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The Meadowlands.

Ben and Violet enjoy the great outdoors.
I’m driving you down to the Meadowlands. The brooding, wild and desolate Meadowlands, you’ll like it there I’m sure. It’s so quiet and peaceful, a world away from your hectic city lifestyle. I used to bring your Sister here years ago, ten years ago to be precise, back in the day when we were still a couple.

We are travelling in complete silence, the only sound is the quiet hum of the engine as it propels the car ever closer to our destination. I cast you a sideways glance and take in your pretty face. You’re younger now than she was then, and to be frank, a lot prettier. I love your copper coloured hair and striking sky blue eyes. You look so young and innocent. I’m sure you’re not that pure, I bet there are stories you could tell if I pressed you, but for now silence is fine.

We are making good progress now, the car slicing through the small mountain villages one after another, they keep coming, small peaceful settlements occupied by just a sprinkling of people. We turn off onto what can only be described as a track, I remember like yesterday coming down here all those years ago, I had a real old boneshaker of a car back then with very little in the way of shock absorbers, it was so rough it used to rattle your teeth if you went too fast.

Times change - I have a nicer car now, a newer model, something easier on the eye, I chuckle to myself, seems like the perfect metaphor.

I detect that you are pensive as we reach the end of the track and pull up on what passes as the car park. I switch the engine off and turn to face you full on. Your eyes are looking deep into mine, trying to read me.

I’m thinking about how things happen so randomly sometimes. I was just killing time in the bookstore, I didn’t even know you worked there. You approached me from behind asking if you could help as I turn to face you we both click, recognising each other, although you have grown up a lot. We talk for a few minutes and that was the start of it. I took you for coffee and we got on famously, ignoring the stares of people sat nearby, so what if I’m older than you?

You didn’t know I was bringing you here today, I’ve sprung it on you somewhat, but I know you’ll love it. I get out of the car and walk around to your side and open your door ushering you to get out. Your short summer dress rides up exposing a creamy thigh as you push yourself out of the seat.

I tell you you’re not exactly dressed for this. Your flimsy looking heels might snap as you walk through the harsh terrain, you don’t seem fussed, saying you’ll walk barefoot if you have to. I open up the car boot and grab the picnic basket and with my other hand I grasp your tiny hand tightly, leading you along the rocky path.

The scenery is still so beautiful here, just as I remembered. I love the giant Oak trees and the emerald green long grasses. There’s water here too, we might go and have a look later on. For the moment though I know exactly where I’m taking you and remember the way like the back of my hand. I see you are struggling to walk now as the path inclines sharply, I’m almost pulling you up the hill.

I’ve finally got you where I want you, we reach a sheltered patch of grass surrounded by tall trees, the silence is deafening, I can see your chest rising and falling, you’re either as excited as I am, or feeling afraid, slightly anxious.

No words are exchanged as I hold your hands tightly down by your sides and push you against one of the Willow trees, our mouths collide greedily and we share a deep kiss, you are trying to release your hands, but I hold them down harder. I can feel your viper like tongue brushing against mine, this is the kiss I’ve been waiting for. I push my body flush to yours, feeling your warmth and taking in your vanilla perfume. I gently bite the tip of your tongue which seems to take you aback, but I can tell you don’t dislike the sensation.

My tongue leaves your mouth and traces it’s way up and down your delicate neck, leaving a trail of soft kisses. Your mouth opens slightly and a tiny gasp comes out, you’re enjoying yourself now. My kisses become tiny bites, nibbling at your pale flesh, gently but with increased pressure, you’re still trying to raise your arms and place them around my neck, but I just won’t let you.

“That’s good, so good, Ben, I love it, love how you’re making me feel right now.”

Spurred on by her kind words which are music to my ears, I bite her neck a little harder, then move onto her earlobes, giving them the same attention. It really drives her wild.

“Hmmmm, oh god that’s so nice, loose my hands, Ben I really want to touch you now.”

I take no notice for now, just enjoying the control. I move my head down and kiss her firm breasts through the thin dress, I soon search out a delicious nipple and run my teeth gently over it before taking it in and biting gently, her sigh of pleasure eggs me on to repeat the actions on her other perfect nipple. Although we are both enjoying this, I move my mouth away and push my head towards hers, just inches between us.

“You like that do you, Violet?”

“I love it, really love it, but let my hands go please, Ben.”

“I will on one condition, Violet. You let me take control and you do as I tell you, Is that clear?”

“Oh yes, Ben. I love a man who gives the orders. I like doing as I’m told sometimes, especially for a sexy older man.”

I release my grip on her wrists and her arms are soon around my head as I kiss her lips hard once again. I break off, eager to get on with things.

“Get your clothes off now, Violet. I want to see your body.”

I watch her eagerly as she quickly removes the dress and a pair of plain black panties, discarding the useless shoes as well. My eyes take in every inch of her body, she is absolutely gorgeous. I’m getting aroused seeing those firm breasts with erect pink nipples sticking out proud. I’m pleased that she hasn’t shaved her pussy, but let it grow a little wild, I’m glad as I like the look of her curly ginger pubic hair.

I try to be nonchalant as she stands in front of me, looking for a sign of appreciation or acknowledgement, but I don’t give anything away.

“Now, let me see you touch yourself, Violet. Imagine I’m not here, just touch yourself like you would at home when nobody is watching.”

I notice the hesitant look in her eyes. It doesn't deter me.

“Now, do it now, Violet.”

I move in closer as her hand slowly moves down and her fingers comb through her thick bush, touching her tight looking sex very slowly to start with, but after a minute or so, Violet seems to be getting into this, rubbing herself off ever harder. I can feel the depth of the stare she gives me.

“Get your fingers inside. I want to see you finger yourself. Touch your clit with the other hand.”

Violet does as she’s told, one finger working it’s way in, the thumb of her other hand touching her clit. I order her to get another finger inside, I love the way I can see her finger pushing deeper as her pussy becomes damp. I marvel as she works her clit harder and is getting into this now, eyes closed as she plays with herself, all self consciousness has disappeared into the ether.

“Come for me, Violet. I want to see you bring yourself off.”

I guess she is getting into it now. her thumb has gone into overdrive, scrabbling at her clit as she pushes her two fingers all the way inside her, I can see she is becoming very wet now. Her orgasm is unbearably close now, her gasps reverberate through the trees, a final deep thrust and she’s there, screaming her way through a startling orgasm, she slumps to the ground, breathless but satisfied.

I don’t give her long to recover, quickly undressing and pulling her up onto her knees roughly.

“Suck my cock, do it. I’m ordering you.”

I stare into her eyes as she looks at my face, telling me it would be her pleasure as she hungrily feeds my stiffening tool deep into her mouth slurping noisily like a kid with a lolly, my hands caress her long hair as I push her head onto me deeper. Violet knows what she’s doing and soon has me on the verge, sucking my whole length deep down her throat as she squeezes my sac gently twisting my balls. It’s all too much and I’m quickly covering her throat with my thick come which she swallows down hard. I quickly withdraw my dick and spray the last drops of come into her shiny red hair. She looks so dirty as she scoops my come from her hair and spoons it into her wide mouth.

“Mmmm I just love come, Ben. I love it when a man comes in my mouth.”

I tell her how her Sister never liked oral sex.

I love how Violet's sparkly eyes meet mine, telling me her Sister is a bit of a prude.


“So, what’s in the basket then, Ben? Anything nice?”

I tell her she will find out soon enough and usher her to a nearby picnic table, we are both stark naked, and the risk of being caught makes things even more erotic. I sell her to sit down and close her eyes, I have a surprise for her.

“Oooh, I just love surprises, Ben. Please don’t keep me in suspense.”

I order her to move from the seat and sit on the table top.

“Come on, stop teasing me, I want my surprise, Ben.”

“Oh you’ll get it alright, Violet.”

I open up the lid of the box and stare at the delights it contains. I smile, knowing this is going to be fun.

I pick out the blindfold first, and place it roughly over Violet’s head, covering her eyes. She yelps in surprise as I cover her mouth with mine, pulling her deep into a wet kiss. Satisfied that she is comfortable with the situation I pull my lips from hers.

“Just relax and enjoy it, Violet. I know you’ll like it…”

“But I want to see you. I want to watch you giving me a good fucking.”

I ignore her protests and proceed to slap the cuffs onto her slender wrists and manacle her to the metal table, there’s no getting away now.

“Ben, what the fuck are you doing to me? I don’t mind the blindfold, but this is all a bit heavy.”

“Be quiet, I give the orders remember.”

I love the way I have her at my my mercy how, I can do what I like with her. I kind of like the feeling of complete control. My cock also seems to like the feeling, it’s painfully erect. I’m quickly to the side of her, pulling her head to my dick, making her suck me in deeper. I hold handfuls of her ginger hair and pull it gently at first but with increasing power. Her head is a blur against my manhood, she gives good head, in fact, a little too good. I pull myself out of her mouth, my cock glistening with her saliva.

“Mmmm your cock tastes so good, don’t stop.”

I ignore Violet, reaching back into the basket again for the other pairs of cuffs.

“Oh no, please no, Ben, not my feet as well you twisted fuck.”

I tell her yes, her feet as well. The table top is made up of metal cylinders, perfect for the cuffs, her legs are now spread wide and her pussy is at my mercy too. Violet is struggling to get free but she has no chance.

“Let me out of these, you bast…..mmmm.”

I don’t allow her to finish, ramming my length deep down her throat again, after a few strokes I pull out.

I inquire if she wants me to stop.

“No, fuck my mouth, I’m getting into this now. I want your cum, so bad."

I’m loving this so much, her lips suck me hungrily, teeth grating against the ridges of my tool, mouth opening wide to take me all in, my sac now nuzzling against her pale chin. I fuck her mouth brutally, but she takes it so well, I explode inside her mouth, filling it with my come before pulling out and finishing the rest over her perky tits. She swallows down my come with gusto.

“Suck my tits now, lick your come off them and then kiss me.”

“I give the orders, remember?”

However, I follow her request, licking my come off her breasts before placing my lips on hers and letting my juice drop slowly into her mouth.

“Mmmm I love your cum, it’s so thick. Thank you baby.”

My lips return to her pointy nipples, admiring her milky breasts. I bite her nipple hard whilst twisting the other nipple roughly between finger and thumb. She yelps with pain at first, but gets used to it, the sensations filling her. I can feel both nipples are swollen and erect.

“That’s so hard, Ben. I like it, but don’t do it too much.”

My mouth kisses it’s way down her skinny body, past her pierced belly button and down into the deep, dense hair of her pubes. It’s so hairy and so beautifully ginger, my tongue searches out her pink lips, delicately pushing my tongue around the shape of her labia, she likes this, squirming around trying to get my face deep into her mound, but I tease her, pulling my tongue away.

“Don’t stop. I was enjoying that, please lick me again.”

I don’t touch her with my tongue this time, but run two fingers over her lips before touching her hard clit, she bucks her hips again, but constrained by the cuffs, she can’t get me where she wants me. I pull my fingers away, and run them through her lush pubic hair, singling out a solitary strand before pulling it hard, yanking it clean from her flesh.

“OWWWWW shit, what did you do that for? It really fucking hurts.“

“I told you, I call the shots, don’t try and dictate what happens, okay.”


“Now, beg me to lick your pussy.”

I am so,so happy that she is is into this. pleading with me to go down on her.

“I don’t think that was enough, Violet.”

“Pleeeeaassse, pleeeeeeaseee, I beg you, Ben, I really, really want you to lick me. I need you to taste my juice, I beg you.”

I say nothing, just hardening my tongue and lash it up and down her lips, before jabbing it over her clit.

“Ohhh yes, baby.”

Her lips are long and fleshy, and soaking wet. I pull those lips wide, still licking her clit, whilst pushing two fingers hard inside her, thrusting them really deep. I manage to get a third finger inside and finger fuck her vigorously. Her hysterical moans and tight heavy breath tells me she is loving it.

“Don’t stop, please make me come, make me come.”

My fingers work her hard, but not as hard as my tongue on her clit, stimulating it with the tip before sucking it hard between my lips and letting it go.

“Oh fuck, your tongue is so amazing, Ben.”

I am taken aback at how quickly her orgasm comes, causing shockwaves all through her body. she shakes uncontrollably as she climaxes hard. Her chest rising and falling rapidly. I remove my fingers, replacing them with my mouth, giving her a break, leaving gentle kisses all over her sex.

“You’re so good at that, Ben. I loved it. I want you to fuck me hard now.”

“All in good time, when I decide.”

I’m back in the picnic basket again. Pulling out the last of the goodies. This is going to be fun.

“What are you doing, Ben? Things have gone quiet.”

I place the lube against her tight rear entrance and squeeze the tube hard. A long trail of cold jelly is released, coating her pretty hole.

“Oh god, what are you doing now. I need to be really warmed up before you do that.”

I work the lube all around her before gently working a finger inside, Violet’s butt hole is quite accommodating and I manage another finger, turning them inside her. My work is doing the job and she is soon gets into it.

“I love it, fucking love it. More lube, Ben.”

I tell her that I’m onto it, before adding another blob of clear jelly, smothering her bum hole liberally until it is shimmering in the late summer sun.

There are six beads in total, starting with a very small one, but each one increases slightly in size before one final huge table tennis ball sized one. I coat the shocking pink coloured toy with lube before pushing the smallest bead against her entrance, it slips in easily, as does the second one.

“What the fuck….what are you trying to do to me, Ben?”

I apply a little more pressure and the third bead is taken inside her with a little reluctance. I’m not sure she can take any more, trying to get just one more bead inside her could be too much, but hey, I’m trying anyway. I push the fourth bead against her ring and try to lever it inside with my thumb, just when I resign myself to failure the bead pops inside her tight anal walls, what a girl.

The shock of my actions seems to have struck Violet dumb, well either that of four beads buried inside her, she isn’t forming words, just making gasping and gurgling sounds. Eventually she gets herself together.

“Ben, you could have warned me. It feels weird, half pain, half pleasure. But please, don’t try and get any more up me, I’m full. Now take off the blindfold, I want to see you pull them all the way out, one by one.”

After what I’ve just done to her, I guess I owe her one. I pull the blind off and she squints her eyes, getting used to the daylight again.

“Slowly, very slowly, Ben. One by one.”

Her bumhole looks outrageously spread as I pull the biggest bead out of her slowly.


I gently pull the remaining beads out one at a time, each one draws a gasp from Violet’s lips. As the toy is removed her little sphincter returns to it’s normal size. She studies the toy, before picking it up, admiring how much she managed to take.

“Hmm, a bit more practise, Ben, and I’ll take all of it, even the big bead at the end.”

“Yes, you will, Violet. I’ll make sure of that.”

“Want to fuck me now, Ben? Time to get that cock inside me.”

“How many times, Violet. You don’t have a say. Time for the blindfold to go back on.”

I ignore her protests. Violet is soon back in darkness.

“You’re a bastard, Ben. I hate you.”


“Yes, I hate you, now fuck me….please.”

I decide it’s time her pussy got some more action, my purple head soon navigating it’s way between her pouting lips, I give her slow, deliberate shallow thrusts to begin with, waiting for a reaction, it soon comes.

“Don’t piss me around, Ben. I’ve been a very bad girl. Give me the punishment I deserve.”

I decide to punish Violet, pounding her with hard, rough, strokes. Each thrust is accompanied by a word.






I am forcing myself deeper, ever deeper. My actions make Violet scream with pleasure, seeming to love my intense deep penetration, her wet walls gripping me hard. I’m really getting into my stride when I see a uniformed figure approaching us quickly, oh shit. It’s one of the Meadowlands’ Marshalls, looking very angry, bright red in the face. I stop dead, mid stroke.

“Don’t stop, what’s up, Ben?”

I see he is getting closer to us now, too late to try and make a run, besides Violet is a little tied up.

I tell her what’s happening, she seems unfazed.

“Marshall or no Marshall, you haven’t come inside me yet, and we’re not going anywhere until you do. Now that IS an order. Keep fucking me harder, gorgeous.”

Oh well, we’re in deep shit anyway. I’m going for it, giving Violet my full length, fucking her roughly, the thought of being caught must have done something to her, she has turned the volume up full, groaning and swearing at the top of her voice.

“Fuck that wet pussy, I fucking want you so much, come inside me, NOW.”

The Marshall is just a hundred yards away now, I notice his fat body wobble as he half runs, half jogs towards us.

I can feel my come rising fast now, my strokes get faster and deeper before I shoot my load deep inside Violet’s tight pussy. I collapse on top of her, she is breathing deeply as I kiss her delectable mouth. We both know what’s coming next.


I’m driving you back home now, the early evening sun is fading away fast as we pass through the tiny villages. We are in silence again as on the way here, but from time to time she gazes over at me, her hand touching mine on the gear lever. As I stop at one of the rare sets of traffic lights on this mainly straight road I turn and look into her eyes. We both break into hysterical laughter.

“Aren’t you glad you have a persuasive girlfriend, Ben? Where there’s a will there’s a way, I always say.”

“Yeah, don’t think it was that, Violet. Probably more likely offering to suck him off that swung it. I think that probably got us off the hook.”

I can’t help but be completely captivated by Violet as she giggles. I love her little laugh.

“And he took your beads away. His wife is in for a treat tonight. But what am I going to do now?”

I tell her I will buy her a toy with even bigger beads, which Violet seems to be delighted by. I warn her that we won’t be using it in The Meadowlands anytime soon. She fondles my crotch gently and tells me that we will.

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