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The Sexy Little Princess Needs a Frog

The guy next door had more to offer than just being neighborly...
As a young single mom, life is sometimes quite challenging. Approaching the age of 30 and having no one to depend on makes a person feel quite alone on occasion. Thank goodness for Mark. He’s my neighbor. Ever since I moved in some three years ago he’s treated me like royalty. He lavishes me with his time and attention whenever we’re both around and has made a nearly impossible situation for me quite bearable most of the time. He even calls me his ‘little princess.’

Mark is older than me by over 20 years but, in spite of the age difference, being friends with him seems so natural. We connect really well. You know how some people are just naturally young at heart and extremely fun? Well that is my Mark. He has the energy and vibe of men half his age. I like that. I also like the fact that he’s mature, if you know what I mean. Most of the men my age are still just boys in men’s body and tend to be rather self-centered. That’s the antithesis of him. He is constantly attending to both me and my son. In fact, Johnnie has become very close to Mark.

When he gets home from his construction job late in the afternoon we are both waiting for him. He may not really be aware of this but it’s true. I’ve never known a man who loves kids more. Dressed in either a tee or plaid flannel shirt, depending on the weather and season of the year, along with rugged skin tight jeans and work boots, I love to watch him as he climbs out of his truck. He is the epitome of manhood. Tan skin, muscular body, athletic, full head of hair, tender yet strong, steady ...what more could a woman want. Before he even walks into his house he is walking over to mine, checking on me and the boy. He loves my boy and, without any words having been spoken, I’m sure that I too hold a special place in his heart. I always feel good when he’s around. The way he smiles at me, the subtle, friendly touches, the encouraging words, all of which speak of how much he cares for me. When the conversation has waned often times he will take my son and ‘hike’ around our large back yard discovering things, play with him on the swing set or wrestle him in the grass. I never tire of just watching them play together. There’s a very close bond between them.

Right now Mark’s the only man in my life. Besides being great to me and the boy, he’s functioned well as mental fodder many a time while using ‘Bob’ to stimulate my body. I guess he and Bob have made a pretty good team. I rarely fail to have a hard, satisfying come with the help of the dynamic duo!

Though I am not a kid anymore and have birthed a son, you would never know it by looking at me. While my face probably looks close to my age my body is incredible, if I do say so myself. I credit that on extremely good genes and an addiction to the gym. It takes a lot of hard work to make my body look as if its 10 years younger but that is what I’ve done. I eat well, do probably too much cardio and weight train three times a week. I even throw in a couple of yoga classes. All of this has created an extremely fit and flexible woman. It is perhaps the number one reason I’m sane today, given all of the hard knocks I’ve sustained in my life. It has become my therapy. Another fruit of my exercise program is that men and women as well, cannot keep their eyes off of me. I guess I am the woman ‘to die for’ and I love the attention I get. But, in spite of really appreciating the admiration of others, my history has led me to be extremely gun shy with people. I find it very hard to trust people anymore; I’ve been burnt way too much for an entire lifetime and, if statistics prove true, I’m not even halfway done yet.

Over the course of time, as I’ve already implied, Mark and I have grown to become very close. I’m uncertain how he feels about me exactly but he’s definitely my closest friend. I can confide in him and tell him just about anything. Anything, that is, except about my sex life and my feelings for him. I’ve never told him how it makes me feel when I see him dress up and head out for a night on the town. I’ve never said how my mind wanders when he doesn’t come home until the next day. “He screwed her; damn, I wish it was me!” I haven’t come to terms with how I feel when a date comes to his house. Several hours later, or perhaps the next morning, he walks her to her car and they hold each other tightly and passionately kiss. I witness it all as I stand at my window. I’m immediately filled with anger and jealousy. Even then, my pussy begins to moisten as I try to ascertain just how pleased she looks. And, to my disappointment, she always looks very pleased. I don’t know why I don’t just come out and tell him. I guess I’m just too gun shy, too unwilling to expose myself to the threat of any more pain.

That brings us to today, a day that has changed our relationship forever. On the weekends he always plays on some sort of sports team. Today, after he returned from his ball game, he dropped by to check on us. He was wearing athletic shorts and a tank top. He looked ripped and his skin was still glossy with sweat from the basketball game he played a couple of blocks away. Some women get grossed out by this. I get turned on. As perspiration rolled down his sideburns onto his cheeks I sensed the same sensation between my legs. I brought him the glass of ice water he requested. He smells divine.

“Thanks, I needed that!” he says after downing all 16 ounces in practically one gulp. I try to be inconspicuous as I watch his Adam’s apple rise up and down inside his throat. Damn, it looks sexy. “Can I have another?”

“Sure!” I say as I retreat to the frig.

He normally gives me a quick hug when we greet each other. “I would hug you but I’m soaking wet right now,” he says.

I’m thinking: yeah, you and me both buddy. Instead, I just tell him, “Ah, I wouldn’t mind. Sweat doesn’t bother me. Besides, a sweaty man is a sexy man!”

“You’re one of a kind, Denise. Every woman I’ve ever known gets perturbed or grossed out by my sweat. You’re really amazing, you know that?” he says with his heart-melting grin.

“Oh I don’t know about that Mark. You might just be the only person who thinks so,” I respond, begging for more of his much needed compliments. “So, where’s my hug?”

He puts his glass down, walks over and gently wraps his arms around me, trying to be careful not to get me wet. He’s barely touching me.

“You call that a hug? Come on!” I say, my voice elevating. A wonderful bear hug ensues as he picks me up and twirls me around the kitchen a couple of times. He’s holding onto my lower back as I wrap my arms around his thick shoulder blades with my hands resting on his traps. I hold him tight and pull him close. I could get used to this. We are a perfect fit.

We separate when Johnnie comes running through the door, asking for his mommy.

“Marky!” the two year old shouts when he sees Mark and runs at him with arms wide open. I always marvel at how close they’ve become. Mark is also the only man in his life and their love for each other is amazing. As I break my gaze from their embrace I notice my tee shirt and gasp out loud. Mark immediately turns to see what’s wrong. I’m rarely without a bra but today is the exception. The combination of white and his soaking wet chest proves to be too much for the fabric. Looking back at us in all their splendor are my 36 C’s that accentuate my 5’6” 128 pound body. I wanted to crawl under a rock! What’s more, the fact that Mark was turning me on is perfectly clear. The hardened tips of my nipples are dramatically poking through the cotton. If I wasn’t so embarrassed I’d have to admit I looked pretty fucking hot!

Mark isn’t sure what to do. There’s a long, pregnant pause. Finally he says, “Oh my! Well I guess that’s my cue to go home and take a shower.” He lets go of Johnnie and heads toward the door. As his hand begins to turn the knob he looks back at me and says with a smile, “and a cold one at that!” When he winks at me I feel my heart begin to flutter. As the story goes, I think I’m twitter pated!

In spite of my self-consciousness, I love the sexual tension I’m feeling. It is so appealing to me, something I haven’t felt for a very long time. I didn’t want it to end. Before he’s off my porch I say, “Why don’t you shower and then come on back over and spend some time with Johnnie and me. I would love to have you for dinner.” I’m not sure if he notices but that didn’t quite come out right. But that’s okay; as a matter of fact I really do want him for dinner!

He answers in the affirmative and we decide he’ll come back in a couple hours. That gives me just enough time to put my boy down for a nap, prepare the house, gather stuff for dinner and take a shower. The last item is the key. I so need to shower. I need to rub down my body from head to toe, to shave my legs - and anywhere else where unwanted hair grows - and to Jill off to release some of the tension. Yeah, I definitely need a shower. When I get out I feel like a new woman as I put on a hot little G string, a colorful summer dress with spaghetti straps and some sexy sandals. Thankfully there’s no need to wear a bra. I touch up my makeup and give myself the once over. Yes sir, I look damn tasty if I do say so myself!

Soon Mark is back and the three of us share a wonderful BBQ tri tip, salad and fresh strawberry dinner. Mark worked the grill with his little assistant as I prepped the rest. It was great. After we eat we slip out to the back yard and I watch as the boys play together on the swing set. The smiles and laughter and the joy on their faces is so endearing to me. I’ve pushed aside the desire to have a man in my life since the day I found out I was pregnant. I never told the bastard who knocked me up about it and just left town, never to be seen or heard from again. I swore I’d protect this child from suffering at the hands of a cruel man. It’s taken three years for these walls to start to come down and, as I watch my son play with this tender man, I realize that Mark is a man I’ve grown to trust. Furthermore, I may be falling in love with him. I believe he is interested in me. The electricity between us today seems clear. I’m just going to look for an opening and see what happens.

It’s an hour before sunset when we all walk back into the house and, as usual, Mark is reading to my son and talking with him. I’m in the kitchen washing the dishes and intently listening as he reads him a little book on animals. As is their custom, Mark often points to the page and asks, “What’s that?” This evening he is pointing to a pig.

“Peeg!” Johnnie says.

“Right!” Mark says excitedly, “Pig! Good job!”

They hit giraffe (“raff” as I giggle), cow and horse. It’s all very amusing. I dry my hands, walk into the living room and watch them as I stand behind the couch, enjoying every moment. They don’t even know that I’m there.

“What’s this?” Mark asks as he points to a frog.

The boys says something that surprises him but he wasn’t quite sure what he’s hearing.

The word has shaken Mark up a bit. He wasn’t sure if he heard him correctly or if it was just his imagination.

What’s this?” he asks, pointing again.

Johnnie smiles, looks up at Mark and says the exact same thing, accidentally saying a dirty word rather than frog.

I immediately walked around the sofa, startling Mark, and kneel down in front of them and point to the frog.

“Hey honey, what’s this?” I coo, glancing at Mark as I say it.

He says it again, this time louder for all the world to hear.

I smile at Johnnie and say, “That’s a frog honey, a frog.” As I look into Mark’s eyes I see his sexy Adam’s apple rise as he nervously gulps. Then, as I continue to stare sensuously into his eyes, I say, “And I could use a frog tonight, a good hard frog!” I smile and pat his leg and reach for my son.

“Okay baby, kiss Mark good night. It’s time for bed.”

All the while I’m tucking him in my heart is racing, wondering if this is going to be the night. I’ve waited so long to let myself go and be loved by a man. I need to be loved. I need to be fucked. If Mark is still here when I get back out there I’m going for it. I can’t wait to find out.

As I turn off the light and close his door it takes just seconds to re-enter the living room. My heart drops when I see the vacant couch. He is nowhere in sight as the bathroom and kitchen are also empty. Standing in the kitchen I pick up movement out the window. There is Mark, sitting on the swing and slowly rocking.

“Hey!” I say as I walk out the back door. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, it’s rather perfect!” he says in kind of a mellow voice. “You know Denise, I realized that men had messed you up big time and I so just came along side you to be your friend, to both you and Johnnie. That’s all I ever expected: your friendship. I never wanted to take advantage of my little princess.” Standing right in front of him now, tears are streaming down my face as I hear those words. “I never expected anything,” he continued, “but that doesn’t mean that as each day passed I didn’t hope for something more. I...”

I stood and interrupted him. I’ve heard all that I need to hear. He stands to meet me and our mouths attack each other’s. I’ve never felt such passion. My hands are all over his back and butt as his strong arms really hold me for the first time, rubbing my lower back and ass. Our tongues wrestle in a vigorous love dance and my body is aching for more, so much more. I haven’t been with a man in years.

“Take me! I want you now!” I practically shout at him.

“Let me take the lead here girl. Sit down for me,” he says rather tenderly.

As I sit in the vinyl swing in our secluded back yard I’m confused. “Sit down, why do you want me to sit dow...”

He is kneeling on the ground and lifts my sundress, pulling my thong to the side, exposing my sopping wet bald pussy. Before my sentence is complete he is licking from the base of my juicy slit on up to my clit. Both of his hands are on the swing and he is rocking my pelvis forward and back as he laps at my pussy and nub. I’ve been used and I’ve been abused. Right now I am being loved. He pulls the G string completely off now. I wrap my arms around the chains for stability and draw his head deeper into me as the slow build of my come starts to crescendo. As the first wave hits I am gasping for air and involuntarily bucking my hips into his face. I’ve never felt such pleasure and my words betray me.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss, yessssssssssssss, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!!!!” I come harder than I can ever remember. It feels so damn good! I’m trying not to scream but am unsure if I’m succeeding. His firm tongue has entered my wet hole and he is fucking me back as I grind against him. He just keeps going, toying with me until I’m approaching yet another orgasm.

“Fuck me Mark. I need your cock. Come on, fuck me now!”

Mark rises from his knees and takes my hand. He looks around as if to ensure that we’re still out of sight of anyone. He pulls his shirt and shorts off then sits down on the very seat I was on. “Come here babe,” he says. As I step forward I look down at his swollen cock. Damn! It’s a big, thick piece of shaved man meat and it’s pulsing with excitement. The tip holds a clear drop of nectar. I reach for it with my fingers and take it to my lips. I knew he would taste good. He pulls my dress over my head and immediately sucks my left nipple into his mouth as he grabs my ass and pulls me forward. One hand is massaging near my rosebud while the other slides down my abs and is stroking my hardened nub. He removes his mouth just long enough to say, “You are so beautiful damn, amazingly beautiful!” My nipple is captured again and I am close to another come.

“I need you to fuck me Mark!” I shout. I grab the chains above him and slide my legs around his waist on the swing and sit down on his thighs. I lift my body above him, waiting for him to grab his cock and aim it at my cunt. When I feel the head sliding between my lips I lower myself down on him slowly. He’s bigger than any man I’ve had before. It is extremely hot and my pussy extremely tight. Oh the feel of a man. His warm chest pressed to mine, his throbbing monster cock absolutely splitting my tight gash and filling me up. I’ve waited so long for this. Just shy of bottoming out I pull up on the chains and then lower myself down again. I keep it up and gather a steady rhythm and am on the verge again.

“Damn, this princess so needed a frog Mark! Shit, you’re a good hard frog!” I say with half closed eyes and a giant smile on my face. He meets my smile with a sexy one of his own and is pulling on the chains beneath my hands, meeting my strokes by powering his lovely tool in and out of my steamy cunt. I can feel my juices flow out of me out onto him. I can smell them.

That’s all it takes for both of us to fly over the edge, enjoying a mutual cum-fest that concludes with deep throating tongues and wild heart stopping moans. It takes several minutes for us to come down from this wonderful high. Finally Mark breaks the silence.

“Babe, you’re my sexy little princess, always have been. I’m so proud to be your frog!”

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