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The Presence

I knew I would never get inside before the presence was upon me.
My heart was racing as I reached the doorway. I could hear the footsteps behind me and feel the presence drawing closer. I know we had planned this, even practiced it, but now I was unsure about going through with this fantasy as my heart pumped faster and faster. I fumbled for my keys and tried to get them in the door. When they slipped from my hand I knew I would never get inside before the presence was upon me.

Suddenly I was pressed against the door to my apartment as he pushed his body against mine. His hands quickly moved under my skirt to push up the denim revealing my little black panties that barely covered the chasm between my two cheeks. The strong fingers massaged my ass as he exhaled into my ear with a low growl. His fingers quickly made their way from my ass up to my sides pulling at the red cotton tank top lifting it over my black bra. His mouth was moving to my neck and his razor stubble scratched my fair skin as his tongue roamed free along my shoulders and neck. My skin glistened from the wetness of his tongue and lips as he grappled open my bra letting my ample tits burst from the black fabric revealing my swollen pink nipples. His fingers quickly grasp the pink tips and began to pull and twist at them as if kneading the night's bread dough.

My chest was pumping as I could hardly breathe. My mind was racing as I kept my hands braced against the door trying to keep some open space so I could breathe but it was no use. I am no match for his strength and I collapse against the door with his hands over my breasts working them over. I moved my hands down to push my skirt back to its full length but was met quickly by much stronger and rougher hands. My hands were placed back against the door and spread more than shoulder length apart. His hands them struggled at my waist pulling my hips back off the door then down to spread my legs.

After that, he growled his first words to me, "Don't move bitch."

I gasped as he spoke to me but dared not go against his order. His hands roamed over the curves of my hips as he forced my skirt up once again. His hands were calloused and strong yet had the touch of a craftsman. He swung his hands down inside those little black panties to touch my little slick snatch. I moaned as he spread my lips and my wetness ran down my leg. One hand freed itself from my panties to again grasp my nipple. His mouth and tongue licked along my shoulders and the back of my neck as he breathed into my ears over and over. Then I felt it.

He pressed firmly against my bare ass with his rough blue jeans peeling away small layers of my skin. Unmistakable bulge was protruding, and even though I did not look I knew what it was. The snake was long and thick and pushing against the denim barrier aching to be set free. I leaned my head against the door as a long slow moan came across my lips and my hips pushed back instinctively.

The presence leaned in again to my ear with a low whisper, "Do you want it? Tell me. Do you want it?"

My body quivered with his voice and my head nodded affirmatively as I could not muster the strength to speak to him. Quickly and decisively one strong hand went to my neck grasping it firmly. His hand is so large his fingers are meeting as they encircle me. The other hand flew back to his jeans as I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being opened. The large firm cock spilled out onto my ass and I shrieked as it touched me. He moved it quickly under my ass and to the edge of my wet slot. He held it there, teasing me, rubbing the head just inside my pussy coating it with my juice. I pressed back with my hips but he moved away and tightened his hand on my throat.

"No, no, no" he whispered to me. "I'm in charge here"

Again, all could do is nod in approval and brace myself again against the door. With a long low growl his hard shaft pressed between my lips and deep inside my wet opening in one quick move. I had to turn my head against the door as the move shocked me. I was shaking from the hardness inside me as my juice continued to flow down my legs. He moved quickly and harshly inside me thrusting firmly as his jeans rubbed against my ass.

The thrusts push me against the door firmly as he literally pounds me from behind. HIs hand finally releases my neck but moves to my hair as he pulls my head back forcing me to arch my back. His free hands move back to my tits pulling them and squeezing them with the same gruffness as his driving shaft.

I feel my lips begin to quiver and my legs begin to shake as the anonymous presence behind me rams my pussy with abandon and force. As I sense the urge to cry out I bite my lip and bring my hand to my own mouth smothering my cries of ecstasy. I feel his cock swell inside my hole and I know he is ready to deliver his load inside me. Just as he is ready to explode I feel him withdraw and I suddenly feel warm lines of his cum spreading across my ass. He growls and moans still holding my hair with one hand and his shaft with the other as streams of the man milk cover my ass and begin to run down my leg. I had never felt such force and presence as I was covered with his cum. I muffled my moans again as I felt his hard shaft exploring my ass and playing with his own cum.

He stepped back and redeployed his jeans in the proper way and turned and walked away. I waited until I could not hear his footsteps and turned around sinking to the cold floor in front of my apartment. I felt his sticky solution on my ass mixing with my own wet solution oozing from my thoroughly swollen pussy. My heart still racing and my chest still heaving from my deep breaths until I heard footsteps coming back up the steps. I took in a short breath and froze.

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