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The Workout Partner Story Continues

The lonely husband expands his horizons...
What the fuck Dawn!!!?”

Shocked back into the throws of reality, I quickly look to my left. Sporting a countenance that is filled with anger stands Chrissy, with her hands on her hips and left foot tapping nervously.

Now I’m in trouble...

Mike pulls his cock out of me and sets me down. He is as stunned as I am as we stand there, arms still around each other. Chrissy has abruptly left the pool area and slams the front door of the gym as she stomps out. Knowing I must leave finds me quite conflicted. I need to chase after Chrissy but I am so enamored with this man who is holding me in his arms. One last time I kiss him deeply, savoring his lovely taste and hoping that his lips will soon meet mine again but for now I must go.

“Is that your boss? Is Chrissy your boss?” he stutters, still recovering, trying to catch his breath from the nice long come we have just shared.

“No, not my boss...” my voice trails off. I’m unsure of what to say to Mike at this point. I decide we can discuss this later. For now, I have to go after Chrissy.

“Hey, is it possible for you to shower and be ready to leave in like 10 minutes? I really need to get out of here and catch her.”

“Sure hon, I will fly,” and off he runs. I know he has more questions than answers on his mind right now but I’m thankful for his sensitivity to me. With each passing moment I appreciate him more.

I quickly shampoo my hair, rinse my body and get dressed and find him waiting for me outside of the men’s room. Time is of the essence and I am most grateful and tell him so. After setting the alarm and locking the front door, we exchange some pleasantries and kiss each other deeply. I hand him a note with my address and phone number and sprint over to my Mustang convertible.

“Good night Mike! See you soon lover!” and away I drive.

Just as I had suspected, Chrissy had driven straight home to the house that she and I have shared together for nearly two years. Her car is parked out front. She is obviously upset. Two of her tires are resting on our finely manicured lawn, the yard she spends endless hours each month sculpting to perfection. “She must really be pissed,” I think as I turn the key and open the door.

As I walk from the entryway to the living room towards the hallway, the faint sound of my Chrissy’s crying grows more pronounced. She seems startled as I walk in the bedroom and walk over to the bed where she is lying.

“I am sorry honey, it just happened,” I begin as I put my arms around her, petting her back and stroking her hair. She is very angry but she is more hurt than mad. “My intention wasn’t to hurt you babe. I’ve just needed a hard cock in me and tonight it presented itself. I couldn’t pass it up. I didn’t plan on this, really, just happened.”

Chrissy knows in her heart of hearts that my words are true. Even earlier today we were talking and describing the steamy night we would share together. I even told her how horny I was and how I needed to get off. And she knows that I love a good, hard cock. “But damn it, couldn’t she have waited for me?” Chrissy thinks to herself. Her anger is calming a little now. She has been aware of my sexual appetite for quite some time and that it wasn’t reserved just for women. In fact, unlike herself, I’m not even a lesbian. I have been telling her since the day we met that “you really need to try a cock” and have often joked saying a “hard man is good to find.” “You will love it if you’ll just give it a chance” I have said more than once, and in all sincerity. She knows how vulnerable I am to the male cock. But Chrissy mistakenly thought she would be enough for me. She and I, after working together for a short time, just kind of fell into a relationship about 20 months ago. It has been enough to be with her and her alone. That is until tonight.

“Chrissy,” I say, finally breaking the silence while still rubbing her back. “As much as I don’t want to hurt you, I cannot say that what happened tonight won’t happen again. You know my desires are not exclusive to women. If they were, you’d be more than enough for me.”

“I know, and I’m not into men, at all.” She had a bad experience with a man and since that day has had no desire for one again. “So...was it all that you hoped for? Is your itch satisfied now?”

“It was very satisfying,” I say as begin to massage her stiffened neck and upper back. “You are more than great, my love, but I have really missed the touch and hardness of a man who knows how to use his tool.”

“I know; I knew this day would come, I just wish it was decades from now, or never.”

“I know.” I take her in my arms and kiss her beautifully soft lips. There is nothing quite like kissing a woman. Thankfully, she is responding to me. I feared that she would not. “In spite of wanting a man in my life, I am not going to leave you, unless that is what you want me to do. I guess I want my cock and eat you too!” I joked. We laughed half-heartedly, kind of a nervous laugh. “Will you forgive me Chrissy?” Grateful once again, she leans forward and kisses me deeply.

“Begrudgingly, yes I will. I know you can’t help yourself, you little tramp!” She giggles and kisses me again, this time with a little more heat. I already forgot what the question was. Oh yeah, forgiveness. We lie there on the California king, petting and snuggling. I start to unwrap her, revealing her gorgeous figure as she does the same to me. At last we are naked. And I am horny once again.

I decide I may want them so I get up to grab our toys and head back to the bed, and there we continue to make out until we both find ourselves in great need. I crawl to the foot of the bed and, kneeling on the carpet, I put her legs over my shoulders and begin to lick up her perfectly shaved honeywell. Damn is she sweet. As I insert two fingers inside of her and take her clit in my mouth, through her moans she asks me a question.

“So do you like him?

“Hon, my mouth is a little busy here!” I say and keep on nibbling.

“Fuck that feels good... I know, I know. Hmmm...but do you like Mike?”

“Mike?” I say as I grab a vibe, figuring I may not be able to munch any longer, with all this talking. “Yeah, he is really sweet. Well you know him a little bit. He’s a great guy...and he really knows how to please a woman. He is one great fuck.”

I think I hear something outside and get up on the bed. I grab the vibe and the large dildo and straddle her head with my legs while lowering my tongue once again to her intoxicating slit. I have never had another woman. I never want another woman. She is amazing!

“Tell me about having a cock. What’s it like?” little miss chatter box continues.

“Oh Chrissy, it is amazing. You would love it...with the right guy. The feel of it up your snatch is indescribable. A dildo is nice. A real cock is GREAT! And having it in your mouth is, is, I don’t know. You just have to experience it I guess. I slipped the dildo in my mouth to get it ready and began to slide it slowly up Chrissy’s moist snatch.

“See, this feels nice, right?” I ask rhetorically above the sound of Chrissy’s moaning. “Now imagine the same size in you, filling up your needy hole,” I say as I start to really work the fake pecker in and out of her. “Only the real one is hot, provides its own natural hot and tasty lubricant and has a mind of its own. And that ‘mind’ is so fucking dirty!” I am ramming her pretty good now and she is getting close. I take the vibe and turn it on and place it atop her love button and the moaning begins. “Someday you’re going to have to venture out love. Trust me, you’ll love it. I’ll even help if you want!” She is panting now. The toys and the conversation are driving her up the wall. I remove the dildo and put the vibe up her cunny as my mouth mounts her dripping clit yet again.


She had instructed me to wait about an hour and thankfully my time is up. The drive to her small, two bedroom home only takes about ten minutes. Her directives were all based on whether the front door of the house was left unlocked. YES! I screamed to myself as I turned the knob. After checking it I was to walk down the right side of the house and give one light tap on the third window I came to. This would let Dawn know I’ve arrived. I walk in the front door and just listen. I can hear noises coming from the first bedroom. I strip down to my boxer briefs and walk down the hall, peeking into the second door on the right. There I find my beautiful Dawn and damn is she something. She is naked and is facing me as she kneels on the bed above a beautiful blond figure, whom I take to be Chrissy. They are in a 69 position but Dawn is kneeling above her friend, hovering about a foot above her head. In her left hand is a vibe and it is slicing in and out of Chrissy’s soaking wet pussy. By the juices coating her mouth it is obvious she has been licking her friend. She removes the vibe - to the sound of whimpering- and takes it into her right hand and lays it across her friend’s engorged clit. Dawn looks up at me with the sexiest smile I have ever seen. She is dirty wet and smoking hot! Chrissy’s moaning intensifies and she is about to come.

“Come for me baby, come for me now. I have a surprise for you,” as Chrissy’s body starts to quake. As her friend’s body convulses beneath her, Dawn lowers herself down and tells her to start licking.

“That’s it babe, ride out your come honey. Now put your mouth over me completely my love.”

I watch as Chrissy’s tongue begins to lap at her and Dawn's face turns to a grimace. Her gorgeous face looks all distorted, as if she is in pain. What in the hell is going on? Then I realize what she is doing. She has been saving something special for her friend.

“Here it comes baby, a present just for you! I hope you like it. Mike's cum is so fucking tasty!” she says as I hear a squirt come from her nether parts. I find an angle and can see Chrissy’s tongue meet Dawn’s cunt as Dawn rises up and down on her friend’s gaping mouth and my gooey spunk is dropping down into her. It’s a very hot scene and knowing that it is my cum makes it just that much more intense. I am already going to lose it, as evidenced by the throbbing, dripping prick that’s trying to rip my shorts apart. Chrissy’s moans are a little stifled by now, what with her face filled with Dawn, but by the sound of it she not only likes to come, she likes my cum as well. At times I can see the load continuing to drop and I enjoy Chrissy’s muffled cries, both from her continuing climax and the fact that she is choking on my jism that had just been pushed into her mouth.

“Isn't that good lover? You know what else is good?”

She leans down and starts to lick her clit and tangy lips while Chrissy lays there, just soaking it in and trying to catch her breath.

“Here, let’s put this on babe. It’ll add to your sensual overload,” she says as she turns and places a blindfold over Chrissy’s lovely eyes. Chrissy, this beautiful blond, is perhaps every bit the looker Dawn is, just different. She is about five three, maybe 115 pounds when soaking wet, and has a very petite build with golden tan skin. Her eyes are big and blue and her body is to die for. As a personal trainer, she keeps herself exceptionally fit and is incredibly toned. Medium sized breasts top off the menu. She too is simply stunning, a visual delicacy. I can’t wait to have her.

As Chrissy’s heavy breathing begins to subside, Dawn motions me to kneel between her legs. The vibe is occasionally glazing her clit as Dawn begins the seduction.

“You know lover, even before you feel a cock, there is something exhilarating about a man going down on you. A skilled man, mind you...someone like Mike.” She begins to taunt Chrissy’s hardened nub as she turns the vibe to medium and works it around her clit. Chrissy is responding very quickly, especially in light of the hard come she had not five minutes before. Dawn leans forward and takes the clit between her teeth and works the vibe up her opening again. Chrissy’s chest begins to heave as her pulse rises.

“There is just something about the feel of a man between your legs,” she begins as she motions me forward. “Sure a woman is nice, but there is nothing like a strong man inching his way up your thighs as he slowly walks his mouth up your legs, enticingly kissing and nibbling you as he does,” and I gently follow her directions. “It is different than with a woman. The feel of a woman is unmatched, so soft and tender. Being with a man is unique. Sometimes you feel the course beard scratching the inner thighs. You always sense that you have the more aggressive sex prowling between your legs. His tongue is harder, more offensive, more like an invader than a soft and tender lover. His calloused hands will sometimes hold your legs or ass cheeks as he is diving inside of you. The roughness somehow heightens the excitement.”

By now I am snaking my fat tongue between her milky folds and nibbling on her clit while holding her smooth, perfect ass. Dawn has the vibe moving to wherever I am not. We are making a great team. Chrissy thinks so too. She is arching her back to meet my tongue and the vibe. She is close to coming again. She grabs my head of hair and pulls me deeper into her honeywell. I am enjoying her tasty nectar and the pleasure I am able to minister to her.

“Imagine now, my sweet Chrissy, as his strong tongue continues to nibble on your hot button and he slides his thick, rugged fingers up your cunt and relentlessly invades your body.” I am way ahead of her. My middle finger has found her G spot and she is on her way.

“The skilled man knows how to find your G spot and fucks you silly while mouthing you to an incredible come! Do you think you might like that Chrissy?”

“Fuck, ohhhhh, fuck, YES, YES! Keep going, KEEP GOING!!!”

I think she’s starting to like me.

“Next, after you’ve had a very nice come with his mouth, he works your clit over again and uses your favorite toy.” I work her tunnel in and out real good with the vibe and hold on for dear life as her body begins to buck against my mouth again. Damn this woman is hot!

“All the while honey, he is just getting you ready...”

I am sucking her cunt now and draining her body of the juices she’s producing while still finger fucking her. I am glad that her legs are my ear muffs because she is flat out screaming now. If the neighbors are home, they can definitely hear her!

“And after you come down a little love, we wait...”

“Wait for what?” the panting, blind folded beauty says as I rise to my feet, take off my boxers and stand at the foot of the bed.

“We wait for the grand entrance!”

This was my cue. I stand at her core and diddle her moist pussy lips and her clit with my needy hard cock. This has to be her desire, not just ours. We’ll know soon enough.

Chrissy raises her legs up in the air, giving me a little better access. You can tell she is pondering how she should respond, if only for a moment. I continue to stroke my dribbling cock-head against her, applying my pre-cum to her sizzling slit. The debate is over quickly enough as she extends her legs beyond my waist and hooks her feet behind my hip bones and draws me forward. I don’t need any more encouragement. I slowly slide my throbbing cock into her, wanting her to enjoy it fully. Dawn grabs the back of my thigh and leans down and licks the top of my shaft and her clit simultaneously as I am invading her tight, virgin hole. She is really going at us. She lifts her head towards her girlfriend.

“A dildo is fine love, but nothing can take the place of the real thing, real flesh and blood.” Chrissy can only nod as she moans loudly again.

“Especially when he begins to draw himself nearly all the way out of you and then slowly shoves himself back in again.”

I follow her orders explicitly.

“You can feel the big bulb of his cock head slide by your clit and then press back by it again as he enters your steamy folds. Do you like that honey?”

“Hmmmmmm... Yes!”

“Soon the skilled lover will pick up the pace and begin to use his gorgeous fuck tool to give it to you hard.” I continue to mimic her every instruction. She really knows what will get her friend off. Her body begins to quake and spasm. I love to hear a woman come. Just then she screams that she is coming. Man, am I in heaven? I continue ramming my love muscle into her until her ravished body is spent.

I crawl up her body, removing her blindfold, and my face reaches hers. “Oh there you are,” she says with a smile. I kiss her deeply. She spontaneously responds to my mouth and our tongues dance in rhythm to each other as I lift her head up off the bed. Damn, I’m already getting hard again.

“That was beautiful; I thought I would never experience a man, and I never thought he’d be any good if I did. That was amazing.” I kiss her deeply once again.

She looks beyond me for a second, searching for her friend. “I want his cock again, if that's okay Dawn,” she says, anxiously awaiting Dawn’s response. Dawn just smiles and nods at her friend.

Chrissy gets up off the bed and has me lie down on my back. She slowly and oh so sexily lowers herself onto my throbbing cock. She leans back on my abs and rides me reverse cowgirl style. Her beautiful long hair covers my chest and neck and, as she rides me, it occasionally cascades over my face, ‘sweeping it’ given all of the activity. It is a really hot sensation, both to the touch and to the eyes. Dawn kneels down in front of her and starts to ravage Chrissy’s love button with her tongue as she rides me. In minutes Chrissy is coming again. She is so into it, fucking me hard as she rides out her orgasm. She sits herself up straight and keeps on riding me once her body has quit convulsing. I can’t believe the energy in this girl. Meanwhile Dawn wants my attention.

“I am hungry again lover!” I say to her. I know what she wants and she knows what I want. But with the way she delivers my meal...oh my! The visual almost causes me to prematurely lose my load. As Chrissy continues her ‘rising trot’ on my cock, Dawn stands above me, facing towards Chrissy. I watch in amazement as she lowers her dripping wet cunt inch by inch onto my waiting mouth, until she is literally doing the splits on my face, my mouth meeting her sultry cavern. This is too much for me and I begin to shoot hot streams of cum into Chrissy’s virgin slit.

“FUCK!” I attempt to yell, but it is impossible with a mouthful of hot girl flesh enveloping your whole face. I continue to scream my muffled and incoherent obscenities as my mind-blowing come continues to unleash itself. Chrissy is damn good for a rookie fuck. Dawn is enjoying my tongue and enjoys her first come, actually squirting this time and almost choking me with her secretions.

The three of us are beginning to tire. In spite of my age, I do not take Viagra or any such thing. I am dumbfounded when I look down and my cock is rising, getting ready for one more go. With the marriage partner I have, I haven’t needed a second hard on in the same day for many years. I guess all of this stimulation will even keep an old man like me up. I stand by the side of the bed, pull Dawn towards me and begin to fuck her, legs once again splayed over my shoulders. I watch as the beautiful Chrissy lowers herself onto Dawn’s face. She is having a randy time grinding onto her friend and then releases my spunk into Dawn’s mouth. I try to ascertain if this is payback or reward. I’m still unsure. All I know is that Dawn moans like a banshee as she comes on my dick. Once again, Chrissy is coming, only this time it’s all over Dawn’s face.

I lay down now, close to exhaustion. Chrissy and Dawn get up off the bed and inspect my naked body, specifically the shaft that is standing at full attention before them. Dawn recognizes the look on Chrissy’s face. It is unadulterated lust.

“What do you think babe? Would you finally like a taste of a hard, clean shaved dick?”

Chrissy immediately bends over me and starts to tongue my cock and balls with her eyes closed. Apparently this is her first taste of cock. I am proud to have been the first man to take her and just as pleased to be her first taste of cock!

“Chrissy...Chrissy” She finally looks up at Dawn. “How do you like that honey? Do you like the taste and feel of a hard dick in your mouth babe?” All she does is moan her response...hmmmm.

“I knew you’d love it if you gave it a chance. Trust me honey, I’ll never steer you wrong!”

Dawn mounts my face and my own cum shoots into my mouth. I am more than a little grossed out by it until she tells me to “hold it, don’t spit it out or swallow it.” She bends down and takes my mouth in her own and sucks my cum out. Next Dawn stands beside the bed and feels her friend up, tweaking her nipples as she pretends my dick is a lollipop. Dawn aggressively grasps Chrissy’s head in her hands, kisses her deeply while she seductively transfers my cum from her mouth to Chrissy’s. Damn that is so fucking hot! A little dribble of the white cream escapes and does a streamline down Chrissy’s face. Dawn is quick to lick it up. I want to shoot my nut right then and there. Chrissy continues to stroke my cock and soon she’s drinking my cum and sucking it down her throat. This woman has got to be a nymph. She is so fucking sexual. She swallows every drop, enticingly licks her lips and lowers her mouth to my cock again, looking for an even fresher treat.

She remains standing at the foot of the bed, bending at her waist while pleasuring me. I place both legs under her crotch and ask her to sit on my feet. Her puzzled look soon disappears as I lower my legs and lift them again, doing leg extensions with her body. Each rep brings Chrissy’s warm mouth to my throbbing cock. I continue the ‘exercise’ and she is giving me a first class hummer as I move her body up and down on my rigid pole. Unfortunately, after just a few minutes, my quads are on fire and I’m exhausted. I have to let my legs just dangle over the edge of the bed but she doesn’t miss a beat as she leans over and continues to work on me. Chrissy uses her left hand to massage her clit while she continues to devour my cock, stroking it in her right hand. I am getting close. Meanwhile Dawn has maneuvered herself on the floor behind Chrissy and she begins to devour her pussy from behind. Dawn is horny and wants more. She spreads Chrissy’s legs very wide and scoots herself under them and sits at my feet, leaning against my legs and facing her cunt. She dives in with great abandon and the tongue bath she is giving can be heard from two rooms away. Then Dawn takes the vibe in hand, licks it and firmly shoves it into Chrissy’s puckered ass.

“Fuck! don’t do that!” I look to see what is happening and hear the humming of the vibe and Dawn’s arm moving back and forth. Chrissy hisses as Dawn fucks her ass with the toy and sucks her cunt. Based on Chrissy’s response on my knob, she doesn’t really mean “don’t” as she is talking to her friend. She means more! Chrissy is jerking and sucking even more vigorously now and her face looks like it is ready to come yet again. Unbelievable. Gazing at the look of pure ecstasy on her face proves to be too much and I scream out that I am coming. Chrissy takes the first shot or two in her mouth but then her own body responds to Dawn’s tongue and ass pounding. She releases my cock from her gorgeous lips, moaning and gasping loudly as she continues to stroke my cock. I look down and witness my cum shooting onto her radiant face and down her neck and breasts. Fuck is she amazing.

Dawn comes around to the front of the semen-soaked Chrissy, whose breathing is quite ragged.

“Oh nice, may I have some?” and scoops a dab from Chrissy’s face and sucks it into her mouth. Next she applies a dab onto her right nipple and rubs it in, making the hardened digit harder yet and slick. The word “sexy” does not come close to capturing the site as Dawn suggestively feeds her tit to Chrissy and she sucks it between her carnal lips.

“That’s it baby, suck me good!”

Fuck! Dawn then cleans Chrissy’s face with her tongue, lapping up her cheeks and neck and plants a long sensual kiss on her roommate as they exchange my spunk. They just smile lovingly at each other.

We are finally all satiated, at least for now. We lay back and just crash for several minutes on the huge bed. Chrissy is laying on my left side while Dawn is on the right. Both of their heads are resting on my abs and they are facing each other. I am petting their hair. All of a sudden Dawn starts to giggle and her laugh becomes contagious as Chrissy starts laughing too. I have no idea what’s so funny.

“So Mike...this is Chrissy,” she finally says. Now we all begin to chuckle. I playfully rub the side of her face and finger comb her hair back behind her ear.

“And Chrissy, this is Mike, our new workout partner!”

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