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Tormented prison shrink has had enough

my first effort. All comments welcome but please be a bit gentle!




Doctor Adam Steele let out a deep sigh as he glanced down at the mess of papers on his desk. On top of the heap was the file of his next patient. His sessions with Lina often left him with graphic images that made the rest of his day almost unbearable. Grimacing with shame he recalled an occasion last month when he’d dashed to the bathroom mid session and found himself wrapping his hand round his painfully hard cock and stroking frantically till he came in a sudden hot rush. He’d washed his hands and rejoined his patient in the prison office only to find her smirking slightly behind her curtain of ice blonde hair.

The knock on the door brought Adam back to reality. Quickly, he glanced at the blank monitor of the computer to check his reflection. Nothing between his teeth or splattered down his shirt front from lunch. Drawing a deep breath, he straightened his back and flicked a curl of dark hair off his brow.

“Come in!” he called, his eyes riveted on the door. It swung open and Lina appeared being hustled by two guards, one male and one female. Adam watched in confusion as the pair pushed her forward and sat her forcibly in the chair opposite his desk. His puzzlement grew when he saw that her hands were cuffed behind her back.

“what is going on here?” the doctor demanded as the guards took up positions on either side of Lina’s chair.

“Lina has been a bad girl I’m afraid Dr Steele.” the man said, a sardonic smile twisting his mouth “took it in to her head to assault an officer. Came at Jenkins with a razor blade in her hand, little bitch. She’s to remain restrained and supervised till the governor decides what to do about her.”

“I see. That’s all very well,” Adam said softly, “but I will not have the two of you inhibiting my session with my patient. Lina is in the middle of very intensive therapy which I’m sure you’re aware is court ordered. I must insist you leave this office immediately for the scheduled hour.”

His breath caught in his throat as Lina smiled in his peripheral vision. Clearing his throat he fixed his eyes on the face of the guard who was looking over at his colleague.

“What do you think, can we leave her?” The big woman put her head on one side as if considering before letting a nasty grin cross her flat face.

‘Yes,” she purred “I think we can leave Lina to her therapy, of course, precautions must be taken. We must ensure the doctors safety after all” with methodical slowness, she unhooked a pair of handcuffs from her belt and attached them to the pair round Lina’s wrists. Leaning over the prisoner and looking in to her eyes she snapped the free cuff round the thick rod of metal that ran the length of the chair back.

“Comfy are we Lina?” she asked in the same soft purr, leaning down further to look in to Lina’s flashing blue eyes. With a sudden flick of her head Lina spat full in to the other woman’s face “Far better now that I’ve cleared my throat.” she hissed through gritted teeth.

The female guard leapt back with a curse and slapped Lina’s face hard enough to bang her head back against the thinly padded headrest of the chair. Adam rose to his feet.

“Enough! Get out of this office both of you. I will not have a patient treat in this fashion while under my care. Get out and don’t come back till my hour with Lina is up!” without another word the two glowering guards turned and slammed out of the room leaving Adam and Lina alone.

Taking his seat once more Adam at last let his eyes focus on her. Her ice pale hair tumbled across her shoulders and on to her chest in disarray and her bright blue eyes held a gleam of mocking amusement. Beneath the drab navy blue government issued prison dress her large soft breasts rose and fell with her breathing. Adam let his eyes sweep down to her long pale legs which were bare beneath the thin cotton. Her feet were bare. They must have taken her shoes he mused. She was known to kick as well as bite and scratch at any opportunity.

When she spoke her voice was light “never knew you cared doc. Nice to know my mental state is so important to you”

“of course Lina” Adam tried to keep his voice firm and steady “I have a duty of care toward you. I am sorry that you may not be comfortable during today’s session but it can’t be helped. Now, shall we pick up from where we were last week?”

“ah yes. I was telling you about my dream, my dream of Laura.”

“Laura is the woman you attacked, your boss wasn’t she?”

“Yes, my boss. I’d never fantasised about a woman before but something about her gripped me from the first. I thought if I could get rid of her I wouldn’t feel that way anymore. Even when I saw her at the trial…” Lina paused and adjusted her position, sliding one long smooth leg over the other. Adam coughed softly and brought his eyes back to her face.

“so now you are dreaming about Laura. Tell me about it.”

“well, its like that night I went to her place after work. I took over some files you know, said I needed to check something with her. In the dream though I don’t hit her with the lamp the way I did. I’m standing very close to her in the hall. I can just see the outline of her nipples under her blouse and her perfume is intoxicating. I reach out my hand to stroke her cheek and she doesn’t pull away. The feeling of her soft skin under my fingers is so wonderful doctor Steele, I can almost taste it. Have you ever felt that way doctor? Ever looked and wished to touch, touched and wished to taste?” Lina deliberately licked her lips as she held Adam’s gaze.

To his dismay Adam felt his cock twitching in his trousers. Helplessly he ran his eyes all over the woman bound to the chair with her hands behind her back. The thought of her recurring dreams of Laura had clearly affected her. Her breath was coming slightly faster than normal and he noticed the way she squirmed in her seat, pressing her thighs together. He did his best to sound professional as he addressed her.

“now Lina, this is about your psyche not mine. Please, continue.”

“well, I run my hand down her face to her neck. I stroke my fingers down lower till the palm of my hand is against her breast and then I squeeze. I can feel her hard nipple against my palm through the silk of her blouse. Just thinking of it makes me so wet.” A sudden image of Lina spread open on the floor, wet and moaning crashed in to Adam’s head and his erection throbbed as her soft voice poured over him. “sometimes Doctor Steele I wake up so Horney I have to touch myself. I lie on my bunk with Lucy asleep above me and touch myself. I rub my clit with my fingers and think about sucking Laura’s nice hard nipple and caressing her all over. Once, I moaned out loud and Lucy woke up.” she laughed “She climbed down from her bunk and sat beside me. At first I told her to go away but then she pushed her hand under the blanket and started touching my thigh. Before I knew what was happening she’d shoved my hand out of the way and she was rubbing my pussy. Her hand was so soft and when she put her mouth on my nipple and sucked I came on her fingers.”

Adam raised his hand to his head and repressed a moan. Looking over at Lina he saw that that light of mocking amusement was more pronounced in her eyes now. “do you need the bathroom Doctor?” the sarcasm behind the question was palpable. Adam felt his cheeks grow red and hated himself for it. As they’re eyes met and held he saw that she knew quite well what she was doing to him and that she enjoyed it.

In a fluid movement he rose from his chair and crossed the room to the door “so you do need a bathroom break then? That’s ok, I’m not going anywhere.”

Adam shot the bolt across the door and prowled back toward her, his jaw set and his dark eyes blazing. He took hold of the chair and wheeled it quickly to the corner where he wedged it firmly.

“listen to me lina” he said quietly “I have had enough of your crap. I bet you go back to your sell and have a good laugh with your little playmate about your, therapy. We all know why you attacked that poor girl. You’re a crazy bitch and she wasn’t interested in you.” he smiled “but not to worry my little pet, some of us have better taste. Oh, by the way, I meant to tell you… The parole board have just written to me asking for my recommendations on your sentence. If I were to tell them you are repentant and that we have worked through your issues…”

“bastard” Lina spat at him “you can’t do this you fucker” Adam knelt down before her and gripped her legs in his strong hands. Touching her after all this time was electrifying. Roughly he squeezed her flesh before pinning her legs beneath his left arm.

“so then lina, are you cured, or are you more screwed in the head than ever. Lets see shall we?” reaching up with his right hand he tangled his fingers in her pale hair before brushing it back off her face. He devoured her with his eyes. Her breast was heaving now and he could see her straining against the cuffs which held her to the chair. He began to unbutton the drab dress she wore till her big full tits fell free. “no bra?” he murmured “dirty little slut. Look at those nipples. I think you mentioned sucking didn’t you…”

Leaning forward he took one of her stiff nipples in to his mouth and sucked hard before drawing back and flicking it with his tongue “mmmm, like cherries.”

“stop this” Lina gasped “stop this, I, I, I don’t do men, I”

“shut up” he snapped. In a sudden motion he pulled her legs apart and rested one on each of his shoulders. Taking a deep breath he slid his hand up her inner thigh till his fingertips brushed her pussy. “no underwear at all? You deserve this. Now, just think of that reduction to your sentence, maybe even relocation to a halfway house if you’re a good girl.” with that he plunged two fingers deep inside her soaking wet pussy. Letting out a moan he pushed up her skirt and sank his face between her legs. Removing his fingers he lapped at her, sucking her swollen clit in to his mouth. He teased her clit with his tongue feeling her body shudder as he did so. Moaning against her he pushed his fingers back in to her, harder and faster, over and over again as he sucked and nibbled her clit. When he heard her moan he stopped abruptly.

“don’t do men Lina? Looks like it. Lets find out for sure. I heard somewhere that the real way to cure a bad girl of her obsession with ladies is to fuck her good and hard with a big cock.” undoing his trousers as he rose Adam enjoyed the look of horror on Lina’s pretty face as he positioned himself above her with his hands on the wall on either side of her head. He rubbed the head of his cock over her clit and grinned as her body tensed.

“so Lina, do you want a good report for the parole board? Think carefully before you answer.”

“y-y-y-yes, yes Doctor Steele, of course I do.”

“then we’d better cure you then. A good hard fucking it is. Just one thing though, if you want this cure you’d better convince me you deserve it. Beg me for it.”


“you heard me, Beg me to fuck you with my nice hard cock. Beg me to stop you thinking about women you Horney little slut.”

“you can’t mean it, I can’t I…”

“then no cure for you! Back to solitary it is.”

“no, no wait. Ok, fuck me.”

“what was that?”

“I said fuck me you son of a bitch!” Lina glared at him “fuck me, do it right now. Fuck me good and hard with that big thick cock. Do it you fucking sick bastard.”

With a groan of ecstasy Adam thrust in to lina hard enough to bang the headrest of her chair on the wall. He fucked her hard and fast, an animal growl coming up his throat as she began panting, breasts bouncing with each impact. He reached down and placed his fingers on her clit.

“do you want me to rub your clit you naughty little bitch? Do you want to cum all over my big hard cock?”

“fuck, yes yes. Please, rub my clit, fuck me harder. Please don’t stop. Oh god!”

Laughing, Adam began to move his fingers. His fingertips slid easily over her clit which was already slick with her juices as he pounded in to her. He rubbed faster as he slammed in to her with all the force he could muster.

“Cum for me” he snarled “cum hard like the whore you are. No woman could give you this, now do it. Cum!”

With a last burst of energy he picked up his pace and played with her clit till a strangled shriek broke from her lips. Her back arching, she thrashed against him as waves of contractions swept through her. Adam let go and came deep inside her tight pussy even as she was still shaking with climax. He leaned there on the wall as he pumped in to her till he was spent.

After a few minutes he collected himself. He refastened his clothing and rebuttoned Lina’s dress. He smoothed the skirt back down over her thighs and silently wheeled the chair back to its proper place opposite his desk. Clearing his throat he strode to the door and undid the bolt.

“well then Lina. Good luck with that parole hearing. Do let me know how it goes.”

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