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The Neighbor's Daughter - Chapter Four

Megan spends a day being pampered before the fun begins.

Once home after his morning with Megan, Adam logged onto his email account and found an email from an address he did not recognize. It was from Megan. In it she had given him her phone number and the simple statement, “I am interested.” He replied to her as well.

I am glad that you will be joining me this weekend. I have some instructions for you. From now until Saturday you are not allowed to have sex, masturbate, or cum by any method. I want you good and horny when we meet. At the store of your choice please buy a matching leather collar and leash. The collar must fit around your neck, as you will be wearing it. I also need you to visit an adult toy store and purchase a bondage kit with at a minimum two sets of leather cuffs, a blindfold and riding crop. Finally pick out a toy that interests you. A vibrator will not be sufficient. You must make your purchases before Saturday. You will not have time then. I will send you an email at 8:00am Saturday morning with your instructions for the day.

Thinking of you wet and tied down to my bed.

Master Adam

On Thursday and Friday Adam made arrangements for Megan’s day and on Saturday at 8:00am sharp he sent the email.

Good morning my slutty little Pet.

I assume you have followed my instructions from Wednesday night. Today you are going to have a busy day. I hope you are ready. Your day will begin at 9:00 when a car and driver will arrive to pick you up. Please be ready wearing a sundress that is easy to slip off and have your recent purchases with you.

Here is what your day will look like: 

9:30 – 1:30 Valley Spa – here you will get a Brazilian wax job, pedicure, manicure, facial and make over. Lunch will be served there.

1:30 – 2:30 The Jean store – Beth will help you pick out several pairs of jeans for work.

2:30 – 3:30 The Bedroom Closet, a Lingerie boutique – Amy will assist you with what I expect you to have.

3 :30 – 4:30 Karen’s Boutique – Karen will assist you with a dress for the evening.

5:00 - You will meet me for dinner at Che’ Opare for dinner.

I look forward to meeting you for dinner.

Master Adam

Adam spent the day like most Saturdays but could not quit thinking about what was going to happen. He almost wished he could be a little bird watching as Megan went through her day.

Finally, 5:00 came and he was sitting at his favorite restaurant waiting for Megan to arrive. When she walked in he almost didn’t recognize her. The spa had given her a hairdo that showed off her beautiful face, and she wore a simple string of pearls around her neck. The dress Karen picked out for her was an emerald green and showed off her complexion and green eyes. It was a green version of the little black dress. She was also wearing black stockings with a small floral pattern in them. He knew from experience that the stockings were topped off with a matching garter belt, thong and bra. He noticed men throughout the restaurant turn their heads as she was lead to the table by the hostess.

When she reached their table he stood up and pulled the chair out for her. Once seated, he leaned down and kissed her neck, whispering in her ear, “Oh my little pet, you look gorgeous tonight. I am going to enjoy unwrapping you piece by piece before I fuck you hard.”

With that he leaned in and kissed her before moving to his chair. Once Adam was seated he signaled the waiter and they ordered drinks along with a plate of oysters.

After they finished their drinks and the oysters, Adam asked her, “Are you more relaxed now, Pet?”


“Ahh, yes what?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Wonderful. I need you to do something for me while we wait on our salads. Please go to the ladies room and take off your bra, then bring it to me.”


“You heard me, now go.”

When Megan returned a couple of minutes later, he could clearly see her hard nipples poking through the material of her dress. Adam again stood and pulled her chair out for her. Once she was seated, he kissed her neck. “Mmmm your nipples are so hard.” Adam took her bra and laid it on the table between them, plainly visible to their waiter.

Shortly after that, their salads arrived along with a bottle of red wine. With the bra on the table, the waiter struggled not to look at it or Megan. As they ate, Adam had to remind her to look at him when they talked. Megan admitted that she was really nervous sitting there braless with her hard nipples visible. “Don’t be nervous or shy. You look beautiful.” Once the salad plates were cleared, Adam smiled at Megan. “Do you know what I need now?”

“No sir.”

“I need your panties.”

Megan looked at him, shocked, but then got up from the table and walked toward the ladies room. When she returned, Adam again helped her sit down in her chair. Kissing her neck, he whispered, “Are you wet?”

“Yes, Master.”

As Adam returned to his chair he whispered, “I want to taste you.”

Megan looked at him in confusion.

Smiling, Adam told her to slide her fingers in and get them wet.

“Right here?”


Looking around, she slid her hand under the tablecloth and scooted forward on her chair. Adam loved the look of lust on face as she began to finger herself.

“Scissor them.”

With that, she let out a small moan. She then pulled her fingers out and reached across the table, presenting them to Adam. He took her hand and kissed it before sucking both fingers into his mouth. Megan looked like she could cum right there.

Just before dinner arrived Adam took her thong and placed it on the table with her bra, folded so it was obvious what it was. With the thong and bra plainly visible, Adam enjoyed watching their waiter, Cameron, as he moved about the dining room. He always seemed to be staring either at Megan or the table display.

Once dinner was finished, Adam looked at Megan. “Do you know what I want now?”

Megan looked at him expectantly but at the same time concerned. Not sure what she would be expected to remove or do.

“I want a blowjob. Please climb under the table and give me a blowjob. The table cloth goes to the floor so no one will see you.”

“No, please Master, not here.”

“Yes right here and remember, no hands and no mess. Swallow it all.”

The look on her face told Adam he might have gone too far. But then Megan slowly pushed her chair away from the table and climbed under the table cloth.

He adjusted it around himself so she would not be visible from there unless someone was looking down at his lap. Adam leaned back a little and smiled as he felt her pull his zipper down and fish out his hard cock. This time he had to stifle a moan as her warm lips wrapped around his cock. She quickly went to work, bobbing her head up and down.

As Megan worked on his cock, Cameron showed up to collect their dinner plates. As he picked up the plates, Adam leaned back and motioned down with his eyes. The look on Cameron’s face was classic as he realized what was going on.

Not long after Cameron left with their dishes Adam felt his impending orgasm building. He slid his hand under the table and held Megan’s head as he pushed down her throat and began to pump her mouth full of his cum. Just like last time, Megan swallowed his entire load and continued to suck, cleaning him off.

Once Megan had returned to her seat, Adam asked her if she wanted desert. She told him she did not.

“Are you ready to leave then?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Wonderful, all I need to do is pay the bill and settle up with Cameron. I think I need your help with that, okay?”

“I guess. What do you need?”

“Well you realize you have been putting on quite a show for Cameron with your panties and bra laying here on the table. He also saw you give me the blowjob. I am sure he is very horny and frustrated but still has to work. I need you to give him a blowjob in the parking lot.”


“You heard me. This is how it is going to work. Robert, the driver, will have parked the car in the back corner of the lot. You need to head out there now. Get in the car and remove your dress and put on the collar, wrist and ankle cuffs you bought. Once you are ready, get out of the car and sit on your knees behind the open door. I will bring Cameron out in ten minutes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, I expect you to be ready.”

Once again, the look on Megan’s face told him he might have gone too far. Megan sat there for a moment, looking at him in complete shock. Finally she said, “Yes, Master.” She got up from the table and walked out of the restaurant.

Once Megan had left, Adam signaled Cameron and told him he needed the check. When Cameron returned with the bill, Adam asked him if he thought he could take a quick break.

“Yes sir, I probably can. Why?”

“Well, Megan will be ready in a couple of minutes to give you a well-deserved blowjob for your professional behavior this evening.”

“Excuse me?” Cameron said with a shocked look on his face.

“I think you understand. I am going to finish up with the check and will head out in a moment. Please meet me in the parking lot in five minutes.”

With that, Adam returned to what he was doing. Cameron took the hint and walked away.

Once finished, Adam walked outside and was not surprised to see Cameron waiting for him. The two of them walked together to the back corner of the parking lot where the car Adam had hired for the day was parked with the driver leaning against the front of it. Walking around the side, Adam saw the rear door was open and underneath the door he could see Megan’s shoes and bare ass. She had done just as he told her to. He motioned for Cameron to follow him around the door.

When Adam saw Megan, he was very pleased. She was wearing matching a pink collar and matching cuffs.

He told Cameron to lean against the side of the trunk as he walked over to Megan. Grabbing her hair, he pulled it down, forcing her to look up at him. At the same time, he bent down and kissed her deeply. He took his free hand and pinched her hard nipples. Breaking the kiss, he whispered into her ear, “You know what to do. The same rules apply.”

As Megan crawled over to Cameron, Adam walked around the open car door and leaned against the driver’s door. Although he was not looking, in no time at all he heard the sounds of Megan giving Cameron the blowjob.

He was quite surprised with himself. He had never asked a sub to service another man before. He was also surprised that Megan had gone along with it.

Looking back, he saw Megan’s head bobbing up and down. It was then he noticed her hands were stroking Cameron and squeezing his balls. Seeing that, he walked around the car door to where the two of them were. He grabbed Megan’s hair and pulled her off Cameron.

They both looked at him in total shock.

“Megan, I told you the same rules apply! Why are you using your hands?” With that, he pulled a carabineer out of his pocket and quickly used it to clip the wrist cuffs together behind her back. “Now finish what you started and you had better not spill a drop.”

With that, he walked back around the car door. It was not long before he heard Cameron moaning in orgasmic relief. Once he thought they were finished, he walked back around the door to see Cameron zipping his fly.

Adam decided it was time to give Megan what she needed. He walked up behind her. Grabbing her hair, he pulled her up onto her feet. He quickly pushed her over the trunk of the car and bent her face first over it. He unfastened his pants and pulled out his cock. He rubbed the tip across her waiting lips and shoved inside her. Not slowly. Not gradually with small strokes. He shoved his hard cock into her waiting pussy, balls deep in one solid thrust. Megan moaned in a combination of pain and pleasure, Adam was not sure which.

Without a moments rest, Adam began to thrust in and out of her with force. He watched as her hands, still clipped behind her back, flexed and relaxed with each thrust. He was pounding her with everything he had and anyone nearby could have heard the slap of his body hitting hers with each thrust. Adam reached under her, grabbing her nipples, squeezing them, using them as leverage for each thrust.

Knowing his own orgasm was rapidly approaching, Adam let go of a nipple and snaked his hand down to her opening, pressing down on her engorged clit.

“Oh Goddd, I am going to cum,” moaned Megan.

Adam leaned up and whispered in her ear, “Cum with me, baby.”

That was all it took. An orgasm began to rip through Megan, her body shaking with pleasure. As it turned out, Megan was a squirter. As cum poured out of her, it soaked Adam’s balls and ran down his thighs. With that, Adam made one final hard thrust into Megan and unloaded himself. His orgasm was intense as well and it took everything he had to stay standing behind her and not collapse onto the pavement.

Once Adam regained his composure, he pulled out and stood up, noticing that Megan did not follow. Quickly pulling up his boxers and pants, he picked Megan up and placed her into the back seat. It was then he noticed Cameron still standing there watching. “That will be all, Cameron. Robert, Take us to my house.”

As soon as Adam climbed into the backseat, Megan curled up next to him.

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