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The Help

I can only hope that something else breaks in my apartment, this time I will be ready. I am willing

I had been waiting for over a week for someone from maintenance to come fix my washing machine. I was basically desperate to wash clothes and to my amazement, a few little tweaks to the machine and I had fixed it myself. “Who needs maintenance?!” I thought to myself, proud of my work. I thought nothing more of the machine until two days later when I received a visitor I will never forget.

             I was in my bedroom vacuuming while listening to my ipod. Due to the noise from both I never heard the front door open. As I made my way into the hallway I had the scare of my life when I found the repairman in my bathroom. My scream must have startled him as well for he jumped back, hitting the wall.

            “How the hell did you get in here?” I managed to get out despite the lump in my throat.

            “We have keys to everyone’s place, you called about the washer didn’t you?” he said with almost an arrogant confidence about him.

            “Oh yes, I’m sorry, I should have called. I fixed it myself, but thanks for coming over.” Expecting him to pick up his tools and leave, I myself started to turn back towards the bedroom.

  “So we are just at your beck and call, you don’t care if you mess up my day?” He threw back at me as he grabbed my elbow, turning me back around. “I had other tenants I could have been helping!”

  With a look of bewilderment on my face I replied, “Look, I am really sorry. It won’t happen again.” He still hadn’t let go of my arm and it was truly starting to hurt. “What do you want, let me go!” My pleading got me nowhere. Next thing I knew I was thrown up against the wall. His arms were so muscular; I had no way to fight him off.

  “You are going to make this worth my time!” As the words flowed from his lips all I could do was stare at him. The way his skin was tanned, no doubt from working outside, I wondered if he was tan all over. My thoughts were interrupted by my tank top being pulled over my head. He used the material to hold my hands above me as his other hand caressed my body. My mind was going in a thousand directions, I knew I should be fighting him off but everything he did made my body shudder with excitement. I must have been moaning out loud because the silence was pierced again by his arrogance. “I knew you would like this, just wait till you see what I have for you.”

  I could already feel what he was talking about, as his body pressed against mine his hard cock pushed against me. I was dripping wet and still in disbelief. I started moving my legs apart, welcoming him in. In one motion he picked me up and moved me to the den. I didn’t have much time to think about things before I was staring up at him. He started to undo his belt and I immediately took over for him. As soon as I removed his boxers he started to moan, I could tell that his cock had been strained against the material. I began to work him with my hands, teasing him with little licks. I wasn’t sure how much longer he would let me tease.   

As I continued playing with his cock his fingers explored my body. It felt better than anything I had felt in a long time. I was now fully on his shaft, my mouth moving with the motion of his hips. I was letting my fingers move over his body and going as far as he would allow. I must have really been making him feel good because he grabbed the back of my head and rammed me deeper onto his cock. I gasped and began to choke as his cum began pouring down my throat. He pulled me back and covered my face with his remaining cum. Without even a second to recover myself, he swung me around and pushed my face into the couch. I could barely breath but my pussy was quivering, I needed to be touched.

  I felt his fingers enter my pussy, first one, then two, and soon and I was filled with four of his fingers. I was screaming into the cushions and managed to get my fingers around my nipples. I started pulling at them and pinching them, adding to my delight. My heart skipped a beat when his fingers pulled out of my pussy; I didn’t want him to stop. They were soon replaced with his hard cock and I was so glad. I was feeling so used and it was turning me on. He was pounding me so hard I barely noticed when he began putting those same fingers into my ass. I began to tense up, realizing what was going on.

  “You better relax, I’m gonna fuck this ass”. He demanded

  He quickly pulled his cock out of my pussy and began spreading my wetness to my ass. Every time he touched my ass I quivered. I felt the tip of his cock press against my ass, his hand reached around to my clit and as he started to play he rammed inside me. I felt as if I had been ripped open and cried my moans into the couch. Just as hard as he had fucked my pussy he fucked my ass. I don’t even recall the point at which the pain was replaced by pleasure but before I knew it I was starting to cum.

  His pace slowed up and a moment later I could feel his cum inside me. He continued to slowly fuck my ass until he was no longer hard. I could feel the cum dripping out of my ass and could only imagine what I looked like bent over the couch. I started to hear a rustling and as I turned around he was putting his clothes back on. He looked over his shoulder at me and gave a small laugh. As fast as he had come he was heading back out my door. "Same time next week darling, maybe this time I will check on your pipes?"

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