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The Piano Player

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Obidence is a crucial part of marriage......for the wife


I closed my eyes, letting the beautiful melodies of the classical piece wash over me. The bay window was openin front of my grand piano, and a cool late evening breeze was floating into the room. A smile quirked my lips as my fingers flew over the ebony and ivory keys, playing the last notes of my beautiful creation. Perfect. Starting up a new, softer tune i stared out my window at the soft pink and blues of the sky. The breeze ruffling my long black hair slightly.

I turned my head slightly, hearing my husband, Chris, enter the room. We'd only been married for two months, and each day that pases he makes me fall in love with him again. He came up behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders, bending down to press his lips to my neck.

"Your music is positively beautiful, just like you." He whispered. His breath fanning across my neck, making little shivers of awareness tingle down my spine. He reached around and his hand squeezed my breast lightly. Making my nipple harden, the pressure of his fingers making me stumble on the keys of my piano. He chuckled lightly, taking the lobe of my ear between his teeth.

"Chris please, I am trying to finish this piece! It has to be perfect before my concert on Saturday!" I said sharply, moving my head slightly to the side and tugging his hand away from my breast. He knew how i HATED to be interrupted while i was playing.

He reached around me again and grasped my wrists, pulling them away from the paino. I spun around on the seat, pulling my hands away from him. I had to lean back on the seat a little to stare up at him, the action causing my ample breasts to strain against the shirt i was wearing.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked. "You know not to interrupt me while im playing!" I saw his eyes darken, and narrow. He didnt like being told no. Chris had always told me that he expected to be obeyed in every aspect. I had never denied him before, but he knew how passionate I was about playing piano. I stared back at him, not moving an inch.

"You are going to have to get it through your head that when I am practicing that you cannot just disrupt me this way! Now I'm sorry, but I am busy and you are just going to have to wait. Excuse me." I turned back around and began playing again.

I was not prepared for when i felt his strong hands encase my waist and jerk me off the seat.

I panicked, he'd never done this before.

"Chris! PUT ME DOWN!" I yelled, kicking, trying to get him to release me as he swung me up in his arms. His arms tightened almost painfully on my thighs. I dug my nails into his shoulder as he began walking.

I closed my eyes as we entered the kitchen. He placed me on the big oak table, and leaned in to kiss me. I swung out and slapped him across the face as hard as i could, not even wincing at the pain that shot up my arm. Chris's face didnt even move an inch, though i hit him hard. I saw the change in him immidiately. All his muscles were standing at attention, a muscle was twitching in his jaw. My face paled, and i turned fast to scramble across the table, i barely crawled to feet before i felt his strong hand tight on my ankle, pulling me back. He jerked my legs apart roughly.

"Oh God no! Chris DONT!" I pleaded, truely frightened. I had never seen him like this.I moved to push him away but he grabbed both my wrists in one of his hands and, pushin me back on the table he slammed my hands high above my head. With his other hand his positioned my legs in the crooks of his arms. I was spread wide open for him. He took a knife and sliced up the fron of my shirt and bra, my breasts spilling free. My face reddened in embarrassment. I was very shy about my body and every night we'd have sex I would make sure the lights were turned off, or i would constantly cover myself so he wouldnt see. He would alwasy laugh and mumble something about women and their petty fears. He had always let me, assuming at in time i would get over my shyness. Now, as he leaned over me his eyes feasted on the sight of my goldedn, heaving breasts before him. I whimpered, turning my face into my arm. I gasped loudly as i felt his hot tongue against my nipple, licking lightly. after a couple seconds he stopped.

"Look at me!" He demanded. My body trembled in embarrassment, but i made myself look. He was staring up at me, his hazel eyes boring into mine. I watched him lower his head again, his eyes never leaving mine. His teeth captured my nipple tightly, his tounge flicking at the tip, his mouth tugging hard. I winced as a heat flared through my body, my pussy becoming extremely wet.

He removed his shirt, the hard muscles of his chest standing out. He undid his belt and walked around the table. He looped the belt around my wrists and wrapped the belt around one of the table legs, so i couldnt move. my arms or my hands, i was stuck. He walked back over in front of me and pulled my skirt and panties off. I watched him go to the refridgerator and pull out some grapes that i had washed and put in a bowl earlier. He put the bowl next to my hip and spread my legs once more; bending my knees and placing my feet on the hard surface of the table. I was wide open for him. He grabbed a chair and set himself in front of me, casually leaning back. His left hand massaged the tender flesh of my right thigh while his right hand was busy between my legs. His finger lightly circling my clit. I gasped, and raised my hips up. He pushed me back down and smacked my ass.

"Now," he said. I jumped, his voice loud in room. "I am going to teach you that you NEVER say no to me. I can have you anytime, and anywhere i want you. Do you understand me?"

I whimpered, my heart slamming a quick beat against my chest. His finger continued to circle my clit teasingly, never touching it.

He waited a couple seconds and flicked my swollen, throbbing clit sharply. I screamed, throwing my head back. I was so sensitive.

"Yes, Sir i understand." I whispered, my pussy getting wetter.

"Good girl." He said, leaning in and pressing a kiss into my right thigh. Then, taking the grapes, he proceeded to push the first one deep into my throbing, aching pussy.

I gasped in horror. "CHRIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I half yelled, snapping my legs shut.

He stared at me and jerked my legs back apart.

"You are to keep your legs open at all times. You are not to speak unless I ask you a question." He said casually, pressing more grapes into me, untill he filled me all the way up. His fingers, going steadily in and out of my pussy was making my juices run out and down my ass. It felt like my body was on fire.

He tendlerly spread my lips, then, leaning forward, he placed the tip of his tongue against my clit. I screamed and bucked up. He sucked me hard into his mouth, nipping and tugging. He had his hands hard on my thighs, his thumbs holding my lips open. I moaned in pleasured agony as his teeth scraped me over and over again. Then just as i was about to come he held my clit betwen his teeth, not moving. I gasped and shuddered. A fine sheen of sweat coated my body.

Very slowly he twisted his teeth around my clit. I moaned, feeling like i was about to pass out with the sheer pleasure of what he was doing to me. He molded his lips around my clit sucking it into his mouth, and laved the flat of his tongue against it. My mouth fell open in a silent scream, my back arching as my orgasm slammed its way through my body. I collapsed, breathing hard. I now felt his lips press around the entrance of my pussy and he sucked hard. I gasped as i felt a grape pop out of me and into his waiting mouth.

My pussy, already so sensitive with my orgasm just a couple seconds ago, trembled, clenched.

"CHRIS! PLEASE, I CANT TAKE ANYMORE!" I screamed, trying to buck him off me. His arms tightened on my legs, pulling them wider.

His mouth suckled strongly at my pussy. I felt the grapes pop out of me one after the other. My hips jerked off the table as he finished chewing the grapes and concentrated on my clit once more. He nipped feverishly at it, suckled and licked.

His mouth suck harder, and my heart stopped inside my chest--lungs freezing, and muscles solidifying as a tingly warmth washed down my body. My mouth opened in a silent scream, breasts jiggling slightly as my hips jerked with the force of my orgasm. It was indescribably good--as if a liquid-smooth, hot hand was now controlling my innermost muscles, throbbing over them and leaving behind a buzz better than any drug on the market.

I lowered my hips to the table as he stood up and pulled himself out of his pants. Chris was huge, about 11 inches long and 6 inces in circumfrice. He had always, in the past, entered me slowly and carefully. But something in him was different this evening, almost like he was on the brink of madness. He hooked my legs over his arms and leaned forward, pressing his chest into mine. He rubbed the head of his dick all over my wet pussy, thoroughly lubricating it and causing me to gasp and arch my back, impatient. He waited for a few seconds until i raised my head and looked at him. I wasnt prepared when he slammed all of his 11 inches into me all at once.

My body froze, i arched my back screaming in pleasured agony as he buried himself all the way in me stopping with a hard thud against me. He spread me wide, my legs trembled with the effort of trying to close. He began a fast paced, hard pounding inside me. I felt like my body was on fire as he penetrated me over and over again. Sex with Chris was good, but had never been this hot beore, this needy.


He lowered his head and bit into my neck, increasing my pleasure as he began thrusting at a new angle.

"Chris! Ahhhh-OH GOD! Pl-please STOPP!! I cant TAKE IT ANYMORE!" I yelled as he held my legs all the way back and slowed down, he began thrusting harder and harder, my body jerking back voilently. My pussy clentched hard around him as i came, my head thrown back in a silent scream, blackness darkening the edges of my vision. He growled and burst inside me, thrusting a few more times in the course of his orgasm.

He paused, i looked at him, fully expecting him to pull out and untie me. I was worn out. After a couple of seconds i realized he was still hard inside me.

"You are going to learn you cannot say no to me. You arent going anywhere until I'm satisfied you have learned your lesson." He said, leaning down to nip my bottom lip. "Wife." He added, the little term of endearment now used to put me in my place. Show me where I stood with him.

I whimpered as he began a slow thrusting inside my already swollen and tender muscles. I knew it would take him a while to decide if he had broken my stubborn spirit.


But Payback is a Mother. He was getting it back, just a matter of when and where.

An obedient little wife i was.

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