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Tied and Bound

Tied, bound and blindfolded in your own home... The ultimate role play/fantasy
The house was already dark as I entered. It had been a long day at work and I was looking forward to getting home and enjoying a long, hot shower and maybe some short and sweet loving before hitting the sack. It was raining outside and I couldn't have been more relieved to finally reach my cosy terrace house and put the key in the door.

I went to switch the hallway light on but it was blown. I Stopped for a second in the doorway, uneasy in the dark, knowing my boyfriend was at work until much later that evening. Catching myself and silently reprimanding myself for being silly, I started down the hallway letting the door close behind me.

I got the sensation I wasn't alone before I heard his footsteps on the floorboards, or felt him come at me from behind. He must have been hiding in the bedroom just inside the front door, waiting for the front door to close so he could sneak up behind me. It was not aggressive, but forceful, one hand had come around my waist, the other to cover my mouth and I was pushed against the wall of the hallway. As he used the weight of his body to hold me against the wall he whispered in my ear "Don't make a sound." They would be the only words he would speak to me. The familiar voice made me relax, it was just as we had planned. I had initially been concerned that it would take away from the fantasy if I knew the whole time that it was just role play, yet here I was, completely aware that the situation was not real, though my heart was beating as though it was.

The gag came around to cover my mouth and a blindfold over my eyes. He took my hands in his and tied them together so there was just enough slack to allow for an arguable level of comfort, yet not so much that I would be able to wriggle my hands out in any hurry. As he held my bound hands in his for just a second, I became aware of the front of his body so close it was almost touching mine. His breath lightly brushed my neck as he played his role to perfection. I immediately began to struggle against his body, it was useless, but I couldn't just surrender to him now could I? 

"Shhhh, shhh" he whispered in my ear from behind, softly and with a certain sort of tenderness... Then suddenly I was being ushered down the hallway, the blindfold accentuated the sound of my heels on the wooden floorboards below me. I heard a door close behind me and it echoed in my head signifying that any opportunity of refuge slammed shut with the sound of that door. He pulled me in close, one arm around my waist so I could feel him pressing against my back body, the other brushing my dark hair away from my neck tilting it, to leave it exposed to him. I felt his nose gently caressing the back of my neck, feel his breath, the softness of his lips brushing over the curve of my neck, not kissing me, just moving his head from side to side, so I could feel how smooth his lips were, accentuated by the tiny hairs of my neck standing up on end...

Then again, I was being dragged and he took my bound hands and raised them above my head, he was standing in front of me, fiddling with something above our heads, his face almost touching mine and as his hands came down mine stayed, held fast above my head. I could feel him looking at me through the blindfold and hear him breathing.

His breaths were deeper now and I could sense that he was starting to get excited by the thrill of what he was doing and I was left hanging, literally almost, for his next touch... it was the darkness and the not knowing what was happening to me, that made the spaces between his touch an eternity. There was assurance in his touch, because in its absence my mind played a million scenarios, killing me slowly with the foreboding of what could be next. When he was touching me I at least knew where he was and what he was doing.

Then they came, his hands were on me, they started at the flesh of my upper arms, exposed by the black short-sleeved, wrap dress I was wearing. Softly, his hands caressed the sensitive skin of the upper arm, rarely exposed to the world but exposed to him with my arms held firmly in the air. His hands began to slowly make their way down the length of my torso, more on the back side of my body then the front, the edges of his thumbs brushing just outside the curve of my breast, over the strap of my bra, my waist, my hips, my thighs.

He moved so slowly, I had no choice but to feel everything, my senses were heightened due to the blindfold, the thin fabric of my dress and the fact that I was bound, leaving me unable to fight... or reciprocate. He moved in closer now and as his hands moved back up my thighs, I felt the fabric of the dress slide up smoothly over the sheer stockings I had underneath. Up and down they moved, taking the dress with them and letting it fall. I could feel his eyes on my chest, my dress wasn’t low-cut but it did frame the shape of my breasts well and the slight V-neck would have been a leading invitation. I knew my thoughts to be confirmed by his audible breath that burned through the fabric of the dress that hugged my curves; and as he took a deep breath I found my chest responding to him, expanding with my own breath almost as if to subtly present myself to him.

His hands loosened at my thighs, allowing my dress to drop softly against my stockings again, and I felt them softly travel up, grazing my front towards my waist, coming to find the sash that held my dress in place. I felt the pull of the sash, felt it pull around my back waist for just a second until the knot of the bow came free. Then I felt the whole dress start to come loose, felt it drape softly at my cleavage, my breasts just barely holding the dress in place. It opened just a touch down the front in a way that would have allowed him to see an inch-wide line of flesh down the front of my body between my bra and the line of my stockings.

And again, I was waiting for his touch, that eventually came in the form of both his hands, first on my neck, then softly down my décolletage. The backs of his fingers stopped for a moment and then brushed the material of the dress to the outer edges of my breasts, the skin of his fingers leaving a trail of sensation across the flesh that was busting out of my strapless bra… then again, that breath, drinking me in.

I was exposed now… waiting for his touch, my breathing becoming more pronounced as if to set my bust free to invite him to touch me again, and my dress now completely open and draped down the sides of my body. Forming the curtains to my naked torso, my sheer dark stockings, and a pair of barely there black underpants that were becoming increasingly warm to touch. I didn’t so much hear him step back as I felt it. Like a softening of the energy that was building like a vortex between us, all senses heightened because one simple sense had been extinguished.

He had stepped back to look me up and down, it was only a number of seconds but it felt like forever. He came to his knees before me, and again his hands were on the backs of my thighs, making full contact, gliding over the curve of my arse under the back of my dress that I could still feel lightly hanging against my back body. His breath, now in line with the heat that I could feel pulsing between my legs. He was breathing me in again, smelling me, if he had not known that my body was urging him on before, he would know now, he was too close to the heat not to sense the fire that was forming inside of me.

His forehead was now resting on the area between my navel and my pussy, his hands running up and down the length of my legs and his breath on my pussy just creating more heat. I couldn’t believe it but found myself thinking that if I had not been gagged I would have just begged him to fuck me. His head, still resting against me, my breath heavy, and his hands edging up my torso, past the line of my stockings to touch the bare flesh of my side waste… 'please touch my breasts, please touch my breasts', I found myself saying in my head, but he didn’t.

His fingers found their way under the band of my stockings, oh thank god, he was going to take them off and his hands would have full contact with my flesh, it would be almost too much, but the anticipation of it would be worse. He pulled my stockings down so they sat half way down my thighs and I felt his hands caressing the cheeks of my arse that were now finally free. I felt his nose, run from the inner front side of my thigh, drawing a line up one side, stopping to almost sit right on my clitoris and smell me again, and I couldn’t help but push myself towards him gently before he continued to trace a line back down the thigh of my other leg.

He continued to slowly roll my stockings down my legs, as he got to my ankles I felt him hug my leg to his body, lifting it to remove the black stiletto I was wearing, roll the stocking over my foot, caress my foot with his soft hands and slide the shoe back onto my naked foot. He did the same with the other leg; slowly, methodically… it was almost ritualistic. I felt every part of the pads of his hands, his fingers, caress the naked flesh of my legs and rise up from my ankles, to my thighs, under the dress, caressing the curve of my waist, coming up to allow my back to feel his hands against me, enclosed in his embrace, his arms reaching around me under my dress. His embrace pulled my body in to meet his, allowing me to feel him against me for the first time.

His chest was bare and I could feel his skin against my front body, he was wearing what felt like loose fitting jeans, but I could still feel him hard and pressing against me through the denim, I pushed against him and he pushed back so my backside hit against the closed door behind me, I groaned… to let him know, that whatever he was going to do to me it was ok… I wanted it.

I felt him bury his head into the nook of my neck for just a moment, as if to compose himself, he took a deep breath and softened just a little the pressure of his lower body against mine. His hands splayed and full against my upper back, then searching for the clip at the back of my strapless bra, they found it and finally I felt the relief of my bra falling away, allowing my breasts to soften and slightly fall, my nipples standing on end and pointing at him, inviting him to take them in his hands, to run his hands over them. Begging him to take them in his mouth, circle them with his tongue, to bite them gently between his teeth, never leaving the other without the caress of his free hand. As he answered my pleas, I felt the moisture between my legs, I was so wet and felt myself clenching and releasing in anticipation of something more.

He pulled me in by my back, burying his face in my bust, kissing the line between my breasts, the sides of my breasts, taking them in both hands, squeezing them, sucking them and pulling me in again, by my butt this time, so he can feel the curves of the front of my body pressing, heaving against his bare chest. Then he stops… how can he stop? I am sweating now and just want to have something inside of me, anything! I feel him step back, and take a couple of deep breathes to calm himself.

Then I feel a hand, placed gently over the mound of my pussy, I resist the urge to push it into him, he can feel it, there is no need. Then he steps back and I hear buckles and I feel a new sense of anticipation fall over my entire body as I know it is the sound of him taking his pants off. I hear them fall to the ground and him step out of them. I hear his breath again… please take my pants off!

But he didn’t, instead he reached his hands up to my face, taking my face in his hands and gently whispering in my ear again.

“Shhhhhhh,” oh so softly he whispered.

Then his hands came around the back of my head and untied the gag. I felt it fall away, brushing over my naked breasts as it fell to the ground and I went to open my mouth and he just put a single finger to my mouth and shushed me again. That same finger slowly drew a line from my lips, over my chin, down my neck and the line of my cleavage, slowly making its way down over my stomach and stopping to rest at the line of my panties.

The whole time his other hand was gently holding my neck, with his thumb gently resting on the cheek below my ear. Again I found myself unable to move at the change of pace he had so expertly initiated, almost holding my breath waiting for his next move. His finger continued down, tracing the line of my lips feeling the wet of my panties, softly grasping them with his fingers and moving them to one side, he slid one finger inside of me, then two, and I audibly caught my breath again, only to be shushed again…


He was so close to me that I could feel him, how hard he was pressing against my thigh and I longed to have that inside of me, he moved his fingers in and out of me, softly totally immersing them in my velvet wet, I could feel him starting to lose the control over his desire that he had maintained so well up until now. He was beginning to press himself against me harder and harder, and then I felt him give in completely.

His fingers moved from my pussy and he grabbed my face, kissing me and pressing against me with such force, his cock sliding between my legs, sliding against the wet of my lips that were kissing it, exposed still from where he had pulled my tiny panties to the side. His hands made their way down my body again, desperately now, one arm on the outside of my dress and one underneath, scooping my body up in his strong arms, and placing me on top of him, he slid inside of me with such ease, I was so wet, I engulfed his cock whole and I couldn’t help but whisper to him. 

“Please just fuck me…”

I wanted to wrap my arms around him to pull him deeper inside of me but I couldn’t because they were still bound above my head, I wrapped my bare legs around him, and felt him slamming into me, finally giving me what I had feared, the tenderness with which this whole sordid affair had started had made me crave the forceful thrusting that was being inflicted upon me now, had made me ask for it. Made me take it, want it, need it, until I couldn’t handle any more and finally I went to scream out in pleasure. Again, he silenced me, this time with his lips, such a familiar type of kiss, yet one that silently screamed at me not to dare make a noise.

He pulled my body in against his cock, harder and deeper so I was almost swinging from the roof where my arms were tied above me, until I lost it, clamping around him and beginning to shiver. I felt him explode inside of me and his whole body forced me down onto him, his breathing finally alluding to his complete surrender to the orgasm that hit us both like a torrent of energy rising up between us.

My body folded subtly over his, as I noticed that he had released my hands from where they had been tied overhead, still inside of me he carried me to the lounge, sliding out from between my legs. Before I knew what was happening, or had composed myself enough to move, I heard the sound of metal against the floorboards, his belt buckle? I heard him leave through the lounge room door, closing it behind him, the sound of his footsteps up the hallway and the front door closing shut as he left the house. Removing my blindfold only added to the sense of disorientation I was feeling now more than ever.

My boyfriend arrived home hours later and I was still flushed, what would I say? He found me curled up on the couch and came to kiss me… and as I felt that all too familiar kiss again, I remembered I didn’t need to say a word about what had happened. He already knew.

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