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The Straight Girl, the Bi Girl and the Manipulative Boyfriend – Chapter 3

I have no idea who's game it is, my instinct is to play along and see where it goes
After a nice glass of champagne and a short period of recovery Toby, who was still totally naked with a semi hard on, stood up and asked me what I wanted him to do.

“Could you lie on your back please?”

Toby positioned himself as I asked him to on the thick rug in front on the fire. There was a nice glow and flicker of light across his body, although he couldn’t be described as very fit he was slim and the light highlighted the definition of his chest, shoulders, arm muscles and thighs very nicely.

His sperm was still dripping onto my sticky inner thighs and as he’d told me earlier he wouldn’t kiss me if I made him cum in my mouth I could hardly ask or expect him to go down on me to get me going so I had to work on him to get my body ready for what I wanted to do.

I knelt down next to him and started to use my hands, still in the silk gloves, to gently massage his shaft and tip, slipping both hands further down a few times to cup his balls and tickle his perineum. I alternated the attention and intensity to these sensitive areas to increase his pleasure so his cock slowly rose from its slumber back to being rock hard again. Taking my hands away for a moment I gently teased his legs apart so I could manoeuvre myself between them. His cock didn’t need the extra attention but I couldn’t resist the temptation to put it into my mouth, tasting myself and him at the same time. The interesting cocktail of salty and sweeter juices on his engorged tip made me feel very naughty and horny again.

Toby moaned with pleasure and raised his hips to gently push more of his cock into my mouth.

“As wonderful as this makes me feel, we’re supposed to be taking care of your needs, don’t tell me you can orgasm from sucking cock”.

I pulled away.

“No, of course not, sorry but when I get into doing that it’s very hard to stop”.

I stood up, hitched my dress up above my thighs and asked Toby to close his legs.

“You probably won’t find this very exciting Toby but it does it for me”

I slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders and took off my bra releasing my tits for the first time since I arrived. I assured Toby I wasn’t getting undressed. Straddling him I lowered my pussy onto his cock so I was squashing it flat to his stomach. Leaning forward I rested my hands on the floor either side of his chest, the angle allowing my tits to drop forward invitingly for Toby to play with my nipples.

It took a bit of wriggling to get the positioning right but I was soon gently rubbing my clit against the underside of his cock, teasing myself into a state of high sensitivity. I rocked my hips backwards forwards, building up the friction and tension within me until I started to tingle all over and I wanted more and more. Then the rush of tingles became more intense and satisfying, rising up though the centre of my body out to the tips of my hands, my feet, and even to my lips. I moved faster and faster my body started to shake every muscle in my body tightened and I came, it felt like I was going to pee but it was the natural excretion of fluids and it felt oh so good. Then total relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness.

Toby had stopped to watch me.

“Wow” he said “That looked powerful, you must have been saving that one up for some time”

Still breathing heavily I collapsed onto his chest.

Eventually I sat up, popped my tits back into my dress and slipped the straps over my shoulders again. I was looking down and smiling at Toby all the time.

“Yes” I said “That was very strong, it’s been a while but it was worth waiting for”.

After giving Toby a hug and kiss we separated ourselves from each other and got to our feet. Not for long though as Toby’s cock was still rock hard and in need of some attention. I was far to sensitive now to have him inside me again and there was no way my pussy could take another pounding as it had done earlier so I dropped to my knees and set to work on him with my mouth. This time I wasn’t going to stop until I had finished. I bobbed my head backwards and forwards over the tip, sucking him, tickling his perineum and gently squeezing his balls.

It wasn’t long before he was moaning and breathing deeply with pleasure, then his hands found the back of my head and his fingers entwined strands of my hair. His balls tightened and his cock grew even harder. Letting out a few gasps and a loud aargh, his cock twitched and fired a heavy shot of cum into my mouth, I couldn’t swallow it fast enough and had to move my head away to avoid the next load which went into my hair, I tipped his cock downwards and the third shot went down the front of my dress. Having successfully swallowed the first load I popped his cock back into my mouth and licked off what was left and swallowed that too.

Later before leaving Toby took me to a full length mirror in the hallway and told me to have a good look at myself. He told me that when I arrived, I looked perfect, beautifully dressed, made up and with pristine hair. Now my hair was a mess, dress all creased and out of shape, make up was mostly gone or smudged, I still had some cum in my hair and down the front of the dress, oh and sticky inner thighs with no panties the taste of cum in my mouth and the smell of it on my breath. Classy eh!

He told me he’d always wanted to take a perfectly dressed and made up pretty women, then mess up the whole image by fucking her with all her clothes on. He had certainly achieved that, I hoped he would deliver his part of the bargain now. I returned the gloves to him and gave him a kiss on the cheeks before leaving.

I didn’t hear anything from Toby for about ten days then picked up a voicemail from Lauren.

“Hi Kim its Lauren, please give me a call back when you get a chance to, thanks, speak to you soon”

My heart raced, could this really be it and Toby’s plan has come to fruition!!!!

I quickly phoned Toby to ask him what he’d told Lauren, he informed me that he hadn’t discussed his deal with me yet and he certainly hadn’t told her we’d already started the ball rolling by having a night of dirty sex. I was worried because she’d left me a voicemail asking me to call back, I was deeply concerned that she knew everything and was going to confront me about it. Toby assured me that she didn’t know anything about it, he was going away this weekend and it wouldn’t surprise him if she was planning a small party or something at his house.

Feeling a little more assured and after taking in some very deep breaths or air I phoned her back.

“Hi Kim, thanks for phoning me back. Are you okay to talk or are you with a customer”?

“Hi, yes I can, I’m just sitting on my own in the car”

“Good, sorry it’s taken me some time to call you but to be honest I was a little nervous about the whole arrangement with Toby and wanted to apologise to you”

Oh my god, I was so nervous and excited. In contrary to what he’d said to me a few minutes earlier Toby had told her about our arrangement and it was going to happen. I just hoped he hadn’t told her I had sex with him first as part of the deal. With my fingers crossed I answered her.

“That’s okay. What did Toby tell you?

Lauren nervously blurted out what must have been a ready prepared statement of apology to me.

“Erm I’m assuming Toby told you everything, anyway he probably didn’t so I fill in any gaps. As you know we’re getting married soon. We have agreed that we will explore some of our fantasies which involve other people before we tie the knot. I told him I had played around a bit with girls a few years back and I would like to try it again, I could never approach a girl in that way, if you know what I mean. And I like you a lot so I asked him to sound you out for me.

To cut a long story short that’s why he asked for your help him choose some underwear for me, and thank you so much by the way, your choice was excellent. I don’t really wear stockings but I’m guessing that was Toby’s idea. Anyway Toby said you have no sexual interest in girls, never have done and I should look elsewhere. Which is absolutely fine, I fully understand and respect your position but don’t want you to think badly about me because of it. So I’m apologising for messing you about. I don’t want you to be upset, shocked, offended or even scared of me because that’s as far as it will go”.

I was silent for a good fifteen seconds in a daze from having to absorb this conflict of information so quickly, I meekly replied “That’s ok Lauren, apology accepted, I wasn’t upset or offended by it and I have no reason to be scared of you”.

“Phew! Thank god for that, I was very worried about how you’d react but you seem totally laid back about it”.

“I assure you it’s not a problem, don’t even worry about it”.

“That‘s fantastic news, you’re so kind. To make it up to you I’m having a small party of friends over for dinner on Saturday night at Toby’s place, he’s going away for the weekend. I would love it if you could join us, you’re welcome to stay overnight if you’re comfortable with it and want to enjoy a few drinks without having to drive home. It’s just a dinner with some of my closest female friends, not I hasten to add a lesbian slumber party, in fact they are all straight just like you, so there’s nothing to worry about, however I will fully understand if you don’t want to stay”.

Still in a daze I simply answered “Yes”. I thought staying over night would be a good idea as I would enjoy a few drinks, in fact I could do with one right now.

“Great, I’ll text Toby’s address over to you and the code for the gate, see you Saturday about eight”.

“Okay, see you Saturday”.

My head is in my hands and my head aches. Have Toby and Lauren planned this whole scenario together to confuse and take advantage of me or are they oblivious to each other and playing their own individual games?

I have no idea but my natural instinct tells me to join in on the game or games and see where it leads to, especially as I am now the straight girl, apparently!!!

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