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The Program

She was desperate for help and was given a lot more than she bargained for.
“So, what brings you here, Ms. Pierce?” the young, male psychiatrist asked.

“Well, um … I can’t orgasm.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm?”

“No sir,” she meekly replied. The beautiful woman focused on her hands resting in her lap. The decision to enroll in the expensive three-day program was her last resort and Gwen was desperate. If he can’t help me, she thought, no one can.

“And you’re married.”

“Yes, to my husband Grayson. I love him so much. He’s been very supportive of my decision to come here.”

“Has he ever expressed frustration with your sex life?”


The psychiatrist—that initially introduced himself as Travis—studied her. Gwen Pierce was beautiful; tall, lean yet curvy and covered in creamy, pale skin. Her 24 year old body was tight. Long, dark blonde hair rested atop perky, round breasts, and his eyes lingered on the small bumps where her nipples nervously introduced themselves. “Tell me about it.”

“He’s patient and he tries really hard to … to satisfy me, but it hasn’t been going well. I’m … I’m just broken.”

“Well, we’ll see about that.” Travis stood and waved at the staircase leading to the second story of the massive log cabin. Scheduled to be holed up in the snow-encased cabin for three days, Gwen questioned her decision to consent to the aggressive, sexual-repair program as she climbed the stairs to her room.

She stopped in front of the mirror atop her dresser. “You wanted this. You wanted to fix yourself so you could get off,” she snapped, scolding the reflection in front of her. She fell to the bed and waited to be called to dinner.

At six, Gwen ventured to the rustic dining room. The meal was served by the only other people at the cabin, Vic and Tabitha, both on staff with Travis. The two staffers didn’t eat at the table with the weekend guest. Instead, Travis and Gwen shared an intimate meal in front of a large stone crested fireplace.

The ambiance in the room was romantic but Gwen was feeling anything but amorous. Travis had announced before the meal that they’d be undertaking the first of three intensive sessions that night, and Gwen could think of nothing else.

“Gwen, please join me over here,” Travis called. Sitting on a large, white rug in a two-story living room off the dining area, Travis waited for her. She studied Travis as she approached him. He was a handsome man; dark hair, regal lines in his face, and light eyes. She sat down near him.

“Let’s begin our first session.”

Gwen was nervous. “Okay.”

“Tell me about your first sexual experience.”

“It was with Grayson. We had just gotten engaged and we celebrated with short road trip to the coast.”

“Where did it happen?”

“In a hotel room,” Gwen said in the form of a question.

“Before that … had you masturbated?”

“Masturbated? Um, yes. But I’ve never … finished.”

“Your husband’s the only sexual partner you’ve had?”


“And have you ever come close to reaching orgasm with him?”


“Okay,” Travis said. “Let me have a look at you. Remove your clothing and lay down.”

“Right now?” Gwen implored.


Gwen did as instructed and awkwardly undressed. Once she was lying on her back, she covered her breasts her left arm and her privates with her hand.

Travis chuckled. “Are you cold?”


“Good.” The snap of a latex glove against his skin made Gwen jump and Travis laughed again. “Relax, Gwen. I’m just going to examine you.”

He reached out and pinched one of her nipples, and Gwen gasped.

“You felt that. Good.”

He kneaded her plump, firm breasts, occasionally squeezing her nipples with both his hands. He stroked her stomach and gently tugged on the small patch of short, dark hair in between her legs causing Gwen to panic. “Wait—”

“No talking, please.”

She squirmed as Travis’s finger traced her patch of groomed pubes. He rubbed her thighs for a moment before spreading Gwen’s legs open wide. He fondled her puffy outer lips and then traced her crack down and gently touched her ass hole below. Gwen moaned her face pinched with worry, and Travis made a mental note of it. He returned to her aching slit and plunged his pointer finger deep in to her wet pussy.

“Oh,” Gwen moaned.

“You felt that, too.” Travis pulled his finger out of her twat and covered it and his middle finger with lubricant. On his knees, he hovered over her and entered her again. He curled his fingers and prodded the spongy, tender muscle just inside her hot cleft.

With is other hand, he rolled his pointer finger over her soft pink clit. A knob formed quickly, and from his thrusting fingers and the attention to her clit, Gwen was experiencing physical emotions she never had before.

“What … what’s happening?” she cried.

“You’re about to orgasm.”

“It burns!” she screamed.

“I’m sure that’s what it feels like. You’re extremely hot,” Travis nonchalantly said.

“I’m sc—scared!”

“Go with it. … Let your body do its thing, Gwen.” His fingers—both inside and out—massaged her. “Good. You’re close. Go with it … go,” he said, her spread privates now grinding against his touch.

She peeked and like a woman possessed, Gwen thrashed back and forth. The orgasm broke from deep within her. Penned up sexual pressure was released and she screamed, “Oh God! Oh, fuck!”

Fluid squirted from her pussy the second Travis freed his fingers from her cunt. Gwen’s entire body twitched, her first orgasm lingering with rhythmic spasms that pulsated her entire womanhood.

Travis lifted his fingers to his nose and deeply inhaled the glistening juices that soaked the glove. “Well, the good news is that your body works just fine. You’re vagina, clitoris, G-spot … even your Skene’s gland … they all work the way they’re supposed to.”

Gwen didn’t respond. She was breathing heavy and fatigue was setting in.

“The bad news is that this goes deeper than a finger bang.” He removed the gloves and added, “Tomorrow after lunch, meet me here for your second session.” Travis stood, leaving Gwen and the aftermath of her first orgasm alone for the remainder of the evening.

The next morning, Gwen was still relishing in the lingering effects of her first orgasm. She couldn’t believe the physical and emotional intensity that accompanied an orgasm; the rush of blood to her head, the turning of her stomach, the tremor in her womanhood, the lasting euphoria. Numb, she went through breakfast and lunch on autopilot and was surprisingly looking forward to her second session.

After lunch as planned, she descended the stairs. She stopped and her wide, unbelieving eyes took in the bizarre scene in the living room. All the furniture had been removed leaving a wide, cushion-covered table and three naked people in the room.

“Travis, what is this?”

Vic and Tabitha, both dark-haired, healthy and attractive, were standing next to the table kissing. Gwen watched Vic's tongue swipe her bottom lip at the same time Travis said, “Today, Gwen, we’re going to identity and nullify your sexual fears.”

“What? No way.”

“Gwen, these are most important steps for you. This is where the wall built around you is going to be broken down. This is where you’ll learn how to enjoy sex … enjoy it enough to cum.”

He waved for her and she slowly made her way to where he was standing. She tried to discreetly inspect his cock, but she knew he and the other two were watching her. Instead, she focused on his eyes.

“On your pre- admission questionnaire, you listed a few things that you’re afraid of … um, let’s see,” he said, reading from a clipboard. “You’re afraid of receiving oral sex, of anal sex, and of double penetration.”

Gwen’s eyes bounced from one naked body part to the next. Without looking at Travis, she said, “Yes.”

“Well,” he flung the clipboard to the floor, “I say we go in the order listed.” Travis snapped at the couple, now aggressively groping one another, and Tabitha looked up. She smiled and reached out for Gwen’s hand.

“Come with me.”

“Um … okay?” Gwen timidly replied. Tabitha walked Gwen to the table and helped her undress and comfortably lay on her back. “I’m going to eat your pussy till it squirts.”

“What? Wait—” Gwen pleaded.

“Gwen, these steps are necessary to break through the mental barriers that keep you from orgasm. Please. Cooperate. The program won’t be successful if you don’t,” Travis said.

Gwen nervously agreed with a quick nod and watched as a smiling Tabitha climbed on the table and straddled her, placing her ass near Gwen’s face. “Now, just relax and let my tongue do all the work.”

Tabitha’s tongue slithered down Gwen’s pussy lips toward her ass. She repeated the action three times before her long, nimble tongue spread Gwen’s lips apart. She thrust her tongue inside Gwen’s wet cunt, delving it many times. She then licked her way up to Gwen’s hardening clit. She flicked the bead with her tongue before she sucked it into her mouth, and Gwen’s already sensitive body tingled.

“Yes,” Gwen groaned.

“You like that … when I suck on your clit?”


Gwen gazed at Tabitha’s dripping pussy. She noticed that Tabitha’s clit was bigger than hers, and after resisting as long as she could, she pulled Tabitha down and flicked and sucked her clit with fervor.

“Yes. Now, let’s try to cum together.”

Gwen nodded but Tabitha didn’t notice. She pressed her wet privates against Gwen’s face in rhythm to the sucking and flicking she was executing with her tongue. It didn’t take long for both girls, drenched and scorching in their mouths and cunts, to cum at the same time.

“Yes! Fuck yes!” Gwen screamed. The jolt that started in her clit traveled quickly throughout her entirety.

Tabitha was panting. The orgasm she experienced was equally strong, and she fell to her side in physical bliss.

“Beautiful,” Travis said. Gwen turned to him. She watched him squirt a line of clear jelly, like ketchup on a hotdog, down his thick, long shaft. He smeared the lube over the girth of his member while Gwen worked to catch her breath.

Travis moved the end of the table and opened her legs. “I think here’s a good place to do your first anal.”

Gwen looked up. “Anal? No way. Wall or not, Travis, that’s exit-only.”

“It’s only exit only when you’re taking a shit. Now lay back and brace yourself. This is going to feel like nothing else.”

Travis placed the tip of her throbbing manhood against her pink star. He watched her chest rise and sharply fall. “Relax, Gwen. Relax,” he said as his fingers gently rubbed her swollen clit.

Once her breathing calmed, he moved his hips toward the table, sliding his huge cock an inch into her ass hole.

“Oh! Oh Stop!”

“Relax,” he said, the speed of his twirling finger increasing against her clit. He pressed his dick another inch into her rectum and felt the pop of her sphincter relenting to his desire to penetrate her.

“It’s ripping me!” she screamed. Travis stopped moving for a moment. She pinched her eyes closed as Travis urged the remaining eight inches of his cock deep into Gwen’s virgin ass.

Slowly he pulled it out. He watched her breathing, her facials expressions and the movement of her body while he plunged again. After three full, slow thrusts, Gwen was relaxed and fully accepting of his large prick.

Travis drilled her ass with his cock for a good ten minutes. Only when Gwen threatened to orgasm did he stop.

“Okay, it’s time to double your pleasure.” He helped Gwen off the table and laid down where she had been. He motioned for Gwen.

Gwen felt a sexual power that she had never experienced before. Uninhibited, unafraid, and full of an intensity that made her entire body long for hard, raw sex, she pounced. She straddled Travis and rode him like a veteran porn would.

“Yes! Yes!” she yelled.

Travis tugged on her arms. “Wait … there’s one more thing we need to do.”

He nodded at Vic, who was ready, and he approached Gwen from behind. Gwen noticed Vic, his washboard abs providing a beautiful backdrop for his giant, throbbing dick, and gasped.

“Both of you?”

“Yes,” Travis replied. He pointed at her ass and Vic step into Gwen from behind. Vic pressed on the middle of her back and she fell forward. She was visibly shaking as Vic found his hole and mounted her.

“Yes!” she shouted, the sensation from the two cocks stretching her pussy and ass too much for her to bear. From a point deep within her, where Vic’s penis collided with Travis’s, the orgasm stemmed. Instant, violent muscle convulsions from Gwen’s body pinched both cocks.

“Oh,” she weakly cried, tears—liberating and free—falling from her eyes. She rocked back and forth, relishing in the intense orgasm that lasted until both Travis and Vic filled her holes with hot, thick jizz.

The next morning, Gwen felt a sexual awakening like never before. She descended the stair case and was met with yet another surprise.

“Grayson,” she said, running to him. She ran her fingers through his dark blond, shaggy hair, and kissed his strong jawline. His large arms held her close and Gwen’s stomach filled with butterflies thinking of his giant cock, something that hadn’t happened for years in his presence.

Her husband Grayson had ventured to the wintered log cabin at Travis’s request. Travis said, “I’ve been telling Grayson about your progress here. Why don’t you take him up stairs and show him what you’ve learned?”

Gwen blushed. She didn’t know if the reservation she felt was from her husband knowing what unspeakable acts she had engaged in during the previous two days, or from a deep yearning to fuck him until she could finally, once and for all, cum.

“Okay,” she whispered, pulling Grayson to her room. She closed the door and silently pleaded with every fiber in her that she’d find the sexual gratification with her husband that she had found with Travis and his staff.

“Um, session number one was interesting. We talked and then … then Travis touched me.”

“How?” Grayson asked.

Gwen removed her clothing. Grayson mimicked her and they both climbed onto the bed. “Like this,” Gwen said, positioning her husband’s fingers on her G-spot and clit.

Grayson was in awe of what was happening, just like Gwen had been. He was getting to know his wife physically for the first time and he was quickly aroused.

“Yes,” Gwen sighed, moving her hips against the circular motion of Grayson’s finger on her clit. Gwen was close, many times, and she thought she’d cum. But just like in the real world outside of the program, she couldn’t.

She was discouraged but Grayson wasn’t going to give up. “Show me what you did during session two.”

Gwen hesitated and finally agreed to his request. She opened her knees and pointed. “Lick me. Lick my pussy and suck my clit.”

Grayson’s eyes were wide. He slowly moved in and swiped his tongue along his wife’s wet, yearning pussy lips. He worked his tongue inside her, slopping up her juices and using them to make nice, tight suction on her clit. Gwen squirmed and twitched with delight but it still wasn’t enough. After Grayson ate her out until she was tender to the touch, Gwen grudgingly pushed him away.

“I’m sorry, honey,” she whispered in defeat.

“There’s one more thing we haven’t tried,” Grayson said. He stood up and retrieved a long pink dildo, given to him by Travis, from his jacket. He covered his dick with lube and gestured Gwen to the edge of the bed. “I’m going to stick this in your pussy.”

“Yes,” Gwen sighed.

“And my cock in your ass.”


Grayson positioned the dildo between her pussy lips and gently pushed it inside her. He stared at her ass hole for a full minute before he drove the tip of his greased cock into her taut hole.

“Oh!” Gwen moaned.

Grayson was equally entranced. Her ass was constricted and had a slick, smooth inner-surface that surprised him. “Oh … oh God!” he trembled, struggling to pull it out, only to thrust it back up her hole until his balls slapped against her butt cheeks. His plunged again, pulling the dildo in and out opposite his dick. He found an intoxicating rhythm that sent Gwen’s head spinning.

“Ahhh,” she moaned. “Oh Grayson, honey … baby!”

“Cum for me, Gwen. Cum for me,” he grunted through clenched teeth. He was close.

Not a full minute passed when Gwen’s body responded to her husband for the first time. “I … I’m cumming!” she screamed with the resounding orgasm that had just started.

“Oh! Me, too,” Grayson cried, their climatic journey peeking at precisely the same time.

Grayson fell forward. He panted as he kissed Gwen’s cheek. A salty tear entered his mouth and he looked at her.

“I’m fixed, Grayson. The program … it fixed me.”

“Yes, baby. Yes. Everything’s going to be all right now.”

Grayson kissed Gwen, the love they shared undeniable and renewed. Like a newlywed, Grayson peered at Gwen through his eyebrows. “Can we do it again?”

“And again and again,” Gwen said, lifting her legs and holding them open so her devoted, loyal, and patient husband could fuck her again.

The next day, Gwen said good-bye. “Thank you, Travis. You and the program fixed me.”

With a smile on his face, Travis said, “My pleasure,” and watched Gwen and her husband leave the program a new couple.

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