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The Underwater Sports

There’s just something that is so damn alluring and sexy about water...
I see her stretching and exercising. She’s driving me absolutely nuts. She sits there on the floor in her black yoga capris, doing the splits while bending forward, placing her stomach flat on the floor. I have to get behind her to check out all of the wonderfully sexy angles. I almost cream my shorts at the sight of her perfectly shaped ass.

We exchange pleasantries, little more than a knowing nod and a smile. That’s all I can expect from this situation. While I’m a very fit guy, hell I’m probably twice her age. Still, I can’t help myself. Her beauty is quite capturing…

“Hey there handsome!” No, this doesn’t come from the beauty. It’s Mrs. Jacobson, the 78ish married woman who’s been trying to rehab her broken hip. We’ve been bantering back and forth for over a year now, playfully flirting with each other.

“Just let me know when you’re ready to leave Mr. J and have a real man!!!” I tease right back.

Soon I’ve finished lifting. Between that and the 45 minutes of cardio my butt is officially kicked now. I walk to the far side of the building and finish up my workout. It’s there that you’ll find all of the ab equipment and I always like to work on my abs last. I feel good but the thought of soaking my tired body in the Jacuzzi sounds perfect right about now. It isn’t long before I’m heading over to the pool area. There are normally several swimmers inside but tonight is an anomaly as it is completely empty. In fact, this whole section of the building is completely lifeless except for a lone attendee who is immersed in the giant hot tub. I pass the length of the Olympic sized pool and it is there that I begin to wonder if the top of the head that I see belongs to the flexible beauty as she sits in the churning waters.

I’ve showered to wash off the sweat in my wet nylon shorts that are now clinging fast to my body. The woman is resting in the large hot tub as I approach it. I’m shocked and excited to find that it is indeed her. I had no idea she would be out here and I’m hoping I don’t embarrass myself if she looks up and sees me in these cling-ons. The outline of my growing sword is clearly visible. As I look down in the water I see that she’s wearing a colorful bikini and her breasts fill the top gorgeously. I turn and check the jet’s switch, making sure they’ll be on for a while before sitting down along the edge and dangling my feet beneath the bubbles. I’m probably five feet from her when I look over in her direction again. She is facing one of the sides of the rectangular tub and, to my amazement, her long legs are spread and completely flat against the wall. It’s an amazing sight to see up close. How in the fuck can she do that comfortably is beyond me. Her head is laying on her folded arms as they rest on the edge of the pool. With the sound of the jets going I’m pretty confidant she doesn’t even know I’m here.

I look around and marvel that the angle in which we both sit is absolutely perfect. We are completely secluded in this enormous L-shaped room. The only way anyone could see us is if they were to make the long trek around the pool like I just did and turn right towards the tub. I take this into account, the fact that we have loads of privacy, as I allow myself to just gawk at this beauty in silence. I know, what a creeper! At any rate, it isn’t until my lust as fully engaged that I look down and see that the blood has rushed into and completely filled my six inch tool. It is vertical as it throbs up and down!

I hadn’t realized it before but now that I have a lay of the land I can see that her body is poised in a most interesting place. There is a pattern of lower and upper jets that line the tub and I can tell one is pointed to a very strategic spot: her crotch. She is pressed incredibly tight against the wall and is positioned right over one of the lower jets! I only notice it because a faint moan has escaped her lips and I began to investigate why.

My eyes keep trailing back and forth between my hard on and her lightly trembling body. But just so it’s clear, 95% of the time they are locked on her. Soon I can see her hips slowly begin to sway in tiny circles and her breathing is growing increasingly erratic. Another moan escapes her lips followed by a definite gasp. It isn’t until I hear her words that I realize she is actually riding out her first come.

“Oh gawd...oh fuck...yes...YES!” she repeats in various ways as the churning of the waters continues to increase. Finally, with one last gasp, she simply shrieks, “Fuck!!!”

It’s just one word, one tiny single-syllable word, but it is a game changer. You see, as the incredible orgasm rips through her convulsing body, she begins to practically yell it out and her eyes open and are as wide as saucers. She is too far gone, so overcome with the gut wrenching sensations that nearly unravel her sanity, and her eyes are blind to me. Instead they seem riveted toward the high ceiling above the pool. If truth be told, her body is responding so greatly to her need that they are actually rolling back inside her head. My silhouette off to her left isn’t even on her radar. I just sit here mesmerized by what I’m witnessing. It takes her quite some time before her breathing draws close to normal again.

“Was it good?” I finally interrupt, her head spinning toward me at mach speed. It’s a look of sensuality, confusion and embarrassment all rolled into one. Slowly, ever so slowly, a wicked little smile finally forms on her beautiful, ultimately kissable lips.

“Hmmmmm...It still is!” she coos. Her eyes drop from mine down to the cadence of movement in my shorts. My cock is bobbing dramatically inside the tent that is stretching the thin material.

“Oh my….that looks delicious!” she says exuberantly. Seconds later, and with eyes riveted to the outline of my cock, she slides down the wall while seductively licking her lips. Soon she stops between my legs and puts her hand on my thigh. I jump when she leans down and gingerly and playfully bites the side of the shaft that lies beneath the fabric a few times. I breathe a sigh of relief when she finally pulls her teeth away from my throbbing dick.

She too shows a bit of concern for our privacy. After a quick look to the left and right she says, “It seems you’ve enjoyed my little show, huh old man?” I give her a genuine smile in reply. “Mind if I take a peek?” Though she’s right in front of me now, something is wrong.

“Move down a little more,” she says as she motions which way with her thigh-bound hand. “I’ll tell you when to stop,” she says as she smiles up at me.

“Lift your ass up,” she says as she holds the waist band of my shorts and pulls them down into the water. My rigid tool is swaying vertically inches from her face as a broad smile overtakes her face. It is then that we both notice the pre-cum pooling in the slit then trickling down the shaft of my dick. Suddenly a lustful moan flows from her lips. Her pussy has found the next jet as her spread legs move toward the wall again.

“Maybe I can help...why don’t you use this?” I offer as I wedge my foot between her body and the concrete and wave it across the suit right on top of her needy flesh. She yanks the fabric to one side and pulls my big toe into her tight slit, a low moan escaping her lips. As soon is it slips inside she lowers her mouth down onto my cock. I take hold of her head and assist her as she slowly moves up and down my shaft. Apparently my toe is doing the job nicely because in quick order she humping against it as she hums soulfully on my cock. The vibrations feel incredible. It’s obvious this beauty is getting close to coming again. Soon she bends my leg dramatically at the knee so that my foot is angled. I lean down and loosen the ties on each side of her bikini bottom and it drifts away in the current. She moans her approval as my toes are aligned in a vertical position right in front of her needy hole. Even while bobbing purposefully up and down on my tool, she grabs my heel and forces three of my toes up into her snatch and aggressively bangs my foot in and out of her. This is working wonderfully for both of us. Within minutes another orgasm begins to rack her body as I feel my cum begin to erupt into her mouth. She is relentless, this beautiful, exotic beauty, as she draws my load up my shaft and into her waiting mouth. She is moaning on my cock as her mouth drains me of my spunk. I can tell there is a tremendous amount of cum sliding down the back of her throat as my foot is pressed in and out of her. It takes several minutes before she releases me and I vacate her hot sex.

The sight of her, chest heaving and eyes clamped shut as she tries to regroup, is breathtaking. I’ve never seen anything more erotic.

“Fuck!” is all she says as her left hand still holds onto the base of my shaft, stroking it slowly.

“It’s official; you’re now a member of The Mile High Club!” I finally interject.

“The Mile High Club, how do you figure that?” I’m staring a second time at her confused look.

“Well didn’t you just get off while on a jet honey?” I chuckle. She soon joins me with a giggle of her own. In another minute or two she adds, “Would you be averse to doing me now?”

I jump into the water, put my hands around her waist and set her down on the edge. I shove my tongue into her mouth and we kiss passionately until finally I respond, “I thought you’d never ask!”

Immediately I lower myself down to her wet, sultry sex. My tongue is stroking the length of her cunt with its firm tip. When my two fingers join the fray, pounding her G spot, I focus my efforts by sucking on her tiny, hard thimble. Frantically she grabs the back of my head, pulling me even further into her juicy slit. My face is being pummeled by her hips as she lies back and thrusts them forward into the air.


Her second come has arrived with a vengeance. She is spraying her clear nectar all over my face and down my throat as she continues to wail out loud. While I love the sexy sound, I wish she would tone it down a bit. The windows are almost rattling! I’ve never felt a woman come so hard in all my life.

“Wow...What can we do for an encore?” she says a few minutes later.

“I’ve got an idea?” I groan as I pull her into the water and wrap the arms of her tired body around my neck. Seconds later she sees her top floating away as I draw a hard nipple into my mouth.

“Is that all you want old man, a tit to suck?” she teases. My hands move beneath her armpits and I lift her body up as she reaches for my cock. As her cunt swallows my cock and I bottom out into her, she gasps at the penetration...

“No honey, I want a suck and a fuck!” and as I bite down on her nipple my cock begins to pummel her body hard. The agitation in the water is drowning out our groans and sighs but just barely. Together we’re making her body rise until my shaft has almost left her body and then in unison we impale her down on it again. This is one frantic fuck and we are both drawing near to the very edge of unbelievable...

“Oh my gawd!!!” screams the beauty. Her body has beautifully and wonderfully lost all control. "That was fucking amazing! "

“Oh My Gawd!!!” I join in chorus. My cum is shooting deep inside her cunt as she expertly squeezes me to ecstasy. "Fuck girl, you are amazing!"

“OH MY GOD!!!” screams Mrs. J as she looks on and nearly falls from the clutches of her walker. "What in the fuck are you doing with my boy toy?"

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