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The Taking of Paulina

A woman learns what it means to submit herself to another
I had been thinking about it since the first time I set eyes on you two months ago. Gazing on your perfect alabaster body, my mind seeing my red handprints on those rounded ass cheeks. I could feel your hair in my hand as I pulled your head back; hear your voice whimpering to me, begging me for more; obeying my every command. I had watched others approach you with similar requests, seen you sneer at the thought of allowing yourself to be taken, to be used by another. Men and women alike desired you, and I was no different.

I went to sleep at night dreaming of you, waking up each morning with my panties not just wet, but soaked through, the musky smell of sex pervading my senses. I had taken to sleeping with a thick towel on top of the sheets to soak up my juices. The thought of making you mine was constantly in my thoughts. I finally came to you and told you what I wanted. Told you I wanted to ravage you, but you laughed in my face.

“I will never do that. I am not like these other weak willed men and women that allow another to use them for their own pleasure, to do these unspeakable things that you want. I am no one’s slave and I never will be.”

You sent me off with a look of disdain that only made me more determined to have you. And to show you that in submission, you are the one with the power. That it is the person who gives themselves fully to the other that is truly in charge. How to do this became an ever invasive thought in the back of my mind. But even if that would never happen, I still want you.

I set about becoming your friend, never mentioning my desires again. We soon become lovers, enjoying each other more and more as time goes by. I watch you as others continue to try and dominate you, and watch as you knock them down, one by one. Slowly, a plan forms in my mind and I wait for the chance to execute it.

One day, you come out of the shower, naked and drying yourself off as I steal a glance in your direction. I am at my computer and you pay me little attention. You are brushing your hair with your back to me. I feel the time is now or never. I grab my strapless dildo and a bottle of lube and sneak up behind you. I nuzzle your neck, then growl into your ear, “You are mine!”

Before you can escape, I push you toward the dining room table where I force you face down against the cool wood, pushing your head down with one hand. You struggle a bit as my foot spreads your legs apart and you feel a warm liquid drip between your cheeks and into your pussy. I ignore your muffled protests as I rub the head of the long thick dildo between your pussy lips, wetting it, then quickly thrusting it deep inside you. I continue pounding back and forth, stroke after stroke, causing your hips to bang into the rounded edge of the table.

Your stomach and breasts stick to the surface of the table and rub against it as you move back and forth. I grab a fistful of your hair as your struggling slowly subsides and your hips begin to move in rhythm with mine. I hear you breathe in shallow gasps and recognize the signs and sounds of your impending orgasm. .

You explode cumming time after time as I crush into you relentlessly. I move in closer, pushing you further up onto the table when your legs begin to buckle. I listen to your moaning, the sound driving me on. I eventually pull out, stopping only long enough to drip more lube between your cheeks, then quickly bury all 10 inches into your rear hole.

''I am going to fuck you as you have never been fucked before, bitch. I will fuck you till you are as weak as a rag doll, and then you will beg me for more. You will give yourself to me fully, and you will love it''

I watch your pale ass bouncing and slap one cheek, then the other. Back and forth I continue until the red handprints I had imagined become real. Your attempt to push your hips up and your moans tell me you are enjoying the feeling; that you are starting to give yourself to me.

As I pummel into you time after time, seeing you spasm and your entire body quiver, I growl, asking if you want more, or if I should stop. You gasp out “more”.

“What was that? Speak up.”


“More… what?

“More, please?”

“Are you sure? I want you to hear you beg me for it. Tell me not to stop.”

“Please. More please. Don’t stop.”



Stroke after stroke, harder and harder, I ream your rear hole. Your loud moans, panting breath and quivering body tell me you have let yourself fully go. That you now understand what submission truly means. I finally stop what I am doing and step back, pulling the dildo from your ass. After a minute, I roll you over, pushing you forward and moving your hips up onto the table. You offer no resistance.

I lean down and slide my head between your legs, lapping up the juices dripping from your holes. I slide my head slowly upward, kissing your hips reddened from banging against the table edge. Moving further up, I plant soft kisses on each breast. After nuzzling your neck, I press my lips against yours. My tongue parts your lips and as you open your mouth, I deposit a mouthful of the nectar into yours, sharing with you the taste of our mingled juices. I gaze lovingly into your eyes and say ''Mine, all mine.''

You look into mine and say “Yes, yours and only yours.”

This is a work of fiction. any resemblance to me or other living persons is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © My stories are mine. They come from a sometimes twisted and always vivid imagination and sometime wishful thinking. There is always a chance some ideas may have come from an actual experience. i prefer my stories stay the way they are because, well... they are mine.

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