Unfortunately, like many students, I am up to my eyeballs in debt. That brings me to my job, my way to pay off the gigantic debt.

I work closely with my partner, Lori, and the student groups of the school. My job is to organize and run student fundraiser events. Sounds fairly boring, but it does take a lot of work. I have to set up the venue, organize the guest list, and set up the ‘entertainment’.

Sometimes it’s a casino night with Caesar’s Palace waitresses, sometimes its Playboy night complete with Bunnies, and some nights it is what’s called the ‘Slut Auction’. We organize what will sell and bring in money, and sex brings in money. It is not as easy as it sounds. First, I need to carefully select the guest list; I can’t choose someone who will blow the entire thing up to the press. So obviously, the college media services are not invited. No newspapers, no radio, no journalist majors, and no one who is just too nosy for their own good.

Second, I have to find waitresses or ‘auction items’, depending on the event. Third, the theme. We try to cater to the group we are funding for, which can take some creative thought. My last event was for the medical students. Playing a little doctor with sexy nurses. Of course, all the ‘entertainers” are well compensated. All earnings, however, go straight to the school accounts. That way, they save money, the money goes right back into the school, and we can cover our tracks without the bank. It’s win-win. And if they don’t have a university account, we can usually set them up with some grade boosts or credit for volunteer stuff. Something so they are properly compensated.

All participants need to swear secrecy and the clients fill out a detailed description on what they are looking for. And all the ‘entertainers’ have agreed to this of their own free will. We’re not a pimp-out kind of business, they can leave whenever they want. Just a little sexy entertainment. Usually, once they learn the rules and the pay, they are not too hard to convince.

The organization is called the Dodger association, after the Oliver Twist Character, The Artful Dodger. I report to, well, I call her Cindy. I send an email to fake account, she replies. That is all, no real contact. I think she must be important to the university and can’t be caught getting mixed up with this. She may not even be a she for all I know. We’ve been close to being caught before, but somehow we always stay hidden. I, of course, get a cut of all the proceeds, going straight into my student debt, to avoid the interest. Fine by me.

My next event is for the professors association. Of course it’s not all the profs, only the ones who we can trust and are into it. I have been thinking of the theme and was thinking school girl motif. Very crowd pleasing, very sexy! The venue will be the office area of the college. That way, profs can take their ‘selection’ to their office for some ‘alone time’. My only problem is the girls. We do have to find two more and one more guy. None of the male profs are admittedly gay, for some of the female profs in on it.

If I get real desperate, I can use a local escort service, but they cost an arm and a leg to hire and say they won’t serve food for cheap. Guess that’s why they are in the Sex Biz.

“James,” Lori called as she burst into my office. “I think I got a girl for the Prof function.”

“How many times have I told you not to burst in like that?” I asked scowling and irritated.

“Do you want the girl’s name or not?” Lori was a great partner, but short tempered.

“Fine, what’s her name?” No sense fighting a battle I won’t win.

“Carmen, Mexican exchange student, Cocoa skin, drowning in debt and I’m pretty sure she is into it. But there is a catch.”

Isn’t there always? “Which is?”

“She’s not in the circle, so we can’t know if she will blab, and she’s part of the catholic student association.”

Damn, that did make things harder. We try not to take entertainers from our client student groups, but sometimes, if they are in, we take the necessary precautions. The next problem is the Lori said she wasn’t in the circle. So she is oblivious to our actions and is in the student group legit. The catholic morals may make her spill. But I needed girls. Once they graduate, drop out, get sick, or finals roll around, it defiantly makes things harder.

“Ok, I will ring her in.” I need a new girl, and I already had an idea forming around Carmen. Looks like I will have to be do some persuading the near future.

Finding Carmen was not hard. I located her schedule and dorm number easily. We invite the university technical support team to our events and they help us into the college system. It’s win-win.

I started following this girl while Lori worked on our guy shortage problem in her own way. Never question Lori’s methods, she always ‘comes’ through. I was following Carmen closely to see if she would be a good fit for our little secret society. She was the good catholic girl. Spends lots of time in the library studying, chatting with her study group, student group events, mass. Nothing dirty about her. Usually if a girl doesn’t pan out, I give up by now. But the idea I had for this girl was just too good to just give up. The ultimate slutty school girl, the catholic school girl. Tight skirt, rosary beads, a low top, and ruby red garments. All the profs would be breaking their zipper with a hard-on.

So far, I had nothing over my two day stalk. She was perfect, I was running out of time, and I would be forced to drop my idea, even though I didn’t want to.

Then I caught it. She got a text on her phone in the library and instantly went looking for a book. She even left her laptop and purse behind. This struck me as odd. I followed her as she went to the psych section and picked up a book. I wouldn’t have thought it was too odd if a paper didn’t fall out in the process. I snuck to the other side of the shelf to get a look at the paper from behind her. Hugo R33 A, 12.

I had her. She was hooking on the side for money. Hugo was a dorm and 33 A was room, 33 on the first floor. 12 must be midnight. I have seen this trick before. She was perfect for our little society. Sexy and in debt.

I decided to use this technique against her. Sending her one of my own texts to meet me in one of the unoccupied dorms on the fourth floor the next night. She was on time, and dressed right for the evening.

Low cut black silk halter top hugging a pair of C-cup tits, black mini skirt that gave a tiny peek at her red lace thong and her tiny waist, and some dark red heels that made her legs look long and gorgeous. I could feel my own cock starting to get hard. This chick was good!

I closed the door behind her, locked it, and she was shocked that all the dorm had in it was a bed and nothing else. This is not the usual in a dorm room and she got nervous.

“Hello Carmen, welcome.”

Her perfectly done eyes grew wide as she realized I was not like her regular clients. She used a fake name to hook. I knew the real one. She even put on a good show. Hair extensions, makeup, hazel-colored contacts, but I was no fool.

“I have a proposition for you, one that is safer than hooking.”

She turned to leave, but the locked door and my arm made it hard.

“Look Carmen. It’s nothing bad. Just have a seat and I’ll tell you about my little offer. If you don’t like it, I’ll let you leave like this never happened.”

She stared at me hard for a few moments before stepping back and sitting on the edge of the bed, legs crossed.

“I’m listening,” She said in a luxurious accent, her eyes being very careful on me.

“I run a little organization, the Doger association. Heard of it?”

She shook her head, keeping that hard look in her eye.

“Well honey, we go around entertaining some people of the school in ways you can’t imagine. We pay well, it’s safer then hooking,” She raised an eyebrow at that. “And you won’t be fucking broke college dormies anymore.” Up went the other eyebrow.

“I like the sound of this, but there has to be a catch,” she asked.

“It’s a secret. No one can know about us, so if you blab, you’re out and back to the dormies.”

“Sounds fair, not like anyone knows I do this anyhow.”

Just what I was hoping to hear.

I walked over to her and stuck out my hand.

“So, we got a deal?”

She took my hand and shook a few times before using it to pull herself up against me.

“I got something a lot more personal than a hand shake baby,” she whispered in my ear, her warm breath sending chills down my spine.

She gripped my neck and slipped her other arm around my back and pulled me back onto the bed on top of her. He mouth was quickly at my ear again.

“I wanna take my new boss for a little ride.”

Her sudden pull onto the bed had pressed my crotch onto her leg. She could not only feel my cock pressing into her, she moved her leg around to stroke it in my pants.

Well, this was her idea.

“Ok honey, show me what ya got!” I whispered back at her. The smile on her face told me she was up to the challenge.

She quickly untied her halter and her breasts practically sprang forth. I kissed her and she snaked her warm tongue right into my mouth. My hand trailed up her shirt until I came to the hem of the cups. I yanked it down and revealed the 36 C cup. I trailed in between the soft mounds. Her skin was nearly as soft as her silk shirt.

Her mouth never left mine as she grinded against my trapped cock and she was getting it harder every second.

I slipped my fingers around her smooth nipples, switching back and forth between the boobs and had my other hand behind her neck, pushing her into the kiss.

I heard a zipper as she finally released my cock and it sprung from my pants. I didn’t bother wearing underwear because I assumed this would go well. And it is.

She didn’t even have to look as she swiveled her hand around my cock. She was obviously a pro at this. She went up and down in an amazing grip, swirling my pre cum all over my 8 inch rod.

I broke the kiss and started nibbling down her neck and making my way to her breasts. Licking each one and in between. It tasted divine. So soft, so smooth, and judging by her moans, sensitive too. I had both nipples erect in seconds. I could tell she was enjoying it because she seemed to give my cock a little squeeze at the right area. Fine by me.

I reached under her skirt to her red thong. I teased her lips and clit through the fabric. She was moaning and breathing hard, pushing her breasts into my face. I could feel her juices leaking through the skimpy thong, right onto my fingers.

I finally reached in and trailed her cunt up and down.

“Oh….” She arched her head back. “Oh Fuck Me!”

I toyed with her cunt a little longer.

“Fuck me! Stick it in. I WANT IT!! FUCK ME NOW!” She cried.

In one motion, I had her panties sailing across the room, and my pants off in another.

My 8 inch cock was hard and hungry for a little pussy.

I straddled back on top of her and had my head at her entrance, teasing her.

“Put it in. God, FUCK ME!”

With that, I shoved it in with one push.

She screamed out, from what I think was pleasure. She was a pro, but I was thick.

I pumped her pussy at a steady rate. Her moans were getting louder each push. She threw her hands around my neck and her nails dug into my back. The pain jut made me focus on her amazing cunt.

“OH MY GOD!” She cried.

Her pussy felt incredible. Her walls squeezed my cock hard, but she was so wet I was sliding around with ease. A few times I would drive it in as hard as my entrance. She groaned in ecstasy every time.

As I picked up the pace, I realized I was going to climax. But I wanted her to cum first. Judging by the mix of screams and moans, she was as close as I was. I just needed a little edge.

I balanced myself on top of her and reached down to rub her clitoris.

“AHHHH…. I’m going….. to cum!!” She cried between gasps.

I rubbed her clit in hard circles, pushing it back and forth and all around and kept it in rhythm with my pump.

Her cunt was sloshing with every pump, gyrating against me, grinding me down to the hilt. I gave it my fastest and hardest as she was climaxing.

She finally arched her back, driving me deeper inside, and let out a long scream. Her eyes turned back in her head in pure pleasure. It only lasted a few moments before she collapsed back onto the bed and just shook as the waves of Orgasm ripped through her.

I pulled out my dick, still hard from her cunt and sat next to her. I won.

I slowly stroked my cock as she calmed down.

“Suck me off,” I said.

She took a moment before getting up and rolled over to my cock.

She licked around it, and kissed it a bit. She even played with my balls a bit. Her soft hands and mouth felt amazing as they worked me over. She slipped the head past her lips and took as much of my wet member as she could down her throat. Her warm wet tongue swirled around my dick and the sucking was pulling the orgasm from me. Her hand covered what she couldn’t engulf and they both moved in perfect synch down the slippery rod. She stimulated my cock with her throat every time it hit the back.

I felt my orgasm coming up quickly. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I cried. She sped up and I humped against her face.

I couldn’t hold back. I released it all in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop and made sure I was satisfied.

She sat back and smiled at me.

“So, when do I start?”

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