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The Student Doctor

Student doctor uses his position to satisfy his sexual desires.
This is a true tale. I know it will not have the eroticism of some of the other stories but, I being taken advantage of, by a person exploiting his advantage and position has a flavor all of its own. My being so naive, I believe adds to the exploitation.

I was sweet sixteen and had never been kissed. I was very shy especially around boys.

My mother decided that it was time to get my first gynecological exam and I was terrified about it and I fought my mother tooth and nail over the appointment for two reasons. The first was my shyness and the second was I thought the doctor could tell that I had been masturbating.

The day came for the appointment. We could not go to a regular doctor because of my father’s insurance. My appointment was at the medical college downtown. The clinic was very crowded. All the commotion and the size of the place made me nervous.

My name was called and my mother motioned for me to follow the nurse. She led me down the hallway to an exam room. As she was showing me into the room, she was paged by one of the clerical staff. The nurse then led me into the room and told me to get completely undressed and to place the drape over myself.

I waited about 15 min for my student doctor to show up and my anxiety was at crescendo. When he finally came in, I was sweating from fear. He was prob about 25 years old and a very nice looking guy. He was not overly muscular but he had a nice build.

He took my chart and introduced himself to me. He started writing in the chart then noticed the nurse had not gotten any vitals. The doctor to be, had me walk over to the scale. I could feel myself shaking as I removed the drape and walked to the scale completely naked. I stood there what seemed like eternity. I could feel him looking at me and was hoping he would hurry over to the scale. When he came over, his eyes were walking up and down my body. When I stepped onto the scale, he placed his hand on the small of my back. After he got my height and weight, I went back to the table. As I sat down, I noticed the drape had been moved over to the chair out of reach and I did not know what to do.

I sat on the edge of the table and waited for him to finish recording the results of the scale. He then came over with a blood pressure cuff and no drape. I sat there naked as he took my blood pressure and pulse. He then laid me back slightly and put both my arms above my head.

Breast examination is an understatement. Titty torture combined with a massage is pretty close to describing the experience. I’m very sure no lover has had as much fun with my breasts as he did. He only lacked licking them but I would guess he gave it a thought. He was pulling on my nipples and using his other hand to massage my breast at the same time. I was so embarrassed I was blushing but later it was such a turn on I came time and time again thinking about it.

He laid the exam table back but not completely flat. As I laid back, he had me shift down and then to place my feet in the foot rests. I was totally exposed and I could feel myself blushing even worse. I had never even kissed a boy at this time in my life now I was exposed to a handsome young man who under other circumstances I would have noticed and maybe smiled at.

He placed his hands on the inside of my thighs and gently spread my knees apart. I just look up at the ceiling imagining him staring at my exposed self. His fingers slowly opened the lips of my vagina and I had to look down to watch. I had never even really looked at myself. Now I was being played with as much as anything else as these fingers peeled and caressed me.

I was starting to feel excitement and embarrassment all at once. He then touched my clit pinching it between his finger and thumb. My whole body lithely twitched from the intense sensations, and a little smile cracked on his face.

One finger then two was inserted into me. I was worried at this point that he could tell I had rubbed things especially my favorite Pepsi bottle that was kept under my bed. I would be mortified if he could tell, or thought I was not a virgin. With two fingers deep inside of me he then pressed down on my abdomen area, which ended up being more of a caressing of my pubic hair. He then started to rotate his two fingers inside of me with a slight in and out motion. Looking back, he knew at this point I knew nothing of what was supposed to happen and he could do as he pleased and I would not know the difference.

It felt like he was spreading his fingers as he was removing them and the sensation was becoming very intense. He then grabbed what I know to be a speculum. The instrument was very cold at first, I remember this intensely. I watched him spread the device inside me and my embarrassment was causing me to blush again.

As the speculum expanded I was starting to feel the pressure, it was tolerable but it was not pleasurable either. I watched as he stared up inside of me and my feeling of embarrassment worsened. I felt like a stripper on her first night.

I could not watch and shut my eyes I could feel him working down there and my imagination was running wild. He then started to expand his little toy further and the pressure became intense. Opening my eyes’ he then removed the speculum and proceed to massage my pussy, back into shape, I guess.

The appointment had drawn to an end and he told me to get dressed. I got up off the examination table gathering my stuff as he wrote in the chart. He stayed in the room writing and I was not sure if I wanted to face him or turn away as I put my clothing on.

The ride home with my mother was a bit strange we talked about everything but the appointment. I was distracted thinking about what had just happened and started to get giddy about exposing myself to this young student with the thought that I had possibly turned him on.

My only sexual experiences at all had been romance novels that I hid in my bedroom. In my mind I started to treat this experience in a manner that would have appeared in one of these novels. When I got home, I went to my bedroom got undressed and began to pleasure myself. I had never done this during the day nor had I ever laid in my room completely exposed. If my mother would have walked into my room, it would have been hard to explain what I was doing to myself. Also that was the first time I had ever touched my self manually, before I had always scooted on the bed or floor. The floor being my favorite, carpet has better friction. This day proved to be my favorite fantasy to come to until I started dating the male gender.

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