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The Neighbor's Daughter

Coming up with a nasty plan to buy silence
Adam had been walking his dog around the same block every night at 10:00pm sharp for years now. It was to the point where Max would walk himself, leash in mouth if Adam stopped to talk to a neighbor.

On tonight’s walk he was surprised to see a new car parked in a blind spot on the road. As he approached the car he was equally surprised to see his neighbor Tom’s teenage daughter naked in the car getting her pussy eaten by an equally naked guy.

Adam did not know the girl’s name or much about her for that matter. She had recently moved in with Tom and his second wife to finish high school after her mom moved out of state. What Adam did know was that she had a smoking hot body and liked to show it off, often washing her car on the weekends in a too small string bikini. Adam also knew that Tom’s wife Chris had no use for the girl. Adam debated what to do and decided to do nothing at this time. He did however start to work on a nasty little plan.

After that night, Adam made sure he carried his smart phone with him on the nightly walks. On the fourth night he was glad he did. The car was there and it appeared that the back seat was in use again. He was getting ready to take a picture of the back of the car to get the license plate when the “hottie” sat up in the back seat. He snapped the photo and took a wonderful picture of her. She was just visible enough to know who she was and that she was topless.

A couple of nights later he took another picture as he walked by the car. This time she was looking almost right at him with the boyfriend’s cock in her mouth. Adam was amazed she did not see him as he snapped the photo but she was apparently concentrating on the task at hand. Over the next couple of weeks he managed to get two more photos of her. One of her again getting her pussy licked and the other with the boyfriend on top plowing her.

With the first step in his plan completed, Adam moved to the second phase of his plan. He cleaned up the four pictures and arranged them in a collage on an 8x10 piece of paper. On the bottom he printed his cell phone number and “call me” but nothing else. He put it in an envelope and slid it into her car window a couple of nights later. The next morning a text arrived.

“Who is this?”

“A concerned neighbor.”

“What do you want?”

“I thought I made myself pretty clear, call me.”

A few minutes later his phone rang with an unfamiliar number. “Hello.”

“Who is this?”

“Now is that anyway to greet someone? You can call me Mr. A. What is your name?”

“Amanda but my friends call me Mandy. So what do you want?”

“Hmmmm. Well Amanda, since I am holding pictures showing how talented you are in the back seat of the car which I am sure your step mom would love to see, I was wondering what those pictures are worth to you?“

“Please don’t show her.”

“That all depends on what you are offering to prevent the disclosure.”

“Look I don’t know who you are. I do know that you are a pervert who likes to take inappropriate pictures, why would I offer anything. If you give them to my stepmom, I may take a hit but you on the other hand will be arrested.”

“But you do not know who I am. I can get them to your mom the same way I got them to you. The cell phone you are calling is disposable. It will be in a trash can long before your stepmom see the pictures.” At this point there was a long pause.

“Since I know what a pervert you are, I can assume you want sex. That can be arranged, just tell me where to meet you.”

“Oh, if only I was going to be that easy on you. Here are your instructions. First go and buy a pretty leather dog collar and matching leash. Make sure the collar fits around your neck. You will be wearing the collar. Second, you need to free up either Friday or Saturday night. Once you have done this, call me.” With that Adam hung up the phone.

A couple of days later his phone rang again with Amanda showing up in the caller ID. “Well, hello Amanda. How are you today?”

“Whatever, I am free tomorrow night.”

“What time are you free and do you have a curfew?”

“I can be ready at 7:30. I have to be home by midnight.”

“Good, that will give us plenty of time. Are you ready for your instructions?”


“At 8:00pm I will pick you up from your school parking lot. When I get there, I expect you to be parked beneath one of the street lights. You will be in your car wearing only the dog collar with the leash attached. Your clothes will be in a bag you can hand to me. “

“You fucking pervert! You want me sitting in my car naked waiting on you?”

“Yes.” With that he hung up.

Adam began to wonder what would happen. He half expected to go to the parking lot that the next night and find no one there or worse, Amanda, her boyfriend and a half dozen of his best friends. On the other hand if she followed his instructions it would show she was a bit of a voyeur and also somewhat submissive. That is what he truly hoped for. He had been a dom off and on for about ten years but had not had a sub for a little over a year.

Friday night came and he pulled into the parking lot as planned. In the back corner under a street light was Amanda’s car, so far so good. He circled the car looking mostly around the perimeter for other cars or people hiding in the dark. Once he was reasonably satisfied she was alone, he pulled his car up next to hers as close as he could with the driver side doors lined up.

At first it appeared that her car was empty but as he pulled up, her head popped up. She was apparently ducking down so no one would see her. That was no surprise. He rolled down his window and she did the same. He was glad to see a bright red leather collar around her neck. He could tell by the look on her face she recognized him right away.

“Where is the leash?”

“Right here.” She lifted it up and showed it to him

“Hand me your bag of clothes.” She grabbed the bag and handed it to him. “Please clip the leash to the collar, fold it a couple of times and place it in your mouth just like my dog does when I walk him. Now I want you to get out your passenger side door and walk around the back of your car and the front of mine. Once around the cars, get into my car. Do not try and duck down. Walk at your normal height like you have no cares in the world.”

“What, but someone might see me. “

“I know. That is the point. Now start walking.”

Amanda gave him a dirty look, climbed over her car's center console and got out of her car. Watching her walk around the car, especially when she was in front of his head lights, was pure heaven. He guessed she was about 5’3”, had long dirty blonde hair that hung loosely on her shoulders. If he had to guess she was about a b-cup with small areolas.

She walked just like he told her to, holding her head high with the leash in her mouth. Once she climbed into his car he asked if her car was locked. She looked at him with a confused face. Taking the leash out she told him she left the keys in the ignition. He laughed and told her to go get them, the same way she came around the first time. As she climbed out, he had a chance to admire her exquisite ass. His plans for tonight were going to be tough on him. Once she was back in the car he drove off.

“You follow directions very well, Amanda, I am quite surprised.”

“Like I had a choice.”

“Why don’t you take the leash off? If you follow my directions tonight, I promise to hand you my phone with the pictures on it so you can personally delete them. I did not show them to anyone and the only copies I have left are on my phone.”

She smiled at him. “Thank you.”

“It is my pleasure, no pun intended. Now please turn to face me on the seat with your back against the door. I want to be able to admire that gorgeous teen body of yours.” She did as instructed. He turned the dome light on for her side of the car and was happy to see she was shaved down to a small trimmed triangle above her pussy.

By now they had passed the edge of town and were heading down a narrow country road. Amanda asked where they were going. “We are just going to take a drive in the country where there will be little traffic.” He kept taking quick looks at her as he drove. This girl was absolutely gorgeous. The fun he could have with her. Her nipples were long and he assumed hard. Her pussy lips were swollen and wet.

Adam asked Amanda how often she masturbated. She gave him a strange look and said about two or three times a week depending on how often she saw her boyfriend. Adam then asked if she had ever masturbated in front of someone. The look he got this time was almost funny. “No.”

“Well I would like you to masturbate for me now.”

“What? Right now?”

“Yes, please. Make sure your legs are spread wide so I can see.”

Amanda adjusted her position so her legs were spread. One hand went up to her chest and began to play with a nipple. The other hand went down to her waiting pussy. She must have been turned on because she immediately shoved two fingers deep inside herself. As she pulled them out he could see how wet they were. The show she put on was amazing.

Over the next ten minutes she fingered herself and teased her nipples. She used her thumb on her clit as she fucked her pussy with her fingers. She even let out several pleasant sounding moans. Near the end, she abandoned her boobs and used one hand on her clit as the other continued to finger fuck herself. The sounds she made and the look of pleasure on her face were priceless as she reached orgasm. There was even a wet spot growing on his seat between her legs to emphasize her pleasure.

During this whole experience Adam felt like his cock would tear through his jeans. He was so hard and wanted to cum more than he could imagine but he made a promise to himself that tonight nothing would happen. On the other hand, if she came back for more...

As Amanda came down from her orgasm Adam handed her his phone. “Delete the pictures.”

“But don’t you want to fuck me?”

“Nothing would make me happier.”

“You can, I would actually like that.”

“I am sure you would. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to have you tied down to my bed wearing nothing but that collar so I could use and abuse you in ways you never thought of.” Amanda looked at him in total shock. “However, tonight you didn’t come here on your own. If you want to play around some more, you have my phone number. I warn you though, I play rough.” He was amazed when he looked over at Amanda again. She had her hand back in her pussy fingering herself.

“Now get dressed and delete the pictures from my phone.”

Amanda was tying her tennis shoes as they pulled back into the parking lot at her school. Once parked, Adam pulled Amanda over and kissed her deeply, their tongues fighting for superiority. Amanda even reached down and squeezed his still hard and now desperate cock. “You need to go. You have my number if you want to experience more.” As Amanda got out of the car, Adam handed her the leash. “You will need this if you call me.”

Adam went home and jacked off with images of Amanda on his mind and hopes of a phone call.

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