The Straight Girl, the Bi Girl and the Manipulative Boyfriend – Chapter 4

By Kimasa

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Toby's plans go wrong, then he throws a new twist at me
Being the straight or bi girl in Toby and Lauren’s game no longer mattered to me. After spending a few days stewing over the events and the stories fed to me I was annoyed.

Annoyed that Toby and Lauren had lied, coaxed me into their game and worst of all thought they could continue drawing me in deeper. I was also annoyed with myself for being so weak, naïve and so easily led.

I had allowed Toby to leave me looking dishevelled, with my clothes stained and my hair splattered with his spunk. Anyone seeing me in that state could have thought I was the victim of a sexual assault by a couple of drunks.

What annoyed me most was I had thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The lies and deceit they had fed me, left me cold, my sexual interest in Lauren had died, but my mind had been seduced by their game.

I wanted to get to the truth even if it hurt me so I decided I would go to Lauren’s dinner party.

After being told what I had to wear last time I went to Toby’s the first thing I tried on was a tee shirt and jeans. I looked at myself in the mirror.


What if the others have made an effort and I turn up looking like I’ve just been doing some housework before I left home and couldn’t be arsed to change?

So I then tried on a black skirt and white blouse.

No again.

That looked like I’ve just come straight from work, and, again, couldn’t be arsed to change.

Well, no men to impress or flirt with, so I tried on a John Lewis blue and white striped jersey dress...

Yes! That looked fine, I was happy with that.

Light make up, no sparkly jewellery or stockings required. It wasn’t that I didn’t like wearing any of those items, far from it because I do like wearing them, it was more to do with the fact that I wasn’t being told what I had to wear this time. So as I looked at myself I a saw tasteful, comfortable, casual and relaxed girl. Yeah I thought, that’s me dressing for myself for a change.

A little later I arrived at Toby’s with an overnight bag containing a change of clothes and toiletries as I had accepted her offer of enjoying a few extra drinks and staying the night.

Lauren showed me to my very spacious double bedroom with a very comfy looking king sized bed covered by a scattering of luxurious pillows and cushions. The bedroom also had a beautiful marble tiled en-suite shower room to compliment it.

Lauren put her hand on my shoulder and asked me if I thought I would be comfortable staying here. I laughed and told her that yes, I think I might just about manage it.

"Good," she said smiling and leaving her hand to linger on my shoulder.

I felt her eyes studying the side of my neck then felt her hand gently running down my back. As she turned to leave she stopped and looked back at me, her eyes first looked me straight in the eye then followed a course down to my knees then back upwards settling at my eyes again. She had a beaming smile on her face and a glint in her eye, just like a little girl who’s just been handed a beautifully gifted present to unwrap.

“It’s a really nice dress you’re wearing, Kim, and you look lovely in it...”

I smiled back and thanked her for the compliment whilst desperately trying to hide the mixture of nervous excitement and sexual arousal I felt from the way she looked at me.

If only she could have walked back towards me, wrapped her arms around my shoulders and leaned into me so I fell back onto the bed with her landing on top of me, engulfing me in a passionate kiss with her hands exploring me! She could have had me right there and then, done whatever she wanted to do with me and I would have been putty in her hands. But she didn’t; she had other guests arriving soon and a dinner party to host.

“I’ll leave you to put your things away and see you downstairs in a few minutes.”

I had to quickly bring my mind back to reality and say what any helpful female guest would have said to her hostess.

“Okay I’ll see you in a few minutes, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help?”

“Thanks, everything is ready but maybe you could help serving the drinks; the others should be arriving in about five minutes”

As I was putting my things away my phone buzzed with an incoming text message from Toby:

"Hi Kim, please do as I have asked you. If Lauren comes onto you, she probably won’t, but if in the unlikely case that she does, please resist her and continue acting as if you are straight".

My panties were wet from my encounter with Lauren and Toby wants me to act as if her attentions are not of any interest to me.

(Toby, do you have any idea how difficult it is for me to hide that???)

Back to reality and there was a choice of drinks, it was champagne or water, I don’t remember serving anyone with water.

The evening went by very smoothly and amiably with mostly what I would call general conversation, nothing scandalous or confrontational. Dinner was delicious starting with an antipasto of various Italian cured meats, olives, anchovies, tomatoes and torn strips of fresh basil served on a bed of lettuce and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

The main course was a spicy risotto with chicken, prawns and mushrooms, followed by a light desert of panna cotta topped with pineapple and passion fruit.

The all-female guests were an interesting group of different types and ages.

There was Ella an IT consultant and web designer, a plump and geeky woman with a fun personality.

Sophie was an hotel receptionist and amateur actress, blonde haired, short and slim, wore dark rimmed glasses and laughed dirtily at any sexual innuendo, not that many were forthcoming but she managed to find a few.

Charlotte a PA and also an amateur actress, very conservative, a brunette of medium build and Megan an artist and fashion designer, with a wacky dress sense, an attractive curvy woman with big curly red hair and big boobs to match.

My hunch was that I was probably the youngest guest by two or three years from Sophie.

Ella would have been in her mid thirties, Megan around forty and Charlotte must have been in her late forties, possibly early fifties.

After dinner we served coffee with some delicious chocolates then the guests taxis started to arrive and one by one they all drifted off into the night leaving me to help Lauren clear up and load the dishwasher for its second and last load.

After that we sat down in the living room (the same room where Toby had recently given me a right good seeing to) and enjoyed one more glass of Champagne. We chatted for a while and I complimented her on what a lovely evening it had been, a delicious dinner, interesting guests and good conversation but I couldn’t have another drink.

I was tipsy and giggly but not drunk. I don’t do drunk as I hate hangovers, so after thanking her again for a lovely evening and looking at the time, (it was now nearly 12.30am), I stood up and said I was off to bed.

Lauren had had a long day preparing everything, yawned rubbed her eyes, smiled at me and agreed it was time for bed. We wished each other a goodnight and I left and went upstairs to my room leaving Lauren to lock up and make sure any alarms were set.

I got undressed and went through my usual routine, remove make up, take a shower and brush my teeth. There was no lock on the door but I wouldn’t have locked it if there was one, since I hate locked doors unless I’m staying in a hotel. I got into bed and lay on my left hand side with my back facing the door, if Lauren was to slip into the room later I didn’t want to be facing her. I lay awake with my eyes closed, feigning sleep just in case she did sneak into my room. Sleep was not an option as my mind raced and my body ached at the thought that Lauren would come and try and seduce me.

I had just about given up on the idea and was on the verge of dropping off to sleep when I heard the door open. Lauren thinking I was asleep very gently slipped under the duvet and was suddenly behind me I feigned sleep. She very, very gently slipped under the duvet and shifted her body next to mine in a spooning position. I kept perfectly still feeling the warmth of her body and her erect nipples poking into my back.

She gently moved her right arm over me until I felt her finger gently tracing circles around the tip of my breast. My nipple responded immediately. The ball of her finger continued tracing gentle circles for a few seconds then moved directly to the end of my nipple. Feeling that my nipple had hardened to her touch, I heard her giggle and felt her warm breath on my ear. She whispered into my ear.

“Don’t worry pretty girl, or be scared, once I get you going you’ll enjoy it so much you won’t want me to stop.”

My body was tingling all over, I desperately wanted to feel her hands and kisses all over me but I continued to feign sleep and wondered how long I could maintain the pretence of being straight, if I could wake up and resist her. Then in the midst of her seduction a thought came to mind. Toby was out of town, he wanted me to resist Lauren because he wasn’t here to watch us. He wanted me to carry out this pretence to suit his own goals. Sorry Toby, your plan has just failed, you’re not here to control the outcome and I’m about to ruin it.

I opened my eyes rolled onto my back and gave her the horniest kiss I could muster. She squealed with delight as she sat up, quickly straddled my midriff and with her wet pussy hovering just above my stomach. Grabbing my breasts with both hands and squeezing my nipples she giggled again.

“I am going to make you feel so good and I’m going to have so much fun doing it, you’re mine now...”

She moved again lying on top of me engulfing me in a frenzy of passionate kisses, then she slowed down her actions as she slid down my body and took my nipple into her mouth. I squirmed at her touch as she gently sucked on my nipple and teased it with her tongue and teeth. She manoeuvred herself into a position so she could continue teasing my nipple with her mouth whilst running her free hand down my side, over my thighs and across my stomach. My whole body was tingling right to the end of my finger tips as she gently and very sensuously caressed me. She would have known by now my pussy was aching for attention, we moved instinctively, she slid slowly down my body and I opened my legs giving her mouth full access to my glistening pussy lips.

I was so sensitive down there I jolted when mouth first made contact, kissing me fully then gently running her tongue the full length of my moistened slit until her tongue rested on my clit. She put her mouth right over my clit and sucked on me sending shivers right through the middle of by body out to my thighs which were wobbling like jelly Then she settled back to gently lapping my clit with her tongue. The shivers turned to tingles and my thighs tightened as the tension took over me.

I looked down over my heaving breasts to see the incredibly horny view of the gorgeous Lauren with eyes closed, totally absorbed in eating me. The tension in my lower body just got to that point where I might crush her head between my thighs when I was racked by an incredibly strong orgasm. I bucked into her face whilst her mouth was firmly planted on my pussy prolonging the spasms of my orgasm until it finally subsided. I jolted with sensitivity when she eventually released my pussy from her mouth. She beamed at me with a wonderful smile and expression of pleasure and achievement on her face.

We made love again later with me going down on her and feeling her orgasm against my face. Then she made me cum again with the most amazing finger work using both hands. Using two fingers of one hand to tease my inner walls and gently finger me she also used the index finger of her other hand to gently and very teasingly caress my clit until my body let rip with another awesome orgasm.

We fell asleep in each others arms and to my surprise she was still there lying next to me in the morning. With a lovely warm feeling inside me I looked at her whilst she was still half awake. Last night had been the best sex I had ever experienced. I had never had two orgasms in one night before and for the first time in a long time, if not the first time ever, I felt that I had been made love to instead of feeling like I had just been fucked.

Lauren opened her eyes and spoke to me.

“I know we both enjoyed what we did last night and I hope you’re not embarrassed about it.”

I smiled at her. “Not at all.”

I leaned forward and we kissed, we kissed and cuddled for a while, stroking each others bodies but didn’t make love again. The only thing pink and juicy that I was going to get for breakfast was half a grapefruit. Lauren kissed me once more and said she hoped we could get together like this again soon.

Then she got up she had to go to her room to shower and get dressed.

“See you downstairs in about half an hour.”

“Okay,” I replied, wishing she had stayed to take a shower with me.

I showered, got dressed and dried my hair before descending the stairs and headed to the kitchen. So, Toby had played his game and although it hadn’t all gone perfectly to plan I thought at least all three of us had got out of it what we had hoped for. It still bugged me though that they’d played this game of theirs and I still wanted to know the truth.

We sat down to have our breakfast and I was ready. I had it rehearsed in my mind.

“Okay Lauren, you and Toby have had some fun with your games and differing stories, you’ve both had me, which I’m not complaining about as I had fun too, but now that the game is over can you please tell me why you did this to me and what the truth is?" 

I swallowed my last segment of pink grapefruit, placed my teaspoon in the bowl, took a deep breath. 



“Yes, we can start with Toby.”

“What!!! No! I mean he’s just pulled into the driveway.”

“Good, I can ask both of you at the same time?”

“I’ll get a coffee ready for him.”

I held fire with my questions until Toby joined us at the breakfast table. Just as I opened my mouth ready to speak Toby looked me in the eye and held his hand up ushering me into silence. I closed my mouth, raising my eyebrows and giving him an 'I’m ready to listen' expression.

“Kim, I hope you stuck to your side of the bargain.”

I blushed

“No, she didn’t.”

“Lauren!!!” I said in exasperation.

“I’m sorry but you gave in very easily.”

I buried my head in my hands. “I know I gave in easily, I couldn’t help it”

“I knew you fancied me, but you could have stuck to the deal with Toby and resisted me.”

My mind forgot the earlier rehearsed question and went off at a tangent.

Exasperated I asked, “Anyone fancy a game of Monopoly?”


“Yes, Monopoly, I know the game, the rules and can see the where all the pieces are on the board.”

Toby smiled at me and said “Very good, I like that analogy.”

I hadn’t previously noticed it but Toby leaned down to the right of his chair and picked up a black leather folder. He placed it onto the table, opened it at an angle so the page was just beyond my sight, flicked through a few pages, took out a pen, made a few movements with his pen, then he looked up at me.

“Kim, you’ve done very well, I’m impressed.”

I was lost for words.

“You’re the last piece in the jigsaw and damn near perfect.”

“The last piece in the jigsaw, what are you talking about?”

“Okay,” he said looking down and opening his folder “You tick all the right boxes...

"You are intelligent, experienced in sales and business, good at acting and adaptable to quickly changing situations, pretty, sexy, submissive, dirty and willing, and with oriental looks. Added to that Charlotte informed me this morning you got on well and fitted in comfortably with the rest of the team last night..." 

I was incredulous. “They are a team? You’re making it sound like a job interview!”

“Correct. Now how would you like to earn three thousand pounds in cash for two to three days work?”

“First of all, what’s the job and does it involve me having sex with anyone?" 

“Primarily it’s an acting job and no, having sex with someone is definitely not in the brief.”

“So what’s the brief?"

“The team are all coming back this afternoon at 4pm for a full briefing. If you’re in on the deal you’ll join us and find out then. Are you in?" 

“For three thousand pounds in cash, okay, I’m in.”

“Excellent. Right after your indiscretion last night you both owe me one, so let’s go through to the living room”.

Still bemused by yet another twist in Toby’s game I obediently followed them into the living room.

“Kim, close the curtains please and Lauren, you’ll need the silk gloves.

I’m so easily led astray, I should be ashamed of myself. I still had no idea where these two were taking me or what the truth was but I was having fun just going along for the ride. And now I couldn’t wait to see where this adventure was going next.