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The New Workout Partner

The lonely husband finds a new friend...
It’s just another workout at the gym. Will tonight prove to be the same old routine?

My schedule has been haywire lately. I am usually here long before sunrise but today it’s almost 9:00 pm at Power Gym. I just couldn’t make it in until an hour ago and, for me, it is never a good day unless there is a workout in there somewhere.

It is nearing the end of my program, just one more set of lat pull downs and then off to the bench and I’m out. As the last reps are being completed I am invited into a conversation nearby by a couple of the staff members. Not officially invited, mind you, but I can concentrate on little else. Dawn, a beautifully fit brunette, is chatting with Chrissy, the woman with the equally model-like good looks and long blond hair. As they are wrapping it up I hear Dawn say, “I just need to get off; I’m so horny today!” With that, she leaves her associate and heads toward another part of the weight room.

“Damn!” I say inside my head as I see her luscious ass casually walk in front of me, raising my already elevated heart rate. “I’d sure love to tap that!”

“Yeah right. Mike, you are such a poser. You act like you are some sex machine and your own wife never even wants you,” I think to myself. And you know, I’m right. We’ve been married for over 25 years now and my sex life sucks. If I was so great in bed I wouldn’t be stroking off alone in bed almost every night while she is out in the living room watching TV.

I am your typical gym rat. I can’t seem to get enough. If I am not playing basketball or racquetball, you’ll find me on a bike or treadmill. If not there, then look to the weight room and you’ll find me there. I also spend a lot of time enjoying the great outdoors.

I’m not used to lifting this late and I am tired. The previous set, eight at 175, just about did me in. I am about to do my final set on the bench, six reps at 185. I am ‘visualizing’ getting it done while lying on the bench. “You can do this!” I am saying to myself, but am unconvinced.

Just then the beauty approaches, Dawn, the stunning brunette. She walks up near the bench and is looking down at me while I try to concentrate. It is a losing battle; I can’t help but notice her. I can actually feel her presence. She smells divine. It’s a mixture of her natural feminine scent and the sexy glow of an athletic woman who has been working out. I love it. I look into her eyes as I sit up and say hello.

She is standing, arms folded, lean muscles unintentionally flexing from underneath her gathered Power Gym athletic shirt. In her black skin tight volleyball shorts she looks so damn sexy. There is something about a woman in form-fitting gear. You know what I mean. The beautiful, shapely thighs narrowing a little as they rise to meet her core. As they taper into her lovely crotch, it leaves a horizontal shelf, an inch or two wide, where her clothes meet her encased womanhood. There may be nothing on a woman that is any sexier to me. And there she stands before me.

Her beauty is absolutely striking! Straight brown hair gathered in a ponytail, big green eyes, tan, and the curves of an extremely fit woman. She looks like she could run an Ironman competition tomorrow. However, unlike the typical runner, she has some well-placed, scrumptiously appointed meat on her. Her breasts jut out firm and high, I’m guessing a full 36 or 37 C. Her torso is ripped – maybe even a six pack - and she has lean yet lightly muscled arms and calves. I love her big muscular thighs and big, round athletic ass. She is the epitome of perfection to me. As she stands silently by my side she is screaming the word ‘sexy.’

We introduce ourselves, shake gloved hands and make some small talk for a minute or two.
“Yeah I have seen you around Mike, but aren’t you normally here in the morning with all of the basketball guys?” she says, etc., etc.
“I hear a lot of people talk about you Dawn. Both men and women think you’re the best personal trainer here,” I say, etc., etc.
We seem to hit it off pretty well. She is not only gorgeous, she is also really sweet. In my experience that’s a very rare combination.

“You’re starting to get pumped Mike. You’ve made quite a bit of progress and are looking very good! Would you like me to spot you?” she asks.

“Sure, that would be great,” I say, before hearing a loud voice bellow from across the giant room.

“Dawn, the men’s locker room is clear. I am heading out and will lock the front door. Chrissy is checking the ladies’ room now and then taking off too. You and our guest there are all that’s left in the house. Have a great night!”

“Will do James. See you tomorrow!”

She stands above my head as I lay back down. We place our hands on the bar in unison.

“How much is this?”


She steps up on the lower horizontal bar at the base of the bench, rising up about a foot and now closer to my head, actually above it. “I‘m going to need to get a better grip, that’s a lot of weight for me,” she says. That makes sense. I figure she might have 120 pounds on her sumptuous 5’ 5” frame.

As I again focus on the bar above me, my eyes take me once again to her gorgeous thighs - they are touching the top of my head – and her ever-so-pleasing shorts. Did I say she was perfect? I can’t put words to the thoughts I’m thinking. As I gaze upon her, I can sense that my breathing has quickened and, damn it, I am getting hard.

“Night Dawn, I’m outta here!” yells Chrissy from across the room with a wave.

“See ya! Be sure and lock up when you leave.”

“Concentrate Mike,” I am thinking as I say “Okay” to warn her and I begin to raise the bar. As I do she grabs the bar and lowers her body over me a little bit more to gain some leverage, helping me to get the bar up.

The first three go well but as I begin to lower the bar on the fourth rep, I can sense that I am struggling. She readies herself all the more by squatting down closer to me, her legs on both sides of my head now. She is in perfect position should she anticipate that I might need some help. Her scent and her closeness and her beauty are proving to be a bit overwhelming to me. I can tell that I am breathing deeper still and that my heart rate continues to rise.

“I am toast,” I think to myself. There is no way I am going to get this up.

I must have been thinking out loud or something, cause the next words from her mouth were, “Come on Mike, you can do it!” Incredulously, with her encouragement, I did.

I got number five up too, mainly due to the inspiration hovering above me. I often play mind games, self-talk kind of stuff, just to get me pumped and primed to succeed.

“There is no way she’s going to want me if I don’t get this damn bar up,” I think to myself. But my fantasy is causing a little problem. Much to my dismay, I have a growing erection in my shorts. I am now at full staff and am hoping she isn’t noticing it... NOT!

“Wow, you’re really getting pumped now!” she said with a wicked little giggle and a gleam in her eyes.

Now I am embarrassed, and it shows. Whenever I get embarrassed my face gets a quizzical look on it and it immediately turns beet red.

“Don’t be embarrassed honey,” she says nonchalantly, “I often have that effect on men. I like it. So, come on now, get it up! Well, you know what I mean,” she says once again with that wicked smile.

It was now or never. I quickly lower the bar across my nipples and then begin to power it up. However, with all of the excitement, and the blood transfer from my pecs, arms and shoulders to my engorged cock, it just isn’t happening. Dawn bends down even lower and together we muscle it up and put it back onto the rack.

“Good job Mike, you did great!”

“Yeah right, without you it would be crushing my chest right now. Thanks for your help. I’m a little bummed. I normally get that up.”

“Don’t worry honey, you did get it up!” and with a grin on her face she points to the bulge in my shorts.

We both break out into hearty laughter.

“Say, I need to close up; are you finished?”

I nodded in the affirmative.

“Do you have time to take hop in the spa with me? I need some hot jets on my body right about now.”

“Sure that would be great.”

“Okay. So shower yourself off and then meet me at the spa. I am going to do the same. See in a few!”

Wow! What a great way to end the day, spending some time with my new friend. I walk in front of her and head towards the men's locker room.


As I walk behind Mike I can’t help but check him out and admire his body. I am constantly here and see all kinds of men. Most, in spite of faithfully attending a gym, have their large bellies hanging over their belts, real flabby arms and legs and swaying jowls beneath their faces. That’s not Mike. He’s 5’ 10”, maybe 175 pounds, with a strong, lean torso from all of his ab work. He isn’t a super strong guy, not compared to all the ‘roid’ guys in here, but he has a wonderfully sculpted body: a lot of lean muscle on an athletic and well-rounded physique. He has the type of body I try to get the new-comers to eventually have. He also has a nice, friendly face and a warm and caring smile. I find him quite attractive.

Beyond his looks though, I like his personality. He is very witty and carries himself with a lot of confidence. He seems to know who he is. He also seems genuine. I like that, a real man. A man who is strong and self-aware but also able to be nice and tender. He seems like the real deal. It’s too bad he’s married.

After he loses himself in the men’s room I hurriedly enter mine, throw off my clothes, do a 60 second shower, pull my hair down from the pony tail and very quickly ran to the spa. I want to ensure that I beat him into the water and I do. He is nowhere in sight as I arrive at our private little pool and turn on the jets and wait impatiently for him.

I am leaning against the far wall with my arms raised onto the side. The jets are going full bore now as he finally enters the pool area. I must have beat him by seven or eight minutes. As he climbs in with just his workout shorts on, I take his wonderful physique in once again. He really does look delicious!

We soon break out into some great dialog, anywhere from where we went to school, our hobbies and favorite sports, movies and books and, of course, our work. I am 37, he is 52. He couldn’t believe my age.

“You could easily pass for someone 10 years younger than that!” You are amazing. I soooo admire a woman who takes care of herself. It is easy for the teenagers or 20 somethings. They just wake up in the morning and have the perfect bodies. But once you hit your 30’s or 40’s and beyond”, he said with a wink, “You have to really work at it or it all goes to hell. I really admire you Dawn. You are so disciplined and very beautiful!”

Frankly, he looks amazing too. I guess his face shows the lines you’d expect from a guy who has seen the big 5-0, but his body is so much younger than that. It is better than most guys who work out here that are 20 years his junior. He looks very good.

We finally get to our social lives and relational attachments. I have never been married but I did have a live in a couple of times. Neither one was able to make for the long haul: nice guys but “not so great in bed.” And that is exactly what I tell Mike.

“I know what you mean,” he says, as he nervously begins to slowly stroke the bubbles off of his powerful arms in front of him. “My wife and I have been married for over twenty five years. I love her dearly. We get along great, raised some neat kids - they are grown and gone now- and, well, everyone gets along fine. But...” His voice suddenly tailed off.

“But what?” I ask as I too begin to skim the water’s surface.

“But she isn’t a very sexual person, at least not any more. Our first few years were fairly satisfying but she just hasn’t been into it for, well for quite some time now. It is pretty tough to take.” As he continues to talk I learn that he has known no other woman. His wife was his first and he has been faithful to her ever since

“That sounds hard,” I say, and as I say the word it begins to stir the sexual tension within me. “How long has it been like that? Years?”

“Yeah, it’s been years, many years. Can I be candid?”

I am thinking, “Fuck yes, I want to hear all of the details!” but, instead, I just calmly say, “Please do.”

“Well before I talk about me, can I respond to something you said?”

“Sure, I’d love your input.”

“Okay. I am not saying this just because I am an older guy now but stay with me for a minute. As a young man you are normally all about ‘you.’ You don’t think a whole lot about others, are kind of selfish, maybe even self-centered. I’ve found that when many of us get some years under our belts we begin to see the bigger picture. It hasn’t always been so, but today my goal is to please my woman first. Hopefully again and again.”

“So you give your wife multiple orgasms?” I am really starting to fall in love with this guy! And I’m getting hot. I begin to discreetly fiddle with my hardened clit under the turbulent water.

“Well Dawn, if and when she is interested, yes I do. After she’s been completely satisfied, then I can get taken care of. I’m in no hurry when it comes to making love. Why should I be? We have an empty home and all the time in the world. So anyway, getting back to you, if you were dating younger guys, that could be part of what you were dealing with. You may need to find a man who’s a bit more seasoned and whose priorities are a bit broader.”

Damn I like him. Why does he have to be married! I begin to tweak my left nipple below the water with my other hand as my excitement continues to build.

“Getting back to my wife and me, like almost all guys, I am a very sexual man. I frankly can’t get enough. I love to experience the charms of a woman again and again. For her, it would be enough to be together once a month. That would be perfect for her. For me...well let’s just say, that just doesn’t cut it. Take today for example. We made love this morning before I left for work. If I had my way, I’d be all over her again when I get home tonight. Unfortunately, that isn’t going happen. I may see her naked again in a month or so and we’ll have some fun then. What a bummer. I’m sorry if this is TMI!”

“Don’t worry. It certainly is not.” I am loving this sexy talk. At this point I am wanting to stick my fingers inside of me. I am so excited. I really need to get off. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, fire away, whatever you’d like to ask.”

“Do you find yourself horny all the time then, because of your situation at home?”

A big, sexy smile takes over the man’s face.

“Well, it is kind of ironic now, with you being named Dawn and all.”

I know that as I am staring at him there is a confused look on my face. “What is he talking about,” I wonder to myself.

“When the subject of being horny has come up in the past, my pat response has always been, ‘I’m so horny the crack of dawn isn’t even safe!’ ”

We both start to laugh our respective asses off, one of those ‘my belly hurts now’ side-splitting binges. And I am getting hornier by the minute. So I continue our dialog while still managing to keep my little button happy.

“Well, if I can be direct, is there a reason you don’t please her? Is it her or is it you? Maybe at one time you were a very good lover but now you are a wam-bam type who leaves her wanting. She might be too frustrated to even want to get started. Do you still know how to please a woman Mike?” I think I know the answer, but I want him to keep talking.

Another sheepish smile creeps across his face. His nervousness is obviously growing as his large, veiny hands cannot stop slapping at the water. He is looking down at his hands as they continue to wrestle with the tiny waves.

“Are you a selfish lover Mike? Is that it?” I say, playing with his mind, taunting him, just hoping he’ll bite on it and want to prove me wrong, right here, right now.

“I don’t think that’s it.” Mike is squirming now. “I’m not sure how much you want to hear. This is kind of private stuff you know?”

“Go on; I want to hear if you don’t mind telling me.” I couldn’t be more interested, or wetter for that matter.

“Dawn, when I bed my wife, she would come at least twice for every time I would come. Usually it was three times and sometimes four. In recent years though, she hasn’t wanted to take the time to allow me to get her off. She is older of course and her body is changing and all, but she is no longer interested on getting off. She just wants me to get on top, get in, get off and then be done with it. It is really hard and it is really sad.”

I can see the pain in Mike’s eyes and I can see the passion and hunger oozing from his pores. There is a fire in him, like I have never seen before in a man. It isn’t just lust. Don’t get me wrong, I like lust. But there is so much more to this man; it is so much richer. There is a deep passion within him fighting to get out.

“Can you tell me how you get her off? How did you used to please her? What is it that she is saying ‘No’ to?”

“You want me to be graphic? Okay, well...”

I cut him off. I decide I don’t want to hear any more words. I am so fucking hot right now that I need some relief and I need it fast. My finger is still dancing on my sensitive nub. I so need to cum now....

“Say, are you hungry? Would you like to get something to eat?” I say.

“Actually I am starving!”

“Good, I am too!” I say. I want to be the one to take his ‘second’ virginity!

I have a surprise for Mike and here it comes. I stand up in the waist-deep water and my naked torso steps into view. The cloud of the churning waters has been lifted and I am proudly standing before my new friend. My hardened nipples are jutting out and, in my excitement, my chest is heaving a little. I am staring straight into his eyes. It is quite evident that he likes what he sees. I look behind me to see where the edge is and place my hands on each side behind me. I turn to face him again and slowly, perhaps even dramatically, lift myself out of the water and sit on the edge of the built in spa. I am nude and my legs are lewdly parted, boldly displaying my newly shaved cunny with the landing strip above it.

“I have the perfect food for a starving man! How about a little snack first, I mean, snatch?”

I have been diddling my hot clit for some time now under the water. I am dying to get off. Now, and even as he watches, I continue my sensuous play on my button and slide a finger invitingly between my soaking wet lips, all the while keeping my eyes fixated on his. I am so close.

“Are you trying to seduce me Dawn?”

“Are you seducible Mike?”

The look in his eyes gives me the answer I desperately need to hear. He half stands and then breaststrokes the 12 feet or so over to me. His large hands reach me first and he hooks them behind my knees and slowly inches himself closer to me. His tongue and lips are making a hot sexy trail as he licks and kisses up my inner thighs. As he draws closer to his prize he pulls my fingers from my box and looks up at me. As he slowly licks my fuck juices from my fingers he says in his deep and sexy voice, “You won’t be needing these any more. You have me now,” and guides my hands up to my breasts.

“Who is this guy?” I think to myself. Such confidence. He looks down at my throbbing, needy pussy and blows warm air on it.

“Damn!” he says, “you are so beautiful...”

And then places his tongue at the bottom of my lips and slides his tongue upwards. As soon as his sexy muscle reaches my clit my body begins to shake uncontrollably. I am coming and he’s hardly done a thing! His tongue is like a vise on my engorged nub and he keeps sucking and lightly chewing on it as waves of extreme pleasure continue to rack my body. Wow! It is an amazingly hard come.

“Yes! YES!!!” is all I manage to get out. I needed that so much. But I am still needy and want more of him. He seems to be enjoying himself as he allows me to come back down to earth.

"Dawn, I am still hungry," he says as he slowly slides his hand under my ass, cupping my ass cheeks in each hand. He curls his arms, raising my body off the deck and unceremoniously towards his gaping mouth. I see his tongue extend past his lips and aim for my fleshy, moist folds of wonder. It meets me at the base of my juice box and he slowly glides it north to my clit. His long, skilled tongue goes back and forth again and again, up and down my slick hole.

“Oh yeah, feast on me my lover!”

Using his muscular biceps, he begins a set of curls with my body, raising and lowering me with his arms. His biceps and traps are bulging as he brings my cunt up to his mouth and then back down again, fucking my slit each time with his hardened tongue. I am close to coming again. He sets my ass back down on the decking and inserts two fingers into my wet tunnel and finds my G spot, all the while lapping at my clit. He is fucking me now with his fingers, and it is the best a man has ever fucked me. Amazingly, I haven’t even seen his cock yet! I am rocking my hips now to meet his fingers and mouth. I grab his hair and pull it and his attached head deeper into me. I need this and I need it badly. My orgasm continues to build until the convulsions from my cunt begin to overtake my body. Damn, this man is good. Fuck!!!

“Damn! Ohhhh, fuck! YES! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Mike!!!” I scream out, filling the empty building with echoes of my pleasure.

His mouth is tightly clenched onto my clit as the ride continues. His tongue and fingers are like magic. I have never felt this good before, and I’ve been coming for over 25 years. I’ve never wanted a man to fuck me more than I do at this instant! As I come down from my high, he is relentlessly lapping up my juices and cream. I am looking down on him, but I have never before looked up to a man more. WOW!

My cunt’s secretions are fading, and my heart rate will be back to normal soon. And he is still lapping at my sweetness. And I am still feeling incredible.

“I’m still hungry,” says my sexy friend.

“Oh I’m not finished with you yet!” I promise as we climb out and he takes my hands and leads me up onto the decking. He guides me backwards while placing his arms around me and takes my mouth in his own. Our tongues dance together passionately as his hands find their way down my back until at last they camp on my ass cheeks. I can taste myself on him and I love it. It makes me even hotter, makes me want him all the more. His fingers are exploring my crack until he reaches the base of my moist, hot treasure chest.

I reluctantly break free of his grasp and kneel down. I place my thumbs inside the waistband of his shorts and yank them down to his feet and pull them off. I hold the base of his veiny member and look up at Mike. He is beside himself. Pure unadulterated lust has filled his eyes. His cock is magnificent. It is clean shaven, a pretty average six inches in length, but quite thick.

“What are you thinking?” I say.

“I’m thinking I can’t believe that I am here. I can’t believe that such an amazingly sexy and exceptionally nice woman is letting me have her. This is unbelievable!”

“Believe it Mike. Believe it and feel it!” and I swallowed him whole down my hot throat. I worked my tongue underneath his long shaft and bathed him with my saliva. It was so soft and sexy. The nicest dick I’ve ever had. It smelled good and was irresistibly delicious. I worked him in and out of me while finger fucking myself. I am at the point now of needing him inside me. I stand before him again and hold his hands and kiss him once again.

“I have another surprise for you!” I say.

“I’m not sure if I can take any more surprises tonight hon.”

“Oh believe me, you’ll like this one!”

I let go of his hands and raise my left leg and place it on top of his right shoulder. He looks at my leg and then turns to me with an implausible look on his face. I place my hand on his shoulder to steady myself.

“What do you think? I am quite flexible, am I not?”

He takes his cock and perches it at the opening of my cunt, but he does not enter in. There are pre-cum droplets at the tip of the beautiful head and he begins to work his milky slit-hole against my protruding clit. Damn, it was overwhelming. After rubbing me into a frenzy, he looks down, takes his cock into his hands and slides his hand up to the tip, milking some more juice out of it. He pulls his lovely nectar from the tip onto his fingers and brings them to my lips. It is exquisite.

“Are you ready lover?” he asks me and then grabs my ass with his right hand, keeping the bulk of my weight resting on his hand. He reaches for my right leg with his left hand and flings my limb up over his other shoulder as he leans my back against the wall. I am in a rather precarious position now, but it is extremely exciting. He then leans his hips forward, closing the gap between us, and places the mushroom head at my opening and lunges his legs forward. In one motion he is balls deep into me, bottoming out at my very core. I am full and I am ready to be fucked.

“Damn!” he yells.

Apparently the Mrs’ cunny isn’t very tight anymore. Mike hasn’t had a 30 something’s cunt in 15 years, and this one does kegels every day. If there is one thing I am, it is tight!

“Fuck!” he says, over and over again. I think he likes me. He takes my mouth in his once again and just about swallows me as I ride him and he pounds into me. The feeling is incredible. I haven’t had a cock in me for nearly two years. And I have never had one that felt this good.

Until tonight, the term ‘hard fuck’ was just a curiosity, never something I had experienced. He is pushing his powerful legs and hips back and forth into me and using his hands to raise my ass up and down on his smooth shaft. When we would get a little bit out of sync, my back would slam loudly into the wall behind me. It is rough and it is frantic but it is so fucking good. The roughness of the wall is killing my back but the pleasure in my cunt is beyond compare. He is so damn hard, so skilled. He really knows what he is doing. For now on, it is a hard fuck for me! What in the hell is wrong with his wife? She is either crazy, extremely stupid or completely numb below the waist.

Within minutes I have the best cum I have ever enjoyed, causing tingling in my nerve endings from my head to my toes. Waves of pleasure are rocking me to such a degree that I fear I might pass out. I begin to milk his cock, clenching my pussy muscles with all of my might. I want him to have the best one too. I want him to want me. I need him to keep coming back for more. He soon joins me and begins to scream as he ejaculates deep inside my sultry tunnel. I can feel his seed shoot into my depths. I love that feeling. It has been too long. He takes my mouth by storm again, piercing my lips aggressively, wrestling me with his tongue. I can’t get enough of this man. He is all I had hoped for and more. How could it be any better than this?

“What the fuck Dawn!!!?”

Shocked back into the throws of reality, I quickly look to my left. Sporting a countenance that is filled with anger stands Chrissy, with her hands on her hips and left foot nervously tapping.

Now I’m in trouble...

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