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The Reprimand

Watch what you say at the office.
When you wake up 30 minutes late, your car won't start, and you show up to work soaked, you know it is going to be a bad day. I am totally irritated with this day! To make matters worse, I have to work with my uptight, boring, by the rules boss, Malcolm. I mean he is so uptight, that if you stuck a lump of coal up his ass, you would have a diamond in about 2 days.

I trudge into the office, glaring at any and every body that dared to look sideways at me. Even my best friend, Valerie, stayed clear of me for the first part of the morning. Finally, at about 11:00, she came up to me.

“ Safe to talk to you, Kim? You have been shooting daggers at everyone, since you got here,” she said.

“ I'm sorry. It's been a shitty day, so far, and I have to stay late to work with that stiff ass, tight wad boss of ours,” I replied to her.

Little did I know, the stiff ass was around the corner, listening. They say hind sight is 20/20. Valerie laughed, patted my shoulder, and before she walked away, we made plans for lunch.

At lunch, Valerie and I made small talk, while waiting for our salads.

“ You should get laid,” Valerie remarked.

“ Gee, thanks. Are you saying that I am getting a bit bitchy?” I remarked, dully.

“ Yes. Incredibly bitchy. You act like your 66, instead of 36. You work, go home, work, sleep, get up, and go back to work. You are just as much of a workaholic as Malcolm,” she told me.

“ Damn, Val! That's low. I haven't had a date in a couple of months. He hasn't ever had one,” I exclaimed.

“ Try 8 months. Ever since Dean left you, you have holed yourself up in a cocoon, and I think Malcolm is kinda hot,” she told me.

“ Why? How do you figure that?” I asked.

“ Haven't you taken a good look at him? Wondered what was under those 3 piece suits, he wears? I mean, he's tall, got all his own teeth, and a full head of hair,” she smirked.

“ Well, most people, who aren't on a respirator and are breathing can have those attributes, too,” I retorted.

We finished lunch, paid, and went back to work. The rest of the progressed, uneventfully. I was finishing my paperwork, when Malcolm emerged from his office.

“ Ahhh! The ogre emerges,” I thought to myself.

Walking to my desk, he dumps a load of files, and without saying a word, he returns to his cave. With such charm, it's no wonder why he is single. Sighing, I gather the files and go to the copier. After copying the needed documents, which seemed like a thousand pages, I returned to the main office, only to notice that everyone else had clocked out and went home.

With a heavy heart, I went to the cave door to begin the overtime from hell. Knocking, I wait for a response to enter the all mighty one's throne room. Hearing a muffled 'Come in', I enter a forbidden and totally foreign place.

Malcolm's office was really nice. I guess that is the perks of being the boss. He was sitting behind his huge oak desk. My God! I have never seen a desk so big. I noticed that he had removed his jacket and vest. Amazing how human someone becomes when the wrappings of society are peeled off.

“ Have a seat. We might as well get this over,” he said to me, not even looking up from his ledger.

“ Thanks. What is on the agenda?” I asked, already bored.

He sat back in his chair and stared at me, for what seemed like 10 minutes. Uncomfortable with the scrutiny, I began to squirm in my chair. Finally, he pushed out of his chair and walked to the door, locking it.

Frowning, I looked at him. Why was he locking the door? Not liking how this way going, I opened my mouth to say something, when he interrupted me.

“ Why are you such a bitch? You are nasty to everyone. I heard you earlier, and have been trying to decide on how to discipline you for insubordination,” he said, still facing that bookcase.

I was speechless. Was I going to be fired? I know my mouth doesn't have an off switch, and I know I should be more careful about what I say, but this was a first offense.

“ I...I don't know what say. It has been a...,” I stammered.

I never got to finish my statement, because he strode over to me. Leaning over my chair, he placed his hands on the arms of my chair. He was pinning me in my chair, towering over me. The more he leaned forward, I tried to lean back, but I had no where to go.

“ I think you need taken down a notch or two. You need someone to tame that bitch inside you. You need to be fucked, thoroughly,” he growled.

Lifting his right hand, he tangled it into my hair. Roughly, he yanked the clasp holding my long hair up and pulled it free from my hair. Volumes of curly, red hair fell down the back of my chair. All I could do was look at him, mesmerized, and a little scared.

“ I have always been fascinated by your hair. You have never came down off your high horse long enough to realize that. Yes, it's true. I don't date. Maybe, the one I wanted to date wasn't available. Maybe, she thinks she is too good for anyone,” he continued to growl.

Silently, I stared into his piercing, green eyes. I never noticed how green they were, as they were always hidden behind his gold, wire framed glasses. My eyes traveled his face. He had a strong, Roman nose, with a neatly trimmed mustache that perched on full lips.

What was I doing? Yes, I was insubordinate, but hell, this is harassment. Catching him off guard, I pushed him away. I was pissed. Storming to the door, I went to unlatch it, when I felt a very strong arm encircle my waist.

Flinging me over his shoulder, he carried me, kicking and screeching, to the sofa. Throwing me down on it, he leaned over me. I was, again, trapped by his body. My traitorous body responding to the rough treatment. Dammit, I was mad, but the madder I got, the more turned on I got.

I tried punching and scratching anything I could come in contact with, but he managed to capture both of my wrists. He imprisoned them in one of his hands, and held them above my head.

Leaning down, he placed a very gentle kiss on my lips. Taking my stillness for granted, he deepened the kiss. I felt his tongue probe my mouth, and for a tiny moment, I wanted to kiss back. My body, sure as hell, wanted it, but my temper kicked in, again.

Spitefully, I bit that soft, probing tongue. I thought he would get mad, and leave me alone. Chuckling, he bit my bottom lip...hard. Tears in my eyes, I looked up at him, surprised.

“ Two can play at that game. What you do to me, I am going to do to you. Remember that,” he softly whispered into my mouth.

I nodded.

“ If I let your hands go, will you behave?” he asked me.

Again, I nodded.

He pulled me into a sitting position, and placed himself between my legs. I was wearing a skirt, so this position was, positively, indecent. I wanted to close my legs, but his body was unyielding.

He ran his hand down my cheek, coming to rest at my neck. His eyes traveled down from my face to my chest. My white shirt was buttoned, conservatively, but sexily. Before I could react, both of his hand gripped my shirt and pulled hard. Buttons went everywhere. Gasping, I knew my white, lace demi bra, which only cupped the bottom half of my 36D breasts, was visible. What was I thinking, when I decided to wear this bra?

I heard his breathing become ragged at the sight of my creamy, white breasts. His finger reached out and traced my brown nipple. He gently flicked and rubbed it, until it stood erect. My nipples were harder than ever.

He leaned into my neck, inhaling the perfume I had put on this morning. I felt his lips brush the crook of my neck, gently nipping his way down to the top of my breast.

“ I can smell your passion,” he said.
I noticed his hips were now flush with my groin. I could feel that he was hard...very hard. Then, he took my nipple into his mouth. Sucking and nipping with his teeth, he explored every inch of my breast.

I dropped my head back. With every suck, I felt a sharp electric pulse in my groin. I began to rotate my hips, trying to rub my clit against his hard shaft. I needed relief. It was like my body took over my mind. It relief.

Never breaking contact with my nipple, he wedged a hand between our bodies. I felt him using his knuckles to rub against my clit. Thrusting up against that hand, I want more contact, so badly.

“ No, No, No! You are being punished,” he scolded.

He wrapped my legs around his waist. Putting his hands under my ass, he lifted and carried me to the desk. There I sat with my shirt ripped open, my breasts out of my bra, and my skirt around my waist. A bit ashamed, I tried to cover myself.

“ Now, why would you ruin such a beautiful sight?” he asked, while moving my hands away from my body.

He slipped my shirt off my body, and threw it on the floor. Unhooking my bra, he threw it to the floor, also. He pushed me back, where I was laying back on the desk, with my legs dangling.

“ Lift your ass. I want this skirt off. The heels, you keep on. I am glad you don't wear panty hose. Stockings and garters are so much sexier,” he said, while pulling my skirt off.

“ Well, look here! Panties on the outside. Nice!” he exclaimed.

Malcolm leaned his head to my belly. He rubbed his face against the soft skin of my flat stomach. I heard him growling. He was just as turned on as I was, and began to kiss his way down to my the top of my white, silk panties.

I felt his wet tongue tracing the waist band of my panties. I wore regular panties, as thongs always bothered me. He went lower. I could feel his breath on my inner thighs. My panties were so wet. Arching my back at the touch of his tongue on the wet crotch of my panties, I let out a hoarse yell.

Bringing my feet up to rest on the edge of the desk, I started to hump his face. When he couldn't take it anymore, he simply reached up and ripped them right off me. Wrapping his arms around my legs, he yanked me forward and thrust his tongue all the way up inside me. I think I screamed then.

He slurped and tongue my pussy, like a starving man. His mustache tickled my clit, while his lips and tongue tortured my lips. I was gasping for air. My ex would never go down on me. This was so intense. I could feel my orgasm building. I was so close. The brink of it was on the horizon. All I had to do was reach for it.

He must have known this, because right before the first wave hit, he stopped. Frustrated, my hips pumped the air, searching for relief. He kissed my thighs and hips, as the waves receded, leaving me desperate and wanting. He laughed softly, at my growls.

“ Why did you stop?” I gasped.

“ You haven't earned it,” he answered.

He swiveled me around. My head was now hanging off the side of the desk.

“ You want to earn it?” he murmured.

He unzipped his pants, and pulled out his very erect cock. I was seeing it upside down, but there was no mistaking how large he was. There had to be, at least, 8 ½ inches of solid, rock hard cock there, dripping with pre-cum.

He brought that thick cock to my lips. Nudging my lips, I heard him tell me.

“ I assume that you know what to do here.”

Parting my lips, I swirled my tongue over that dark red head. I could taste his fluids. It was so sweet. Hungrily, I opened my mouth wider and let the intruder in. I could feel the texture of his skin with my lips. Every vein and ridge was explored and tasted, as he slid in deeper.

I felt him begin to withdraw. I locked my arms around his hips, forcing him deeper. With my neck at this angle, I was able to guide him past my hard palate into the soft, moist back of my throat.

I swallowed convulsively, trying to block my gag reflex. He must have felt my throat contract along his shaft, because he gasped. I felt his dick swell, and he began to fuck my throat. I tried to keep up with his thrusts. I tried to suck and lick, but eventually I gave up and let him fuck my face.

Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth and jerked me off the desk. Spinning me around, he bent me over the desk and shoved his cock deep inside me in one thrust. Grabbing my hips, he slammed his dick in me over and over.

Gasping for air, I tried to catch my breath. I was so tight. His cock was so hard and angled just right. With every thrust, he rubbed over my G spot. My pussy was contracting so furiously. I wanted to cum. I needed to cum.

“ Make me cum!” I screamed.

“ Not yet!” he growled.

He continued to fuck me ruthlessly. My breasts were crushed against the desk, and I could not breathe. I knew he was getting close. He pulled out of me.

“ Now, let's see. I have fucked your mouth and pussy. What's left to plunder?” he whispered, close to my ear.

I tensed up. I have never been fucked THERE! Suddenly, I was scared. He sensed my fear, and began to rub my shoulders. I felt the head of his cock nudging my ass.

“ Relax, baby. I am not going to hurt you,” he crooned.

He reached around and began to rub my swollen clit. Breathing raggedly, I began to rub against his fingers. His cock slipped further into my ass. It burned, and yet, the pressure was overwhelming. He pushed a little more! Finally, the head of his dick pushed past my tight muscle ring, with a pop. I gasped, just as he groaned. His fingers worked my clit faster now. He eased further into my ass, letting me get accustomed to his girth.

My ass, finally, relaxed enough that he was able to thrust freely. I could barely breathe! The pressure...OH MY GOD...the pressure! Unable to scream, I grunted and gasped.

“ Fuck! big...fuck, oh God!”

I could feel that huge cock in my ass starting to swell and get harder. He slipped 2 fingers in my sopping pussy. I was gasping for breath, and it felt like my pussy was gasping for breath, too!

“ I can feel the head of my cock. It's fucking your tight ass, and I can feel it, through your pussy!” he yelled, hoarsely.

“ Make me cum, Malcolm! Make me cum! Fuck my ass! Hard!” I screamed.

That was all it took. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me, hard. I slipped my hand down to my clit. Rubbing it furiously, I felt the first wave hit me. It began in my pussy, radiated to my clit, then moved to my ass.

“ OH FUCK!!! Malcolm, I'm cummingggggggg. Cum with me, now!” I screamed.

He pumped my ass furiously, then stiffened. With two or three quick jabs, I felt his cock twitch, then empty jets of hot cum. I swear I felt every hot jet of cum splash against the walls of my ass.

Malcolm collapsed against my back. Breathing raggedly, he pulled out of my ass. I was exhausted.

“ Be good, and this one won't go into your permanent file,” he laughed, weakly.

Chuckling, I said, “I'll try. What about this work you wanted us to do?”

He, then, had the grace to blush.

“ There was never any work. I was trying to lure you in here. To be truthful, I didn't even know what I was going to do. Who knew your shitty attitude would work to my advantage,” he laughed.
I smacked his shoulder, playfully. Wrapping me in his arms, he kissed me, passionately.

“ OK, the follow up for this reprimand is scheduled for tonight. At my place. Right now,” he said, sternly.

Looking down at my clothes, I glanced back up at him.

“ OK...You ripped my clothes. How am I supposed to get there?” I asked.

Throwing me his overcoat, he winked at me.

“ Guess the taxi driver is going to have a major hard on after we exit his cab. Guess, I better tip him good!”

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