The Walk Home

By QueenieX

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It was midnight and I was just leaving the bar my friends and I had been drinking at. They had a big night on the town planned but I was exhausted all of a sudden and decided to slip out quietly and head home.

At I stepped out into the chill night air I felt my nipple harden beneath the flimsy fabric of my dress. It was horribly icy outside and there weren't many taxi's out so I decided to grit my teeth and bear it and walk the twenty minutes home.

I was dressed in my fabourite black dress. It barely covered my ass which meant I couldn't bend over, unless I wanted someone to get a full view. It had a plunging neckline that revealed a good portion of my breasts and made a bra impossible to wear with the outfit.

I pulled my coat tighter around me as I began the walk home.

"Hey Jess!" I turned to find a friend of mine, Ray, coming up behind me. I smiled. He was cute, but I'd known him since I was six.  We had never been more than friends.
"I'll walk you home" he offered.
"Thanks" I said.

We walked on and chatted about this and that. Our families and work things like that. Then he asked about my boyfriend. I froze.
"We broke up last week. I don't really want to talk about it." I said as we turned into a dark lane that was a few streets away from my house. Ray stopped smiling and frowned.
"He was a scumbag anyway. I always knew you could do better." Ray was always the protective friend.
"If only I could find a nice guy like you" I sighed.
Ray looked at me with a funny look in his eyes and we kept walking. About halfway up the lane he stopped me and pulled me against him in a tight hug.

Next thing I knew he was kissing my neck. Surprised, I tried to push him away but his grip on me grew stronger as he kissed me roughly shoving his tonuge into my mouth.
"Stop!" I managed to say.
"Never" he whispered into my ear as he nibbled on it.

Something inside me decided that this couldn't happen. I'd known him my whole life...but it felt so good...
I began to kiss him back and I pressed my entire body against him. I felt his hands trace down my back and towards my ass. I sighed with delight as he kissed my neck and down to my breasts.
Then he began sliding his fingers up towards my clit...I could feel my pussy dripping and burning with deisre. He lifted up my dress and pushed his fingeres deep inside me. I gasped and began to ride his hand. He had sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and I squealed in delight.
"Stop someone will see!" I gasped. He smiled at me wickedly and pulled his hard cock out of his jeans. I tried to push him off in fear that someone would happen upon us but as he slid his cock deep into my pussy I knew I couldn't resist. He picked me up and held me against the wall while I wrapped my legs around his waist and rode him. I was so horny..I could feel my juices dripping all over him and I felt myself approaching climax.
I couldn't help myself and let out a moan as I came all over him. Both of us were panting and he slid out of me and let me down...
"But you haven't come yet?" I asked as I tried to fix myself.
"Oh I're going to finish me off at home" he grinned as he grabbed my hand and took me home for the rest of the night

"You're coming home with me" he grinned. "I'm not finished with you yet"...