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The Model: Part 3

Someone isn't finished with me yet.
After figure drawing we moved onto still life drawing. Sadly I hadn't seen or heard from James or Alana all week.

Remembering his hard cock pounding my pussy and her tongue pleasuring my clit made me horny for the next days to come. I didn't wear panties to class in case I needed to slip into the bathroom and take care of myself.

I was drawing an old rocking chair, when my phone went off in my pocket. The vibrations ran through my pussy and made me jump, messing up my drawing.

"Dammit," I mumbled to myself as I took my phone out. One new message.

"Hey doll. Wanna have some fun?"

And in the message was the picture of me from the other day that James took on his phone. My slutty, disheveled image filled the screen.

My clit throbbed at the memory. I bit my lip. My phone went off again.

"So, slut, who did you fuck today?"

Before I could reply, another message.

"It would be a shame if that picture found it's way to the dean's office... Do you want the dean to see you like that, slut?"

My heart raced at the thought. I could get expelled for that; my reputation would be ruined. How could he do this?

The screen began blinking and buzzing again. I hesitantly opened the message.

"If not, you will do exactly as I say. Meet me in the alley by the bar on Welsh Street at 8:00 sharp tonight. We'll discuss an arrangement there. If you're late, you will be punished."

I stared at the screen for a moment nervous but also anticipating what he wanted me to do. I would love to satisfy all his animal desires.

The phone remained silent and no more texts were sent after that. I wondered how he could've got my number.

I set down my pencil, put my phone back in my pocket and headed toward the women's room to take care of myself.


8:00 was nearing and I was preparing for my next sexual adventure.

I wore my fishnet stockings and garters, black stilettos, and a tight red dress. I looked very fuckable.

My phone lit up, and I opened another message.

"Hope you're ready for me tonight. Don't be late."

I did not intend to be.


It was 7:59 and I was waiting in the alley. A breeze tossed my hair back as I rubbed my arms to keep warm.

I heard footsteps behind me and a feminine voice.

"Hey slut," she said, wiggling her fingers at me like she had when we met; that was the only innocent thing about her this time.

Her eyes were smeared with dark makeup, and her lips were crimson red. She wore all black with knee high boots. She looked like a sexy dominatrix.

"Alana... I... Wasn't expecting you... I thought..."

"That James would be here?" she interrupted. "Am I a disappointment?" she asked sternly, tapping her foot.

"No, no. But... How did you get my number?"

"Don't you remember? You gave it to me in the club. You must have been too drunk to remember, but I bet you remember me licking that horny pussy of your's hmm?" She walked in circles around me, examining me.

"You look hot slut. James would've like to see you wearing that."

"Just tell me why I'm here already?" I said impatiently.

She stopped in her tracks and turned around sharply. She shoved me against the cold wall and pressed her hands into my shoulders. For how small she was, she was strong.

"Did I say you could speak slut? No? Now be respectful, little girl, or your cum-filled pussy will be all over campus."

I just stared back at her, speechless.

"Good girl," she traced a long fingernail up my throat and around my lips. She let her hands fall by her sides.

"Now then... There's something I want from you. Are you willing to give it to me?"

"I wanna know what this is about. And how did you get that picture?"

"James sent it to me. Why keep such beautiful art to himself?" she smiled wickedly at me.

"Anyway, you're going to meet him tomorrow and you will do whatever he and I want you to. You will not question us. You will fuck and suck him and I will watch and capture it on camera. It's your turn to be the model."

My heart raced and all I could do was shift my weight from one foot to the other.

"Do you understand me?" she asked sharply.

"Yes," I replied.

"Good," she grinned. "I'll text you the rest of the information," and with that she disappeared.

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