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The Price of Being Late

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Now she will be late more often.
(resubmitted with suggested changes and punctuation check)

It was late when Chrissy got home that night. Her job doing private computer tutoring had run longer than expected. The standard two hour session for the old woman had turned into four rather quickly after she had to reload half the software the idiot had unknowingly deleted.

The woman’s hard seated chair didn’t help her back much either. Even the bucket seats of her metallic red Ford Mustang didn’t relax her. Little pains were screaming at her from her spine. She needed to get home, stretch out and get a pill to relax it. The drive home about finished her.

When she pulled up the house was dark. She hadn’t planned on getting home after the sun went down, so no lights had been left on and the moonless night made it almost pitch black outside. Nothing to be worried about though. She knew the path from her parking lot to the stairs so well that she could find her way blindfolded, as long as she didn’t catch her shin on the potted plant at the foot.

Carrying her laptop bag in one hand, she fumbled through the purse hanging over her other shoulder for her keys. It took almost the last of her energy to prop the screen door open and get the door unlocked. Pushing open the door into the dark house was almost orgasmic in the wave of relief that spread over her body.

Suddenly, that all changed as she felt a large hand pressed firmly across her mouth. Another equally strong hand grabbed her by her arm and pulled her arm back behind her, making her drop her purse to the floor. One quick jerk and she was pulled to the side and twisted up into the wall. The hand let go of her mouth and snatched the laptop case from her other hand, as she put her hand flat against the wall, she heard it being tossed onto what must have been the love seat.

Chrissy was now wedged up against the wall in the darkened entryway of the house, one arm twisted tight behind her back. She tried pushing away from the wall with her other hand but the pain in her back was like a dull knife stabbing at her.

“Who are you and what the fuck do you want ?” Chrissy said to her unknown attacker.

“Shut up and you won’t get hurt,” the deep voice said from close behind her right ear.

The wave of fear that had been descending upon her turned into adrenalin fueled excitement as she recognized the voice breathing heavily on her neck. Her skin tingled as she felt a hand moving up the back of her leg and thigh. Suddenly, and very roughly, the hand grabbed a full handful of her pussy.

The thin fabric of her panties under her skirt did nothing to stop the full caress as his hand pressed hard against her mound.

Taking her hand from the wall, Chrissy attempted a weak slap at the hand, but with her other arm still held in an iron grip she couldn’t get any leverage. All she succeeded in doing was scraping her crushed 36D tits against the rough textured wall. Her nipples had always been sensitive and immediately became rock hard, sending shivers through her body. The hand on her pussy grabbed with more force, lifting her up on her toes as three fingers practically pushed her lace panties up into the folds of her equally sensitive pussy.

“You wanna fight, eh? Okay,” the deep voice said.

Chrissy felt the hand leave her now moist pussy and grab her flailing left hand. Both hands were now being forced behind her and both her nipples were being pressed up against the hard wall. They felt so hard that for a brief second she wondered if they were making impressions in the rough drywall.

Before she knew what was happening, both hands were pinned behind her back and she was being pulled backwards. Her foot caught on her purse and she half tripped. Two arms were now around her, holding her half fallen body by her tits. Two long arms had wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her sides, and were now squeezing harshly on tingling nipples!

She could now feel his long lean body pressed up against her from behind. Her hands were now free, but wedged between their bodies. She realized she could even feel his hard cock behind a pair of loose shorts. He was rock hard and big. This dick she knew well!

Chrissy got her feet underneath her and started to stand when the strong arms around her lifted her up onto her toes again.

“You ain’t going anywhere. Not till I’m done,” he said and pushed.

Chrissy took a step forward and felt the back of the couch in front of her. With her arms behind her and nothing to support her, she fell forward and was now bent over with her ass in the air, supported in the middle by the couch.

What was worse was that her panties were now pulled up tight into her pussy, which was now soaking wet from all the rough rubbing on her clit. The rough material of the couch wasn’t helping matters much, as now her pussy was pressed up tight against it.

In one swift movement her panties were ripped down her legs, scraping the rough lace against her soft thigh. She barely had a moment before she felt three fingers shoved deeply into her drenched pussy. Her arms were now free, but she had no leverage to do anything but brace herself for the assault.

She felt the fingers probing, stretching her wide open. She almost relaxed when she felt a fourth, no a FIFTH finger go in. This guy now had his whole hand shoved into her pussy, filling her completely. With her hands placed on the couch, she could push back a little, but all that did was drive his hand deeper into her. She could feel her juices flowing freely now.

His hand began to piston in and out of her slowly, filling her then withdrawing, then shoving back into her. She began to moan at the intensity of it all and felt herself starting to build what she knew was the start of an orgasm.

Something else was happening too. She could feel something else prodding behind her.

He had dropped his shorts and now was going to fuck her! The hand disappeared and was quickly replaced by all 8 inches of his steel hard prick in one sudden stroke. She could feel it up against her cervix. He was grinding it deep into her and in this position, there was nothing she could do but take it.

He began to withdraw it only to suddenly plunge it back in. His thrusting started to turn into a jack hammer, slamming into her over and over and over again. Each thrust would push her pussy down onto the rough material of the couch and scrape her love button, sending waves of pleasure throughout her entire body.

He was merciless. The pounding kept going and going driving her higher and higher towards orgasm. It didn’t stop there. She felt fingers on her pussy, getting wet with the juices and slowly spreading them up the crack of her ass. With no let up on the pounding her pussy was taking, she felt a probing at her asshole.

“Oh my God! He’s not going to….uh!!” her thoughts were interrupted as she suddenly felt a thick finger, probably his thumb, dig deeply into her ass as his dick ground her sopping wet pussy.

She could feel her pussy begin to throb demandingly now as the thumbs of both of his hands dived into her tight brown hole, with his hands pulling her ass cheeks apart to thrust deeper.

The waves of pleasure coming from her were now overwhelming and she felt herself building to a climax of epic proportions. She felt the quivering build out from her pussy and start to spread out all over her body. Her pussy tightened up and released in a grand orgasm that made her shriek with pleasure.

At the exact same instant, her attacker suddenly pulled out of her much battered pussy and jammed it straight into her ass in one horrendously deep stroke! If Chrissy thought she had been orgasming, she suddenly learned a new definition for the word as her entire body spasmed and shook with the intensity of it.

With each huge mighty thrust he took into her tender asshole, another wave of orgasm would overtake her making her cry out and moan. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back, forcing her to stretch back to avoid losing handfuls of it. Her moans did nothing stop him as he pressed against her harder, jamming his long thick cock harder and faster into her ass until with one final DEEP thrust she could feel him unload into her. She could feel spasms and spasms of hot cum filling up her ass as his hard cock throbbed inside her, growing to immense proportions as he reached his climax.

Finally her arms gave way from the extended push up she had been doing and as he let go of her hair, she flopped forward onto the couch, totally spent. Behind her, she could feel him shake as he did a couple more pumps into her ass, draining the last of his load and grinding a last time on her poor battered asshole.

As he pulled out, she felt the sudden vacancy and both her pussy and ass quivered in unison.

Slowly the two strong arms reached down over and wrapped around her upper torso again, holding her tight and lifting the top half of her from over the couch back onto her now wobbly legs. Holding her up, he slowly turned her around and placed a long deep kiss on her panting lips, licking her tongue with his own. She responded just as deeply.

“Hey Baby… I thought you were going to be home hours ago?” he said.

“If I’m going to be greeted like this every time I’m late, then I’m not sure what I will do?” Chrissy replied, sighing and melting into his arms.

“Be late more often probably? hehe How’s your back?”

“Stretched and relaxed, thank you. You always relax me. Can I take my shoes off now?”

“Take off whatever you want and come into the bedroom for Round 2”

“You pervert. You jump me and expect me to do it again?”

“You complaining?”

“Not in the least. C’mon, big boy… if you want it again it’s yours.

“Again and again, for the rest of my life Sunshine.”

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