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The Model: Part 4

I must satisfy Alana and James.
"Meet us in room 34A at 9:00 tonight . James has the key. Make sure to wear something sexy.

xoxo- Alana"

I had been anticipating this since the night before. I didn't know what was in store for me, but I wanted it.

I tied my hair up in a long bouncy ponytail and wore another set of fishnets and garters with a lacy red thong.

I kept my look simple with a white button up top with no bra, exposing just the right amount of cleavage, and a tight black mini skirt.

I spritzed on a sensual perfume and started on my way. I hadn't masturbated at all today, so that I would be nice and horny for my masters.

I got in my car, took one last glance at myself in the mirror and headed off.


"You're late," Alana declared impatiently.

It was 9:02 .

"I know. I had to make sure I was pleasing for you," I said back innocently

"Well, you certainly are," she said looking me up and down.

Just then James walked in. He nodded at me.

"Do you remember the deal?" Alana asked.

"Oh course."

She grabbed me by my ponytail and pulled me closer to her.

"It's 'yes, ma'am'. Got it?" she demanded.

"Yes, ma'am."

She smiled, satisfied.

"Take off your shirt and let me see those tits," James ordered.

I did what he said, slowly unbuttoning my blouse, and letting it fall off my shoulders, then tossing it to the side.

They both stared at my voluptuous breasts. I could tell they liked what they saw.

"Get on your knees, slut," James ordered as he walked towards me, unzipping his jeans.

I got down and was face-to-face with his hard on. I opened my mouth and slid his cock in. He had no intention of going slow.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pushed my mouth onto his dick, all the way down the shaft, making me gag. He held me there for a second and when he let go I gasped for air.

He began thrusting into my mouth, face-fucking me. He grunted with every thrust. My eyes watered and I gagged again.

I could see Alana out of the corner of my eye with a look of satisfaction on her face.

Suddenly, James pulled me up and bent me over the desk. It was Alana's turn now. She came up behind me, pulled down my panties, and jammed two fingers in my pussy. I gasped with excitement.

James came in front of me again.

"I didn't say you could stop, slut!" he yelled as he grabbed my head and thrusted his cock in my mouth again.

I moaned onto his cock sending little vibrations up his shaft. He groaned while he fucked my throat.

He pulled away abruptly, probably to stop himself from cumming. Alana stopped fingering me too.

James picked me up and lay me on my back on the desk.

"I'm gonna sit on your face and you will lick my pussy like a good little slut, got it, bitch?"

"Yes, ma'am!" I whimpered. I had never eaten pussy before.

Alana climbed on top of me and lowered herself onto my face. I swirled my tongue on her lips to tease her.

James slammed his cock into my soaking pussy. I let out a shriek of pain and pleasure.

My tongue circled her hole before finding it's way in. I tongue fucked her hard and fast like she did to me at the bar. She started squirming and bucking on my face. I must have been doing a good job.

Their moans and groans of pleasure mixed in the air, Alana's feminine "oohing" and "ahhing" with James' grunts and groans.

James fucked my pussy hard, hitting my cervix a little. It was so hot that I was giving and receiving pleasure at the same time.

"Ohhh fuck! Mmyeah! Mmyeah!" she bucked harder on my face and finally squirted hard all over herself and my face.

"Oooh... Mmmm..." She moaned as her orgasm rushed over her. I had just made a girl come with my mouth, and I liked it.

James was still thrusting into me and he seemed to be enjoying the show. Alana got up off me, her juice running down her inner thighs and came around to the back of me.

She stuck a finger in her mouth and placed it near my asshole, circling around it before nudging it in.

She wiggled her finger and stretched my tight asshole. She added a second finger and started fingering my ass.

"James is gonna fuck that pretty ass of yours, and you'll beg for more because you're a little cum-slut!"

I was still an anal virgin and was nervous how it would feel. His cock was so big I was worried he would tear me in half.

Alana removed her fingers and told me to get on all fours. I obeyed.

James pressed the head of his dick to my tight hole and slowly pushed it in. He held it there for a moment to let me adjust, then started thrusting fast and hard.

"Oh god! Fuckkk!" I moaned.

It was the perfect amount of pain and pleasure.

"Tell him how much you love his big cock in your ass!" Alana demanded.

"Ooh! I love your cock in my ass! Fuck me! Oh! fuck me harder!" I shrieked.

Alana slapped my ass hard as James fucked me.

"I'm gonna come in your ass, bitch! Do you want my cum in your ass?"

"Yes! Ooh yes!" I moaned.

James fucked me faster and faster and then filled me with his cum. My ass muscles contracted, milking every last drop of his cum.

"You're a good little whore," James said.

"Thank you, sir," I replied.

"Maybe we can do this again sometime?" Alana said slyly.

"I would love that," I said.

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