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The Job - Chapter One

Katie gets the job and a whole lot more.
The Job - Chapter one

Katie rolled over and turned off her alarm clock. She could not believe it was already 11:00am. She had been up until almost 4:00am last night preparing for today. You see, today she had a job interview. Not just any job interview but an interview with a large software company. It has been five months since she had lost her job in the marketing department of a local advertising firm and she really needed this job. If she did not get the job she would be forced to move back home with her parents.

That is why she was up so late last night. Today’s interview is with Aaron Jobbson, the CEO of the software company. The job is as his private secretary. Last night she was up learning everything she could about Aaron and the company he founded. She wanted to go in prepared, with knowledge about him and the company. She now knew everything she could about the company and more importantly him. Aaron founded the firm twenty-eight years ago when he was still in college. Since then he had expanded and now employed two hundred people. He is forty-nine, single and gorgeous. He has wavy salt and pepper hair but you can tell he keeps in shape. While Aaron was known as a ladies man in his younger days, that reputation had dwindled in the last couple of years making him quite a catch for someone. Katie was surprised to learn that he has never been married.

As Katie took her shower she debated what to wear. She knew she had a great body. She was five foot five and her measurements were 34b-26-32. She also had long brown hair that hung more than half way down her back. It has just enough curl and body to look great down. With this in mind, Katie goes into her closet to look for an outfit. After looking around for a few minutes, she decided to go with a professional but sexy look. She started off with black stockings that had a faint floral print to them. She topped off the stockings with a black garter belt. From there she added a black lace thong and matching shelf bra. Both the thong and the bra had the same floral pattern. She then added a white silk blouse knowing that if she took her jacket off, both her bra and exposed nipples would be visible. Finally she added a grey women’s business suit. The skirt on the suit however was short, very short. It just covered the top off her stockings. She finished the outfit by wearing a four inch stiletto heels, a small pearl necklace, matching earrings and pulling her long brown hair over one shoulder so it hung over her chest. Looking at herself in the mirror she looked hot and felt confident.

When Katie arrived at the company she was directed to the executive suite on the top floor. She was surprised to see Mr. Jobbson had two administrative assistants outside his office already. Both looked to be several years older than her twenty two years. They directed her to wait on a nearby couch, giving her the stink eye as they did. A couple of minutes later Mr. Jobbson came out of his office escorting an even older, conservatively dressed woman. Katie could tell by the conversation the lady was interviewing for the job as well. Finally Mr. Jabbson invited her to follow him into his office.

The office was amazing. It was a corner office with both a conference table and seating area in addition to his desk. He directed Katie to the couch in the sitting area and asked if she would like something to drink. From there it was just a standard job interview. He asked all the stupid questions and she told him just what he wanted to hear. She did notice him admiring her legs as she crossed and uncrossed them a couple times. She even let the skirt ride up enough for him to see the top of the stockings. Katie did find out that as his private secretary, she would be in charge of both his business and personal calendar along with all of his correspondence. One of the administrative assistance in the outer office would actually assist her but would not have access to the personal calendar. Mr. Jobbson also told her the job was salaried, requiring long hours and she would be expected to travel with him. One interesting piece was she would have to sign a non-disclosure clause and could not tell anyone about either his business or personal life.

As the interview was winding down, Mr. Jobbson asked her if she had any questions or final thoughts. Katie was really scared she was not getting the job and decided to do something desperate.

“Mr. Jobbson, I really need this job and I want you to know I will do absolutely anything to get this job.”

“Absolutely anything,” replied Mr. Jobbson

Katie almost flinched as he repeated what she said. That might have been a little over the top. “Yes Sir.”

“You can start by calling me Aaron.”

“Yes Sir.” He looked at her raising one eyebrow. “I mean Aaron.”

“Well Katie, that is a mighty big statement, “absolutely anything”. Suppose hypothetically speaking I were to ask you to take off your jacket and skirt?”

Katie felt her lower regions contract with that question. Oh shit, now what? How bad did she really want this job because she just walked herself into a corner. Badly she decided. She slowly stood up and looked him in the eye as she undid the buttons on her jacket and slipped it off, laying it on the couch. She felt her nipples harden and knew they were plainly visible through the blouse. She then reached for the zipper on the side of her skirt and lowered it, letting the skirt fall to the floor. Standing there nearly naked, she continued to keep eye contact with him. She was waiting for him to make the next move.

Aaron smiled as he looked at her from head to toe and then motioned for her to turn around. Katie did as he requested, slowly turning while trying to keep eye contact with him.

“Unbutton the blouse.” Katie did he requested.

“Now take off the thong and follow me.” Katie quickly slipped the thong off and Followed Aaron over to his desk.

“On your knees.” Katie looked at Aaron confused.

“Get down on your knees.” This time Katie did as instructed and dropped down onto her knees.

As Katie stood there on her knees she was a basket case. She was so nervous she could throw up at any time. Yet at the same time she was so turned on by what was happening she could scream. She was doing everything she could to keep eye contact with Aaron as he watched her.

Aaron walked around his desk and sat down. “Absolutely anything to get this job, huh?” With that Aaron opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of fur covered handcuffs and set them on the desk. Next he pulled out a brown leather riding crop and held it in both hands, flexing it. “Seeing this, will you let me put the cuffs on you?”

Oh shit, oh Shit, oh shit thought Katie. She never saw this coming. She just sat there and thought for a moment about where she was and what was happening. She figured she had the job, but what else might she have gotten herself into. Aaron looked at her and raised an eyebrow with a questioning look. She knew she needed to make a decision. Was she willing to submit to his kinkiness and be whipped with the crop? What else would he want or expect her to do? Finally she knew she had to make a decision.

“Yes Sir.” 

Aaron stood up and walked back around the desk and bent down behind her, He pulled her blouse off and put the cuffs on her wrists.

“Well you have the job if you want it. However, since you have so boldly offered yourself up for so much more, I am going to take you up on that as well.” Aaron took the riding crop and used it to reach between her legs, pulling it back through her open and exposed pussy. He then stood up and walked around to face her.

“If you agree to take the job, you will not only be my private secretary but also my sex slave.” Taking the crop he flicked it across her right nipple.

“For that I will provide you with an apartment in the same building I live in rent free. You will need to be available twenty-four hours a day to meet my desires. I will at times hurt you but never harm you.” He flicked her left nipple.

“Punishment for misbehavior at work, home or anywhere will be corporal. At times I will treat you like a princess and other times I will fuck you like a whore.” This time he smacked her right on her pussy lips with the crop. Katie let out a yelp at the pain. “Do you still want the job?”

“Yes Sir.”

Aaron reached back and opened a drawer on his desk and pulled out a blindfold. He walked up and slid it over her eyes. Katie was now even more nervous. Not only were her hands cuffed behind her back, she now could not see where Aaron was or what he was doing. It was then she heard a phone put on speaker phone and ring.

“Mrs. Litle, can you please schedule Katie Morris for a meeting with HR to fill out employment paperwork and Cancel my other interviews.”

“Yes Sir.”

The phone went dead. Katie was straining to hear what Aaron was doing. She was pretty sure he was undressing as she heard his belt jingle and shoes hit the floor.

“Open your mouth slut.”

Katie opened her mouth and was awarded with the head of Aaron’s hard cock. She licked the head before wrapping her lips around it and letting it slide into her mouth. She could not tell for sure but she thought this might be the largest cock she had ever had. Aaron pushed it into her mouth until she gagged. Once this happened she backed off.

“If you are going to be my slave, you are going to have to do better than that.” Then he slid back in. This time when she started to gag, he reached behind her head and held her in place.

“You need to breathe through your nose when you can and relax your throat”

Aaron backed off again and Katie took a deep breath in her nose. Aaron pushed in again as Katie tried to relax her throat. They continued this process with Aaron’s hard cock going deeper each stroke. Then Katie felt his stomach with her nose. She had taken all of him. Aaron did not let up. Instead he used both hands on the side of her head to begin to fuck her throat.

Katie could not believe this was happening. She was being face fucked by the biggest cock she had ever sucked and she loved it. Now she just wanted to be fucked. She was so horny and could feel her juices flowing. Aaron continued his assault forcing tears to run down Katie’s face. Then Katie noticed a change in Aaron’s rhythm. His breathing began to increase. She knew what was coming and it did. Aaron’s cock swelled in her mouth as he began to cum, his load spurting rapidly into her mouth as she swallowed as quickly as she could. Even though Aaron let go of her head, Katie continued to suck him, wanting every last drop. Finally Aaron pushed her away.

Pulling her blindfold off he told her to stand up and walk over to his desk. Once she was there, he removed one of the cuffs and told her to put her hands in front where he recuffed her.

“Reach across the desk and bend over.” Katie did as she was told.

“Spread your legs.” Again Katie did as she was told.

She heard the whoosh of the riding crop Through the air before it hit her ass. It took every ounce of will power Katie had to not scream in pain.

“Wider!” Katie spread her legs as wide as she could not wanting to get hit again.

Walking around to the other side of the desk, Aaron picked up his tie and used it to tie the handcuffs Katie was wearing to something under the desk so she could not move. Satisfied that her arms were tied up soundly he put the blindfold back on her and took the pearl necklace she was wearing off. She heard him getting something out of the drawers before he walked back around behind her. The next thing Katie felt was Aaron using some rope to tie each of her ankles to a leg of the desk.

From there Katie waited… and waited….and waited.

Finally she felt Aarons hands on her ass cheeks as he spread them apart and began to use his tongue on her pussy. She let out a moan in pleasure as he began to slowly explore her inner folds. Just as quickly as he started, he stopped. Katie squirmed as much as she could wanting more. Then she felt a finger enter her. Oh my God, he was shoving the pearl necklace into her wet pussy.

Katie let out a loud moan as he shoved more and more of the necklace inside her. She would never have thought of doing this but it felt amazing.

Oh… Oh….. I am going to cum.

WHACK! The riding crop hit her ass. Katie bit down on her lip to keep from screaming.

“You will cum only when I let you.” Katie took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself down both from the pain and near orgasm.

Aaron’s tongue was back only this time he was attacking her other hole. Mmmm it felt so good but she also thought it was so wrong. As he flicked and fucked her tight little rosebud with his tongue, he began to slowly pull the pearls out of her pussy.

Katie could feel an orgasm building again. She tried to concentrate on her breathing to keep from cumming. It was still building. She bit her lip to try and control her body but it was still building.

“Master, you are going to make me cum!”

WHACK! The riding crop again hit her ass. Shit this was crazy. She wanted to cum so badly.

Aaron gave the pearls a final pull and they slid out of her, then nothing. Where did Aaron go? What was he doing? She wanted him. She needed him. She needed to be fucked. She wanted to cum. Katie pulled at her ankles then her wrists trying to find a way to cum. Where was he?

Then she felt it. The head of his cock was rubbing in her pussy lips, then nothing.


“Please what slut?”

“Oh God, Please fuck me!”

The head of his cock was back at her lips. Aaron began to slowly slide it in. Katie tried to push back onto him but the binds prevented it.

Finally Aaron was all the way in. He then pulled out just as slowly.

“Oh, God, faster please. I want you to fuck me hard.”

Aaron slammed his cock back into her. Katie let out a load hungry moan.

“Shhh, we don’t want anyone to hear us.”

With that Aaron began to fuck her. He went slow and easy, hard and fast, deep or shallow. Katie had never had a guy fuck her like this. It was amazing. She wanted to cum so bad. Before long Aaron was just pounding her into the desk with hard steady thrusts. Just when it seemed like it would never end his movements became erratic as Katie knew his orgasm was near. She was going to cum too.

“Oh God I am going to cum!” Katie moaned.

“Cum with me Pet.”

With that Katie let go. She pulled on the bindings as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her stomach seemed to spasm as the orgasm continued. Finally Aaron let out a low groan as he slammed into her one last time and began to pump her full of his cum. Both of them moaning in pleasure.

Aaron collapsed into one of the chairs designed for guests as he caught his breath. Katie laid her head on the desk as she recovered.

After a while Aaron got up and began to untie Katie. First the ankles, then her wrists and he ended by taking the blind fold off.

As he sat down in his desk he told Katie the door on the left was his private bathroom with a shower. She could go in there and put herself back together.

“If you still want the job, the door on the right leads to your office and you have an appointment with HR in thirty minutes.”

Of course she wanted the job.

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