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The student who learns sex

A good looking teacher convinces his student to fuck him for a good grade
I sat outside of the school on a little wooden bench. Looking up at it, I could not believe I had been there so long, I was eighteen finally. The wind blew through my long brown hair and made my eyes water. I tried to keep my skirt down as I ran into the building. As I walked down the corridor, it hit me how nervous I was. I could picture him that moment. The ashamed look on his face when he gave me the after school detention.

I knew I should of got all my work done but it was either work or a popular social life for the year. I did not regret it at the time but now, I bit my lip nervously as I approached his door.

I knocked on the door twice and waited. He opened the door and smiled. 'Ah Jasmine there you are! I was getting worried, please do come in.' The tone of his voice relaxed me as I walked over to his desk, holding my bag in two hands. 'Let.s see what work you have to do then.'

I sat down and shakily opened my bag to revel many uncompleted sheets. I looked up at him nervously, waiting for his reaction. His blue eyes stared straight back. We were locked in this gaze for a few awkward seconds until he said ' I am very disappointed Jasmine. I wrote up these sheets for your benefit, not mine.' I looked down, ashamed. I could feel myself going bright red with embarrassment.

'I am really sorry, sir.'

He sighed and put his hand on my shoulder. His touch made me tingle. This made my cheeks go even redder. 'I will help you, but you have to do most of it okay?' He leaned over, looking at all the sheets which spread across the desk. I felt his breath tickle my neck as he leaned in closer to look at the papers.

'Now Jasmine, what you need to do...'

He tried to explain the work to me but all his words seemed like gibberish. I was too lost into his good looks. His blonde gelled hair, his blue eyes staring at me and his tanned toned body leaning over me. I felt that same tingle. This time, I felt my lacy panties get wet as my liquid soaked them.

'Jasmine, are you even listening to me?'

I had to get out, I could not let my mess drip all over his chair.
'I'm sorry. I really have to go now.'

Just as I was about to rush out of the door, he grabbed my wrist, which made me jump and drop all of my papers. I felt his eyes on my ass as I bent over to pick my sheets up.

'Can you sit over there please? I think we need to talk.'

Dazed, I obediently sat down. He knelt in front of me and put one hand on my thigh. I prayed his hand would not go any further. It did. He looked down at his now wet hand. He slowly looked up at me and took a deep breath.

'I think you've taken quite an interest in me, so, for you, I'll make a exception.'

Confused, I stared at him. 'What would this exception be, sir?'

His hand started to play with my wet panties. 

'Well, I can give you a A if you..'

I jumped out of my seat before he could finish. I turned around and whispered, 'I'm.. I can't do that sir'

Suddenly, I felt his warm hands wrap around my body, touching my breasts. He moved my hair out the way and started kissing me down my neck. It turned me on so much

'Sir, its inappropriate of you to be acting like this, please stop,' I begged.

He turned me around and grabbed hold of my hand. He placed it on his groin. I could feel his cock through his trousers. It felt so hard. Like it was throbbing.

I gave him a panicked look. 'I'm still a virgin, please don't do this.'

He whispered into my ear 'Don't worry, I'll be gentle. Just enjoy.'

He lifted me up onto his desk and spread my legs wide open. 'You are more dirty then I thought. Look how wet you are, you naughty girl.'

He teased me by letting his hand wander on the inside of my thighs and across my wet panties.

'Let me just undo this..'

He ripped open my blouse to revel my small breasts. He undone my bra and held my breasts while licking and sucking my little nipples. I felt the sexual tension build up inside me. He suddenly bit one, making me whelp and tingle all the way down to my thighs. His hands moved down my body, back to my now even wetter black panties. He hastily pulled them off and put his head in between my thighs.

'Mmmm Jasmine your pussy tastes so good, so sweet.'

He licked all my pussy juices, his tongue expertly darting in and out of my pussy in all the right places. I grabbed onto the sides of the desk. I have never felt a pleasure like this before. His tongue then moved up to my clitoris where he sucked, licked and bit down on it. I panted and moaned as he roughly shoved his finger into my slit at the same time. I suddenly felt a build up.

'Oh,sir, I think I'm about to orgasm.'

He quickly shoved two fingers in and out of me until I screamed from this new pleasure, the cum dripped all over his fingers and down onto the floor. He put his fingers in a few more times and licked them clean.

'Undo my trousers and pleasure me now, you dirty little girl.'

I unzipped his trousers and got onto my knees. I pulled down his boxers. All I could see was this big, hard cock in front of my face. I looked up at him worryingly

'It,s too big sir! That will hurt, please don't make me suck that.'

He put his hands on my head and forced it into my mouth. He face fucked me until I got the hang of sucking his cock myself. I teased it with my tongue and sucked until it was all in my mouth, deep-throating it. It made me gag but I persisted on. I felt his pre-cum drip down my throat. I heard him groaning, knowing he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Suddenly, he lifted me up and slammed me onto his desk.

'Sir, it's too big. That will split me in half.'

'Don't worry Jasmine. Just put your sweet pussy in the air and I'll be more gentle.'

He was true to his word as the head of his cock teased my tight little pussy.
'Oh, fuck it. I can't help it,' he groaned as he thrusted his whole cock into my pussy.

I screamed in pain as he pounded me against the desk. He held onto my ass tight, spanking it.

After a few minutes, it started to feel really good, too good in fact. Screaming and moaning, I came all over again. He abruptly pulled out a few seconds later and came all over my face and chest.

This was a strange, new experience to me but, oh, god, I wish it happens again.

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