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tied to the dresser with a blindfold...

All tied up and no place to run
I had found the door to your place unlocked. Your instructions were to make myself at home, and so I decided to look around. When I approached the bedroom I heard some kind of noise and peeking inside I found you; Sitting on and tied to the dresser with a blindfold covering your eyes. Your breathing was heavy and irregular. I approached you, slowly, without noise. I wondered if you could tell someone was in the room with you. When I was next to you I gently reached out and touched your leg. You flinched and tried to pull back but the bindings prevented it. “Who’s there?” you asked. But I didn’t answer you. Instead I ran my hand down your leg all the way to your foot, covered by a black pump. Leaning in I kissed your knee. You caught your breath and pleaded with me to identify myself. I ignored you again, and kissed your other knee while sliding my hands along your thighs. Your legs were spread and you were wearing only the tiniest of panties. I allowed my hands to move closer to your inner thighs and you again asked me who I was. Your voice was strained, and deep, coming from within your lusts, almost uncontrolled. I leaned in toward your ear and allowed just a hint of my hot breath to wash over you…

Your breathing stopped and I gently brushed your lips. You gave me no response and so I allowed my hands to gently touch you down there, where your body heat was raging. Leaning in again I brushed your lips and again got no response. But I knew you felt me, your breathing, as always, gave you away. I wanted to see if you could figure out that it was me and so I leaned in and kissed your eyes covered by the blindfold. You didn’t move and I wasn’t sure what sensations you were feeling. By now my fingers had slid under your slim panty and they were massaging your pussy. Now I could feel your hips trying to move. You weren’t fighting your constraints, but you were trying to move toward my fingers, willing me onward and inward.

I readily accepted your desire and slid my fingers inside you pussy and felt your wonderful heat and fire. You moved with me as best you could and again whispered “who are you?” I again moved toward you without speaking, and leaned down and kissed your exposed breasts. Your nipples excited me beyond belief and I savored them as I sucked on them. You leaned you head back and I heard your sigh and knew that soon I would be able to get you off. As my fingers probed your honey and my teeth teased your nipples I found myself wondering how you came to be in this position.

Your breath quickened and my fingers probed deeper, slipping another into you I pushed hard against your tied down body. “No” you said in a voice barley audible, “please, stop, tell me who you are”. I answered you by slipping yet another finger inside of you and pushing hard against your willing juices. Leaning in I kissed you lips, hard this time, trying to steal a response. If you would not give it, I would take it. And so I did as you responded to me only when I forced my tongue inside your mouth. However once there you began to suck on it so hard I thought you might pull it out of my mouth… I fucked you harder with my hand and fingers now, willing you to cum on me. Your mouth worked harder at my tongue and your breathing came in gasps and I knew you were about to cum: suddenly you pulled your kiss away and started to speak but I pushed my mouth back on yours and kissed you hard and was rewarded by your explosive orgasm.

My hand and fingers worked you as I kissed you harder, willing you to cum harder. And so you did, and I could feel the explosion on my hands and the wetness along your legs as your lusts took over your self control. Forever you came, shaking and tensing and releasing your muscles as I continued to work your pussy. When you finally stopped you tried to speak to me but I placed a hand over your mouth not allowing you to talk. You licked my hand and even tried to bite it to move it, but I refused to release your mouth. But with my free hand I was untying your leg bonds. You realized this and stopped working on my hand and relaxed. Then I released your mouth, but followed it with a kiss, a gentle kiss that worked itself up into a frenzy. You responded and moved your mouth with mine and eagerly kissed me. I knew you just wanted to be free, to see me, hear my voce, and know who I was. Yet still I ignored your questions, your body language. I released your other leg and then loosened up one of your arms, and then I slid you off the dresser but turned you around and pinned you over the top of it. Holding you in place I tightened the bond again and then tied your legs into place, only this time it was your ass spread wide and opened to me…

I made an exaggerated noise as I unzipped my pants, allowing you to hear, to know what was next. You began to fight your bonds, and pleaded with me to release you. I leaned in and kissed your ass cheeks to try to sooth your concerns but to no avail. “No, please, who are you, tell me” you begged. I stood and rubbed my exposed hard cock against your ass and you again pleaded with me; “please, not this way, anything but this”. I leaned against your pretty little ass and gently pressed. The liquid from your orgasm had soaked you very well indeed and it provided a great lube as I pushed myself oh so slightly inside of you… You stopped moving and tried to relax. I knew you were tense and maybe even a bit frightened by all of this, but again wondering how you came to be in this position I pushed harder and slid inside of you. Not all the way, but enough to be felt. Your ass contracted on me and I squeezed your cheeks. Slowly I began to move inside of you, each stroke pushing deeper and deeper as you relaxed and accepted me. Soon I was all the way inside of you and I began to move, slowly at first as I felt you relax, then faster and a touch harder, all the time gauging your response to my thrusts. Suddenly I felt you tense up and I could feel your next orgasm building rapidly. I pushed a bit harder, trying to get more than I had inside of you and I could feel you drawing closer. Knowing that I too would cum soon like this I worked just a bit faster, trying to match your shallow breaths, when you asked me once again; “I’m going to cum, please tell me, who are you?” Finally I spoke to you; “Yes love, cum on me, cum hard”. Suddenly recognizing my voice you broke loose and began to cum again, allowing your climax to take over your very body. Your explosive orgasm shook me and I too begin to cum, to explode inside your ass. I grabbed your hips and thrust myself inside of you trying to climb all the way into your body and we came together in an explosive fashion, me in your ass, you tied to the dresser… As we finished together you spoke again, in an exhausted breathless voice; “Oh my lover, I’m so glad it was you”. But I didn’t say a word. Withdrawing from your sweet ass I turned and walked back toward the door, wondering again how you ended up in this position, tied still, to the dresser. Your voice called to me again, wondering where I was, where I was going…

I turned one last time to glance at you, to admire you. Our juices had mingled together and I could see them on your inner thighs and I grew excited again and paused to look at you, to think of you and then I heard it: Looking carefully, not making a sound I saw the closet door move just a bit, a crack really, but enough to give away the fact that someone was inside, someone had watched us all along. I stepped back, moving out of sight not willing to be seen at this point…Then I heard it, that voice, whispering to you, soothing you, calling to you, and your quiet response back, and I turned and walked away, smiling to myself…
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