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The Peasant Mother's Sacrifice

A mother solves her daughter's fear about losing her virginity to the lord instead of to her groom
In medieval times in Europe the law in some fiefdoms was that the lord had the privilege to fuck the bride first on her wedding night unless the bridegroom could offer a certain monetary payment. The Latin term for the policy was jus primae nocti or "first night rights." In this way the lord maintained his dominance over his manor, increased his coffers, as well as experiencing the obvious pleasures.

This story takes place in 1453 AD in eastern France.

“Mother, John will not marry me if the lord fucks me first! You know that is the law – and the lord enforces it on serious penalty. What am I to do?”

Madame deLong replied to her child, “My Christine, of course, I know it – that is where your older brother came from – the lord’s father had me on my wedding night and nine months later your brother was born. Your father could not do anything about it. It is a terrible rule that the Lord goes first. It was removed many years ago but Lord Coucy’s father reinstated it and he has continued with the tradition.”

“But John will not marry me if I am not a virgin!”

“John is a peasant like us and he cannot pay the lord’s tax to marry so you will have to open your legs to the lord. That is all there is to it! I did for the lord’s father and you can for his son. If I had not done it we would not have your brother, who has helped provide for us while your father is off fighting the king’s battles. Your father accepted it.”

“Dear Mother, John is not father. You talk to John and tell him that - I tried. He is not going to marry me if the Lord’s cock breaks my skin. I just am not going to marry!”

With her palms, Christine wipes some tears from the corner of her eyes.

“Christine, you are 16 now. You are lucky that this young lord follows his father’s way and lets the females ripen more before having them marry. Too many women were dying in childbirth.”

“I don’t care!” she cries and falls into a chair.

“Both your father and your older brother let the lord have their wives on their wedding nights – not because they wanted too. But I know it will not do any good talking to that John of yours. He is a good boy but too stubborn. Let me think about this for a while.”

The following day.

“Mother, where are you going?”

“Christine, I have had an idea. I am going to the manor to talk with the lord.”

“It isn’t any use. I am going to be an old maid.”

“My dear little girl, you deserve more than that. You do so much work here in the house and the farm work on the lord’s section of land. Plus, you bring in extra money from your spinning cloth. I am going to see that you are happy. You have also saved your maidenhead for your marriage. I’ll be back tonight.”

“Oh, Mother, merci. I hope so - I wish you well dear Mother!”

In the lord’s manor

Madame deLong bows to Lord Coucy, who is a large man with a black moustache and long side burns. There is no hair on his chin because he likes to show the small cleft on it, which is the family trait of the men. He sits behind a long thick oak table.

“So, peasant deLong, I do not know why my clerk let you have an audience with me – no-one questions me about the practice of jus primae noctis. There are no exceptions. If the marriage tax cannot be paid the lord has first use of the bride. The laws must be obeyed. However, the clerk here said you had a proposition that would interest me. Make your point, but please do not distress me with any complaint.”

“Thank you, m' lord. You are the son of your father, Lord Coucy, who was wise, fair and generous. He gave me my first son who I adore. Dear Sir, you know my young daughter, Christine, wants to marry the peasant John, and the boy is very stubborn. He wants to have his bride’s treasure first.”

The Lord interrupts and bellows, “Ha! If a couple cheat me on my first night’s rights, I will have them both put in an iron gibbet for all to see until they starve!”

“Sir, I have an idea that I think may satisfy the law.”

“What is it woman?”

“Fuck me.”

“Fuck you? Fuck you, instead - an old mother whose cunt is well worn?”

“Fuck me and my daughter.”

“Tell me more, woman.”

“My Lord, when you come to our home early on the nuptial night, we will have young husband–to-be, John, drunk from the partying after the wedding. The nosy people who like to watch the lord come to our house for the lord’s obligation will see you come and then, after you make the noble obligatory fuck they will see you go. You will have indeed screwed us both but we will tell John that you only fucked me. We will make the foolish man state an oath to the king that he will never tell anyone that his wife was not fucked by you the lord. Of course, you will have but he will not know. So you get my cunt and my daughter’s virgin box too. What say you to this little ‘trickery’ for the nuptial night? Do you think you could fill two holes?”

“Splendid, woman!”

“My daughter, Christine, and I should have a plenty of time to meet your needs by the time John sobers up. Of course, when he awakes you will be gone and Christine will be acting like she too is still asleep. I will wake her and we will tell him that you only screwed me and not that you fucked Christine too.”

“Brilliant, woman! Done! Now let me see your cunt and arse!”

The cagey mother smiles, “Oh thank you Lord. You can do what you want to us next week on the wedding night but only then.”

She smiles, bows almost to the floor to show off her hanging globes and then takes her leave.

Back at home.

Upon coming through the door, fair Christine runs to meet her mother.

“Mother, what happened?”

“My child, the problem is solved!”

“Mother, you are wonderful. How did you do it?”

“On your wedding night the lord is going to fuck both of us while your new husband is in a drunken stupor. However, John will think only I was violated. He will have to swear for the rest of his days that the lord did the fucking. Of course, the lord would not be satisfied with cocking an old wench like me so I had to offer us both.”

“What! I am not going to let the lord fuck me! I cannot lie to my John.”

“Daughter, I feared that. So, I have an alternative. I will have to fuck the brains out of the lord so he will not have juice left for you.”

“Mother, you would do that for me? Your sacrifice makes you an angel. You are not an old wench either. I see the way the men try to look down your smock in the village. They would all love to have their time with you. You do not let just every man be with you.”

“Well, daughter I cannot see why you should not be a little friendlier with the men like your mother. After all, your father is away so often and you accept my bringing home men. We know you are not always asleep when we share the tick.”

[The tick is like a large mattress-like object stuffed with straw. Here it is called a palliasse or pallet after the French word for straw, paille. The peasant family and guests sleep on the same tick due to limited space and needed heat in winter. Of course, the intimacy sometimes results in interesting night activity.]

“But Mother, John insists on my purity.”

“My child, we do not need to keep going over this, especially when your marriage is taking place next week. Although I hate the law, I do appreciate the lonely life the lord lives. Everyone knows he does not get much from his wife because she is always playing with the bauble of that dullard, mute young man who lives at their manor. If first-night rights did not take place then he would be confined to the whores in the village. It would be especially unpleasant for him that his huge cock was not exercised. Everyone knows it is magnificent since so many young brides have seen it. He takes after his father whose prick was also big and needed use. I can attest to that!”

Christine kisses her mother on the cheek.

The wedding takes place outside of the towering stone church in the village square, on a balmy late summer afternoon .

The young couple, dressed in clean brown wool peasant clothes, stand in front of the old portly priest who is dressed in a black cape and is wearing a skull cap. The audience of the peasants are agitated because they want the ceremony to be short, so they can get to the fun and spirits.

The priest gives an aside to the mother of the bride.

“Madame deLong, would it not be more appropriate if you draped your daughter with something that did not show off her tits on such a solemn occasion?”

“Father, as this is such a solemn occasion, as you have just stated, then please stop straining your eyes to get a look and get to your duties of the service.”

The priest turns away and offers a brief wedding rite but does not take his eyes off the young woman’s chest. The priest has a point in that the young woman’s smock is so low and open on the sides that her small tits are easy to see. Yet the size should not be dismissed since the large puffy brown nipples indicate room for the cones to grow and the aureoles to spread.

He is also jealous of the young groom who will have the juene fille for the night after the lord has his time with her. Also he laments that his own sex life is limited mostly to his housekeeper, now that the convent’s mother superior no longer allows her novices around him unaccompanied.

The crowd revels in games in the square including races with partners with their legs tied together, wrestling, and a game of hoodman’s blind. In this game the “it” person has a hood over his eyes, then is spun and has to catch people who get to hit him with sticks. The barrel of wine and the barrel of mead the lord generously provided make it a very festive late afternoon.

There is a stir in the crowd when a woman who has not left her house for three days runs into the square. She was caught in adultery so the church court sentenced her - she was stripped and had to chase a chicken in the streets. The other married women are chagrined because they can see she is feigning catching the chicken so she can have more time to advertise her fine assets to the men.

The attention returns to the games which are now ending. However, the frivolity continues with clowns, jugglers etc. A Roma (gypsy) pickpocket is faring well. The dancing starts and continues into the evening. After the sun sets, Madame deLong notes her new son-in-law, John, is finally sufficiently drunk. She looks at her daughter then toward the door sending her daughter the message it is time to leave. Christine leaves the dancing and gets her husband from the beer tent. She grabs John under the arms and lifts him from the chair at the beer tent.

“John, we must go.”

With his eyes closed he turns and tries to plant a sloppy kiss on her. But Christine turns, grabs his shoulders and push the stumbling groom out the door. The mother pays a blind man to rent one of his wheelbarrows. Madame deLong had reserved it earlier in the day because she wanted to be sure one was available for their needs. They often go fast to the wives at these gatherings. The mother lifts her new son-in-law and holds him up while her daughter pushes the wheelbarrow under the soused young man. They head for home with the mother and daughter each holding a handle as the wheelbarrow clatters over the cobblestones.

Upon arrival at their hut, Madame deLong helps her daughter move the now dead-to-the-world peasant through the door into a corner of the hut. The structure has only two rooms – one side for animals and the other for the family. A crude stone and beam wall separates the family from the animals - a cow, a pig and some chickens. The room for the family includes a small stone fire place in an outside wall, a table and some stools.

There is a long board on the wall with cups and plates on it [later called a cupboard]. The mother has washed the fabric and replaced the straw in the tick on the floor in anticipation of the nuptial night. The abode is a typical one for a woman who has to support herself with meager earnings from her husband’s military service, her doing laundry for the wealthy nobles and some tradesmen. The daughter’s spinning cloth contributes to their income.

Christine and her mother brush each other’s clothes in anticipation of the lord’s arrival. The only sounds are the snoring from the drunken bridegroom asleep in a corner of the room and periodically from some passerby in the street.

Soon, the women hear the hoof beats of the lord’s entourage arriving. Madame deLong opens the door, and bows. The nobleman leaves his two young escorts outside. One is his horseman, in charge of the lord’s horse, and the other is a swordsman, present for his security. The two recline with their backs on the hut.

Madame deLong announces, “Welcome noble leader to our very humble home and accept our apologies for its appearance. We hope the hospitality you will receive here will allow you to remember only that and not our poverty.”

“Madame, a lord of the fiefdom respects the peasants of his land and makes sure that he accepts his duties toward their contentment.”

Walking in he smiles, “I see the handsome groom is starting out his married life asleep.”

The bride looks in dismay at her new husband on the floor in the corner.

The nobleman continues, “You are fortunate young lady to be broken in properly by an experienced cock of class. As a lord I take my duties most seriously.”

Christine’s eyes look down.

Madame deLong stares at her daughter, “Christine, you can now remove your clothes.”

Christine frowns but acquiesces.

The mother watches the lord ogle her daughter while she removes her skull cap exposing her blonde hair, then her tan wool tunic. The young post- pubescence white breasts with puffy brown nipples protrude straight out. Their youth is obvious and also they have not been compromised with either babies or men’s mouths. Then she stoops and the nipples point to the floor as she removes her leggings. The young woman is thin with just a few wisps of blond hair around her slit. The lord feels his cock harden.

As he watches he thinks to himself that these young women are a nice change from his regular offerings of the whores in the realm. His eyes cannot leave the young woman’s taut tits or her exposed slit. The lord smiles in anticipation of mating with such a young virginal woman.”

“Now my lord,” the mother interrupts the lord’s reverie so his and her daughter’s eyes turn to her. Madame deLong pivots to her side. She then quickly jerks the string on her laced top which she falls to the floor. Exposed are beautiful, large, smooth sagging globes with dark brown spotted aureoles and long pink nipples. They are magnificent for her age and Madame deLong knows it. Her fingers undo a rope and the baggy pants then drop revealing a thick dark reddish-brown bush between her thighs.

The lord feels his cock stiffen in the confines of its cod piece. He thinks, “My God, my father got into that woman a generation ago, but she has to be even more fuckable now!”

The mother emphasizes a swing in her walk as she moves to take the hand of her nude daughter. She pushes her down to her knees onto the tick on the floor. She then walks to the tall lord, takes his hand and walks him to the tick.

“Lord Coucy, would you be so generous to let this mother first demonstrate to her daughter the habits of a love?”

“What do you mean, woman?”

“I will put your prick to me so she can see how she should assist her new husband in the future.”

“You have my consent. Now enough of this idle chat and let us get to the cunt - I mean my obligation!”

As he says these words he begins to ceremoniously shed his clothes. First, he removes and tosses the bulging codpiece which covers his genitals. Unlike most other noble men of the time he does not need to stick a sock or two in it to make himself look virile. Then he removes a doublet and then a chausse. For a man in his 40s, which is old for the time, he has a good physique. He has a solid chest from exercises to keep in condition for jousting tournaments and he likes to compete with the knights; which is most unusual for a lord.

Removing the leg coverings has also exposed his beautiful bulbous instrument between his legs which must be seven or eight inches in length. It has created many healthy youths in the fiefdom - most of whom are recognizable by a little cleft in their chins. Madame deLong’s first son has one too.

The young bride puts her hand over mouth and looks at her mother as if to say, “My God, I don’t have room for that!”

The mother regards her daughter and smiles, but ignores her concern and says, “Lord, would you care to wear this? (A pig’s bladder for a condom.)

“What! Of course not! My duty is to propagate the land.”

“As you wish m’lord. Thank you m’ lord. Daughter, remain here and observe.”

Madame Delong knew that he would not agree to wear the protection, even though she keeps it clean for her male friends while her husband is away with the king’s soldiers. If she finds herself pregnant she will have to visit the herbalist for a pessary. She would get it for free since she provides her with the acacia bark and the honey needed for the abortion formula.

She sticks out her corpulent tits to detract the man, “M’ lord, I am ready for you.”

With this cue, the lord’s prick comes slowly to attention. That is another feature of his organ- most men with oversized cocks are not able to get them to rise so high but his points almost straight up. He then walks to her with his salmon colored pole extended. With other men his parading would be laughable but with his station and his special genitals he does impress his audience.

Madame deLong steps forward and lightly grips his manhood and pulls him toward her. She guides his mouth down to her nipples. He readily follows nibbling her right one. Then he sucks in the aureole. His reaches around her back to help keep his balance. Then he moves to her other nipple – beginning a series of tiny bites. His mouth opens wider to surround the aureole and he sucks it in. He slides his other hand down her front over her belly button and slowly arrives at the hair on her pronounced bushy mound.

His rod sticks above her thigh. She feels several of his fingers begin searching through her hair and labia for her crevice. Responding she follows the descent with the man on to the straw tick. She stops to steady herself above the nobleman who is now on his back. She has centered her thighs just over his crotch. The daughter sees the massive cock hanging just above her mother’s crack.

“Christine, place his prick in my cunt.”

The daughter’s eyes open wide. “But mother, I can’t touch it!”

Both the mother and her male partner stare at each other. Madame deLong then turns on her knee to face her daughter.

“Come here daughter. Give me your hand.” The girl steps forward and hesitantly offers her hand.

“Now girl, take some of this [goose] grease and spread it on the prick like this. She takes the young woman’s other hand and pushes it between her and the master and has it cup his massive balls. She then slides the ring she made with her thumb and forefinger up and down the shaft. The fingers can’t close since the rod is so big.

“Alright, Mother." The daughter slowly takes over the duty and seems to be feeling more comfortable with her task.

The lord smiles at the mother. “Woman, I can see you are a good teacher for your daughter!”

“Not too tight,” the mother advises.

“Christine, the cock is still too dry, more paste. You need to learn this if you are too please your husband.”

Christine then scoops some grease onto her fingers. “Like this?”

“Yes. Go to the bottom of the shaft, dear.” The lord’s mouth opens.

“Now, that is the way – up and down.”

Madame deLong then turns and falls gradually forward on to her partner’s front and thrusts out her arms welcoming the lord. As she falls forward, she cushions her fall by holding the lord’s head with one hand and with her other hand pushes up her globe so his mouth can take in the nipple again.

The daughter drops the penis as the man changes his position. She seems to becoming almost content now as she reaches under her mother’s buttocks for the now wobbling rod and grabs it with her whole hand. She resumes the up and down action on the greased pole. She feels some tingling sensation between her own legs.

“Now you can massage his balls.”

Christine takes a gulp of air and then cups his plum-sized testicles.

“Roll them dear, but not too hard.” The lord’s face is now glowing red.

The nobleman, who is a still just like any other man when he is under a woman, emits muffled grunts.

“Daughter, now place the prick in my cunt.” The mother, who is prone on top of the man, spreads her legs wider.

Christine lets go of the lord’s balls, leans over and with both greasy brown hands moves the penis upward into the dark red bushy target. With one of her hands the daughter spreads her mother’s bush to find the labia and then the opening. At the same time, as the young virgin rubs up against the older man’s muscular body, she finds that she enjoys the feeling of her own cunt meeting the man’s thigh.

Resting her hand on the inside of her mother’s leg she uses her other hand to guide the penis head, the glans is now outside the foreskin, toward her mother’s vulva. She notes some white translucent drops seeping from the hole in the tip and then sees her mother’s large clitoris protrude from its hood searching for some friction. Removing her hand from her mother’s thigh, with both her hands now she slides the rock hard penis into her mother’s wet orifice.

“Ahh!” The man groans.

He begins to start his thrusting movement. Christine looks at his strained face and observes the thrusting.

The alarmed young bride inquires, “Mother, is the Lord all right? He looks in pain!”

The thrusting speed increases.

Mom struggles to say, “B-B-Baby, he is cumming! Oh, this feels goooood.”

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” the lord shouts,”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

The mother feels the lord’s prick pulsating in her vagina releasing its liquid. The man’s arms have her locked in. As the obedient daughter moves back a couple of feet away she sees the bodies glued together at their groins. The naked bodies slowly undulate together in a slow crescendo.

Now, a duet of “Ahhhhhhhs!” is sounded. After a few minutes the entwined bodies slowly lessen their movement. The couple, with the lord’s hand arms over the mature woman’s mammaries, lay together exhausted.

After a few minutes, the lord manages to prop himself up. “Very nice, peasant deLong. Very nice, indeed.”

Christine observes her mother, who has now has rolled over to a supine position with her legs wide apart smiling in contentment. What she does not know is that her mother is trying to recall and compare the feeling she had after the lord’s father fucked her years ago with the one she just had.

After about five minutes of respite, the lord announces, “Now I am ready for the bride!”

Christine cowers.

Madame deLong says, “But m’ lord. I want to show you a way to fuck that I learned from the Roma.

“Show me then, madam. Yes!”

Madame deLong then moves her head to his feet and directs him, “Suck my love button, sir.”

The man readily complies and goes down on her until his black moustache mixes with her reddish brown pussy hair. He locates, then licks and rolls her still engorged clit. She then positions herself more in line with his body, opens her mouth wide and sucks in his penis. She has to strain some to reach it because of the man’s height and then widens her lips to surround head of the cock.

He stops to exclaim, “Peasant, this is not the Roma’s this is French –the soixante-neuf!”

The mature woman manages a smile but resumes sucking, licking and then cupping his balls. She plays with them for several minutes.

Mon Dieu!” the lord exclaims as he arches his back -his testicles seem ready to explode.

Madame continues to hold his noble jewels and with her other hand she drops his cock, “Plus d’oie [more goose paste] little Christine!” Christine dutifully greases the pole again.

The man then sits up and faces his partner. He opens his legs so that the mother’s fingers can reach around his glistening prick. She follows by reinserting it into her soppy reddish mop of hair. Christine blinks her eyes to water them because they are now so dry from being open wide for so long – this night is amazing!

“Oh. Holy God. Oooh!” The lord shouts as he lifts his pelvis to push his lance once again into the woman - attempting to reach the back of her cervix.

The lord’s whole body begins to shake as his cum starts firing. The nude woman digs her stubby nails into the male body. She grinds her cunt into his groin while her daughter, as she has so often has been this evening, is in total awe.

Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu!” the man bellows.

Shortly, he falls back onto his buttocks exhausted and is in a daze.

The church bells bang calling for the last mass of the day. The intrusive sound is distant and is ignored. In a few minutes the noble stud regains his alertness, feels a heavenly itch between his legs and finds the peasant woman sucking his prick. She has her lips puckered around the head. Her daughter has moved closer to see the action. The female pair begin to work together – mom sucking loudly and now the daughter is feeling right at home in the evening’s proceedings - the daughter cups the large balls hanging below the man’s black pubic hair.

“Mary, Mother of God! N'arrêtes pas!” [Don’t stop!] He pleads.

Then there is silence and several minutes pass. He sits up but then immediately falls onto his back. He is obviously depleted in mind and body.

Before the noble lord can recover, the mother says, “My lord, your peasant - my Christine - is now ready for you.”

“What? Woman, you have out-foxed your lord! I can’t move - I must sleep.” Within seconds his eyes close and he starts snoring as lays on the straw on the floor. At this time the young groom in the corner stirs. The women watch him yawn and then stagger as he attempts to stand. The sot has been in a deep drunken stupor the whole evening.

“What is going on here?” John blurts.

Christine rushes to her groom. “Dearest, my mother took care of the lord and saved my virginity for you!”

“But there is Lord Coucy here in your home!”

“Yes, darling but the rooster is spent - but not in me. Now you can have my treasure for yourself!”

The young man plops himself onto the chair. Rubbing his eyes, he says, “Bride, I am going boar hunting with my friends at dawn. I am going back to sleep. Don’t wake me until my friends get here. Good night.” He staggers back into his spot, slumps down on the floor, and resumes his loud snoring.

The shocked and naked bride looks at her nude mother on the tick with the slumbering lord and then back at her own lover, who has chosen the floor instead of her cunt. The women have given all and then this! The night is a disaster and Christine starts sobbing. Madame deLong’s contentment while lying on the lord with her sperm filled cunt is short lived. She cannot rest since her poor little Christine is miserable. She rises and walks to her daughter.

Softly she says,” Christine, you can wipe away the tears.”

She leaves her daughter, retrieves a wool blanket, makes a half-hearted attempt to cover herself and goes outside in the dark. She kicks awake the lord’s two young aides, “Come in – you are needed!"

Returning to inside the hut, the mother lights a candle and then notes that the horseman has the lord’s cute little cleft in his chin which indicates he is either a natural son or a bastard son of the lord. The young men’s eyes flutter as they adjust to the light. The hostess drops the blanket covering and the lads are startled to find themselves in the presences of two stark naked women - a fully mature woman who is flushed and young thin woman.

Madame deLong says “Men, please move the lord to over there.”

Their eyes turn to see their master lying on the tick. They look at each other, then stoop and each grabs a leg. They drag the lord over next to the sleeping groom.

“Now, please drop your pants,” the woman orders.

The men look at each other again and return to face the nude female pair. The obediently remove their pants, and neither is wearing undergarments. The horseman youth, with the cleft, has a lot of blond pubic hair and a five inch penis while the slender swordsman boy has very little brown hair but a very long, monstrous one.

Even Madame deLong is impressed with the young swordsman. She smiles, "Now the rest of the clothes!"

“Daughter, you take the swordsman since we don’t want your husband to be a father of a baby with a cleft on the chin.”

As the lads move in, the women don’t need to see the excitement in their faces since they can see it in the two penises extending and rising.

With the swordsman’s muscular arms, he embraces Christine and pulls her to him and down onto the tick. And right behind follow the mother with the young horseman. The nude little Christine wraps her arms around the fellow’s waist. She grabs his battering ram and helps it find her slit.

An “Owww!” fills the room. Within seconds the virgin cunt has been impaled and the whole cock disappears to its hilt. Even the mother is amazed that her daughter could take its length. A little blood appears as her virginity is at last given up. There was no romance or foreplay. Romance is oft the casualty of the first coupling.

The young man must be experienced because he starts and in and out pounding of the young woman. The mother is busy herself but out of the corner of her eye she sees the ravishing of her daughter and is pleased.

Finally the young couple separates, and Christine stands. The mother separates herself from the other young man who needed some guidance.

It was obvious to Madame deLong that her daughter’s lad had fucked some women and her own partner the horseman had not. However, she relaxes appreciating the idea that she has a whole night left to orient the horseman and her daughter into the world of physical love. The extraneous lord and groom are snoring quietly and should be out until sun up.


So, dear reader, this story ends with a better conclusion that one could have anticipated thanks to a concerned and resourceful mother. All participants are fairly content after navigating such an unfortunate law.

Madame deLong saved her daughter’s virginity - at least in the groom’s eyes. The daughter got an education on how to enjoy a man’s cock by watching her mother service the lord.

For all of the mental and physical effort the mother put into the event she deservedly got the pleasure of three cocks – the lord’s, the horseman’s and eventually even the swordsman’s.

The event also bonded the two women to henceforth share any new partners that came into their lives. Eventually the daughter came close to the frequency of men as of her mother. However, they never did share John, Christine’s husband, who led his own narrow but contented life.

Yet, in spite of his loutish behavior, John still may have benefited as much as any – he not only got his boar in the hunt the next day, he got an educated wife in the physical ways of love, plus a baby boy without a cleft in its chin, nine months later. Many children followed although it was never clear who the fathers were - whether they were John’s or his mother- in- law’s lovers. As long as Christine had no children with clefts in their chins he was content with that and his outdoor sports.

The lord’s attendants were rewarded with the pussies. The horseman had a very instructive orientation to sex by Madame deLong. Plus he became a father for the first time nine months later. He had no suspicion that the baby was his until later when he heard about its special feature of the cleft.

Madame deLong’s soldiering husband might be thought of as an unfortunate cuckold. Yet, although he was upset nine months later to discover his new son had the lord’s cleft, he relented when his wife explained who she sacrificed to save their daughter’s virginity and marriage. Also, he is not to be pitied because he was enjoying the whores who travelled with the army as well as the town women where they sequestered.

Finally, Lord Coucy surely could have no serious complaint in that he had great pleasure with the mother, if not the daughter, and the law was not at least publicly diminished. Plus, he was able to add a new son to his fiefdom who had his cleft in his chin.

So how did we happen upon this old tale, dear reader? Madame deLong, who always enjoyed tantalizing the old village priest, told him the story in her next confession. Although the old priest was disappointed he did not get in on the evening’s fun he did enjoy hearing the “confession.” He passed on the story of jus primae noctis or “first night rights” to his favorite nun. The nun was so excited about it she let him into her habit for a half hour of pleasure.

Thankfully for us readers, the nun recorded the story, which eventually made its way north to England into the bishop of Lincolnshire’s private collection of books in about 1480 AD. From there it crossed the ocean when one of the nuns ‘removed’ it and brought to the Midwest in the 1800s. She was part of a new benevolent order that started a school for Native Americans. Eventually the order also established a Catholic woman’s college that became co-ed in the 1900s. The original copy of the document is now in the private collection of the order’s provincial leader.

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