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The Long Way Home

Once I had him bound and gagged in the back of my car - the rest was easy!

Having watched him secretly on several occasions, I know the routes he takes when he’s walking home from the pub, or from friends who live nearby. The one he uses most will suit my purpose well enough and I make plans to intercept him. I get quite aroused just thinking about it I can tell you. That’s part of the pleasure of course, anticipation.


As you might guess, I always make careful preparations beforehand and I double check that I’ve got everything I need. The most important thing is to get him still and quiet as quickly as possible; I can take my time with the rest of it. If I do it right, he’ll be so stunned by what’s happening that he’ll be helpless before he knows enough to resist.


Right, a couple of long straps – they’re like belts really, but where the clasp is, I’ve put in a toothed roller that only goes one way, unless the spring is released by a little tool I’ve made. The point is, as you pull it tight it locks in that position – quick and easy see. A good wad of cotton fabric (some old underpants of mine as it happens) and strong adhesive tape. I’ve cut a few short pieces off and put waxed paper on them so they don’t stick together – dead easy to whip that off to make them ready. Oh, and just for good measure, some lengths of rope.


So, it’s Thursday night and I’m parked in front of the shops. They’re all shut and there’s only garages opposite so not many people come this way. There’s still street lights of course and I don’t disguise myself at all, but I reckon the chances of being seen are pretty slim – yes, worth the risk. I’m sitting in the car, feeling excited and checking the mirrors to see if he shows – sudden adrenalin rush when I see him come round the corner and walk towards me. Here goes!


I get out, open one of the rear doors and stand as though I’m looking at the tyres; the things I need are lying on the seat, in easy reach. He sees me but doesn’t take any notice – just some old geezer wearing leather gloves and fussing round his car. He comes alongside, giving me no more than a glance and walks on. He’s only gone two steps when I drop the strap over his head and cinch it tight just about waist level. As I spin him round and push him to the open car door, my gloved hand is over his mouth, forcing the wad into it. Before he can react I send him sprawling onto the seat and sort of kneel over him. ‘Stay still and you won’t get hurt.’ He’s squirming by now of course, but with his upper arms pinned to his sides, there’s not much he can do. Once I’ve pushed the gag into his mouth, I take the paper off one of the tape strips and stick that over it too so he can’t push it out. I’m excited now you can bet, more confident as well because I’ve made him helpless so quickly.


Even though his lower arms are still free, he’s face down so he can’t move them very much. Before he has time to figure out what to do, I put a loop of rope round each of his wrists and bring the ends together behind him. Now I slacken the roller so I can drag his hands together half way up his back. He’s bucking a bit and making as much noise as he can but he can’t stop me binding his wrists together tightly. I take the strap off him and drop it into the seat well. Great, almost ready now. I get out of the car and have a quick look up and down the road, nothing. He’s kicking now of course but I tie his ankles with another piece of rope and fix the free end of it to the rope round his wrists. Perfect! Leaning over him again, I turn him on his side so he’s facing the back of the seat. ‘I’ve got you now boy. You can’t get away so why not do yourself a favour and stop struggling. You’re going to submit to me whether you like it or not so don’t risk getting hurt in the meantime.’ Perhaps I’m just a bit too excited already ‘cause I shove a hand between him and the back of the seat and fumble at his crutch for a few seconds – silly really as that starts him struggling in earnest, no doubt imagining what I might do to him. No matter, it’s not a long drive so I just chuck a travel rug over him (don’t want him on view if I have to stop at the lights in the high street), get in the front and drive off.


I drive slowly, enjoying it. Can you imagine how exciting it is having a boy like that helpless in the back, anticipating stripping him and getting my hands between his legs. I get an extra thrill when I get held up in the main road – loads of people about, cinema just turned out I think. They’re milling around in the road, coming close to the car; no idea my prisoner is only a couple of feet away, nicely stowed under the blanket. He knows they’re close as well; I hear him mumbling and trying to cry out – no chance! Anyway, there’s this place I use and I make my way there. It’s ideal as I can park round the back where it’s secluded and only a few feet from the door.


Really horny now I’m parked up and everything is quiet. Not much longer and I’ll have his cock in my hands. So, I open the rear door and shove the blanket off him. He’s mumbling something and straining at the ropes but it doesn’t get him anywhere. ‘Stay still so I can untie your legs. I know you’re scared but I’m not going to harm you as long as you do what you’re told.’ I get the rope off his ankles and drag him out. He’s cramped and disorientated but he still tries to kick me. ‘Stop that!’ I slap him hard across the backside to let him know I’m serious. ‘Come on, let’s get you inside so I can deal with you at leisure.’


He stumbles a bit but I’ve got a tight hold on him and drag him to the door, shove him inside. Not much furniture in here I know, but all I need – table, couple of chairs, and the bed of course. I push him onto it and he tries to squirm off the other side. Makes me angry for a moment and I raise my hand to slap him again – didn’t need to though; when he saw it, he went quite still. ‘That’s better, you’re learning. Behave yourself and you’ll soon be out of here again.’ Being a bit wary about possible kicks, I pull his shoes and socks off, then move my hands to his waist. I unfasten his belt and tell him, ‘I’m going to take your trousers off now – don’t resist. Remember, I can force you if I have to.’ It only takes me a few seconds to undo the zip and pull it open – he’s wearing snug fitting red underpants of a sort of silky material – really nice. I run my gloved hand over it and he wriggles and tries to say something – pleading I suppose. But I’m not going to stop now; my cock is stiff and straining at my own pants. ‘Lift your backside so I can pull them off.’ Despite the desperate look of appeal in his eyes, he knows I won’t stand for any defiance and does as I tell him. With his legs and plump thighs bared, the effect of the pants is even better and I put both hands on them and have a good feel.


Suddenly he goes really still and silent and I realise he’s trying to blank out what’s going on; see, his penis is swelling as I run my fingers over its contours, lovely. ‘Open your legs so I can get my hand under your balls.’ He hesitates for just a moment before he does it. Wonderful feeling, rubbing him like this; still with the best to come. He’s a well endowed boy. I don’t mention it to him of course, but I’d first seen him at the swimming baths so had some idea what to expect, that’s when my desire for him started. He really is a well endowed boy so I’m not disappointed. I rub him for a bit longer and squeeze his balls gently at the same time – he’s getting quite an erection so I’m well pleased.


‘Yes, you know I’m going to give you a bloody good wanking don’t you – bet you’re surprised to find you like it too. Anyway, that’s all to the good, it means I won’t have to beat you to make you comply. If you promise to behave yourself, I’ll remove your gag, would you like that?’ He nods and I lean over and pull the tape away. I’ve still got one hand over his cock all this time and he’s as hard as ever – from time to time he makes a noise in his throat and gives a little shiver as the excitement rises. I take hold of a corner of the wad and slowly pull it from between his jaws; I can see what a relief this is to him. I’ve got a bottle of water on the table next to me. ‘Do you want a drink?’ He nods but doesn’t look as though he’s sure I mean it. Anyway, I put the neck of the plastic bottle to his lips and he gulps it down greedily.


‘Alright, I think we have an understanding now; let me take your pants off.’ He closes his eyes for a moment, but brings his legs together and lifts his buttocks. As I pull them down I see there’s a small damp patch darkening the red material already – he really is excited. ‘Spread your legs wide.’ When I look at his naked genitals, my cock really jumps but I savour the moment a bit longer as I take my gloves off – flesh against flesh now!


I’ve got one hand on his stomach, the other on his thigh and I slide them both towards his crutch. He jerks and gasps as my fingers close round his stiff shaft and I feel it swell as my other hand lifts his balls. ‘Now boy, let me wank you properly – don’t hold back, just surrender to me and let me bring you off.’ He takes a deep breath as my fingers tighten round his cock and I start rubbing it from tip to base.


I don’t want it to be over too soon of course, so I slow down as soon as he’s got really rigid. ‘That’s the best hard-on I’ve seen in a long time boy, let’s keep it that way for a while shall we? Mine’s like that too you know – you’re an exciting companion.’ I’m pretty hot now and I take my hands off him to undo my trousers and get my cock out. ‘See what I mean.’ He does see but immediately turns his head away – don’t know if he’s shy, or just embarrassed – probably just scared. Doesn’t make any difference though, he’s going to have to please me. I wank him a bit more and play with his balls, delighted by their weight. I wonder how much spunk he’s got in there. I’m going to find out before long.


So things don’t get out of control, I tie his ankles to the corners of the bed, making sure his legs are well spread. He has tears in his eyes and asks me why. Before I answer, I give a few more pulls on his cock, it’s hot and stiff still and adds to my excitement. ‘Just to make sure you do what I want. See, while I give you a good wank, you’re going to suck me off.’ He lets out a shriek and I clap a hand over his mouth. ‘Don’t defy me; I can force you you know, and I will if I have to.’ I take my hand away again. ‘Now be a good boy; turn towards me.’ I can see he’s frightened but I bring the tip of my cock close to his face and look into his eyes. ‘Let me put it in.’ He tries to appeal but he knows he hasn’t got any choice. I repeat, ‘Let me put it in, now!’


As my cock touches his lips he attempts to pull away but I’ve got a grip on his balls and I tighten it threateningly. Almost sobbing, he parts his lips a little and I push my cock against them. ‘Open your mouth wide, it’s got to go right in – then you can suck it.’ Reluctantly, he opens his mouth far enough for me to ease the tip into it – it’s a start. I don’t hurry, I just fondle him and keep him stimulated so his erection doesn’t slacken. I stroke his glans and feel him squirm with excitement – makes him more compliant too and I shove my cock further into his mouth. Now it’s all wet and slippery so it slides between his lips easily and he actually starts to suck it – lovely. ‘Now you’re getting the idea, go on, try harder; lick the tip too.’


We’re both getting pretty high but I still don’t want it to be over too soon so I just rub his shaft lightly and fondle his balls while he learns how to suck my cock properly. The sensation in my balls is getting intense and I know I’m going to shoot soon. I grab his penis firmly and wank him harder – it makes him raise his hips in spasmodic jolts. ‘Yes, you really want me to bring you off now don’t you? You must earn it though and do the same for me; come on, suck me; let me come in your mouth.’ He’s panicky but I’ve got him pinned down and he can’t stop me – anyway, he’s so near climax himself that his senses are all confused and his sexual desire is getting the upper hand.


I feel an intense burning sensation in my balls and ram my cock deep into his mouth again. ‘Take it; swallow my spunk – don’t defy me.’ The thrill of climax makes me work his cock and balls even harder and his hips jolt up and down as his body surrenders to the sexual gratification. I don’t know but I think the first taste of my spunk was the trigger for him and he really let go then. I’ve just moved my fingers to the tip of his cock to rub it again when he shoots a heavy jet into my hand. I fondle his balls a bit harder to give him more stimulation and he goes on spurting for quite a while.


I pump the rest of my spunk down his throat while I keep on wanking him. Coated with his own juices now, his cock’s slippery and my fingers slide up and down it easily so I don’t stop. I’ve made him so sensitive that every touch must be like fire to him and he struggles like crazy. The sweat rolls off him but there’s nothing he can do – I’m going to enjoy him to the full. ‘All of it boy, every drop. Don’t hold back, just surrender and let me milk you dry.’ What a wonderful feeling it is, but we’re both about spent by now and my cock’s beginning to soften so I let it slide out of his mouth. I’m ready to gag him again of course, but he doesn’t cry out – he’s just grunting and panting as I have a few final rubs of his cock. It’s red and inflamed after what I’ve done to it, but he sure has produced a lot of spunk. As well as my hands being covered, his stomach and thighs are streaked and splashed with it too.


I step away and have a swig of water – it’s hard work wanking someone for that long! Without asking, I put the bottle to his lips and he takes a few big gulps too. ‘You did well; really pleased me. Now it’s time to get you out of here; I’m sure you’ll think of a good excuse for being late home – not the truth of course!’


He’s so exhausted, he doesn’t even try to talk, just lies there breathing hard with his eyes closed most of the time. Anyway, it gives me the chance to untie his ankles and struggle with his trousers until I’ve got them on him again, up to his knees anyhow. I drag him off the bed and make him stand while I pull them right up and fasten them. I make him slip his feet back into his shoes, but I just shove his socks in the pockets.


He’s really passive by this time but I still don’t take any chances. Screwing his underpants into a tight ball, I make him open his mouth so I can gag him with them. Check outside to see that everything’s quiet then walk him to the car. I expect he’s so compliant because he knows I’m going to set him free soon, so he doesn’t resist when I push him onto the back seat and tie his ankles again. Just position the rug to cover him, then we’re off. I park at the shadowy end of the road that I’d snatched him from and get him out of the car. His feet are still tied (to give me more time when I leave him) so I have to lay him on the ground. I turn him on his face and untie his hands. Just get in the car then and drive off. Hmmm, a really successful evening all together – that’ll keep me satisfied for a while – well, a day or two anyway. And there is another boy I’ve been watching for the last couple of weeks!

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