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The Way Out West

A young woman meets a mysterious stranger on a train
Here you were, leaving the big city for the first time. Your mother said that it was time for you to get out into the real world. She was shipping you off to the wilds of the new, California. Your uncle had a ranch there, where you could escape the brutal, north winter of home. You were resistant at first, then settled on the idea that it would be a grand adventure.

You had been locked in your sleeping room for a full day before you got up the nerve to explore the locomotive. Your stomach was growling anyway, so you dressed in your best and searched out the dining car.

You settled down to a nice dinner and began looking around, observing the other diners. There was an older man and woman, enjoying a glass of wine, a small group of business men, a portly man in a bowler, reading the paper, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing exciting. You frowned, this trip was going to be long and boring.

The portly man got up and then you saw him. Sitting at the back table, was someone very different. The handsome blonde man was leaning back in the booth, his shiny black boot, propped up on the white cloth of the table. You noticed, as the waiter came over and refilled his coffee, that the waiter had made no mention of asking him to remove his boot. You also noticed the shinning cold steel of the Colt Peacemaker riding his hip. He played with the top of the black hat, that lay on the table beside his boot. His finger softly ran a circle over the top of the brim. He surveyed the diners, as you did but with a more commanding eye, like a lion standing watch over his pride.

Then his eyes caught yours. They were beautiful, hazel eyes, that seemed to peer right through you, undressing you. You blushed and looked away but you could not ignore the heat that began to pulse at your loins. There was something more about this man, something mysterious and erotic. You could not help but glance back time and again. Your mind was playing tricks on you. You kept having flashbacks of this man, taking you in all different positions, some you had never imagined before. It had been so long since you had sex and then, only once, many summers ago. Your body wanted it and wanted it bad.

You were confused. You wanted him to come over, then you didn't. The feelings in your body scared you. This man scared you, yet you were drawn to him, wanting him. He looked up at you and raising his cup at you, he winked. Your face turned as red as the glass of wine in your hand. You downed it and nearly stumbled, as you got up and almost ran back to your room. You did not see him laugh and shake his head, as he returned to his coffee.

"What is wrong with me," you chastised yourself. "I made a fool of myself."

Still you could not get his face, his smile out of your mind. You shook your head, trying to clear the unclean thoughts and got ready for bed.

Your head hit the pillow and you closed your eyes but you couldn't sleep. You tossed and turned. It wasn't so much the click-clack of the train but the visions that kept you awake. You got up, still in your nightgown and throwing a shawl over your shoulders, you left your cabin and stepped to the rear of the sleeping car.

You opened the door and were hit with the warm rushing air and the strong aroma of burning coal. You placed your hands on the railing and looked up into the night sky. The trees, rushing by, were lit up from the light of the sparkling stars. The sound of the tracks, hypnotized you.Once again, your mind went to wondering, as you stared out at the heavens. That's why you didn't hear the car door open and close behind you.

A shadow crossed over your shoulder. A cowboy hat! You froze, you couldn't move a muscle. You felt the fingers, touching your outer thigh. They were just under your nightgown, pushing it up till the hand rested on your naked hip.

The warm breath filled your ear as he whispered, "Well, hello there, Filly"

You felt something hard against your ass, as he used your hip to draw you closer. Was it his pistol or something else?

The hand moved up, off your hip but still under your nightgown, to caress your soft belly. The other hand trailed around just under your heaving breast. He gently cupped it and squeezed. "Your so soft, warm," he said. His lips teased your exposed neck, sending shivers through your skin.

"Come," he said, in his commanding voice.

Suddenly, he took your hand and was dragging you behind him, down the dark corridors of the train cars. You wanted to cry for help but the words would not come out. Your body said, "Follow him. Follow him."

From car to car you went, till you reached he last car. He opened the door and swept you in behind him. Your mouth was open in awe. This car was elegant and luxurious. Mahogany wood covered the walls and red silk draperies the windows. The furniture was plush and high end. Gold and silver accents were abound and expensive paintings adorned the room. Never had you seen something this nice.

Your mouth was still open when he pulled you into his strong arms and crushed his lips to yours. His tongue swept inside to over take yours. The passionate kiss, took your breath away.

His hot hand, was inside your nightgown and holding your naked breast. The rough finger brushed back and forth over your hard nipple. Your nipples had never been this erect. They were swollen so much they almost hurt. You looked down and the nightgown was off your shoulder, your breast free. You could not see, the black cowboy hat blocked your view, but you felt it, when the tight mouth enclosed the taut nipple and sucked it in. You sighed, almost falling but the hand, gripping your ass, held you up.

When his lips came back to your face, you pulled him in and returned the kiss. A wonderful feeling was forcing your actions; Lust. You had no control over it. It was all too powerful.

You don't know how it happened but a luxurious bed was behind your knees and you were falling back. Falling back into the soft covers. Your nightgown was gone and the large man was staring down at your flesh with greedy eyes. He dug his thumbs into your thighs and spread your legs out. The cowboy hat came down, over your belly and his lips touched your engorged sex.

"Aghhhh!" you loudly moaned, "I never.. Aghhh!"

Your back arched and your drove your sex up onto his piercing tongue.

Quickly you took his hat and tossed it aside. You wanted to see this, witness it in all of it's glory. It was beautiful too. He was looking up at you with those eyes, while his tongue lapped at your flowing nectar. You were cumming hard, your ass cheeks, flexing in his grip.

You were breathing hard, your hips still twitching in pleasure, when he got up and began removing his clothes. Still you could not speak but your eyes followed every hard contour of his body. His skin was dark tanned, with a few weathered scars, here and there. His body, muscular and hard. He smiled at the look on your face when you observed his manhood. It was just as muscular as him, thick and swollen. You wondered if your tiny hands could encircle it's girth. Could you take something this thick?

The bed sank with the weight of his body as he pulled up next to you. He took your hand, guiding it to his organ.

"Feel it," he said, "Feel what your beauty does to me."

The living thing, pulsed and flexed in your hand. You were mesmerized by its power. Closer and closer he moved up the bed, till you were viewing it, close up. A small drop of clear fluid dripped from the tip.

"Go ahead, you can taste it. You want to taste it, don''t you?" he asked.

"But I have never'" you replied.

"It's OK," he comforted you, "It's natural. Take your time." He eased up and placed it on your lower lip.

Your tongue came out, tentatively tasting the tip. It came away in a long, sticky strand. It was salty and sweet. You rather enjoyed the flavor. Then, after a few moments, the taste did something to you. It sent a burning hot streak of arousal, through the core of your being. Suddenly, you couldn't get enough and your were sucking and lashing out at the shaft like a pro. The sound of his moans drove you. You wanted to see him pleased and your sex, well, your sex was beginning to have another need.

"Whoaa now, Filly," he said, taking your hair and dragging your mouth away from his straining shaft. "I can't finish like this. You need me somewhere else, don't you?"

You just swallowed and nodded in agreement. You jumped, when his fingers touched your aroused sex. He slipped in one finger, then two, opening you up, while his thumb expertly worked your aching clit. You pumped your hips back at him. Moaning, your head tossed over the covers.

He shifted his muscular body over yours. the sensation of his hard shaft resting between the swollen lips of your sex, made your ass pucker. Slowly the thickness began to fill you. It hurt but it was a good, fulfilling pain, that coaxed your body to pleasure. He took you by the head and gazed into your eyes.

"You feel wonderful. So tight," he said.

Suddenly, surprising you, he thrust all the way forward. He smiled, savoring the look on your face. "It must have been a while," he commented. You just grunted back as his shaft began to plunge in out of the tight walls of your womanhood. His thick rod was soon gleaming with your moisture and cream. The steamy fragrance of sex began to fill the room. You dug your heels into the bed and drove your body back onto him. Your pelvis gyrated to his every thrust.

He bent his wonderful lips down and gently tugged at your nipple with his teeth.

"Oh yes," you yelled, "Bite it!" Your nailed ripped into his shoulders and scratched at his back.

"Your some wildcat.", he said, laughing.

He pulled out and you moaned. Next, he tugged your head back to his rod. "Taste your body." You couldn't believe it but you slipped your mouth back over his cock. "It's good isn't it?" he asked. You mumbled in response, your lips never leaving him.

"Now," he said, pulling away from you again.

He flipped you over, pushing your head into the sheets and raising your ass in the air. Suddenly he was behind you, moving your thighs apart and thrusting that hard cock, back into your tight sex. Everything was a stimulating new sensation to you. Your fingers clutched at the sheets. Your body rocked back and forth, faster and faster, as his flesh slammed into you, again and again.

"How much more ecstasy can I take?" you wondered to yourself, as another orgasm flashed through your body.

Then there was yet another surprise. A wet, finger slowly circled the tight muscle of your rosebud. It began to push at it, worming it's way inside. The finger was submersed in your back passage, pressing along the shaft below it. When you thrust back onto his cock, it drove in, even deeper.

With the lightning fast reflexes of a gunslinger, the beautiful finger was withdrawn and the thick shaft was slipped in behind it.

"Aghhh!" you yelled out, stuffing the covers into your mouth and biting down.

His fingers went down to your wet sex rubbing you faster, in time to the pounding of his flesh. You could feel the hard rod expanding in your ass. His moans had reached the same pitch as yours.

"Aghhh, YES!!" he yelled loudly.

The rush of the warmth filling you, pushed you over the edge, stronger than ever before. His heavy body collapsed over yours but it felt great. The warmth and weight of his body was comforting, not to mention the exotic feeling when his shaft twitched within your ass.

Afterwards, he kissed you and lovingly helped you to get dressed. The train car had it's own bar, where you sat beside him, looking into his beautiful, eyes and holding his hand, like a little girl with a crush. He poured two shots of expensive whiskey from a crystal decanter and pushed a shot to you. For another first, you took the glass and tossed it back, just as he had.

"Whew," you said, shaking your head.

As he poured two more shots, you asked him. You were curious.

"You look like too hard of a man to have been born into money. How did you come to own this car?" you finally asked.

"This car?" he replied, "This train."

"This train?" you said with shock, "You own this train?"

He laughed and took a swallow of whiskey. "Well, in a way," he replied looking for your reaction. Then in all seriousness he said, "I stole it."

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