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The Young Intern's Big Break Ch. 05

The party continues
He was startled by someone trying to enter the bathroom.

"Oh I am sorry," said the woman.

It was Mrs. Cooper, his boss's sister.

"It's ok, sorry I took so long," he answered.

"No problem, I was just trying to get away anyway."

"Oh really?" Dean asked, this time unable to fight back his grin.

"Well please come in," he said stepping aside and allowing the woman to pass.

As she did Dean noticed what he had failed to before. It was true that this Mrs. Cooper didn't take care of herself like the other women he knew and it was also true that she was all natural. However there seemed to be one thing she did have above all the rest. An amazing ass.

He watched her strut over to the window, her ass and hips were incredible, so curvy, so amazing.

Still, apart from her great ass, Mrs. Cooper was definitely an attractive woman. She did not have the raw sexuality as Mrs. Foster, or the whole slut vibe of Mrs Crane, but she was very pretty. Dean even liked her more age appropriate short hair which had a bit more grey then the other ladies would allow.

She had on a nice tight blue short sleeved cocktail dress, cut just above the knee, and although her scoop neck did not show a ton of cleavage, she looked good.

Mrs. Cooper cracked the window, pulling a cigarette from her purse. She looked over to the young man, unsure why he was still standing there.

"So what are you hiding from?" he asked her.

"Who said I am hiding." she replied, trying to light her Virginia Slim..

Dean closed the bathroom door and walked to her.

Click. Click. She couldn't get a flame from her light.

"You did."

Dean then took the lighter from her hand. Flicking it once; a long flame emitted from the top. Mrs. Cooper leaned in and inhaled, looking across the flame at the young man. Who did this kid think he was?

"I said I was trying to get away, I hate parties like this," she said, puffing away.

"Yeah a real bore," Dean responded, looking across the bathroom and smirking.

He thought about what had just taken place in the bathroom. It was definitely not boring.

"It's not that," she began, "my husband turns into a real jerk at these things, you met him."

"Oh right. So you are hiding from someone," he said, emphasizing the word 'someone'.

"Yeah I guess," she replied with a grin.

She sat down on the toilet, crossed her legs, and puffed slowly on her cigarette. She looked at Dean. He was very cute, and she could tell he was a charmer.

"Ahh to be young," she thought.

She felt he looked a bit foolish though, clearly flirting with such an older woman.

"Dumb kid." she thought.

"What about you?" she asked, blowing her smoke aside. "I haven't seen you down there in a while, you hiding too?" she added.

"Have you been looking for me?" he shot back with a smirk.

"No but the boys were."

"The boys?"

She nodded through an inhale of her cigarette, then blew the smoke aside.

"Yes, my husband and brother."

Oh right, Mr. Foster was her brother, and Dean had just spent the night fucking his wife. Mr. Foster was taking a big hit tonight.

"They seemed to really like you, well my brother at least."

"We'll what's not to like?" he joked, Mrs. Cooper rolled her eyes with a smile.

"So why is a young man like you here and not out, getting drunk, meeting girls." she asked eyeing him.

Again he thought of how he had spent the night, fucking the living hell out of two hot mature women. Not a bad night at all.

"I am enjoying myself," he said, "and I am meeting girls."

"Me? I said girls, not women old enough to be your mother."

"Maybe I like women old enough to be my mother."

"And why is that,mommy issues?" she teased.

"No certainly not,"

"Then what?" she asked.

"Lots of things I suppose, the maturity and confidence, the experience they bring," he answered his eyes locked right onto hers.

She stared back, momentarily mesmerized, her cigarettes dangling from between her fingers, burning.

"Older women usually know what they want and most aren't too shy to ask for it."

"I should probably get going," she said, a bit flustered.

"What do you want?"

"To get back to the party," she lied.

"Back to the party, I thought you hated these things?"

"Hate was the wrong word," she replied, taking a hard drag from her cigarette.

"Then what?"

"Just bored!" she answered rolling her eyes.

"This night definitely was not boring." thought Dean.

"But you don't wanna hear a rich spoiled bitch complain."

"How do you know what I want?" he asked.

"I think I have an idea."

"And what's that?"

"Oh I don't know, maybe a little excitement." she answered.

"Is that what you need, a little excitement," Dean relied, looking down at the married woman before him.

She was getting sexier by the second, and Dean wasn't exactly sure why.

"Mmmhmmm." she confirmed, smirking through a deep inhale on her cigarette.

"Did you have something in mind?" she asked, blowing the smoke aside.

"I have a few ideas." Dean shot back.

This young man certainly was cute, and flirting with him was fun, but Mrs. Cooper knew it could not go any further. She wasn't quite sure how she got in this situation, but she had to admit, she was having fun.

"My my, aren't you the confident one," she said, looking him over.

He just stared back and gave her a look confirming he assumptions. Mrs. Cooper stared back, momentarily lost in his gaze when sounds of the party below snapped her out of it.

"Well, anyway young man," she began, standing and dropping her lit cigarette into the toilet.

She bent slightly, and Dean got a great view of her full round ass.

"I must be going," she continued, pulling a small compact from her purse and checking hers lipstick.

"It was very nice chatting with you though," she said before clicking her compact closed.

When she turned to leave Dean was standing, mere inches from her, catching her a bit off guard.

"Excuse me, but I must be getting back to the party."

"So soon?" he asked.

"Yes, I have been gone for quite a while, and after all I am a married woman," she teased.

She enjoyed this little flirtation, it made her feel good, but that's all it was right? She made to leave but her plans to rejoin the party were soon interrupted when Dean suddenly and forcefully pressed his hand under Mrs. Cooper's skirt.

"Huhhhhh!" Mrs. Cooper let out in great surprise, feeling his hand press against her warm mound. Her eyes went wide completely caught off guard.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked, shocked, her heart racing with panic.

"Exactly what you want me to do," Dean replied, rubbing the mature woman's pussy.

Mrs. Cooper had been enjoying the flirtation and she had to admit Dean was a very attractive young man, but she never expected this.

"Take your hand away, uhhhh, or I'll scream." she demanded, and for a moment Dean almost believed her.

Dean stared at her, a look of rage in her eyes. His fingertips pressed against the thing fabric of he panties, Dean could feel the lace. Their eyes were locked, her breathing getting heavier, as she felt him reach u der her dress deeper, his fingers teasing her asshole.

"What a dirty little fucker," she thought as he continued his expert assault on her married twat.

He stared her down, never hesitating.

"Who did this kid think he was?" she thought to herself.

"Stop it, right now, uhhh, I am married," she protested.

The young man could feel her moist lips open up through her now damp panties. He ran circular motions, spreading her juices around.

"Stop, or I'll run out uhhhhf here, and tell my brother what a sick, uhhh, little fuck your are."

"You have been flirting with me this whole time." he said, feeling her moist slit through her panties.

"Just because I flirt with you," she said, lifting her ass to the counter, sitting, "does not mean I want to sleep with you," spreading her legs wider.

"Oh yeah," he replied, fighting back a smirk, "what does it mean then?"

"It's just..." pulling her panties aside for him, "flirting!"

Dean sunk two fingers into her incredibly wet pussy, making her let out a deep sigh.

"Uhhh, you little pervert," she sighed.

Grabbing his tie she yanked him to her, kissing him deep, hard, as he continued to finger fuck her mature cunt, the sound of it filing the bathroom.

Breaking the kiss she slapped the bold young man across the face. They stared at each other, both breathing heavy, when she finally shoved the boy's head down to her dripping pussy.

"Uhh you little shit." she moaned, hanging her legs over his broad shoulders.

Dean burried his face deep into her warm wet crotch, pressing his tongue to her delicious pussy. Only moans could escape his lips. He was not stranger to giving oral, Mrs. Foster was a big fan, but the other milfs, like in so many other areas, we're so much more groomed. That's not to say Mrs. Cooper was not groomed, however she looked, smelled and tasted much more like Dean imagined a woman of her age would. He found it refreshing, and delicious.

"Uhhh yesss, not talking, uhhh fuck, anymore are youuuu?" Mrs. Cooper teased, gripping the young man by the hair.

She could not remember the last time she had her clit licked like this, the last time such attention was paid to her sweet pussy, or the last time she had such a stud between her legs.. She held him firm riding his face to what she could only assume would be a fantastic orgasm.

"Uhh yes, that's it, that's it."

Leaning back on one hand, Mrs. Cooper pulled at his hair with the other, just enough so she could make eye contact with the boy.

Finally her orgasm exploded, flooding his mouth with her sweet juice. He continued sucking on her clit as she squirmed and moaned out in pleasure.

"Uh fuck, fuck yes, shit, stop," she moaned, pushing his head away, unable to take anymore.

"See, and you didn't even have to ask," he said from his knees.

"Oh shut up and fuck me."


Roughly 20 minutes later Mrs. Cooper descended the stairs and returned to the party.

Across the room Mrs. Foster and Mrs. Crane were chatting.

"Have you seen Dean?" asked Mrs. Crane.

"No I don't think he ever came down."

They both looked to the staircase, watching Mrs. Cooper heading down. The look on their faces was priceless, as moments later Dean finally returned to the party.

"What?" Mrs. Crane said, mouth agape.

"He couldn't have," said Mrs. Foster.

They watched as the two headed toward opposite sides of the room, acting nonchalant but to anyone who was paying attention, the sexual tension was obvious.

"You've go talk to her," said Mrs. Foster to her friend, "I'll have a word with him."

The two married women, who just a mere hour ago were both getting fucked by a man who was not their husband, parted ways to get to the bottom of the situation.

Dean grabbed a drink and glanced over at Mrs. Cooper, unable to hold back a grin.

Mrs. Cooper looked back, thinking on the intense fucking she had just received at the hands of a man young enough to be her son.

She was amazed she could still walk.

She was snapped out of her daze by Mrs. Crane.

"You fucked him," she said blatantly.

"What!" Mrs. Cooper replied, laughing.

"Dean, you just fucked him," she insisted.

"Of course not," the married woman answered.

"Oh yes you did, I can tell by your face, you have the same expression as I do."

"I, what? You mean..."

"Yes I fucked him too, and so did Susan." Mrs. Crane said, a bit put off.

Mrs. Cooper looked over to Dean. She watched as her sister in law was headed right at him.

"You just fucked her," Mrs. Foster said to the boy.

He shot her a look, a look of pure animal sexuality.

"Is that a problem?" he asked.

"I... well."

"Are you jealous?"

"Nooo," she said, fighting off a smile.

"But how the hell did you manage that, after," her eyes darted around, "ya know," she said, leaning in.

She was amazed. He had just fucked what she considered two sexy women, only to turn around and fuck another. Man was he something.

Both women were in shock as they left their inquiries and head toward each other in the middle of the room. Dean and Mrs. Cooper, on opposite sides of the party watched them chat and he had to laugh. Soon Mrs. Cooper saw Mrs. Crane coming toward her, her sister in law back toward Dean.

Just before Mrs. Crane got to her, she watched as Mrs. Foster led Dean back up the stairs. Suddenly Mrs. Crane arrived in a hurry. Grabbing her by the hand she said.

"Ready for round two?"


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