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The Worst of Friends

What happens when you are attracted to someone you cannot stand?
Hope crossed her arms tightly across her chest and stared out the conference room window. It was barely nine in the morning and the day was already shit. Sheets of rain pounded the thick glass loudly and the swirling storm clouds reflected her black mood.

A gentle shiver vibrated through her body. She never seemed to feel completely dry when she was in Seattle. She never felt warm. Fifty stories up, fuzzy red and white lights from automobiles were barely visible through the grey soup. She wondered absently how long it might take for mold to grow behind her ears.

The room was filling up with men and women in business suits exchanging muted greetings and helping themselves to coffee. Hope returned to her laptop at the long cherry wood table and typed in her password. She thought about her husband and felt a pang of guilt. They had barely looked at each other when the taxi had arrived to take her to the airport. They hadn’t argued. There was no anger. There was just… nothing.

There was a time when he would have embraced her at the doorway and kissed her meaningfully before seeing her off. She would have run her hands over his back and told him how much she was going to miss him. She’d smell his cologne on her clothes and feel warm and wanted for the rest of the day. It would be nice.

Nice, but not what she needed now. She wanted for once to be pushed up against the door jamb and feel a hot hand slide inside her blouse to squeeze her hard nipple. She wanted her makeup ruined with hot, wet kisses and to be pulled roughly against a hard cock. She’d give the cab driver an eyeful in the rear view mirror, stuffing her boobs back into her bra and pulling the hem of her pencil skirt back down her thighs. She needed fucking passion.

Hope blew out an audible sigh. That just wasn’t Phillip though, was it? It never had been. Phillip had everything she thought she could ever want when her brother had introduced them. Yes, he was a few years older than she, but not too many. He had good looks, a pedigree, ambition, and money, lots of it. No, it was more than that, she thought. Philip was a good man, kind and reliable. He would make a good father one day.

Yet it no longer felt like enough and she didn’t know what to do about it. She asked herself the question she most feared. Was this how she would feel for the rest of her life?

Hope looked up from her computer as a handsome, young investment banker eased into the cushioned seat across the table from her. She rolled her eyes. A suit straight from Savile Row, Italian shoes, Swiss watch… he wasn’t likely to drive a Chevy pickup with a “Buy American” bumper sticker. His grey eyes sparkled at her as he flashed a breezy smile. She studied the ceiling tiles. You’ve got to be kidding me, she thought. This is just what I need today.

She typically loathed guys like him. They behaved as if their money actually meant something; as if it invested them with real intelligence or, even more laughable, good bloodlines. Hope knew all about bloodlines.

Her father, scion of an old steel family, ran one of the largest charitable foundations in the Midwest. Her grandfather, mother, and two brothers were cardiothoracic surgeons. Hope had broken from form by going to work for a Chicago consulting firm after earning a PhD in applied mathematics. Her family considered her career choice beneath her station.

She was in Seattle to advise the city on a new bond issue. Her job was to make sure her client didn’t get taken to the cleaners by the investment banks that had lined up to underwrite the financial instruments.

“Will Carroll,” announced the banker, hand outstretched.

“Hope Allerton,” she nodded, glancing quickly around the table. One side of her mouth curled up in a smirk. She squeezed his hand firmly. Will grinned broadly before releasing it. What an asshole, she thought. Can this day get any fucking worse?


Limousines lined up along the curb to ferry the negotiators to their respective lodgings. The deluge lashed the city in waves. Paper cups and wrappers swam crazily along rushing gutters and bounced over rippled currents. Storm drains overflowed, turning the street into a swollen creek. A colleague held open the car door for Hope. The interior looked dry and inviting.

“Hold on a sec,” she said, looking impatiently at her phone. “I need to take this.”

She lowered her head against the driving rain and strode quickly across the brick pavement toward the covered entrance to the office tower. Will stood a few feet from her, peacefully pulling on a cigarette and observing the squall. Hope turned her back to him and held the mobile phone to her ear.

“When did you start smoking?”

“About two minutes ago, Hopeless. I bummed this off the guy at the security desk,” replied Will, blowing out a long thin cloud. “I needed some reason to stand out here in this mess.”

“Hmmgh, ‘Hopeless’. I haven’t heard that one since we were undergrads,” Hope sneered into the dead phone. “Where are you staying?”

“The Four Seasons. You?”

“The W.”

“Huh… a little trendy, don’t you think?”

“S’matter? Grouchy from getting your Wall Street ass kicked today, Billy?”

“There’s a crappy little tavern about two blocks away from your très chic hotel. It’s on Second Avenue,” said Will, ignoring the jab. “I forget the name. Something like…”

“I know the place,” she interrupted, waving to her colleagues. “I have a dinner planned with my team. Ten o’clock work for you?”

“Perfect, we’re headed to Altura right now. Fucking starved,” he said, looking nonchalantly toward the sky. “I’ll see you at ten.”

Hope stuck the phone in her bag and sprinted in her pumps toward the hired car. Will shook his head and chuckled, crushing the butt under his sole.


The sky opened up again just as Hope turned the corner onto Second Avenue. What in God’s name had prompted her to walk from her hotel? She fumed. This is Seattle; it’s always raining in Seattle. I don’t even have a fucking umbrella. Where the hell is my head today?

More importantly, she wondered, what had she been thinking when she agreed to meet Will for drinks? Hell, he hadn’t even needed to ask her. She just went right ahead and set the time like an idiot. She walked right into it. Billy Carroll? She couldn’t stand the guy. Never could. Yes, they had gone to college together but he was cocky and obnoxious. He had the moral compass of an alligator, as far as she was concerned, and about as much subtlety.

Both math majors, Billy was a fixture in many of her classes for four horrible years, always flashing that stupid grin or sharing an obscene joke whenever he saw her. He came from some working class town in New Jersey, she recalled, and had no sense of decorum. He was the classic social climber.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if she could have just ignored him. Unfortunately, he had an annoying habit of dating her friends. She had a strong suspicion that he did it purely out of a compulsion to drive her out of her mind. How many times did she have to hear about the captain of the crew team and how much fun he and his idiot friends were? She had to endure graphic debriefings the girls ritually conducted on Sunday mornings after The Big Night Out. Billy’s amorous adventures were frequently deconstructed in lurid detail. Disgusting.

“Hey there, Hopeless, I wasn’t sure you’d make it,” said Will, emerging from a darkened doorway.

“Okay. Stop calling me that. Got it?”

“Sure, Hope, sorry,” he said, chastened. “Old habits… you know?” He jerked a thumb toward the empty building. “The place looks like it’s been closed for a while.”

Will had managed to remain dry under an awning that stretched from the doorway to the curb. He was still wearing his clothes from the meeting, his suit jacket slung jauntily over his shoulder with his silk tie stuffed in a pocket. White sleeves were rolled up his muscled forearms and his top two shirt buttons were undone. Hope could see he wore no undershirt. He still doesn’t want for confidence, she thought.

“Well that’s perfect,” she said, nodding her head sarcastically. “We can stand here in the rain and make faces at each other all night. Let’s just take a cab somewhere else.”

“A cab? Not likely,” Will said, scanning the street. “This isn’t London, Hope, it’s Seattle. Our best bet is to start walking back to your hotel. Maybe we’ll get lucky.”

Hope furrowed her brow. She was in no mood for this. Wasting half the evening getting soaked just for the pleasure of his company? A guy whose loftiest ambitions in life were to fuck and eat? No thanks.


Will brushed a wet lock from her forehead. She flinched and glared at him, unsettled by the presumptuous familiarity. She was confused, not understanding why this hadn’t angered her more. It should have. It wasn’t as if they were even friends. Hope mentally kicked herself for wondering if her hair looked a mess.

“Look, don’t be offended but I don’t want anyone from my team seeing us together,” she said. “I didn’t tell them we know each other. They’ll think it’s weird. We should just call it a night.”

Hope had forgotten how tall he was and, standing so close to him under the protective cover of the awning, she noticed his broad shoulders and narrow waist. I’ll bet he still rows, she thought. What a narcissist.

“C’mon, Hope, just have one drink with me. We haven’t seen each other since Callahan’s wedding,” he pleaded. “Are you seriously gonna snub me again?”

“Look, grow up. It’s late.”

“Why are you so uptight? I don’t get it.”

“Uptight?” She set her jaw and took a step toward him. “You’re saying I’m uptight? I’m not uptight. I’m, like, the complete opposite of uptight.”

“Oh I’m sorry, Hope,” he said innocently. “I guess I was thrown off by the stick up your ass.”

“You see? I knew this was a terrible idea,” Hope barked, emphasizing her words with jabs of her fingers. “Thank you for validating that.”

“Thank you for validating that? Have you been reading self-help books again, Hope?”

“Read this,” she spat. Hope held two bony middle fingers up at his eye level, backing into the pouring rain.

Will fluidly stepped forward and retrieved her by the elbow, causing her to bump against his hip. His hand nearly encircled her upper arm. It made her feel funny, almost like a little girl, curiously defusing her anger.

“Okay,” he said, gunmetal eyes glinting. “You’re right. I’m being an ass. I don’t know; you just bring it out of me for some reason.”

He took the jacket off his shoulder, opened it wide, and offered it to her. Hope didn’t move for a moment. She surveyed his eyes warily. Slowly, she lifted her hands, took the suit jacket, and held it over her head.

“Let’s just make our way back to the hotel and you can decide what we do from there, okay?” he continued. Hope just looked at him.

“Okay, I’ll take that as a yes. Ready? One, two…”


They flew through the teeming rain, picking their way between doorways and overhangs like some sort of urban fighters trying to avoid detection. Fifteen minutes later they burst through revolving doors into the hotel lobby, a tribute to stainless steel, Italian marble and grey velvet. The super-cooled air immediately raised goose bumps on Hope’s wet skin. She moved to the glass encased fireplace, hoping for some warmth, and turned back to Will.

He stood in the middle of the lobby with a puddle quickly accumulating around his feet. Guests gave him a wide berth and bellmen gave him dirty looks. He ran his fingers through his thick, wet hair, plastering it straight back and hooking it behind his ears. His dress shirt was completely soaked and transparent, fused to his hard, lean core. Soaked trousers clung to his legs. Will’s expression was that of a little boy who had just stepped off a roller coaster ride. Hope looked at the spectacle and laughed out loud despite herself.

“Tell me something,” she asked. “Are you ever unhappy?”

“Only when you’re cross with me, Ms. Allerton.”

Hope looked down at the loose fitting silk blouse she had put on after dinner. It was darkened with water and stuck to her body. Her slacks felt heavy and uncomfortable. She looked back at near-drowned Will who, she was sure, had summoned every last ounce of his willpower in order to keep his stupid mouth shut.

“Okay, one drink,” she announced. “We can’t stay here like this. C’mon. There’s a bar in my suite.”

What am I doing? I’m in no frame of mind to be doing this.


The lock clicked and the soggy pair stepped into the twenty fifth floor suite. Will whistled. It was the size of a large apartment, appointed in dark woods and rich earth tones. Hope watched him move slowly through the living room, running a hand across the leather sofa and crotched mahogany desk, nodding his approval.

Hope tilted her head and contemplated the pleasing shape of his back and the network of muscles showing through the translucent fabric stuck to his skin.

Wait, she thought, where the hell is he going? She followed him disbelievingly into her sleeping quarters where he approached the ceiling-to-floor glass wall and surveyed the illuminated city beyond. He turned and glanced at the open suitcase on her bed, underwear and dirty clothes tumbling out of it. She was again struck by his disregard for the conventional boundaries that were supposed to exist between a man and a married woman. He was so unlike Phillip.

“It’s a nice room, Hope,” he said quietly, eyes glittering like the skyline behind him.

She nodded, momentarily at a loss for words. Hope was distracted by his boyishly tousled hair, his strong jaw line, and his overdue five o’clock shadow.

He took his drenched suit jacket out of her hands.

“Maybe you want to put some dry clothes on?”

“Y-yeah, of course,” she stammered.

A kneejerk impulse to play the gracious hostess betrayed her.

“Oh and… there’s a small bathroom off the living room. I’m pretty sure there’s a robe in there. You should, um… get out of those wet clothes.”

Hope furiously grabbed a pair of faded jeans and a clean tee shirt the second Will had left the room. Was that me who just invited him to get undressed or was that some madwoman who sounds like me? She pulled a skimpy Jean Yu triangle bra out of her suitcase and stared at it. Insane, she thought. She threw it back, picked up a basic full cup bra and a plain silk shorty, and headed for the master bath.

Hope stared at her mirror image as she peeled the wet clothes off her body. She pushed up her small, soft breasts and let them fall. She had been maniacally on the lookout for the slightest sign of droop lately, having celebrated her thirtieth birthday the previous winter. Turning sideways to check her tummy, she sucked it in a smidge and turned around to appraise her ass. She looked over her shoulder and stuck out her bum.

She shook her head in exasperation. What the hell am I doing? One drink. One drink and this guy was supposed to be out of here. Now what am I going to do, parade him naked through the lobby with his clothes in a paper bag? ‘Mr. Doorman, would you kindly get a cab for my business associate? He’s not wearing any clothes? Oh, I hadn’t noticed.’

She put on her panties and bra, muttering curses under her breath. Hope picked up a cylinder of lipstick, leaned toward the mirror, and began to reapply. She caught herself and flung it furiously across the room. Christ! She ran warm water over a washcloth, opened a jar of Vaseline, and began to remove her makeup.


Will was standing at the bar when Hope entered the living room. He was wearing a hooded, cotton robe. Apart from the fancy hotel monogram, it resembled the kind professional boxers wore as they entered the ring. She thought it hung nicely on him. Nice calves, too.

Stop it! Jesus, keep it in your pants, Hope. You hate him, remember?

Will was pouring a cloudy white mixture through a strainer into two shot glasses. Wedges of lime swam among the ice cubes in the pitcher and the sharp, sweet smell of triple sec hit her nostrils.

“Kamikazes? Really? Did I miss the flyer for the frat party?”

“Wait…” Will cocked his head, darting his eyes around as if he heard a strange noise. “Was that…no… was that humor?”

“Fuck you.”

“Actually, I remembered that you used to like these,” he chirped, handing her a shot.

“It was college. We drank everything.”

“Well then let this be a nostalgic little salute to our sunny youth.”

“That’s a pretty big pitcher, Billy.”

They clinked glasses and tossed back the icy liquid. The tang of citrus tasted good and Hope licked her lips. She enjoyed the warm glow inside her chest. And yes, for an instant it did feel like she was back in school.

“Hope, I’m sorry but I just have to say this,” he paused. “You look really amazing. Seeing you like this … you look just like the girl I knew back on campus.”

Hope unconsciously raised a hand to her vigorously scrubbed cheek. Was he serious? She examined his expression for some sign of mockery. Full, dark eyebrows accentuated his lively, slate colored eyes. He returned her gaze evenly and she became aware of her heartbeat. Her face was warm and, she was sure, flushing.

“Thank you, Billy, that’s sweet,” she said through a forced smile. “Why don’t we sit down?”

She picked up the pitcher and shot glasses and brought them over to a low cocktail table. Hope hesitated, looking from the overstuffed wingback chairs to the crushed leather sofa. She decided to sit on the sofa. I know what you’re doing, Hope.

She watched Will move across the room. Two longneck bottles of beer hung at his side, suspended by their lips between the fingers of one hand. Broad shoulders swayed subtly with each easy stride. If there was ever someone completely comfortable in his own skin, she thought, this was the guy. Will placed a frosty brown bottle of Fosters Lager in front of her and slid onto the couch a few feet to her right.

“This is your idea of one drink, Billy?” she asked with a smirk. “This is more than one drink at a time.

Will just winked and took a swig of beer.

“So tell me, Hope, how is your husband? It’s Phil, right? Is he governor yet?”

“His name is Phillip,” she said pointedly, choosing to disregard the barb. “He’s great. He made partner last year. Youngest one in the firm’s history.”

Hope locked her lips around the bottle and tilted it.

“Impressive,” Will nodded. “You must be very happy.” He was looking down at his bottle, flicking the edge of the label with a fingernail.

Hope angled her body to face him, folding one knee on the cushion. Will leaned forward with his forearms resting on his knees and the bottle in his hands. The robe fell open at the top, revealing the taut skin and muscles of his chest and the dark hair that dove beneath the cotton cloth. She pictured Phillip and his fleshy, nearly hairless trunk.

“How about you? Anything serious on the relationship front?”

Will turned his head to her and chuckled.

“I’ve managed to find someone who’s even more independent than I am. Her name is Monica. We enjoy the time we’re together but… I don’t think ‘serious’ captures the essence of the relationship.” He shrugged and gave the bottle a long pull. “We both travel too much anyway.”

They were both silent for a moment, their thoughts somewhere else. Suddenly, Hope reached for the pitcher and poured two more shots.

“Another toast? These are pretty good.”

Taking a glass from her hand, Will allowed his gaze to travel down over her chest and denim-clad legs, loitering fleetingly at her crotch before looking her in the eyes. She felt a warm release deep in her tummy. She’d had men look her over before, but never so openly. Hope couldn’t honestly say the attention wasn’t appreciated, even coming from him.

“To us,” proposed Will, holding up his shooter. “… the worst of friends.”

“To the worst of friends,” joined Hope to the clink of their glasses. She giggled and felt the tart concoction warm her throat.

They continued to talk, awkwardly at first. They focused mostly on school and their old college mates. It was agreed that another round of beers was in order and that, yes, the kamikazes were indeed particularly tasty.

They shared stories about people they knew in common and soon dissolved into fits of laughter. Hope found herself enjoying Will’s irreverent take on, well, everything. What’s more, he turned out to be one of the few people on the planet who actually got her humor.

Sitting cross legged on the sofa facing him, Hope thought she finally understood his appeal. He could be almost charming when he put his mind to it. He also seemed to be completely unaware of his drop dead looks.

She found herself accepting his habitual cheekiness, even when he nonchalantly reached for her bare foot and began to squeeze her toes and work the arch with his thumbs. Hope hadn’t had a proper foot rub in ages. She leaned back and placed the other one on his lap while telling him about the year she had spent in France.

She enjoyed his company, despite having reservations about his intentions, and didn’t at all mind the way his robe drifted down his athletic looking thigh when he propped his bare foot on the table. He seemed youthful, though they were born only months apart, and unencumbered by self doubt. Something about being around him made Hope feel younger, too.

The alcohol, the laughter, the handsome, nearly naked guy rubbing her feet, all of it, allowed Hope to drift into a state of pleasant relaxation. She didn’t have to think about her marriage, her family, or her job. All those things seemed a million miles away. It was just the two of them and the nascent buzz of arousal. Hope knew it was there and she knew she could handle it. It was just nice to feel a little spark for a change.

When Will hung his arm lazily along the back of the couch, she thought the crook it formed under his shoulder looked like a cozy place to snuggle. She wondered if this Monica-person liked that spot too, the bitch. What kind of intimate things might Will do to satisfy his “independent” woman? She studied his lips and quietly sighed. Just then the door chime rang and Hope snapped out of her reverie.

“Oh shit, I forgot.” Will popped up and headed for the door. He returned a minute later with a package.

“I called the concierge about some dry clothes when you were getting dressed,” he said, standing behind the couch. “They sent up some stuff from the shop at the spa.”

Hope had shifted her body to sit properly on the couch, mindlessly rearranging the glasses and bottles on the table. She felt strangely disappointed. The evening would come to an end soon, as it must. Well, at least this was a pleasant surprise, she thought. She felt a hand on her shoulder.


She tilted her head back and looked straight up at Will. She was met with a tender, moist kiss on her mouth. His lips carried a hint of lime and the crisp scent of his aftershave filled her nostrils.

No, this isn’t right, she thought. Will moved his mouth softly over hers, as if trying to memorize the contours of her lips. It did feel awfully nice. His touch, his smell, his movements… it was all so wonderfully different. He gently grasped her lower lip between his and pulled back a few inches, letting it go as he moved. His stare was intense and questioning.

“Billy, you can’t just…”

Again his mouth descended on hers, more insistently this time. A hand caressed the side of her face and curled around her neck, sending a chill down her spine. His lips were full and active, sucking and pulling at hers.

Hope wanted badly to kiss him back. She settled for opening her mouth ever so slightly. Her hand reached for his shoulder to push him away but found solid muscle. She squeezed it instead.

Will began to probe the space between her lips and, seemingly without her consent, her tongue slipped tentatively out to meet his. She began to slide down into the cushions with Will in silent, hungry pursuit. A hand caressed her ribs and cupped her breast; the other cradled her head. Hope began to float away on a foggy trail.


She pushed herself off the couch and stalked to the middle of the room, struggling to catch her breath. She spun around and pointed at the door. Her heart was pounding and there was an empty pit in her stomach.

“OUT!” she screamed. “GET OUT!”

Will had slipped easily over the back of the couch and approached her like a determined predator. She saw his chest rise and fall heavily but her outburst appeared to have no outward effect.


“No. We can’t… I can’t,” she yelled in a cracking voice. She was shaking, no longer trusting herself, not understanding what she felt.

Closing the distance between them, he hooked his fingers inside the waist of her jeans and reeled her in. Her head fell back as she lunged forward into his body. He felt solid and immoveable. She didn’t know what to do with her hands so she dropped them to her sides and glared at him defiantly, daring him to do his worst.

A glimmer of a smile crossed his lips and his eyes narrowed. Hope knew she had miscalculated when she felt his arms reach around her, pinning hers in place. An impertinent hand fondled her ass, exploring its roundness. Another caressed the space between her shoulder blades. She felt a flip in her stomach and warmth beginning to glow between her legs.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want this,” he said huskily. “I’ll go if you tell me… but you have to say the words.”

He pressed her slender body into his and she felt the unexpected, yet unmistakable, outline of his cock. She fought the urge to slip her hand inside his robe and hold it, to feel it lengthen and thicken. She wondered how it would look and feel, fully aroused and ready. Ready for me?

She forced her arms upward to make space between them. In an instant, her hand was in the air, palm open, and striking his face with all her strength. Will’s head snapped to the right and she knew that she had hurt him. She could see the white imprint of her hand turn instantly pink. A round, red droplet appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Will slowly turned his face back to her, breathing heavily through his mouth. He licked the blood from his lip and simply nodded a silent note of understanding. She looked into the smoldering steel eyes and saw his desire. Hope grimaced, grabbed the sides of his face with both hands, and pulled his mouth onto hers.

She kissed him madly, wildly, as if starved, pulling herself up on her toes, hands diving into his thick hair, still damp from the storm. The room seemed to crash around them. Her thoughts were thrown about in a maelstrom of emotion and primal need. Her tongue swept blood from his torn lip, savoring the earthy taste.

Will’s hands flew over her body, dove under her shirt, and stroked the hot skin of her back. Beneath the robe his swelling cock thumped against her abdomen as they rubbed against each other. She felt a burning need to be closer to him, to feel his warm skin against hers.

She reached between them and pulled the sash of his robe. Oh God, she thought, this is happening. Hope forced herself to pull her mouth from his. Looking into his eyes, she placed her hands on his bare chest and slid them over his chiseled shoulders. The garment pooled at their feet.

With him completely naked before her, Hope’s hands seemed to act on their own volition. She felt them glide down the deep groove of his back and over the muscled curve of his buttocks. Her fingers explored the warm crease between his cheeks. Sensing the stored power in the round haunches, she felt a warm release in her vagina.

“You’re so…” She never completed the thought. She felt it, an indurate form wedged between their bodies. Will moved back slightly, holding her hips in place. She looked down at the turgid penis that swayed brazenly between them. Her assessment was immediate and unequivocal. It was large.

Will’s cock bristled in her grasp. It pulsed with each beat of his heart and twitched to her cool touch. She thrilled with the newness of it, the length and straightness of it, its deceiving girth. God, I want this, she thought. Hope wrapped both hands around it and felt the silky membrane slide easily over the impossibly hard shaft.

Will breathed deeply through his mouth while she weighed his balls in her palm and rolled them in her fingers. She surveyed the flared head with her nimble fingertips and spread clear beads of slick liquid over it with her thumb. Her mouth literally watered at the thought of sucking his meat into her mouth.

“Fuuuuck…” Will moaned. “You’re absolutely killing me.”

Hope delighted in feeling him shudder. She saw the muscles of his core ripple, his body jerk. His hands clenched her hips tightly as he slowly rocked his pelvis forward and back with the rhythm of her hands. Hope felt at once powerful and vulnerable as the object of his lust.

“I’m gonna lose it, Hope,” he said. “Turn around.”

Will maneuvered Hope’s hips and she reluctantly released her throbbing prisoner as she turned. He grasped the hem of her tee shirt, and pulled it over her head and arms in one fluid motion.

“You’re over dressed,” he breathed into her ear.

Hope felt the heat of Will’s cock pressed against her and anxiety again began to build. This isn’t right, she repeated to herself. She felt an urge to run but her feet stayed in place. Will bunched her hair in his hands and moved it off her shoulders. She felt his fingers begin to firmly knead her tensed muscles, his thumbs working the flesh along her spine. Ohhh, please don’t do that.

With a flick, her bra was unsnapped and flung to the floor. A cool draft drifted across her puffy areolas, raising goose bumps across her flesh. Soon they would be naked together, she fretted. If she didn’t stop this now he would spread her legs and slide his long penis deep inside her. She began to tremble.

“Billy…” She closed her eyes. She thought about her husband. She thought about the emptiness that had taken hold inside her. She thought about the intoxicating arousal that Billy had coaxed from her depths. “I don’t know what to do.”

He nibbled her neck and again put his mouth to her ear.

“Just stop thinking, Hope, and let me make you feel good.”

Will held her close. He cupped her soft breasts and his fingers scissored her plump nipples. She sighed deeply and felt them steadily harden. He worked the sensitive tips with his thumbs and tugged them gently while he nibbled her neck. Hope squeezed her thighs together tightly as an electrical charge coursed from her erect points to her trilling pussy.

She turned her head and found his reassuring mouth, one hand reaching up to grasp the back of his neck. The last of her doubt melted away to the sound of a zipper being drawn. She wanted him.

Will unsnapped her jeans and pulled them over her bottom. She wiggled her hips and the pants crumbled around her feet.

“Do you want to fuck me, Billy?” she asked him nervously. “Is that what you want?”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for longer than you know, Hope.”

He took her free hand and raised it to join its partner. Hope weaved her fingers together behind his neck leaving her feeling both exposed and exhilarated. His devilish hands lazily caressed and teased her throat, and breasts, and tummy.

“You’re gorgeous,” he told her, playing with the elastic of her panties. “You know that, right?”

Hope never saw herself that way. She was insecure about her looks. She would never have the type of sexy, feminine curves most men craved. She thought she was plain and bookish compared to her fun loving friends.

He whispered in her ear. He told her how he loved her crooked smile and her thick, honey colored hair. The way her big blue eyes crinkled when she laughed and the way she chewed her lip when she was nervous. The graceful lines of her body and the cute way her ass wiggled when she walked. He told her these things as his hands whispered over her bare skin.

She trembled and her breathing became shallow when his fingers found the rise of her mound. Steady, circular motions over the smooth silk stirred vibrations in her clit. He found the outline of her tiny bump and lingered there, heating the bud through the thin fabric. He reached lower, running a finger up and down the soaked groove. She was fleetingly embarrassed that Will should see her in this condition but every nerve ending in her body screamed for him to continue.

“Will, you’ve got me so wet,” she moaned. “I… oh… I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

She felt her panties being slowly peeled to the top of her thighs. She wanted to rip them off her body and beg him to fuck her but Hope had never before experienced this type of agonizing arousal and she was dying to prolong it. It took all of her willpower to keep her hands laced around his neck.

Her knees weakened and she clung to him when his fingers raked through her pubic hair and found the slippery, hooded flesh that protruded from her lips. A single finger slipped along her glistening channel and penetrated her. It probed her, thoroughly exploring her most intimate place while Will’s thumb stroked her slippery clit.

Billy Carroll. She repeated his name in her head, trying to comprehend this turn of events. Billy Carroll.

“Ohhhh… you’re gonna make me come,” she whispered.

Will slowly sank to his knees, drawing her panties down her legs and over her feet. She turned around, plunged her fingers through his hair, and pressed her wispy muff to his face. He held her close with his hands around her firm buns and inhaled her feminine lure.

Hope felt a warm trickle on her inner thighs as Will separated her cheeks and sank his fingers into the crack of her ass. She moved her feet apart to allow his wet, warm tongue to flick and tickle her growing clit. He sat back on his heels and took her hands.

“Come here, baby.”

She folded down onto him, straddling his thighs. She threw her arms around his neck and sealed her mouth on his. Hope felt the hardness of his cock straining against her belly. She locked her ankles behind his back and rocked her pelvis, grinding her slippery pussy on the column of hot flesh. Will moaned in her mouth and rolled his hips.

When their lips parted, Hope saw tormented ecstasy on his face. He thrust his buttocks and thighs powerfully, lifting her upward with each stroke. She began to feel something strange inside her, a connection with Will, as the shimmering underside of his penis warmed her pussy.

Hope looked down at the smooth head and rigid shaft that rode along her darkened, swollen lips. She continued to burnish her clit on his cock, slathering it with her intimate secretions. The delirious friction and splashy sounds of rubbing genitals brought her to the brink.

“Is this… will this will fit inside me?” she asked breathlessly, before biting his lip hard.

“Ow. Of course it will,” he panted. “Unngh… it’ll feel really… good.”

Will’s breath warmed her neck and throat. Perspiration had broken across their bodies while they tangled and writhed together. She loved the moist, intimate contact of skin on skin, his masculine scent. The motion dragged her burning, distended nipples across the field of dark hair on his chest.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she gasped, leaning back on one hand and lifting her pussy higher. “We don’t even like each other.”

“Hate each other,” agreed Will, leaning toward her mouth.

Hope stifled a grin. She pushed him away and began to crawl backward on her elbows. He glared at her as if she had lost her mind. Slowly, a hint of a smile crossed his lips.

“You’re a lowlife bastard,” she told him, moving across the carpet.

Will moved onto all fours and began to follow her.

“You’re spoiled and impossibly difficult,” he answered.

Hope continued to move away from him.

“Cluelessly inappropriate,” she continued.

Will crawled slowly after her, cock swaying ominously below his flat belly and narrow hips. Hope swung a foot at him but missed his head.

“Imperious and dismissive,” he answered, continuing the deliberate pursuit.

Hope scrambled slowly backward, eyeing Will warily, until she found herself literally backed into a corner. One side of her mouth curled in a sly smile.

“Being near you sickens me.”

Will hovered over her, his cock leaking drops of clear, slick liquid on her thighs. He placed his hand on her throat.

“I feel exactly the same way,” he said. “Now stop squirming so I can put my tongue in your cunt.”

Hope slowly spread her legs and let her knees fall open. She closed her eyes as Will lowered his head. Holding up her calves, he licked the moisture from her inner thighs and kissed the curve of her buttocks. She felt his fingers rhythmically knead the flesh on both sides of her folds and heard the squishy sounds of her lips rubbing together.

Her toes curled and her ass rose involuntarily off the floor. Phillip had never given her pussy this kind of attention. Her husband’s labors were dutiful and mechanical. Will was out to destroy her.

His lips lightly grazed her labia and the heat of his breath made her quiver. She tried to keep from wriggling, to keep her legs open wide for his advances, but Will was in no hurry to give her any form of relief.

Two fingers pressed down near the top of her slit. She could feel her slippery pearl emerge from its sheath. She moaned when the tip of his warm, wet tongue travelled the length of her tingling crevice, lingering each time to caress her throbbing clit.

Hope sensed Will’s growing arousal in the movements of his body and the sounds of his breathing. Hands hooked on the joint of her hips and legs, he greedily licked her pussy with the flat of his tongue.

Tiny spasms erupted inside her as Will pressed his open mouth on her sex and steadily sucked and licked her plumping bud. He seemed lost in the moment, his moans adding to the vibrations that rang through her pussy.

Hope felt a deep heat spread through her body and her breathing became ragged. Her feet found Will’s broad shoulders and she pushed her body higher. She ran her fingers through his hair, desperately needing to keep his mouth on her pussy. Suddenly, she stiffened; her eyes flew open.

“God, Billy… what…OHHHHH!”

Will placed his hands inside her thighs, holding them apart. He sank his tongue into her as she came, snaking it around her tunnel, lapping the seeping nectar from her pulsing walls. 

Her chest was still heaving minutes later as she lay stretched out on the floor with one arm over her eyes. Will kissed his way up her belly and chest and planted one on her mouth. The taste of her own sex excited her. She opened her mouth and their tongues found each other.

How long they kissed, Hope couldn’t tell. Eyes closed, she was aware of the body poised over her, strong and tensed, and the popping triceps that supported its weight. Her hands caressed the sleek muscles that ran alongside Will’s taut core. She felt the blunt head of his penis graze her wispy pubic hair as he moved and she felt the familiar, pleasing sensations of her body preparing for him. She opened her eyes.

“You okay?”

His smiling face looked down at her. She brushed a sweaty lock of hair off his forehead, remembering their disastrous encounter in the rain. She laughed inside.

“Mmmmm,” she nodded.

“I think I really need to fuck you now,” he said, bending his head to view his rock-hard dick. “That okay with you?”

She giggled. “Mmm hmm.”

Will slid backward and kneeled upright between her legs, spreading his knees on the floor. Hope became giddy, knowing she was about to take Will’s big cock inside her. She bent her knees and playfully rubbed his ribs with her ankles and calves. He surprised her by lifting her feet to his mouth and pecking them with tiny kisses.

Will pushed her feet and Hope’s knees folded onto her chest, curling her ass off the floor. He shifted his hips to lay his stiffened column along the darkened lips of her pussy. Smiling mischievously, he moved it forward and back between her legs in a slow tease, the ridged head tripping over her swollen clit. Hope waggled her hips and groaned in delicious agony. He pressed the backs of her smooth thighs and adjusted his position.

Hope tensed involuntarily when she felt the blunt head of his cock nudge and part her lips.

“Billy…” she hesitated, embarrassed at what she was about to admit. “I… I haven’t done this in a while.”

“S’okay, baby,” Will said affectionately. His bright eyes looked warm and reassuring. “Relax… I’d never hurt you.”

Her mouth fell open and she inhaled sharply as he slowly entered her. She felt his tapered head squeeze into her tight pussy, followed by his thick, rippled column. He wasn’t easy to handle at first. He stretched her opening and expanded her slick walls.

Will took his time, his cock advancing deeper with each controlled stroke. Hope felt her slippery muscles resist and quiver along its path before giving way. Will looked into her eyes and steadily impaled her. She slowly adjusted to the feeling of fullness and the unfamiliar sensation of Will’s long organ pushing at her cervix.

“God, that’s… different,” she breathed.

“Different good? Bad?”


He planted his hands near her ribs, her legs hooked over his arms. He leaned forward to kiss her, pulling her bottom higher and changing the angle of his penetration.

Hope dug her nails into Will’s shoulders when he lifted his head and began to fuck her with long, powerful strokes. God, this feels so good, she thought. She loved his animal-like intensity, the fluid power of his hips and buttocks. Completely in his control, she saw his eyes darken with lust as he allowed himself to let go.

Will removed his hands from the floor, unhooking Hope’s legs. She quickly clamped them around the backs of his thighs as he supported his weight on his elbows. He dipped his head and slipped his tongue in her mouth while he fucked her. She met his thrusts with her own, reveling in the wonderful, wet sounds of sex.

Hope’s legs began to shake as Will’s thick shaft deep-massaged her vagina. Her breathing deepened and her nipples screamed from the touch of Will’s chest. What began as a spasm around his cock became a tingling sensation over her entire body. It moved quickly like a fast acting drug, waves of heat and pleasure pushing all conscious thought from her brain.

Hope suddenly felt her hips buck uncontrollably and her arms and legs tighten around Will’s surging frame. Every part of her body seemed to be a raw nerve. From a distance, she heard her voice scream his name.

“Oh God, Hope… I’m gonna come.”

Will threw back his head, sinews bursting from his neck. She felt his cock pulse violently and his buttocks clench as he pushed as deeply as he could. She knew he was exploding, depositing his load of hot semen into her body with powerful, throbbing bursts.

He lay on top of her for a short while, their breathing slowly returning to normal. She liked feeling the warm weight of him on her body. Will withdrew his cock to a sucking sound, making Hope feel oddly empty. He rolled over and she clambered on top of him, resting her head on his chest.


Hope was back at the conference room window, arms crossed tightly across her chest. Always the early riser, she had arrived a few minutes before the others. She contemplated the azure sky of the Pacific Northwest.

“I guess the sun does shine over Seattle after all.”

A broad smile lit up her face as she turned around.

“Good morning, Billy,” she beamed. “Did you get any sleep last night?”

He glanced at the door and shrugged.

“Well I didn’t get back to my room until five,” he said quietly. “So… maybe three hours?”

Hope took half a step closer to Billy, pulled on his tie, and gave him a naughty look.

“You didn’t fall asleep on me,” she nearly whispered. “I’m impressed.”

She could have sworn she saw him blush. That’s cute, she thought. Will looked down at the two paper coffee cups in his hands.

“Oh! Here, this one is for you,” he said, smiling apologetically. “I, uh… I don’t know how you like it.”

She took a cup and sipped the steaming liquid.

“Black is just fine, especially today. Next time… milk with a little sugar.”

“I told my guys I’ll be having dinner in my room tonight,” he said, slipping a key card into her suit pocket.

“You know, I have a lot of calls to make myself.”

They stared silently at the shining skyline for a few minutes.

“Billy,” Hope asked. “What are we doing?”

“Right now… we’re having an affair,” he replied. “What happens next… well that’s all up to you.”

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