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The long weekend continues......Saturday

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I am summoned to the villa again, to help with the ladies party.
It was Saturday, and with the previous days events still fresh in my mind, I approached the villa of Mistress Bea and Mistress Sara. I had been instructed to return today, because the very first Saturday of the month the ladies held parties at their villa, and I was to help them out with the festivities planned for the forth coming night , and what with Fridays events being captured on film, I wasn´t in a position to argue.

I was met by Mistress Bea, who I must admit was looking amazingly sexy in a black pvc skirt, with matching short black pvc zip up top and black boots. She quickly led me inside and I was abruptly told to strip naked, then I was taken through the patio doors at the rear of the villa. She took me over to where some thick metal rings were bolted to the stone floor. There was also a some handcuffs and a metal collar, which she picked up and placed around my neck, locking it shut at the back with a thick large padlock. Then she placed my hands behind my back, and I felt one cuff being locked on my left wrist, then the other on my right wrist. They kept my wrists held close together and parallel to each other. I pulled at the cuffs, they were securely locked. I felt her tighten them, until they were firmly gripping my wrists. Then I felt her use the key again.

“Relax, I’m only using the key to double-lock your cuffs. There. Securely locked. Nice and tight! Now they are double-locked". Whilst I was feeling my handcuffs, I suddenly realized she was snapping shackles around my ankles. They were on and locked in an instant. She double locked them too, and put the key down her left boot.

The collar and wrist restraints fitted very tightly, and as she walked off towards the house, I tried my all my might to escape, but all to no avail. So there I was, chained to the stone patio, in handcuffs, shackles and wearing a steel collar. It had all seemed to happen so quick, and I hadn´t put up any kind of a struggle. Was I secretly enjoying being completely dominated by these women?

As the day passed, I could hear the sound of a number of cars arriving and the sound of women chatting away in the house. After a while a group of women stepped out on to the patio and approached me. They came in all shapes and sizes, they all looked forty-fifty years of age, and all were dressed very provocatively. Mistress Bea stepped out of the group and told the listening ladies that I was todays volunteer, to which they all laughed. Volunteer, I thought, it´s not like I had any say in the matter, or did I?

Then she started to explain to the ladies how the day was going to play out. Apparently, they were going to have a "manhunt", with me being the one hunted. I was going to be released, still shackled and naked, into the vast grounds of their wooded estate. Then after a short period, the women were to set off and try to "capture me", similar to a foxhunt. Whichever lady was the first to capture me would be deemed the winner, and was then granted full use of me for the night, to do with whatever she liked.

The group then went back into the house, leaving only Mistress Bea, who walked up to me and proceeded to release me from the steel collar. "Now I want you to set off into the woods and try to evade my friends for as long as you possibly can," she said. "In ten minutes or so, the ladies will set off, and as you heard me say whoever finds you first gets you as their prize for the night, please make sure that you give them a good days sport, or I will make sure that the film we have of you begging to be fucked up your ass yesterday gets put on the internet or distributed around the village," she added.

"DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"she snapped loudly.

I nodded reluctantly and replied that I did. "Right, off you go, and DON´T disappoint me!"

It was now starting to get dark and I set off and headed into the wooded area of the grounds. The shackles only allowed small steps, so I could not run, but I managed to do a fast shuffle. I frantically shuffled off into the dark woods, my shackles jangling at every step.There was one chance for me to escape. If I could find the road, I could double back to my car, then hope someone would take pity on me and unlock my restraints. But who? Or, I could call a friend on my mobile, someone who would be willing to drive out from the village and pick me up and unlock my handcuffs. It would be embarrassing for me, being found naked and handcuffed, but that sounded better than being captured, and it would put one over on the Mistress of the house.

I headed as deep into the woods as I could and after a few minutes noticed a gate in the distance, and ran off as best I could towards it. My ankles were starting to burn from the constant rubbing of the shackles against my bare skin, and my wrists were getting sore from frantically twisting them in the tight handcuffs. In my panic and the advancing darkness I ran straight into a wire fence. I fell back, down a slippery slope. It was wet at the bottom of the slope. I struggled back onto my knees, but I immediately fell down again. I realized I was at the edge of a small muddy pool. When I finally got back to my feet, I was wet and filthy with small leaves and mud, all over me. Everything stuck to my sweaty naked skin. I managed to find a less muddy area at the edge of the pool, and struggled back upwards. The shackles and cuffs made it very difficult, and I lost my footing and fell and slid back several times. I was totally covered in mud by then. I finally managed to crawl over the top of the low slope. The handcuffs and shackles had made it an almost impossible task. I was sore and exhausted when I finally made it. I felt my way along the fence until I came to the wire gate. It was closed, and a heavy padlock secured the gate bolt!

At the same time, I heard ladies voices, approaching in my direction rapidly. I put my back to the gate and tugged at the padlock with my handcuffed hands. It was futile, but I was completely desperate now. The gate was far too high to climb, even without my restraints. I was completely and totally degraded. I was naked, filthy, hot and sweaty, they had turned me into a hunted animal! I found myself sobbing. I had to try again to move, but silently, since I knew they were now near to me. If I moved too fast, I knew my shackles would make a sound in the quiet night air, and give me away. I gently lay down on the soft ground. I careful squirmed away from the fence on my stomach. Every few seconds, despite my efforts, my ankle shackles would jingle, but only quietly. I so wished I could get my handcuffs off. Every time my chains made a sound, I would freeze. Then I would continue. In this way, I crawled about twenty yards away from the fence, behind a dark bush of some type. When I was hidden from the fence, I carefully got back to my feet. I knew if I had to make a final run for it, I would need to be on my feet.

I stood motionless in the hot night, naked, sweating, my wrists cuffed behind my back, trying to slow my heavy breathing. My heart was thumping with my desperate exertions. Now I had to remain as still as possible! I gripped the tree trunk behind me with my handcuffed hands, to help retain my balance in the darkness. The woods were now completely pitch black, here away from the road and the lights of the house. I felt the mosquitoes bit me, but I remained still. If I remained completely still, here in the dark, under the trees, they might not find me. It was my only hope now. My wrists were still handcuffed behind my back, and my ankles still shackled. My only hope was to remain absolutely motionless, in the darkness. Eventually, they must give up looking for me, it was my only hope!

I stood completely motionless, trying not to breath. A few minutes passed when I suddenly saw a dark shadow move along the trail to the gate. I heard the gate’s padlock lifted, and a quiet laugh, when they found it still locked. Whoever it was now knew I was still somewhere in the woods, naked, handcuffed and shackled. Their prey.

The shadow moved back into the darkness, and for a short moment I lost where she had gone. I stood still, sweating. Absolutely motionless. I was terrified! Then I made a mistake, and moved away from the tree. Suddenly I heard a sharp crack, and instantly felt a sharp stinging pain shoot across my ass. I yelled out in shock and fear. I fell back, crashing into the bushes behind me. I fell over on my side and I yelled out in panic. I saw a huge shadowy figure walk up to me. I noticed that she was holding something in her right hand! As she got closer, I saw that it was a whip. I lay in the dirt at her feet, chained, naked. I babbled, begging not to be hit any more. I was completely at her mercy.

She laughed. “Please! It’s only a whip! You’re such a wimp. But, I’ve caught you, now, fair and square! Get on your knees, before me! Stop that noise! You aren’t hurt!” She held the leather whip out for me to see. “My new nightsight is really worth the money! You were completely clear, even in the darkness under the trees. I got a perfect ass shot!”

I was still lying on my side, stunned and shocked. She pulled me to my feet. I was sobbing in pain and fear, like a wild animal. She quickly put her hands out and felt my handcuffs, then my ankle shackles. She tugged at them in turn, to make sure they were still in place, and still locked. “Good boy! Still cuffed and shacked, just as I like my men!"

I stood quiet and meek. I was still in severe shock and pain from the whip. She shone a flashlight on me. “My God, you are absolutely filthy! Where have you been? Have you been rolling in the dirt intentionally? Whatever, it’s nothing that a good hose down won’t fix! Let’s get you back to the house, and hose you down! I suggest you do as you are told, unless you want to feel more of the whip on your ass." Although the leather across my ass had hurt like hell, I strangely found myself turned on by the sight of this large woman standing over me with a large whip in her hand.

I finally recovered my voice. I was still in shock. “Please, Ma’am” I croaked hoarsely. “Please unlock these handcuffs. I can’t get them off! I give in! You have won the hunt! Please let me go now, please, Ma’am.”

“Yes, I have won". She looked me directly in my eyes. “Stop your whining!

She passed a leather strap around my neck and buckled it. She clipped a leather leash to the collar. She pulled the leash downwards with one hand, and took my balls up with her other hand. She expertly wrapped a few turns of the leash around my balls, then tied a simple knot. She took the free end of the leash in her hand, and gave me a sharp tug on my balls.

“Please!” I gasped, my balls aching. She laughed in delight at my pain, and gave another harder tug. I yelled out, in even worse pain “Please, please!” I yelled madly.

“Come along!” she said, tugging on the leash again. It hurt my balls every time she did that! “Come on! Keep up with me, unless you prefer sore balls! It’s your choice! Come along, when I get you back to the house, you´re mine for the night".

She stepped out along the path, shining her flashlight on the track. She walked briskly, so I had to run, since the shackles only allowed me short steps. She tugged viciously on my balls whenever I slowed down. She clearly enjoyed doing that. “Come on boy!” she laughed, whenever she tugged on my leash. I followed her, naked, handcuffed, sobbing, my balls aching. She led me, sobbing and helpless, back to the house. Along the way, we passed a few of the other ladies, who all in turn congratulated her on her victory.

Once at the house, I was collared again on the patio and hosed down, much to the enjoyment of the others, who had by now all gathered to witness my demise and embarrassment. Then I was unlocked and led into the house. I was taken to one of the bedrooms by Mistress Bea and thrown down onto the bed. "Your owner will be along shortly," she snapped.

After ten minutes, the door opened and my "owner" stepped in. Finally in the light, I could finally see what she looked like. She was a big woman, weighing about 200lbs, with medium length blonde hair. She approached the bed and announced that her name was Claire. She had on a very short black dress, which she hoisted above her head in one movement, to reveal some very skimpy black panties, that didn´t hide much, with her huge bulk heaving over each side and the back disappearing up into her large ass. She quickly reached around her back and unclasped a matching black bra. She let it drop to the floor, meaning her enormous breasts hung down to her stomach, like two gigantic melons. In a flash she climbed on to the bed and straddled me, placing her pussy inches away from my face, pinning me down. I would probably have struggled to get her off even without being handcuffed, so I had no chance at all with them on. She pulled her panties to one side, and held her pussy wide open. She ordered me to lick it, and she moved slowly and rhythmically, sighing with pleasure as I aroused her. She leaned back and stroked my dick murmuring little messages of encouragement, at other times she gripped it hard and even squeezed by balls, telling me to lick her harder or deeper or to suck her clit. Her movements became more urgent, her breathing faster and more laboured and I tasted her juices start to flood my mouth. She turned around facing my feet and planted her wide flared cunt full on my mouth saying, “Tongue fuck me....hard!”

I probed her as deeply as I could and heard her moaning in ecstasy as she delighted in rubbing her erect clit on my nose, till it made my eyes water. I gasped to grab a breath whenever I could, fearing I might suffocate. I felt her cunt muscles spasm on my aching tongue as she started to orgasm. I tried to hold my breath and make one last effort to tongue her deep and hard, as she bucked and heaved emitting little squeals of delight as she pressed my face hard into her gaping wide pussy. I spluttered and almost gagged as she delivered a squirt of her juice deep into my mouth, which I had no choice but to swallow as fast as I could. She flopped exhausted on my stomach stroking my dick as it pressed against the side of her face, and pumping her hips slowly as she told me to lick her clit slowly as she came down again from her climax.

She teased my cock a little, stroking it and then pulling back the foreskin roughly, while she mounted my face again. I needed no instructions to bury my tongue in her cunt which actually had started to taste bearable, and to arouse her once more to the heights of passion, and my cock surprisingly stood proudly erect showing my own desire. She teased me again, reaching behind her to play with it and asking me if I really wanted to fuck her yet. I couldn't speak as my mouth was otherwise engaged but I nodded, knowing that I was better off trying to please her than to anger her, and tried to show with my eyes that I wanted her. I could tell she was almost ready to climax again when she slid down my body and taking my rod in her hands pulled the skin hard back and rubbed my exposed and sensitive knob against her slippery cunt lips.

My cock was disobeying all the thoughts that were coming from my brain, and I moaned, and had to bite my lip not to cum almost at once. She teased me on and on, stroking and parting her cunt lips with my throbbing knob, but not quite putting it inside her. She moved it, to frig her clit with my cock and her eyes closed as she got even closer to orgasm, and I almost screamed for her to put me inside before I came. Her eyes opened wide and laughing at me, her mouth opened in a long groan and she laid my cock flat on my belly and proceeded to pump her hips hard riding her clit up and down the length of my shaft as she drove herself to a surging climax. It was too much for me and with a little gasping cry of despair I shot my load all up my belly and onto my chest where it lay in a pool. As her movements slowed, she mocked me for cumming too soon.

She mocked me again about being her poor little over excited boy who had cum too soon to really please a woman, and as she did she was rubbing my shaft along the length of her juicy pussy teasing her still engorged clit and letting my cock head just enter her gaping vagina. I kept lifting my hips to try to enter her and she pulled herself away teasing me again with the promise, and then withdrawing it. She made me beg and promise I'd do whatever she said if she just let me shag her properly. She teased some more, gripping my cock tight and pushing down so the skin was drawn right back and then rubbing my tense naked knob hard against her clit before sliding it just a little into her cunt hole.

Little by little she let me further in until I was gasping and moaning and begging her to fuck me. She lifted herself up until my prick was almost out and I could feel the muscles of her vaginal entrance sucking on my cock head, then she lowered herself slowly till the head pushed into that hot wet pussy. Again and again she pumped me and it felt like she was drawing my whole body up through my aching cock. I moaned as I felt myself coming close and she snapped sharply, “Not yet!” and reached behind her, searching for my balls again.

I pleaded, “No!” as I knew what was coming, but her strong fingers snuggled round my testicles stretching my sack until she had my balls clenched firm in that iron grip. I gasped as she squeezed, and the dull ache spread through my gut stopping my impending climax dead. She pumped her hips now like a mad woman, and I gasped time and again as my knob was sucked hard, first by her strong cunt muscles then by that soft firm inner mouth of her pussy. I felt myself on the point of cumming again, and once more she squeezed till I screamed and the orgasm died in me. Each time she raised herself my balls were yanked till I screamed, then each time she sank back. I moaned as I felt my cock penetrate her soaking wet cunt. She was pumping like crazy, and I saw her eyes close as her free hand rubbed her clit and I knew from the spasms in her cunt muscles that she was cumming. Her jerking and shuddering drove me to cum even though she yelled NO! and squeezed my balls till I thought they would burst. In spite of the pain my belly knotted as I felt the orgasm shoot through my balls and into my cock as I cum deep inside her. The pain from her squeezing and from my second orgasm in so short a time made me sob in anguish.

She fell on my chest and wriggled up for me to suck her nipples as she milked the last few drops from my aching cock. She clambered up further for me to plant her hot pussy on my lips, and for me to drink our combined juices from her wet and still trembling cunt hole. I drank her sweet nectar which aroused my passions again until my cock, aching though it was, stood straight up again. She made me lick her to yet another climax then climbed off me, uncuffed my wrists and sat back smiling and stroking her pussy contemplatively as she made me kneel in front of her and told me to wank myself off. After its recent exertion, it took a while before I started to feel my cock fully harden again. I started to feel my climax approaching as she started to stroke my balls, making me scared that she was going to squeeze them again. Thank god she didn't and as my throbbing cock delivered a meagre load she smiled fondling my balls gently and told me I was her good little sex slave! I was absolutely drained literally and figuratively.

Without another word, she got up and left the room, and it wasn´t long before Mistress Bea returned. She threw my clothes at me, told me to get dressed and go home. I was surprised, but relieved that the night was being cut so short, as I had expected to be in their company for much longer, but I wasn´t going to argue. Tired, sore and with a cum stained face, I quickly started to dress. However as she reached the door, she turned and with a wicked smile, and said that I was to get some rest and return the next morning, as the weekend wasn´t over yet... there was still Sunday!!!
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