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Tickling torture

Tina meets two strangers in her bedroom.
Tina’s husband was a very rich and power man. They lived in a secluded area far away from anyone else. Even though she was alone most days at home, she never felt afraid. Her husband had assured her that the security system would keep her safe.

This particular morning her husband left early for work and she was at home alone once more. She was still in bed when she thought she heard a noise coming from downstairs.

“Darling, is that you? Did you forget something?”

There was no answer. A moment later she heard footsteps. It was more than one person. Suddenly two men wearing masks entered the bedroom her room. She screamed and pulled the covers up over her.

“Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?” she screamed in a terrified voice.

“It doesn't matter who we are or how we got in here, we got here,” one of the strangers replied in a deep voice.

“What the hell do you want?”

“Don’t be afraid. We won’t hurt you. All we want are some papers your husband has in his safe.”

“What papers? I couldn’t help you if I wanted to. I don’t know the combination.”

“Come on now, Mrs. Logan, We know you have the combination. We don’t want to have to hurt you to get it.”

“My husband will kill you if you harm me at all.”

“That may be. But at the moment he isn’t here to help you, so just give us the combination. That’s all we want".

“Even if I knew it, what makes you think I would tell you?”

“We are prepared to do what is necessary to make you give it to us. Please don’t make us have to force you.”

Tina wondered what the men would do to her if she didn’t tell them the combination. She imagined all kinds of things. In her days alone at the mansion she had imagined a scenario such as this. Two men would break into her home, bind her and take turns having sex with her. She had imagined it more than once. It had become a fantasy of hers. Tina wondered if today that fantasy would come true.

“One last chance Mrs. Logan. What is the combination?”

“I don’t know it. Honestly, I don’t.”

The men didn’t believe her. One of the men grabbed a small leather satchel they had brought with them. Tina wondered what was in it.

“Take off your clothes,” one of the men demanded of her.

Tina wondered what they were going to do to her. Part of her was terrified at the thought. Another part of her was excited at the possibilities. She slipped off her pajamas and laid on the bed. She covered her breasts and pussy with her hands. Her body trembled as the men stared at her.

“Very nice, Mrs. Logan. I’m sure your husband enjoys you very much.”

She felt embarrassed to be lying naked in front of two strangers. Yet she also felt aroused knowing that they were staring at her naked body. She could feel her pussy becoming moist from her excitement.

One of the men reached into the satchel and pulled out some rope. He handed some to his partner and told him to tie her hands to the bed posts. While one of them tied her hands, the other tied her feet. She now was lying naked with her hands and feet tied. Her legs were spread open exposing her moist pussy.

Tina had mixed feelings as she lay on the bed. But mostly she was feeling excited to know that two strange men were looking at her naked. One of her fantasies was to have sex with strangers in a similar situation.

“What are you going to do to me?” she yelled at the two men.

“Relax, Mrs. Logan. I told you we weren’t going to hurt you,” one of the masked men assured her.

The other man reached into the satchel once more and pulled out what appeared to be two long stemmed feather dusters. She hadn’t seen one of them in years. Tina wondered what they were going to do with them.

She soon found out. One of the men stood by her head and the other at the bottom of the bed. One slid it over her breasts. The other slid it up and down her legs. Slowly they began to tickle her with the feathers. Although she wasn’t ticklish, she began to become aroused by what they were doing.

“Just tell us the combination and it will all be over.”

Tina played along. She laughed and tried squirming away from the feathers.

“Please stop. You’re driving me crazy with those feathers.”

“Not until you tell us what we want to know.”

The man at her feet now had the feathers on her thighs. She felt a rush of juices in her pussy, anticipating that soon he would be rubbing over it. Still she continued to laugh. The other man was tickling her neck and breasts. Her nipples had become very erect. The man who was tickling the top of her was staring at them. He licked his lips.

Tina knew that if she didn’t stop this soon, that they may become aroused and actually fuck her.

The man at her feet was now rubbing the feathers against her moist pussy lips. She was feeling arousal but at the same time the tickling was making her crazy.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll tell you what you want to know. Just please stop tickling me.”

“I told you it would work,” the taller of the men said to the other.

“I want to feel her body,” the other whispered to his friend.

“No. No. All we want is what’s in the safe.”

Tina could see that the man who wanted to fondle her had a huge bulge in his pants. She imagined him pulling out his hard cock and thrusting it deep inside of her. That was too much for her. Her body shook as she felt her juices flowing. She could feel them coating her pussy lips and running out. She hoped the men wouldn’t notice.

She gave them the combination. They opened the safe and took out all that it contained.

“Thank you, Mrs. Logan. You’ve been very helpful.”

“Should we untie her?” the man who wanted to fuck her asked.

“No. Let her husband find her that way. He will wonder what was done to her to make her give up the information.”

Tina watched as the men left the room. She heard them close the front door. It was over. She was relieved in a sense.

But then she became disappointed that they didn’t get to do to her what she wanted them to do to her. She understood that it was the only chance to make her dream real, and it not happened.

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