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The Roadtrip

Who knew it was possible to get away with so much?
Here's a little something I came up with while I was on my way home from a trip to Texas. All characters are at least 18 years of age.

“No! Your parents will see us!” She pleaded as I ran my hand up her thigh, dangerously close to her silk-covered pussy.

“It’ll be fine, baby. The middle seat will give us plenty of cover. They won’t even know what’s going on back here unless you give it away,” I replied, running my pinky over the flimsy material that covered her pussy.

“Baby, no…” she warned, shooting me a warning look while grabbing my hand but not pulling it away.

“I know you want me to…” I said, rubbing a little harder on the material as her grip slowly loosened.

Leaning over to place her mouth by my ear, “of course I do, but I don’t want your parents to catch us and think I’m a slut…”

“Wait, you mean you’re not a slut?” I asked, trying to keep a straight face. “If not, I need to trade you in for a better model,” I added with a wink.

“You’re an ass…fuck, that feels good…” she whispered, clutching my arm as I pushed her panties to the side to expose her wet pussy to the touch of my hand.

“I knew you couldn’t resist my touch…”

“Shut up before I change my mind,” she said before biting down on my shoulder to suppress a moan.

I pushed a finger inside her pussy before curling it upwards to rub her spot as I began toying with her clit. I could tell she was having a hard time keeping quiet by the way she tightly gripped my arm. The more pressure I applied to her clit and pussy, the tighter she gripped my arm. She began squirming in her seat the harder I plunged my fingers in her tight little pussy.

“You bastard!” She whispered in my ear, “you’re gonna make me…oh fuck…” she said, letting out a tiny moan as she flooded my hand and the back seat of the mini-van. I smiled before pulling my hand away from her and looking out the window. Before I could look away, I noticed her face was bright red. I laughed to myself knowing she was embarrassed for cumming in front of my parents.

She grabbed a bottle of water out of the ice chest behind us before trying to open it. I’m guessing the bottle slipped out of her hand because of the moisture from the ice. Or maybe she happened to just let it slip out of her hands. Either way, she watched it roll towards me until it came to a stop by the sliding door.

“Damn I’m clumsy,” she said before leaning across me, exposing her short skirt and ass to me before reaching the bottle of water. She tried to open the bottle before handing it to me.

“Could you please open this for me?”

I gave her a knowing look before easily opening the bottle and handing it back to her. That’s when I saw the wheels turning in her head. She had something planned, but I wasn’t too sure what it was until she noticed me staring at her. She gave me a naughty grin before spilling some of the water on the front of her white t-shirt.

“Damn, I’m so clumsy! Look at what I just did!” She said, jutting her breasts towards me to show off the transparent material that was clinging to her chest.

“I guess you’re just gonna have to take it off.”

“That’s the only thing I can do,” she said before taking it off, this time spilling the rest of the water into my lap. “Damn, I’m such a mess…” She began soaking up the water using her shirt before looking me directly in the eyes as she began rubbing my hard cock through my pants.

“What are you gonna do it about now?”

“Nothing, it was an accident,” she shot back before pulling my cock out of my pants and slowly stroking it.

“True…” I said as I made myself more comfortable in the seat.

My parents happened to be in the vehicle so I tried to be discrete as possible while she played with my cock. Instead of watching what she was doing, I looked around the van, looked out the windows, looked anywhere but my lap so it didn’t give away what was going on.

Her small fist felt amazing as she kept stroking my cock, pumping faster and harder with each stroke. I tried my best to act as if I weren’t receiving a hand job because, well, that would simply be awkward if we were to be caught.

She could tell I was having a hard time keeping things subtle so she decided to up the ante. She began kissing my neck before looking around to make sure no one was looking. When the coast was clear, she leaned down and began silently sucking my cock, causing my eyes to roll in the back of my head before I quickly regained my composure.

You wanna play that game? Here ya go…

I reached around her and began rubbing her pussy, making her elicit small moans as she began sucking me harder and faster. I pushed two fingers inside her little pussy and began fingering her hard. This caused her to force my cock down her throat and hold it there. I was close to cumming but decided to hold off as long as I could. I figured if she was going to make me cum, why wouldn’t I do the same for her?

Finally I felt her pussy contract around my fingers, giving me the signal that she was cumming. I wasn’t done with her. I pulled my soaked fingers from her pussy before working them into her little asshole.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She whispered as she looked up at me, nibbling on the sensitive side of my cock.

“What do you think?” I answered before beginning to fingering her asshole.

She didn’t say anything. Instead, she stuffed my cock back down her throat to stifle the moans that were trying to break out as I started fingering the hell out of her little hole.

“Slut…” I whispered as I began fucking her throat, still plunging two fingers into her forbidden hole. I could feel her slightly gagging around my cock the deeper it went. Fuck, that was such a turn on for me. I could no longer contain myself so I just let go and shot my load down her throat, triggering her to have an anal induced orgasm.

“Damn, baby…” I said as she swallowed every drop of my cum.

She smoothed her skirt down before carefully sitting up and discretely wiping her mouth.

“Um, your face…” I said as I noticed her makeup had smeared a bit from the tears that were streaming down her face from gagging on my cock.

“Oh shit…” she muttered before reaching into her purse for her makeup removing wipes.

I silently laughed to myself as she began fixing the mess on her face.

“Now what?” I asked, realizing we still had a ways to go because of the construction zone that had traffic backed up all the way into Texas.

“I have no idea,” she answered as she put her slightly damp shirt back on, trying to keep a straight face as she looked over at me. I began laughing at the fact that we didn’t get caught for what we were doing. “Hush, baby…” I could tell she was trying not to burst out laughing.

“Haha,” I laughed before pulling her to me and wrapping my arms around her. “Let’s raise the bar just a bit…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s dark and no one can see back here so take off your panties and slide onto my lap…”

She didn’t say a thing. All she did was slide her panties off before slowing getting into my lap and sitting on my cock. I wasn’t exactly expecting her to put me inside her right away, but I wasn’t going to complain. My heart began racing as the reality of what we were doing began to set in.

Holy shit, my parents are right there!

I gathered myself before holding her as I began moving my hips. She let out a sigh as she began slightly bouncing on my hard cock.

“Damn, this is sexy…” I whispered as I moved up into her, no one in the vehicle having a clue what was taking place.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she breathed out as I felt her push down harder onto my cock.

“Baby…I might…” I heard her say as I began playing with her hard, throbbing clit.

“Might what?”

“I might cum! Wait, check that. I’m gonna cum!” I heard her whisper as I felt the flood on my cock. She began riding me harder and faster like she didn’t have a care in the world.

I happened to look up and see my mom taking a glance our direction. I quickly grabbed her hips and stopped her before it was too late.

“Easy, baby…my mom just glanced back here.” I waited a minute before I started fucking her from beneath.

“Baby…I want you to fill my pussy full of cum…it would be so hot knowing you could get me pregnant and no one would even know what was happening…” she whispered, driving me close to the edge.

“Oh fuck, baby…keep talking to me…”

“I wanna feel your hot cum shoot deep inside my pussy, into my womb…I want you to get me pregnant right here, right now, when we could get caught at any moment…”

Holy shit…talk about sending someone over the edge like that. I gripped her hips hard, digging my fingers into her skin, as I thrust up into her, cumming as deep as I could. I held her against me, not wanting to leave her pussy, to ever leave her pussy.

I couldn’t believe what had happened. We just got away with fucking right in front of my parents and even possibly conceived a child in the process. It was all mind-blowing to the point that we couldn’t even move for the few minutes after I came.

“We should…I should…” she began before carefully sliding off me and putting her panties back on before cuddling up next me.

“I love you so much, baby girl,” I said as I pulled her tightly to me.

“I love you too,” she said with a smile, “now this would be fine for your momma to look back and see haha.”

“This is very true haha.”

We cuddled up in the backseat of the van, making small talk until we eventually fell asleep.

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