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The house of Warrior Empress Toya part2

Sexual frenzy

The whole night was spent very restlessly as most of the women where crying and all I could do was keep reliving the horror of the attack upon my village and what I witnessed here and was subjected to myself at the hands of the Empress.


It must have been the middle of the night as the moons was bright and the sky full of stars when screaming began and several guards came into the room.


The guards began to drag people regardless of age or sex into the middle area of the room that had a large round cushion bed in the centre surrounded by long flowing see through sheets of cotton material.


Two guards had a middle aged lady who was struggling, they slapped her and threw her onto the bed, then one of them who was dark skinned proceeded to undress, throwing off his uniform and climbed upon the bed on top of her, his cock was quite big and not even fully erect.

The woman laying face down screamed again and the black guard slapped her bare ass so hard it was glowing red.

The other guard was now undressed and kneeling in front of the woman stroking his own cock to full stiffness.


Once he was hard he began to rub it over the woman’s face, she was struggling under the weight of the black one who was rubbing his cock in a fucking motion up and down the crack of her ass.

The dark guard then grabbed the woman’s hair pulling her head back and demanded that she now sucked the white cock before her.


Realising she was not going to get away she submitted to the demands and slowly opened her mouth, the white cock without any mercy rammed forward into her mouth, the woman was still crying tears running down her face, she gagged as the cock hit the back of her throat, this just seemed to encourage the guard as he grabbed the sides of her head and began to fuck her mouth in an animal like way.


The dark guy was now lying down with his head between the woman’s butt cheeks, licking at her then he would spit into her butt crack before massaging both her pussy and her anal hole with his fingers.


I must admit now that even though scared I was getting turned on, I took my eyes of these three to look around, there was now a mass of bodies on the bed, women being licked, fingered, fucked in either pussy or ass, one woman had a cock in her ass one in her pussy and another in her mouth.


As I continued to look I even saw a guard with his cock in a slave male’s mouth.


Now looking back at the 1 st three I saw the dark guard spit once more on the woman’s ass then he raised himself up and was pushing the head of his huge black cock into this poor woman’s tight anal entrance, as he pushed into her she screamed but this did not deter the monster who was now fucking her hard and deep, believe me that cock was huge and he buried the whole length into her butt so he was very deep indeed.


The white guy in her mouth began to shoot his load, pulling out he sprayed her face with what was left in his ball sack.

He walked over to the wall and sat upon a cushion to regain himself.


The dark guard however was showing no signs of orgasm as yet.

He was pounding into the crying woman like the slaves outside where hammering rocks when we arrived.


I then saw three naked guards grab a young man and drag him towards the bed.

He was kicking out struggling to escape, shouting at them to leave him alone.


“No fucking chance” one guard grunted “Your little ass is ours”


With that the young man was thrown down and held there on his back and his legs raised into the air, the guard who had shouted was now rubbing some oil on his cock he poured some onto the balls of the young man which then ran round and down between his ass cheeks.


The guard was rubbing the swollen head of his penis up and down working the oil in, the he lined up his cock with the entrance to his ass.


“Hold the little fucker now, I’m going in and uncover his fucking mouth too I want to hear the bitch scream when I ram into him!”


Scream he did, this guard like the dark one wasted no time pushing into the tightness of the ass before them, and the scream was a blood curdling scream emphasizing the shear pain this young man must have been in.


This only made the guards angry and they slapped his face, slapped down onto his bare chest and the one fucking him slapped his butt cheeks, he then took hold of the guy’s ankles holding them as he was slamming in and out of that poor lad at one point I thought the lad was going to pass out.


The dark guard meanwhile was close to Cumming as he began to shout “Yeah Take my seed you cheap whore, I’m Gonna fill your ass with my cream load!!”


With one final thrust he grunted and was obviously shooting his cum into her butt, as he pulled out he was quickly replaced by another guard who once he was in her ass held onto her and turned her over so that she lay upon him, then another guard buried his head in her Bald snatch as he licked her, another guard sat his ass over her face making her lick his hairy asshole.


The guard fucking the young man was now Cumming over his stomach he swapped places with one of the other two who then began to fuck that sore ass just as hard as the 1 st guy did.


The young man was not struggling anymore obviously realising that these men where going to have their way with him no matter what and it was probably less painful if he tried to relax.


Just beyond where they were laying I could see a young woman being deeply fisted by another woman while a group of guards watched and masturbated.

If I had to guess the ages of these two women I would say mid teens for the younger one and maybe mid to late 40’s for the one doing the fisting, she may have been older but she looked stunning.


By now my hand was jerking on my own cock as I gazed upon the orgy before me, grunts, groans, sexual moans from all mixed in with crying and screaming from the slaves being used and abused and cheering from the guards watching on.


The lady being used by the three guards at once was now showing signs of pleasure herself as I heard several gasps escape her, right now she has a cock in her ass and one in her pussy, the guard on her face was still enjoying having his ass rimmed by her and his cock sucked by the guard who was pounding her pussy.


The young lad was now being fucked in his ass by the third guard as the second one had cum in his ass and swapped places, the lad just lay there with a blank look upon his face slightly contorted as he was obviously still feeling some pain and discomfort.


I looked back at the foursome just in time to see the one guard blow his load over the face of the guard sucking him, he in turn was shooting his full load into her pussy and the guard in her ass was refilling that butt where the dark guard had cum earlier.

They collapsed into a heap rolled away from her and summonsed four women to come and lick them and the woman clean.


The third guard fucking the lad was now Cumming in the lad’s ass, once he had emptied his load he pulled out pushed the lads legs to one side grabbed a handful of his hair and made him suck his cock clean he then shoved the lad onto the floor.


“Now remember you little cock pleaser we will have you anytime anywhere we fucking choose” Snarled the first guard.


The woman being fisted was writhing around and arching her back as her orgasm took over her body, the older woman kept going back and forth with her arm I could now see she was into that young pussy as far as her wrist which was glistening with pussy juice when she pulled back.


The group watching now started to cum all over the two women, in their hair, on their faces, over the younger ones pert little tits, the older woman without instruction began to lick all the cum she could reach off the younger one who was now looking limp on the bed, her orgasm must have really taken it out of her.


My own cum was rising up along my thick throbbing vein toward the swollen head of my cock, then fuck the first wave shot up into the air landing on a cushion beside me and the rest was spewing out over my hand.


Slowly the guards gathered their uniforms and left.

The slaves went to comfort those still crying and help clean up those who needed it, as part of the rules we had to all do this so we were all clean for anyone anytime even if you had just been used you was not safe from being taken again by male or female.

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