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Tickling my girlfriend backfires with messy consequences

A hand job is always better than jerking off, right?
My girlfriend and I are laying in bed on a sunny Saturday morning, letting our breakfast digest. She's 5'4", light Italian skin that is tan from running in the sun, large D cups on her slender frame, and is laying on the bed in one of her shirts and a pair of my boxer shorts on her hips.

I'm laying next to her reading a boring book, and of course feeling quite horny. Just looking at her as she uses as her computer starts making me get hard. I'm wearing boxers and no shirt, and my dick starts to rise up in my shorts.

She looks over at it without moving her head, and says, "Hmm. Looks like someone's feeling horny today," and smiles.

I roll on to my side and place my left hand on her breast, kiss her cheek, and whisper, "You look beautiful," into her ear.

Obviously I'm hoping to get lucky.

She smiles back and says, "Well take off your boxers and we'll see how beautiful."

I do what she says and slide my shorts off. I'm laying on the bed naked, my erection is clearly visible, and it feels good just flexing my dick. She rolls on her side and starts squeezing my dick with her right hand, the gentle rhythm of squeezing and relaxing, squeezing and relaxing feels great and I buck my hips a little.

I start to kiss her and she starts slowly pulling up on my dick with each squeeze, then back down with each relax, then back up with each squeeze, then down with each relax. It feels so amazing, and I'm hoping to get her aroused enough to have sex.

I reach over and try to snake one hand down her boxer shorts, but she moves her hips away.

"Nope! This is all you get today, sweetie," she says with a familiar tone in her voice.

I'm disappointed, but still happy to get a hand job.

"But it's Saturday," I say, "and you know you want it!"

I know she hates cockiness but I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, that was the wrong thing to say.

"Ugh!" she says, "Well if that's your attitude, you can finish yourself off!"

She rolls on to her side of the bed.

I sit up and grab her underwear by the waist and start tickling her stomach, and she jumps in shock.

"Hahaha stop!" She squeals, and I know she is super ticklish although she hates being tickled.

She gets her legs off the bed and stands up. I roll on to my back and grab her boxers again, with my head and arms sticking off her side of the bed.

"You're not getting off so easily missy!" I say with a laugh, and my dick flops around on my stomach, still quite hard.

I can see her perfect ass and tan lines because the boxers are pulled most of the way down her butt, and she leans away to try to break free. I slide a few inches off the bed, and with the other hand grab her left hand.

"Here comes the tickle monster!" I yell, and realize that if I'm not getting a hand job I'm at least going to tickle the crap out of her for a few minutes as punishment.

She screams loudly when she realizes what my intention is, because that's what I always yell before I tickle her mercilessly. She pushes with her legs to break free and I slide more off the mattress, and suddenly my head hits the ground fairly hard.

"Oh god! Ow!" I shout, and my butt slides off the mattress.

"That's what you deserve you bully!" She says, half laughing, half serious.

I'm laying there with my calves still on the bed, my back curled and my head on the floor. I try to do a sort of reverse summersault to smoothly get off the bed with my girlfriend watching. I get my legs over my head before I feel my feet hit my girlfriend.

"Ow stop!" She says, "You kicked me!"

I feel bad so I freeze in this very awkward position, my head on the floor, back pinned against the mattress, and legs pulled over my head with my feet on the floor.

I feel her hands on my ankles, and she brings them together closer to my head, and makes sure they are touching the floor. Then she puts one knee down over my ankles, and sits the rest of her weight down on her heels, trapping me on the ground!

"Hey! You said I kicked you!" I yell, her crotch mere inches from my face.

"You're right, I did. I lied, but you yelled 'Tickle Monster', and now you're going to be on timeout for a little while. I'm going to pin you here until you learn your lesson, and definitely until your hard-on goes away," she says confidently.

I struggle with my legs but quickly realize its hopeless. Unless I want to seriously injure my back trying to kick out of this, I'm stuck. Then she grabs my dick.

"Hmm well it looks like this thing is still hard," she says, and starts to pull on it.

It feels good even though I'm trapped in this ungainly position. I feel humiliated that it still feels good, trapped by my girlfriend.

"Haha, O.K. let me up and give me a hand job" I say, fully expecting to get up off the ground. "My back hurts anyways", I lie.

Actually, my back feels fine, and it's my dick that is feeling really good.

"No I think I like you right here," she says, "in fact I'll give you a little spanking while I'm at it!"

She slaps my balls, gently, and it feels amazing. I love having my balls slapped, and she is methodically tugging away with one hand, ball-slapping me with the other.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

My balls and dick are feeling really good, and I suddenly realize this isn't foreplay, she intends to get me off! My hips and legs are over my head, my dick is in fact directly over my head and pointing at my hair.

"No! Don't do this!" I plead.

She just starts giggling.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

I can feel my dick and balls start to tighten involuntarily, and I flex my legs in one last desperate attempt to get out of this position.


"This will be hilarious" she says.


"What happened to the tickle monster?" she says tauntingly.


I start to orgasm, and before the first shot of cum can shoot out she pulls my dick down, away from my forehead and directly at my face. I can't help it, and cum starts shooting on to my face. It feels amazing and my cheeks flush red with embarrassment.

"Tickle monster this!" she says, and starts laughing even louder, "hahaha".

My orgasm continues until there is nothing left, and cum has shot on to my nose, my eyes, and my cheeks. The first thing I notice is how warm it is, and the smell invades my nose.

"Oh god...ughhhhh" I groan in pleasure, and finally I stop cumming.

She takes her right hand and with one slide smears it from my eyes, all the way down my cheeks, and brushes my lips and mouth with it! Then she stands up.

She looks down at me as I slide sideways off the bed: naked, limp-dicked, with cum all over my face.

"Looks about right, hahaha," she laughs.

My back is sore and I'm stunned from what just happened. It all happened so fast.

I lay on the floor and she walks quickly to the bathroom.

"Okay babe, I'm going to take a shower, wash my hair, shave my legs, and then maybe take a bath," she yells over her shoulder.

I see her shapely butt disappear in to the bathroom. Its going to take her at least an hour to do all that. Like always.

The cum sits on my face, my eyes are stinging and I'm going to have to immediately shower to get this off of me. The cum is tangled in my hair, and the salty taste is in my mouth. All I can think about is getting in the shower to remove this embarrassing glaze from my body and memory.

Then I hear the bathroom door lock from the inside.

We only have one bathroom.

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